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  1. derbyshire lane service station really good garage not especially cheap but totally honest.
  2. Hello, I am very new to gardening and need your help please. I want to plant out my sweetpea seedlings this week and need to make a frame. Does anyone have any branches I can buy? Or any ideas of the cheapest place to buy a frame? All sweetpea tips gratefully received too Thanks, Emma
  3. I really like the idea, I am guessing the promotion and therefore the ultimate success would be up to the person who has taken on this very short term lease with you. Would it have a license to sell alcohol? Love the idea though, let us know if you bring the idea to fruition. It would be a great way for someone to try out their restaurant idea before commiting to a long term leasehold.
  4. Hagglers Corner Christmas Market Sunday 9th December Santas grotto Christmas carols Hot food and drinks Local crafts Curios and baublicious christmas festivities and present ideas! We have 5 stalls still available if you would like details please email xmas@orchisfloraldesign.com
  5. hello we are booked up for food and drink stalls but still need a local craft person or two with some beautiful christmassy items. Also i didn't purt a link to nespresso above^ thats odd isn't it?
  6. Hello, We are organising a Christmas market on Sunday 9th December 12pm – 6pm at Hagglers Corner http://hagglerscorner.co.uk/ and have 5 spaces left for stalls Each stall is 6 ft x 4 ft and can be reserved either outside in the courtyard or inside upstairs on a first come basis. There will be hot food and drinks served at the venues coffee shop with a Santas grotto and carol singing in the courtyard. Along with online marketing we will be leaflet dropping the Sheffield area as well as displaying a large banner outside the building which is on a major road into the city center. We have already had a lot of interest, so expect this to be a fantastic event. The stall costs £30, If you are interested please email info@orchisfloraldesign.com for more details. Kind Regards, Emma, Saskia and Amanda http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1073443
  7. I think its fantastic! Went on wednesday after work got served straight away, sat down and ate a big plate of bangers and mash. Delicious my fella had the pie also delicious, congratulations to the owner its a fabulous refurb, and a real asset to the wonderful road that is abbeydale!
  8. Me! I love tat, I am currently searching for the naffest cheapest piece of memorabilia let me know what you see. I am currently eating toast off wills and kates faces, makes a change from kittens in a basket.
  9. I am a vegetarian who loves good food. I would really like to see a vegetarian restaurant serving good quality and dare I say expensive high end menu. I find that a vegetarian restaurant can look like it has been thrown back from the 1970s flower power era, whilst that isn't offensive, I would love a modern, beautiful vegetarian restaurant like greens in didsbury http://www.greensdidsbury.co.uk/ or Yotam Ottolenghi in Islington. http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/ Ottolenghi has a really popular and fresh approach to vegetarian cooking if you create anything close to his restaurants I would be soooooo happy.
  10. Hello, will buddlea dry? I am really after some materials that dry for twisting and weaving. I am sorry,but I am not sure it will be quite right. Thanks though (I don't want to sound ungrateful) emma
  11. thanks chez, i will fit around you, as i have no deadline,just email me on info@orchisfloraldesign.com or call on 0114 2014049 when you have cut them and i will come and collect at your convenience. Thanks for the offer if it looks to be too much trouble for you no problem.
  12. I am on abbeydale road but do some deliveries that side, will you be chopping them off this week?
  13. thanks chez, are you in sheffield? big palms sound good, I could do some plaiting with those.
  14. Hello, I am a florist and am building my art portfolio, I am really interested in weaving and making structures out of dogwood, willow, hazel and birch. I have been buying all these from the dutch flower market but was wondering whether any gardeners on here were clearing out interesting twigs. I am currently designing quite a large piece so would be grateful for any taller pieces of willow etc. The willow etc. I buy is very mass manufactured and as a result quite a standard length width and curvyness and to be honest is a bit dull. I would of course in return for the donation, give you a beautiful flower arrangement and I will clear the willow area and take away in my van. Many Thanks, Emma
  15. I was house checked by an RSPCA officer who agreed the Maine Coon was a good breed for my lifestyle/home. The home check is very thorough. The RSPCA officer thought it depended on the temprament of the cat and in theory there was no problem her being an outdoor cat. I live on a dead end road however there is a busy road in the vicinity I supose if you live in Sheffield that is inevitable, the inspector discussed how even a quiet road can have a cat fatality and for the purpose of the home visit my home passed their criteria. I think I will give the harnass a go for the first few weeks and then move on to letting her out on her lonesome. thanks for the advice everyone, i am very keen on being an upstanding cat owner Why, even yesterday, in Morrissons I picked up " Cat Weekly" magazine my boyfriend just stood there laughing, no more NME for me! x
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