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  1. when it all started. had you recently just installed an app off the play store? i ask because there is apps now that allow pop ups.
  2. ok so today i repaired the hinges with epoxy, changed the thermal paste and fitted the SSD. plugged in my micro SD and recovered windows and reinstalled. it has put everything back on that came with the laptop from new, so i am happy about that. it is now all running smooth and all up to date. all i can say is wow, this machine is so fast at everything now. from pressing the power button to the login screen, it takes less than 5 seconds. and as soon as i log in, i can open the browser straight away and surf with zero lag. unlike before where it would sit on the spinning dots screen for around a minute and half and then would be a further 2 mins before the browser could be opened. all i can say is this is £57 well spent. thanks for the tips and info 👍
  3. ye already had the bottom case off to see inside and discovered my screen hinges are snapped. oh well, will have to get the epoxy resin on it. thought about doing that but thought i would do a fresh install. knowing my luck i will clone the drive and there is probably a bunch of corrupt files that will carry over and make my SSD slow 🤣
  4. the laptop is around 1.5yr old. it's a HP with 7th Gen intel cor i5. 8GB ram and a 1TB hard drive. i have tried alsorts from using software like Ccleaner to cleanup registry and unwanted junk files, right upto using windows own disk cleaner. there is nothing stored on the hard drive such as pictures etc. the laptop has never really been speedy right from new. i tried a few W10 laptops and all was complete dog poo for performance. this was the quickest but over the past year has become slow and countless factory resets haven't helped. the boot up times are shocking. my old 11yr old Compaq desktop with 2.80GHz dual-core cpu, 2GB ram and 500GB hdd is faster than this. after much advice from other people and a lot of searching on the net, it seems a lot of laptops these days are fitted with rubbish hard drives which over time make the machine terribly slow.
  5. ye creating the media as we speak. to be honest if it doesn't work i will just download windows 10 from their site. many thanks for the help 👍
  6. i managed to stumbled across the recovery drive too. yes no idea if it will include bloatware, but i have had a look through installed things and to be honest there isn't anything at risk of losing forever as i can download them from the HP website such as HP Support Assistant for downloading the latest BIOS and Drivers for my laptop. the thing is i do not have a 16GB USB stick. but i do have a 16GB Micro SD card and a SD/Micro SD to USB adapter. should still work as if it is a full on USB flash drive shouldn't it?
  7. windows 10 is absolutely crap on my laptop and is mega slow no matter what i try. now i have seen many times that rubbish hard drives are to blame for slow machines. so i was thinking of buying a SSD to help with speed. the problem i have is, i don't have any recovery discs with this laptop, just a factory image partition on the drive. so if i did swap for a SSD. how would i get my OS back on. i know W10 runs off digital licence so i could just download and boot and install from USB but i want it with all the original software and stuff that was provided with the HP factory image and also get that recovery partition on the SSD. what are my options?
  8. i fill up with Shell V-Power from the herries road one. don't be put off by Tesco Momentum 99, been told it's the exact same as the V-Power, comes from the same place.
  9. you should never pull out just because the vehicle from your right has his/her indicator on. you should always wait until they start to turn in.
  10. i drive down moss way every night to work and can honestly say this is a stupid idea. it's not made it any easier for buses at all because although people are slowing down for the roundabout, they are still just going straight over it and buses are still having to wait coming off bsl. not to mention how tight it is if you go round it instead of over it.
  11. The Emirates a380 is a regular sight over our house in s5... i have a nikon p900 camera with 83 x zoom but even without it you can clearly see what it is just because of the shear size of it..... amazing engineering.
  12. Thanks daven...it going to be a water feature in a garden mr pops.
  13. Anyone know where in Sheffield they still sell tin/galvanised baths? Any info would be great. Thanks, malc.
  14. i can only remember Time computers. i remember tiny computers too in meadowhall. going in with my dad looking at the machines and he ordered a package costing around £1,000 which came with a decent software library, printer, scanner and digital camera, a whole 1.3 megapixels i still have like a leaflet somewhere for tiny computers showing all the different options.
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