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  1. Thank you both. I will have a look.. My long term plan is to study to become a nurse, so anything that will set me on the right path to start with will be of help
  2. Hi all Can anyone recommend any agencies that could offer care work, in nursing homes/hospitals without experience. I am struggling to get a permanent entry level post in the NHS and wanted to see if I could obtain some experience through temporary work first. Voluntary work I have considered and done some in the past however this does not count as formal care experience unfortunately. I am 30 years old and can't afford to simply go back to college on an apprenticeship etc - don't mind doing the most basic work if it means getting where I want to be.! Would very much appreciate help and/or advice Thank you
  3. Well, the main office of IS is in Woodhouse and they have a decent coverage of S13 and surrounding areas as far as I know. Give them a call and get yourself on their list...if you've been keeping up with your rent etc and can provide references that's really the main thing. Just explain to them about the potential credit check issue to make them aware. It may not be as bad as you think! Good luck:)
  4. Which areas are you looking at? IS property have reasonable admin fees for tenants, however the areas they have properties in are fairly limited at the moment. forgot to add, most agents do a credit check. That's hard to avoid at the moment, even private landlords tend to do them these days. Just because you've had a few hiccups though, doesn't necessarily have to be a problem..
  5. There is also a shop in Barnsley called DJ Cakes I think, in case you are on the north side of town! they have a website... also there are various online suppliers of cakecraft stuff you can look at.
  6. Thanks for your input Chez2..The cake-making aunt was the first port of call however, while she is a very good cake-maker she doesn't do them that often and not made a wedding cake for family for years! So she certainly never hires anything etc... and all the bits and pieces are family heirlooms A few people recommended to try cake shops, will ring a few tomorrow. My bases are 10,8 and 6 inches. If I understand correctly what you meant in the last bit, I need the stand to hold the cakes apart, not one that has a pillar in the middle - the pillar ones are for cupcakes I think, unless you try to impale the cake on the pillar lol
  7. We are having our ceremony at 4 pm and not having a wedding breakfast as such - just a few drinks after for the ceremony guests and then at 6 pm, a buffet evening reception. A bit unorthodox perhaps but works for us - and apparently a lot more people are choosing to have later ceremonies and dispensing with the sit down meal. A good option to consider if you are on a tight budget - but then again, I think even if we had more money we wouldn't have opted for a wedding breakfast anyway! There are so many different ways to structure your day. You will find one that works for you I'm sure
  8. Cubley Hall - beautiful venue with a bandstand with stunning views...lots of character and can cater for a small or larger party. We're getting married there very soon - small ceremony in one of the lovely rooms and evening reception in the Barn - which looks fab with all its lighting and decorations, google some pics to have a look
  9. Hi there I haven't been to the market in ages as I don't work in town and live quite far out - if someone can confirm that would be great
  10. Hi all, I am after a 3 tier round cake stand, my fiancé's auntie is making our cake and the stand supplied by our venue is not the right size: the tiers she is making are 10, 8 and 6 inches. Seen some on ebay etc, but they all have 'rings' for the cake bases and most of those rings are too big! if they were plates this would not be a problem but, of course, with a ring the cake base will simply fall through if it's too small. I have already bought the bases so getting bigger bases isn't an option.. Does anyone know where I can hire a cake stand that would fit our requirements? Or buy one, if it is cheaper..? Thank you in advance
  11. Just wanted to share a recommendation: I have found my perfect dress at New York Bride in Eckington - beautiful shop with stunning designer dresses, none over £500. A cut above most bridal outlets! I visited it just after coming back from a place further 'up North' which was an uninspiring unit in the middle of nowhere with more expensive dresses many of which were quite grubby too I have to give credit to the lady who worked there as she was lovely, but for many reasons not a perfect experience! What set New York Bride apart for me was the lovely interior - makes the experience of trying on dresses the special and glamorous occasion you expect it to be; the helpful and attentive owner, Victoria, who provides an excellent service and plenty of advice should you need it; the fabulous dresses - in a good range of sizes: I am a dress size 12-14 so had plenty to try on in both sizes and every style possible; all dresses are brand new and look it (usually surplus stock/end of lines/some samples as far as I know); opportunity to spread cost over 3 payments; and a brilliant location on the main street in Eckington with a coffee shop a few doors down serving delicious cake for that pre/post shopping cuppa! If anyone needs any advice or tips or dress shopping PMs are welcome I am so happy with my dress and can't wait to wear it I have found it on the designer's site and it was great to see it on there as well! Especially knowing I only paid £500 for a genuine dress from a top designer. Oh and also, you can take lots of photos if you wish! As most brides will know majority of shops do not allow this - bonus!
  12. Another vote for Cubley Hall! Lots of character in a beautiful location
  13. Thank you, that's helpful. Wasn't planning on getting the tram regularly, it's just a one off visit and I'm just 'in between' cars otherwise would definitely drive, a lot less hassle getting there from where I live! thanks again :-)
  14. Near Polestar offices maybe that shortcut is the reason I was told it is a short walk, perhaps they didn't mislead me! Which tram stop is near Tuffnells?
  15. Does anyone know the best way to get to Shepcote Lane by public transport? I was told, misleadingly it seems, that you can walk from the tram stop and it's not far - it appears to be a very long walk! Apparently there is a TM Travel bus from city centre but not much else. thank you
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