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  1. Hi does anyone know if there are any takeaways open Boxing day evening in the s6 area-ie like rasheeds thankyou
  2. No i havent rang them yet-this was for two taxi rides-just thought it strange that its in different amounts-
  3. I use this firm regularly-and have started paying by debit card-when looking on my internet banking account i have 4 sums of money taken out-all different amounts-totalling just over £10-it says by judopay sheffield-is this the taxi firm does anyone know and if it is why is it in bits of money taken out
  4. Does anybody play this..i subscribed last week..£10 every 5 weeks-dont win millions but its helping the N.H.S..
  5. Is anybody else fed up of these breaking down..now both of them are out of action and i have been told the lift is also broken..not very good though is it for customers..
  6. I have darkish brown hair that is dyed..mostly on the top as i have grey hair..i usually have to dye it every 2/3 weeks to prevent greys showing through..i am wanting to go lighter as this will not show greys up as much..what would i ask for at hairdressers..i have longish thick naturally curly hair..i dont want yellow straw hair..thankyou..
  7. I have 1 of these phones..everybody on my contacts when i go on them are blue stating that they to have an i phone..apart from 1 person who has i phone..name isnt in blue..cant i-message them..dont know if they have seen received my message..why is this when everyone else on my contacts with i phone you can..i know its not be all and end all but its annoying me as to why..PLEASE HELP ME and tell me what to do
  8. Just seen a photo on facebook with picture of both of its windows that look like bullet holes..or airgun pellets.anyone know what's happened..
  9. Hi..can anyone answer this question..if i work 24 hours per week..no children..earn £11.000 per annum would i qualify for working tax credits now it has changed with the recent budget..only asking on here as it prob quicker than ringing..thankyou
  10. What is happening at this shop..loads of people queing outside..just interested thats all..
  11. Whats laughable is walkley lane..you cant park on there between certain hours but you can on walkley rd..which is narrower than walkley lane..and perhaps just as busy..something needs to be done
  12. No it hadnt taken a nosedive,what are you on about,and yes i live at Walkley,get your facts right
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