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  1. Aldi and Lidl are called DISCOUNT stores as they threaten the piles of money the rip off stores charge. So you think Lidl is a small little quaint store struggling against it bigger rivals, well you could not be more wrong. They prove how much YOU ARE RIPPED off by the greedy supermarkets, lidl is huge, no gigantic, so forget the DISCOUNTERS label its there to put people off. Create prejudice. If they dared mess with wuality they would not be what the article says below. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/jun/18/lidl-owner-europe-gocery-biggest-schwarz http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2772991/Aldi-s-latest-little-luxury-9-99-caviar-Supermarket-start-stocking-delicacy-aims-bigger-slice-luxury-market.html You do not get this big by selling rubbish or being overpriced, they are showing fairness, what food actually costs, and are happy to make a modest profit without ripping us off like TESCO@S, Morrisons, Waitrose, and the rest of the very comfortable cartel,, that pretend to compete, just like the energy providers. They have fought tooth and nail to keep Aldi and Lidy out of the High Street over the years.
  2. You could elect a cabinet of cockroaches and the policies would always be the same....Why? Because all policies, including foreign are generated via their masters the City of London> Democracy is a joke, where the unwashed manage to put a cross XXXXX , a mark on paper and say goodby to all responsibilities as to their taxes and laws for another 5 years. That is political involvement?????????
  3. Well as usual the sheep fall for the media game of divide and rule, sorting out new victims for abuse, a joy for many it seems. Had one person got one bit of knowledge then maybe, and I say MAYBE the biggest recipients of NHS funding are the PFI FINANCIAL industry. It was 65 billion at the last election so with the boost to this form of funding must be around 100 billion, and just think of the interest on that pile of financial engineered legitimised fraud. Its above bank rates as it was regarded as a risk despite there being none, so at 10% not including the ridiculous high maintenance charges, as well as other charges what are we talking about????? 10-15 billion a year in interest, plus debt repayments???? No wonder people get depresses, get blind drunk, with this sort of robbery sanctioned by questionable governments it seems a sensible option. Money before people is the real situation........
  4. Everyone in the UK lives their lives for others, as everything you buy helps the majority of people in the world that makes it to remain in poverty, on or below the breadline. From the abused tea pickers, to the coffee growers, we can all enjoy the fact we aid poverty, and wage slavery, which makes us the people we are proud to be part of and contributing to the tradition of western exploiters. Here on Sheffield forum many enjoy living their life's for others, by sneering and putting down the poor over here. We are approaching the open season of abusing and kicking the beggars, who one can see on the pavements. A sport relished buy many on this site.
  5. Who put the chemical warfare in Iraq? Answer the USA? Why to destroy Iran ! So that is acceptable. Chemical weapons supplies to a client state for mass murder. Which country lies so as to go to war? The USA! WHY? Because it is a war economy and needs war for growth, employment, and world domination. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/14/world/middleeast/us-casualties-of-iraq-chemical-weapons.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&version=LargeMediaHeadlineSumCentered&module=photo-spot-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0 The threat of the USA using nukes is a favorite passion, just craves the opportunity, or maybe like in Vietnam it will lie to create a war. http://www.newsweek.com/panetta-sparks-debate-over-us-nuclear-strike-north-korea-277432 United States and the United Kingdom have a passion for killing in foreign fields, its safer, when in Iraqi between 1990 and 2012, they killed 3.3 million people – including 750,000 children – through sanctions and wars. The USA and UK sell weapons to the most threatened nation on earth Israeli so their military could bombarded civilians, by air, land and sea, in Gaza for 50 days. Great TV, interesting watching the suffering, maybe we need another war there as they just will not move. Don’t they understand the concept of ethnic cleansing? President Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961) warned the U.S. people against – the military/industrial complex – saying that it would destroy U.S. democracy. So who profits from war? The military/industrial/media/corporate/academic elite, whose agenda is profit, arms, war and valuable resources, now holds power worldwide and has a stronghold on elected governments. We have witnessed this in ongoing wars, invasions, occupations and proxy wars, all allegedly in the name of “humanitarian intervention and democracy”. The policies of arms, war, domination and control of other countries and their resources, provide the agenda of war where justice, human rights and international law becomes irrelevant for those with the might. Did you know the U.N. charter bars the threat of force, well who practices threats to Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Russia, China, South America,? Answer the USA, but might overrules all international laws! Noam Chomsky states: U.S. Has Been "Torturing" Iran for 60 Years, Since 1953 CIA-Led Coup http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2013/9/11/noam_chomsky_us_has_been_torturing_iran_for_60_years_since_1953_coup So the UK government as a special relationship with the world primary military bully and we enjoy the spoils, just ask Blair!
