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  1. ah, ok. thought i'd found the owner then. was actually looking at it to see if it was the same one messaged on here and put message on facebook sheffield photographer's group. thought i'd have found the owner to be honest!
  2. holy, can you tell me exactly what it is you've lost? i'm not a photographer and that doesn't make much sense to me
  3. If so, get in touch saying what it was and i'll get it back to you.
  4. 999, please tell me where i claim there is some kind of shopkeeper conspiracy against me. you really are a plank.
  5. i'm annoyed at being given rotten fruit where it must have been clear it was off by the handler. is that too difficult for you to understand? you don't always get to choose your own and they STILL give you fruit from boxes that are not on display. try reading the whole thread before trolling.
  6. I was fed up at the co-op at always having to point out their error, so much so that it occured to me that it might not be an error at all. others have had the same issue. and your reply to the above post is also BS as you can't always check. do you think i would have bought a rotten avacado if i'd have been able to check? either read what people write or troll off somewhere else.
  7. no, i didn't. and no, i won't be going all the way into town to return an avacado. i won't use them again. that's my power as a consumer, as is telling other people about them or to warn other people about the co-op. as it turns out, i didn't need to warn people about the co-op because either they already knew because it happened to them regularly or they had so much time, they could check every single item there and then like yourself.
  8. 999, why should i have to check every item i buy from the market? surely it would be nice to expect not to be sold food that is off? and no, you don't always get to check produce before you buy. in the market it is fairly common to see lovely fresh mushrooms on display to then be sold older mushrooms that are hidden. that's pretty common. let me run this by you all again. I asked for 3 avacados. the guy chose 3 and put them in a bag. i paid and went home. when i unpacked my fruit and veg, one of the avacodos was clearly off as it was practically turning to mush. i was annoyed. not hard to understand is it?
  9. they chose which avacados to sell me. as soon as i got home and got it out of the bag, i knew it was off just by touching it as it almost squashed in my hand.
  10. i posted about the market earlier and it's vanished? anyone explain how or why?
  11. Idisagree. Without the market, all that would be left is supermarkets. The choice of meat and fish is much better in the markets and i'd hate to lose them. However, deliberately selling rotten fruit and veg is no way to run a business. It only takes one incident like that to put a customer off for life, as it has with me.
  12. I try to promote the local market and tell people to go there instead of supermarkets, but i'm sorry when you deliberately sell a rotten avacado to your customers then you don't deserve them to come back. Wish I knew the name of the fruit n veg stall so i could name and shame them. You need to up your game, i'm afraid. I won't ever be back.
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