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    look Up !!! Can you see me ?
  1. How do dogs & cats know to hate each other ! Just took my mutt out and she's gone mental trying to get to a cat !!! Any ideas ?
  2. He's always telling porkies to impress
  3. Any boxers on here ? Can you answer a question ! One of my neighbours says his son who is 18 is going professional next month ! BUT he's hardly won any fights ? How can this be ! surely you have to win quite a few fights to go professional, and is their a minimum age ?
  4. What's the make & model ? How much ?
  5. Ok you lot !!! DVD camcorders ! They do exist
  6. Can anyone reccomend a good but not too expensive recorder that tapes direct onto cd ?
  7. Theirs a clock repair shop in killamarsh...some lovely old clocks in his window & showroom...sorry don't know the name
  8. I went on Saturday ! What a load of crap ! Very expensive...waited ages...staff where ****...need I say more ??????????
  9. Any Chav from parsons x !!! Like another said... White track suit ! Skinny ! Could be one thousands of them
  10. Is it quiet in hillsborough at the moment, I have to go their at 7 for a funeral mass !!!
  11. Seven quid to change a battery !!! Rip off !!! I won't be going their !!!
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