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  1. Easterbrook's I used to work there when I was 18 ..My name then was Janet Toulson and i worked there with my sister Marjorie as a thread grinder....This is me Showing a group of visiting Public Schoolboys how I measure a Tap that I have just ground to size. the photo was taken by The Sheffield Telegraph in 1962.ory
  2. Thats right it was Royce or Roy as I called him...My mistake...Eric Hoskins was the famous birdlife photographer ---------- Post added 21-10-2017 at 18:02 ---------- That must be my sister Sheila Timms She's was 80 this year....She now lives in Chapletown now Mrs Sheila Mansfield. ---------- Post added 21-10-2017 at 18:09 ---------- Yes I know that area well I was about 5 then my best pals were Roger Ives and Freddy Bennet who lived in a cottage with a stone floor at the side of the Horseshoe..We used to catch minnows and frogs in the water tank...and I remember whatching the demolition of it and the air raid shelter by a big crane with a huge steel ball.
  3. I'm amazed this thread is still running..I'ts now been getting posts for 10 years since I was last on page 1....How time flies.
  4. Hi Padders Eric Timms ...My Young Brother...is alive and kicking... His E-mail address is eric-timms@blueyonder.co.uk
  5. At last I think I remember the name of the Band...It was "The Vine" am I right or wrong???
  6. When I was an apprentice at Newton Chambers in the 50 ts and 60'ts one lad called Graham Hemingfield..from "Jump" used to bring "Bacon Breadcakes" to work for his "Snap" his Mother used to make them for him...They were made from standard home baked Bread buns but before they went into the oven she used to insert a rasher of bacon and all the fat from the bacon used to soak into the bread while cooking..one day he swapped one of these for one of my "Mousetrap Sarnies" and I still remember how it tasted fantastic ...Has anyone else ever had these.
  7. Thats what the rest of our family say..But the wife and I still enjoy a crust of bread spread with any sort of dripping..And since we bought the "George Forman" we have an endless supply from the dripping tray at the front.
  8. Yes It was like being on Holiday abroad on Saturday nights in the summer on the "West street monkey run"...I don't remember the names of the pub's apart from "Monas"(Loud Music) and I think "The Raven" and you never sat down, just stood in the middle of the room with glass in hand, also I remember the Lasses going one way round the circuit clockwise and the lads going round anticlockwise..1/2 a pint in every Pub (all different brews) and by the time you got back where you started from you didn't know where you'd been..or where you were going.
  9. As a little lad in the 1940's when I lived in Shiregreen Lane I used to sit on the edge of the quarry and look down at the men working below digging out the clay..There was a small railway system with a little steam engine that pulled a load of tubs on wheels similar to the ones they used to have in the coal mines...I remember the Police being involved at one time..when theives broke into a dynamite store on the site and stole a load of explosives...I also remember a huge steam shovel bellowing out lots of smoke I can still smell the burning coal and oil.. JCB's had not been invented then...Some of the older Lads from the Flower Estate used to go down into the quarry in the summer evenings after the workmen had gone home and strip off to the buff and skinny dip in the murky waters.
  10. Here we go they got lights in them nowdays. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toy-Colorful-Wood-Spinning-Peg-top-Top-260g_W0QQitemZ280219567784QQihZ018QQcategoryZ1039QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. Ted... I think I remember this Irish lady.."She was one of the main members of the "English and Scottish Folk Dance Club" ran by "Derick Hardwick" at St Christophers in the 50's ...If She didn't turn up on the club nights it was a dull night.
  12. An advance the "Top" was the toy "Giroscope" ..I remember when my Dad brought one home he threaded some string around the shaft then pulled hard and it started spinning,he then put it on top of the teapot on the table...I was amazed to see this thing just stood there slowly swaying around on top of the teapot...it was just like Magic to a seven year old.
  13. There used to be a heavy duty top called the "Bulldog" it was a brown squat chuncky shape with a steel stud in the point and 3 grooves around the body where you wrapped the whip to start it off...then you kept on lashing at it as it slowed down...and also there was another we called a "peggy top" this one was spear or carrot shaped with a stub on the top of it it was usually decorated with red and blue bands around the middle...Both types were on sale at "Henthorns" in Bellhouse Rd, Shiregreen....This was in the 1940's.
  14. I remember an aeroplane (I remember it as a dark blue colour..I was very young at the time, but I recall being stood amongst a crowd of people and seeing young kids being lifted into into the seat of the Cockpit by a couple of RAF lads...there was another Aeroplane parked nearby...it was on a bombsite somewhere in the centre of Sheffield...can anyone fill in the rest of the details.
  15. On windy days we would stand on top of them facing into the wind..Then stretch out our jackets with our hands like to form wings and then jump..... as far as we were concerned , We were flying.
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