  6. Its a PR stunt, for media consumption what about the ports, other airports, as if they will now fly in anyway. All airports....I don't think so!
  7. The USA is upgrading its nukes at a cost of 1 TRILLION. So now we know that CHINA and RUSSIA are the only targets, and they have only a few compared to the USA, so nothing like getting ready for the first strike. The UK is one of many client states, and where once such relationship required the client to provide gold and other reparation to its master, in modern times, we pay the USA industrial military complex to help us defend ourselves from, terrorists, immigrants, the unemployed and worse of all the poor, and the old. We pay a hight price for friendship, where the chief gangster demands his spoils on a regular basis, so we buy it from the USA regardless of whether we need it, it is of high quality or suitable for our real as opposed imaginary defence purposes. So sod the needy, the USA needs our money and we have little say in the mater, the country can continue to impoverish more people, services we once has can be run down and terminated, as the money goes from the poor, to the super rich, as we live in a joke democracy, where we have no say in what goes on, and vote for liars and cheats every few years to maintain the farce. We live with career politicians, who are always on the make, and buying crap we do not need guarantees a bright future for the political movers.
  8. Not before time, Blair & Bush were the front for a criminal action that has led to ISIS, through the invasion of a sovereign state, which had been under sanctions thus economically crippled, which the power of might smashed to bit. If people like him can get away with carnage, then it leaves the door open for others to imitate. Just wait till the news comes out of IS using chemical weapons, supplied by the good side of course.
  9. My rail prices have rocketed in price, and I book in advance too it used to be £1.00 yes one pound, and this year, 2014 it has gone through the roof, its now £8.00 an 800% increase within a year, its ridiculous. Obviously its the cheapest they are now normally around £12-15 each way, but then again who the hell want to save money when its the tax payers paying all the way, free money The journey takes 2.25 hours on average and I do it all the time.
  10. Every time the BRITISH go into Afghanistan we get throw out, taking with us the dead and the wooded, and if one fails to learn from History it just repeats itself. Hitler did not learn from Napoleon's disaster, we cannot learn from our own repeated history. We invaded Afghanistan, Russia was invited, just like they were invited into Ukraine. The USA had a war against Russia in Afghanistan using the locals, training them, creating the Al-Queda. Frankenstein and his many monsters now are here, there everywhere trained by the CIA, financed by the CIA and friends, and Weaponised by the CIA and friends which allows the US President to offer to save the world from its own creation BRILLIANT! One little penny that seems to always be stuck in the machine is WAR. Its not about who is good or bad, its about profit, sell to all sides, and just look at the share price hike since the bombing of IS, formally IISIS. Where is the money coming from? Your pockets, and every fantastic missile cost a million or more, so war is sweet for those in the circle while the chickens cluck outside, about having their eggs stolen.
  11. Having done a psychology degree, I speak from not just what I learned , but have done extensive research, so I simplify things for the "COMMON PEOPLE" but let us be honest its not a disease like pneumonia, where you take anti-biotic's and you recover completely, free of the disease. In psychiatry an individual is always in remission, so never cured, just the normal plaster patch approach. So do not attempt to preach top me about how the pharmaceutical industry has a pill for every ailment, and their flawed research methodology, and their snake oil salesmen encouraging practitioners to prescribe semi tested chemicals. Sow me a study where a samples of 100 the afflicted peoples, in many groups around the world that have been miraculously cured by anything the psychological brigade has manufactured in the last 100 years. Psychology like astrology uses scientific methodology to attempt to professionalise the scurrilous trade. He only real success t [psychology has ever had is in the advertising and propaganda machines of the governments where the mantra of continuously repeating a lie, becomes a fixed truth in the mindless masses of the population. Where is the evidence, don;t tell me , I know they are working on it, and maybe another 100 years and presto.
