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  1. I have stopped shopping in my local Morrisons because of the queues. I usually shop on a weekday evening and it was not uncommon to find only 2 or 3 checkouts open, with queues four or five customers deep. And the manager did nothing about it. At the tobacco kiosk one poor person is trying to sell cigarettes and newspapers, lottery, electrical goods, take in and return dry cleaning and do refunds etc. on the Customer Services desk. They launched a loyalty card that's worthless. Shame about M Local though, I find my local one quite useful. Having said that, it's hard to go wrong when most of your customers are just buying beer/milk/tea bags!
  2. Hello I have the sad responsibility of organising a funeral. I would like to arrange a lunchtime buffet at a pub or other suitable place near Hutcliffe Wood. We expect about 25 - 30 people including a couple of children. Can anyone recommend a local pub or suitable venue? I moved away from the area 5 years ago so am not sure what the local pubs are like. Thanks in advance for any help Andy.
  3. I never liked sprouts as a kid. Now I think they're quite nice. The thing is my mum cooks them til they're mush which is why I never liked them. When we went to a restaurant, she was moaning that the sprouts were too hard and weren't cooked properly.
  4. Why on earth do people want to go to the shop on Christmas Day?
  5. I can't believe what I've seen today. What is wrong with these people?
  6. Our NHS should be for everyone. In your fantasy world what would happen if someone didn't have insurance but injured themselves doing sport? Would the ambulance service refuse to take them to hospital, or the surgeons refuse to operate? I am proud to live in a country that provides the best healthcare system in the world for all of its citizens, free to all at the point of delivery. I would never want our doctors and nurses to have to check eligibility before treating someone, and I would never want someone to be turned away due to lack of funds. Starting to restrict access to health care is a very dangerous step which can only result in the end of our NHS.
  7. No! no no no no no!!!! It doesn't become afternoon until after midday, since midday is noon. Pay attention!!
  8. All of this reminds me of the millennium celebrations that the whole country seemed to take part in one year early. Of course you start counting from zero for everything. The first unit (second, mile, tonne) is one. If I give you something for free it costs zero pounds, not one pound. ---------- Post added 22-11-2014 at 19:23 ---------- No apology needed but you're right. The point I was trying to make is that 13:00pm is meaningless. Does it mean 1pm or does it mean 13 hours post meridian? This thread shows why transport companies, the military etc. use the 24 hour clock!
  9. I see what you did there. A double bluff. Very good. I arrive by train at 10:45 tomorrow, where do I report to? Please note that the battle must be finished by 19:00 so I can get the last train home - I have work on Monday.
  10. Wimbledon FC do not scare me but the thought of drinking in MK does. I shall re-think my plans...
  11. I keep seeing people write 13:00pm, which obviously means 13 hours after noon, which is One O'clock the following morning. Obviously. Unless there is a leap second involved.
  12. I will tell my hotel story again. Staying with a female colleague, I was given a room on the ground floor. My colleague was given a room on the first floor. The receptionist told her "we don't put women on the ground floor as we've had problems with people breaking into the rooms at night". They did not get a good review! ---------- Post added 22-11-2014 at 14:03 ---------- With a bit of luck this establishment will have their merchant (credit card acceptance) facilities withdrawn. I suspect they may have been in breach of Visa/Mastercard regulations by retaining the card details after the bill had been settled which is no longer allowed. I do sympathise with hoteliers when they have unreasonable guests leaving bad reviews but this hotel clearly has a serious problem and ought to be closed down.
  13. 13:00pm actually means the same time as 1:00am - 13 hours after noon.
  14. Midnight is not 12:00 it is 00:00.
  15. Do not worry about me, I am just here temporarily, doing missionary work. Or maybe I am starting the infiltration of Hertfordshire - we will press north to meet your advancing armies. I expect our paths to cross just north of Milton Keynes
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