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  1. You're not kidding about price of old keyboards. Saw a Commodore CDTV keyboard go for £240. Everything over 20yrs old is sky rocketing in price now.
  2. Noticed recently that a lot of the latest desktop machines are coming with the old skool PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. More so on gaming pc's. My brother recently bought a very expensive pre-built gaming pc and that has a PS/2 port on aswell. What's it all about? Why is such an old bit of hardware coming back into modern desktops?
  3. have you tried PC Techniques at wadsley bridge? not sure if they are open or not. can try ringing to see if they are open and ask if they have what you want. i believe they sell both new and used.
  4. Try Pc Techniques on Halifax road S6. They sell alsorts of used computer stuff. If you're on facebook, search them up on there and send them a message.
  5. as mentioned already, the classifieds need a proper sort out. i hated it when they was revamped and was split into sections. it was better when everything was all on one page instead of selecting what you want to look at. because when browsing the classifieds, i don't know what i want to look at and would browse down the list to see what would tickle my fancy. so if the classifieds are going to be sorted, please merge all the adds in one page instead of splitting into categories on a drop down menu.
  6. Our superhub is shocking. Could hardly get a signal in the bedroom. So i bought one of those wifi boosters. And it's brilliant. It's quite funny to be honest. Because i can sit in the living room which is where the wifi box is, yet all my devices connect to the booster in the bedroom first because it has the strongest signal. How can something upstairs in the bedroom have a stronger signal than the wifi router in the room i am sitting in? I no longer have the router downstairs saved in my connections anymore and just use the booster in the bedroom. I can even get a brilliant signal in the garden now. May be worth looking at one yourself?
  7. you won't be able to use the live pause, rewind and recording features. so just keep that in mind. don't know if it is still the same but years ago when we got rid of sky and just used it as a freesat box, they said if we paid £10 we could still use the record function.
  8. but what you said is implying that it doesn't matter as a newer spec laptop is more powerful than those specs. that is not the case here. there is old games i use to play in the XP days that don't play on my W10 HP laptop with a i5 cpu and 8GB RAM. running in compatibility mode doesn't solve this. there is many other things to take into consideration. just because a modern laptop is far superior to those outdated specs doesn't mean it will run the game.
  9. you have to take into consideration that with a modern spec pc/laptop he may run into compatibility issues with a game that old.
  10. Yes, so glad i can use this desktop again. Thinking of using it for emulation. 6GB in this desktop seems to be more than plenty. And 8GB in the laptop seems fine too. I tell you what, wish i hadn't paid the £549 for this laptop. For a HP at that price it is mega poor. Feels cheap and plasticy. The touch pad is dreadfull. Mind you all modern laptops now have rubbish touch pads. I can't tell you how many 2.5" drives i have in external cases from ps3's ps4's and xbox's 🤣🤣
  11. The desktop i am pretty sure the hard drive was to blame as reinstalling windows did not cure it. On the laptop it got worse as the year went on. Multiple attempts of reinstalling windows didn't make a difference. Not even with a bare copy of W10 direct from the microsoft website cured it. Was told by many that modern laptops and a 1TB HDD don't get on and was advised to swap for a SSD. Previous to this laptop i tried 2 different laptops of which both suffered from slowing down and both went back to the shop. My friends laptop is exactly the same and they are now considering SSD. I wasn't trying to say upgrading to a SSD is the answer. But simply saying swapping out your HDD on an old tired machine for a SSD will give it a new lease of life.
  12. If reinstalling windows doesn't make it better then it could benefit from a SSD. That's if there is nothing else at fault. As mentioned above, some laptops have a trap door underneath with one screw to access the HDD. Others require a full strip down. On my laptop i had to remove around 10 screws then pop the bottom of the whole case off.
  13. not on a old knackered machine. neither did it for my less than 1 year old laptop which was slow from new anyway. been told modern laptops with hard drives bigger than 500GB are slow.
  14. as the title says. Just a bit of info for those not clued up on computers. I have a 10 year old Compaq desktop pc. It has a AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.80Ghz CPU with 2GB of ram as standard and a 500GB HDD. A few years ago the machine was getting seriously slow and was doing my head in as it was barely usable. From pressing the power button to getting to the log on screen it would take over 2mins. Then would take a further minute to open chrome. So i ended up buying a 4GB stick of ram to see if that made it any faster, but it didn't. I also Upgraded it from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and it was still slow. So the next step i did was look at a SSD. I bought a 240GB SSD drive for £30 off ebuyer, installed it and put windows back on and the machine is absolutely rapid. It's even faster than it was new. I can go from powering on to opening chrome in just over 30 secs. You just wouldn't believe it was the same machine. So i would definitely look down the SSD route if you have a old slow pc. It could save you a lot of money. Works for laptops too as i upgraded from a 1TB HDD to a 500GB SSD (or could you say downgraded) on my less than 1 year old slow as hell HP laptop with intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM.
  15. depends on your budget and what size you want. i have just bought a 2nd hand monitor/tv for my computer desk. i have a lot of retro games consoles and use a desktop pc. i looked at a brand new tv, but i failed to find a full HD 1080p one with all the connections i wanted. so i went down the 2nd hand route. i picked up a decent Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD. it's a monitor with TV capabilities. has all the connections i need. 2 HDMI ports, VGA, component, scart, audio inputs and USB. has some pretty neat features too. only cost me around £70 off ebay. might be worth considering if you don't mind 22".
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