  12. To me mental health is a product of urbanisation, and does not happen or exist in hunter gatherer groups thus is a relatively recent construct. It is not something one can catch from someone else therefore not contagious but can be copied. Mental health is therefore an individual construct, created by the individual for the individual, but not necessarily a conscious decision like making a cup of tea. People that suffered from shell shock are NOT in a war environment, its a construct,. So people can construct things in their minds that appear real to them, and it appears lots of people are susceptible to this condition. In the middle ages people's construct was the devil, evil, which was a very frightening thing, and was thought to be real, so constructs can it seem can change shape over time, but the condition regardless of the trigger, appears to be more constant. Many people feel insecure within themselves, and thus construct a pathway of miseries which takes them forever deeper and deeper into themselves. Once within, separated from the external environment, it can influence how one interacts with the external world thus becoming isolated. A bit like being lonely in crowd. Getting people out of this self imposed obsessive state or construct is another matter. Psychologists and Psychiatrists have grappled with this problem for a very long time, and every decade or so magically manufacture possible cures, which some of the afflicted are influenced by, and feel relieved. Thus one can compare the hight priests of modern medial practices to the religious practices of times before, where equal amount of cures, potions and chanting apparently cured the afflicted. So it appears in the bigger picture to be a delusional state, with new placebo pills and remedies to help the less or shallower of the deluded. It is everyone right to practice whatever religion they wish, and its everyone right to confuse and delude themselves however they wish. The state which pays for treating such unfortunates since THatcher believes car in the community was the answer. It was a financial answer as they tended to spill out on the streets, and mainly ended up in prison, the new mad house. We live in a culture that does not care about each other, its selfish, profit and greed orientated where the individual is as we know expendable. The UK is brilliant at killing through neglect, as it a cheaper option than real care, and with rising suicides the treasury is content at the trend. We are taught through the tabloids and political speeches that lots of people are not to be trusted, those on benefits are a favourite scape goat. Thus we are being trained to becomes less sensitive, less caring, more concerned with self gratifications which does not bode well for the mentally deluded, the poor, the struggling, the sick and the ill. Nothing we say can be done, and if we demonstrate the police, are trained to crack heads, thus increasing the pressure on the NHS budgets. We have no voice, we are not listened to, we are ignored by the political elite, who are told by their masters in the CITY OF LONDON what the policies are, and where social engineering should take place and in what form. Enjoy!
  13. Well if someone is involved in crime one has to think carefully, tell the police or ask for a backhander? I find the use of blackmail a very profitable exercise, one can let others take all the risk, and one can enjoy the profits. So think carefully The police could end a lucrative money stream, and stealing from the greedy, exploitative Insurance companies, struggling to make their billion in profits and bonuses. We all pay for it don't we, or do they just con us, because we are ignorant, and believe extortion in another manner. I often wonder who are the real crooks, thieves, fraudsters, swindlers, but for some its so simple, the rich and highly educate deserve their illegitimate spoils.
  14. Well if you want to know all about what humans have had in their diet for millions of years its not looking at the experts, its what bought us into the modern world, making it all possible. Anthropological studies of indigenous populations, poor people who still practice hunting a gathering, how humanity lived for at least 2.5 million yeas, shows, and our dental arrangement demonstrates we are a plant eating creature, that became omnivores. In such cultures meat is something to party over, its hard to catch, hard to transport, and its a dangerous practice competing with other carnivores. If you think you are a meat eater, then try a raw meat diet? We have to cook it to break it down, sort of predigest it, so we can digest it.
  15. Preaching hate is one thing, but grooming children for sexual exploitation, rape, domestic violence are practices that are more acceptable one assumes. I just love the way we love collateral damage, assassinations, is a daily practice that has been acceptable for over a decade, so state sponsored murder, is fine,, so its accidental, who cares its over there innit? The practice of abuse of foreigner in general, is practices by G4 an other private security groups while held for various reason. Maybe you ought to define who is allowed to practice and disseminate hate, as the media and the government are suggesting we should all hate IS, ISSIS and other groups, so we can also enjoy the daily carnage, which is just a cover for the munitions companies to make huge profits innit? Seen their share prices recently...brilliant! So hate is a very profitable business, its the Industrial military corporations that benefit, while in the US and UK the services, the communities, are falling apart, as war and hate is far more profitable. One had to justify additional military spending so governments whipping up hatred justifies ripping us all off and giving their sponsors and friends gigantic profits. Are they a threat to your town? Is your family under threat? Are they about to invade tomorrow or next year? The Israelis are still bombing hospitals and civilians in Gaza, but we love that don't we, because they are all different, so hate is a daily practice over there, but we just love the carnage as do the weapons corporations, and with the trillion now funding US nuclear capability, it has to ready for a threat, or a first strike innit? So my ill educated friend play the emotional card and sod logic, as that will win you praise, so the reality, lets pretend the world is about to end and we are defending what? OUR VALUES? The simplistic narrow tabloid mentality is the only thing most can understand INNIT!
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