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  1. I see Jared abstained in all the votes last night......the first opportunity for MPs to demonstrate how they would like to get us out of the current mess. Was it too noisy for him, or was he just not there? Meanwhile he continues to pocket his salary to represent the voters of Hallam.
  2. Update; just been down to the pond today and have seen a pair of moorhens and I think 5 chicks! If this is the same family it looks as if the parents were able to protect most of the chicks from the dog, apart from the one which was swallowed. What a relief ! My comments on keeping uncontrolled dogs on leads still stand, and yes the pond is only about a foot deep and had it been my dog ( and were I 50 years younger like it's owners) I would have waded in after it myself...
  3. Yesterday afternoon whilst walking in Endcliffe Park by the far pond it was lovely to see a group of 6 very tiny moorhen chicks swimming with, and being fed by their parents. Even more special given the delayed breeding season due to the bad weather earlier this year. Walking back later it was horrifying to see an out of control dog rampaging in the pond whilst it's owners shouted ineffectually from the edge. I saw the dog swim up to and swallow one of the chicks whole, and then go onto the island where the others and the parents were sheltering.I couldn't bear to stay to see any more but could hear the squawking...the owners continued to do nothing but shout at the dog. This morning there was no sign of any moorhens on the pond, neither chicks nor adults. If you can not control your dog, please keep it on a lead near wildlife!
  4. Another recommendation for Matt from MJB electricals who has just replaced our fuses box and tidied up our electrics. A reasonable price and good communication and timekeeping. Thanks a lot Chris
  5. Hi I have done quite a bit of research on the Reaney families in Sheffield. Like you I had heard (and hoped for) an Ireland/Meath connection, but traced my line of the family back to a John Rayney, born circa1600 in Barlow, Derbyshire, just a few miles from Sheffield. The family over the generations moved inwards to Sheffield, going from farming to blacksmithing to general metal trades.I could find no Irish connection at all. Sorry to disappoint you! Much of the information I have came via a link to "Youle and related families of Sheffield"on Rootsweb.com or Ancestry.com if you want to verify this.
  6. Another recommendation for Dan Campbell -tel 2303177 who has again helped us with a building problem. Very reliable and always turns up when he says he will.
  7. I would like to recommend Dan Campbell- Dan2802 on the forum. He and his team have just renovated our stone porch- guttering, roofing, plastering and painting and done a really good job despite encountering unforseen problems. Also turns up when he says he will! Number is 2303177 or 07766016099
  8. Interested to read your post as my son is teaching at a University in Guandong province and hosts an English corner there.Perhaps to get a response you could explain how a chinese corner works as it is not something people here are familiar with? I hope you have found people here welcoming- My son has been overwhelmed by the kindness and helpfulness of people to a foreigner in China.
  9. I would like to recommend Chris TPS from the forum. He has just replaced our shower tray and cubicle, despite encountering a number of problems which he imaginatively overcame, and for a reasonable rate.Tel no;07808 763784 or2671534
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