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  1. Hi there, I am considering moving my water tank up from the 2nd bedroom to the loft. I guess theres two questions... - is this possible? - how big (and expensive) job is it? and which trade would do it? plumber, builder? sorry for bombarding with questions but any help would be great!
  2. Why is it at the bottom of a hill? surely this is the worst place to put a castle no? This is an honest question by the way, not takin the P!
  3. clues in the question I guess, who is the best point of call for phone line and tv aerial point installation?
  4. thanks but i really dont need hydroponics...just somewhere t store stuff
  5. Thread speaks for itself really, I need loft access putting into my ceiling. any builders out there?? please email me robtaylor1889@gmail.com ....looking to get on this quickish please!
  6. Thankfully your advice to phone the council was the first thing we did. After the initial response been a helpful '1 day later' we waited. And then waited some more. Called them again today as the last we heard it was been collected the day after normal. Now the response is 'hopefully this week'. And as we moved areas our council tax did rise and given the bin collections have gone fortnightly we are getting half as many collections for our money so in theory yes it has gone up. 3 bands plus less collections. Poor planning seems to be creating a bigger mess than is neccessary. ANy other tips on my points I should take notice of? ---------- Post added 28-01-2013 at 19:09 ---------- Why do we seem to accept poor service delivery here? If this was you and you had a parcel on order to be delivered by CityLink (for example) and they couldn't deliver for 1 day because of snow would you then be happy to wait another week for delivery? A delivery and service which you have paid for afterall. I dont get why there isnt more pressure been put on our services here.
  7. And can I please have a weeks rebate in my council tax? I think we all understood the 1 day delay in bin collections but its not 5 days since I put our bin out and its still full. Bad enough you took it to fortnightly collections as my council tax rose but this is taking health and safety a touch too far if bin collections seem to be not made unless its above 12 degrees C and sunny. Pretty poor form. Its been a lovely late winter's day today but everywhere is just full of litter and bins blown over by the wind. nice.
  8. I want to enjoy the Poland v Russia game tonight with some nice Polish beers (Lech, Tyskie and so on)....I know Wetherspoons sell this type of beer but dont show the footy, and places like Common room show the footy but dont sell this type of beer! A conundrum!
  9. As the post title suggests I have a bees nest appeared underneath on of our sheds. I really want these moved as we have dogs who are naturally inquisitive. Any help or pointers to who can remove this would be great. Thanks,
  10. its just the building's owner i want to get hold of, not the actual Sally's. any ideas??
  11. Hi, Im trying to get in touch with the Citadel (opposite peace gardens)....does anybody have acontact for them?
  12. yea i did it a couple of months ago, one of the nicest meals ive cooked! Waitrose....i'll try there! never seen anything on sale like that in Crystal Peaks but I know they open on a Sunday
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