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  1. I have a dvd/vhs combi, but i've never used it to transfer.
  2. Yes, did mine through a tape deck, to an amp, then into the pc via phono to jack. It's not difficult, just time consuming.
  3. Me too. Can't see the point in racing around with all the wonderful scenery to be enjoyed.
  4. I've also known the tape to snap on very old ones. I've done a few for other people but it's always with a warning that this could happen.
  5. I do mine with a dazzle capture device, many high street photo shops can do it too.
  6. 4mph is an average walking pace, on good terrain, and without a 60kg load.
  7. Not if you're clothed properly. I've spent nights out below -10 and been fine.
  8. Get thisen scrambling up Kinder. Feel the wind through your hair, and the sheep sh*t under your finger nails.
  9. That sounds wrong mate, you have done this before right. ? Just turn the ignition on, clutch in, put it in second, roll to gain speed, lift the clutch.
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