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  1. Well I argue with our lass all the time about this I say it's a wind up and they're acting....... she reckons it's real and they are not acting and all these birds stroll around caked in make up from when they open their eyes in a morning til they go to bed............ It must be acting because they never look at the cameras !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. British Gas = rip off Independant Gas fitters (who do the same exams as BG fitters) = usually much cheaper and just as good and in some cases a lot better, I've followed some of BG's work in the past and haven't been too impressed
  3. whats wrong with it ? and what make/model is it ?
  4. brilliant but shouldn't they have just grabbed the one who did the gun gesture and let the other one alone ?
  5. ye ilkleys ok it joins fairthorn and sicey, nesfield way runs off it aswell, the council modernised them all round there mid to late 80's
  6. ive taken mine off and put it up for rent - i was sick of weirdo's coming round for a nosey afternoons entertainment at my time/expense, also be prepared for a long wait - nothings moving and if its a first time buyer type house if it hasn't got strobes and pop up speech activated plasmas it probably won't sell as 1st timers want ridiculo hi spec trashy newness
  7. which road to hatfield house lane from firth park ? barnsley road ? bowfield road? fairthorn road? sicey avenue? bellhouse road? as every road is different, some ok, some crap !
  8. oh my god mate - stay away at all costs, you will get people on here saying how nice it is but you have to think where they've come from (usually afghan, somalia, pakistan iraq and romania) seriously its the last place in sheffield where i would live, and in the 80's my first house was on robey street, then i had one on wade street in winter 2009 my cousin was assaulted there and left for dead while walking to sheffield lane top from the sheffield arms, it was a january night and it was -1c a lady saw him slumped in a hedge, the hospital said he wouldn't have died from his injuries but would have died from hyperthermia due to being unconcious in those temperatures, he's ok now with just a small scar on his forehead and got a lump sum from criminal injuries just this october
  9. Haven't read all this thread but its nowt new police clobbering innocent kids, it happened to me throughout my teens, never anything that really hurt me physically (except maybe once) If anything with people being accused of ridiculous stupid things these days and with the 'claim culture' around I expect these assaults if anything will fade away to nothing eventually.
  10. stones 'cold' tuborg used to like theakstons old peculiar carlsberg
  11. I think it was entirely shot in sheffield, S10, Concord Sports Centre, Hinde House School, Park Hill flats etc
  12. Within the space of 400 yards at Shiregreen there has been filmed, This is England - Steel city Club Prisoners wives - Concord sports centre and Hinde House School, Concord Park, and.......The Full Monty - Shiregreen WMC
  13. I'd take the Pepsi spelling challenge against you any old day of the week you muppet - by the way is that the best you could do
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