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  1. you should never pull out just because the vehicle from your right has his/her indicator on. you should always wait until they start to turn in.
  2. i drive down moss way every night to work and can honestly say this is a stupid idea. it's not made it any easier for buses at all because although people are slowing down for the roundabout, they are still just going straight over it and buses are still having to wait coming off bsl. not to mention how tight it is if you go round it instead of over it.
  3. The Emirates a380 is a regular sight over our house in s5... i have a nikon p900 camera with 83 x zoom but even without it you can clearly see what it is just because of the shear size of it..... amazing engineering.
  4. Thanks daven...it going to be a water feature in a garden mr pops.
  5. Anyone know where in Sheffield they still sell tin/galvanised baths? Any info would be great. Thanks, malc.
  6. i can only remember Time computers. i remember tiny computers too in meadowhall. going in with my dad looking at the machines and he ordered a package costing around £1,000 which came with a decent software library, printer, scanner and digital camera, a whole 1.3 megapixels i still have like a leaflet somewhere for tiny computers showing all the different options.
  7. I got a DAB aerial with my first head unit but left it in my old car. So i ended up going to halfords and buying another that cost me only a tenner. You stick it in the top left corner of the windscreen. Works 100%.
  8. for the price of that, you may aswel buy a head unit. i got a brand new pioneer one years back for my old clio for that price. had bluetooth/aux-in/USB and DAB all bult in. still got the unit aswel but got a kenwood touch screen one for my civic which has DVD/Bluetooth/DAB/USB/AUX-IN/Video-IN and optional inputs for reverse camera and sat nav.
  9. i remember when stagecoach first got theirs on the 120 route and remember thinking, what a strange feeling when setting off on battery power. so quiet and smooth it was quite relaxing. just a little noisy when the engine kicked in a revved up under braking.
  10. Forgot to mention i burnt a copy of linux and it would not format on that either. Probs downt to being exactly what it is, a cheapo £8 paper weight.
  11. i am using a A500+. looks like i will just have to forget the idea. don't really need the software anymore. the problem was i was trying to run worms on my 500+ which already has 1MB RAM as standard. the game would load up and let me select teams. but as soon as i tried to start the game, it would go to a black screen then flash software failure and give me error codes. everyone on the amiga pages tried saying i have bad memory but i didn't think it was that at all. i thought it was lack of it. the game box says it will play on 1MB and said 2MB but not required. anyway so i ordered 2 brand new 512k RAM chips from amigakit.com. they have a pass through port allowing you to attach 2 512K chips together for use on A500+ machines to make it have a total of 2MB ram. i installed the ram and confirmed in workbench that i have 2MB ram and booted worms and it worked straight away. so proved 1MB wasn't enough even though they say it is. i will just use my new blank disks to make backups of my new games i have just purchased which are road rash and gunship 2000 thanks for all the help, tips and tricks guys. most helpful
  12. well basically i wanted to format to pc format, then put a memory test utility on the disk written by pc to be read by the amiga. i have kickstart 2.0 and workbench 2.04. i formatted the disk on my amiga and tried again on pc but as you say that can't be done as its formatted in amiga format. i will just have to wait for my blanks to turn up but i get a feeling they won't work either because they are 2HD.
  13. forgot about this thread. what i was trying to do is take a amiga power demo disk i had and format it so i could put something on it for my amiga, but obviously wasn't able to do that. i haven't got any standard blank disks at the moment to try. so going to have to get some and see what is what from there.
  14. hi all. i have bought an external USB floppy drive as i need to access a floppy disk for use on my commodore amiga. now i have plugged the drive in and it shows up in computer, but when i try open it, i get the message A:/ is not accessible. the disk media is not recognised. it may not be formatted. and if i try to format it, i get the following message: windows was unable to complete the formatting. the write protection is off also. i have tried googling the problem and it seems i am not the only one with this problem but there doesn't seem to be a solution to it. it seems it is a case of typical rubbish windows 10. anyone else had the same problem and perhaps solved it?
  15. will avast happily run along side defender? or will i need to disable defender?
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