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  1. It seems that Wetherspoon's are set to open a new pub in the Woodseats area of Sheffield.
  2. The quicker you take over the less damage will be done. I was in the pub last week. A guy at the bar ordered a pint of Hobgoblin. It was served in a brim measure handle mug with fully an inch and a half of head. The customer looked in disbelief as it was handed over. He asked for a top up. The bar man made a slight tug on the pump. The level didn't change. The guy asked for another top up but the barman insisted on serving some else first. After a 2nd to up the level was still well over an inch and a quarter short. The customer shrugged his shoulders as he reluctantly walked off with 3/4 pint for which he'd paid £3.20. I doubt he will be back.
  3. I don't know. Most of the taxi drivers get a bit shirty about folk having sex on the back seat.
  4. Have a guess what the D stands for. ---------- Post added 20-08-2014 at 17:16 ---------- I would imagine non at all. They probably just hoped to find something dodgy so that they could have a pop. Perhaps a 1985 edition of Penthouse or an unwashed pair of Sue Barker's pants of similar vintage.
  5. I do believe the odds go up quite considerably for kiddie fiddlers once they reach Parkhurst.
  6. I would imagine the best bet would be around Kelham Island area. I'm not sure about the chippy but there is the option of a good curry. You can certainly do a crawl round West Street area but I'd hardly call the places friendly. I'd stick to a run down from Hillsborough Hotel. Gardners Rest, Wellington, Fat Cat, Riverside, Harlequin, Kelham Island Tavern. Milestone, Ship, Shakespere and do them all twice (except the Milestone). Alternatively go to Chesterfield and do the Brampton Mile.
  7. Odd thing though. All the pubs in Dore that I remember as a student are still open. All the pubs around Park Hill flats are all shut.
  8. Another closure. Less folks coming into Sheffield. Nothing definitely planned to fill its place. More dereliction.
  9. There is also a great deal of difference between Champagne and Asti Spumante. Whist I'm sure that there is good and bad Champagne and good and bad Asti. There is no Asti that can compare to an averagely good Champage and certainly nothing approaching a good one. I seem to remember Watneys giving up real ale for keg some years ago. Do you remember the Monty Python scetch abourt Watney's Red Barrel ? By the way, watever happened to Watneys? ---------- Post added 02-07-2014 at 17:15 ---------- My local sells superb real Jaipur at £3.00/pint. It is probably the best pint available in Sheffield. (well Dronfield actually) Those guys are just taking the mickey.
  10. What's the wrong end of town?. I thought it was coming to Sheffield the home of awsome public transport. It's not like you live in Swansea.
  11. Awsome. Aren't you one who has been bulling this up as once in a lifetime?
  12. That would depend how deep they went. It seems odd that if it was an outsiders fault that the locals seem to have a passion for fighting amongst themselves.
  13. I see your point but £18 million is a lot to pay to stamp out shoplifting in the Haymarket. ---------- Post added 06-06-2014 at 17:41 ---------- Perhaps it is a pre-emptive move.
  14. The Nigerian stuff is filth. "The Irish version of FES is brewed with pale malt, 25 per cent flaked barley and 10 per cent roasted barley. It uses the bitter Galena, Nugget and Target hop varieties. The beer is force carbonated. Guinness Flavour Extract, a dehydrated, hopped wort extract made from barley malt and roasted barley, is used for overseas production of the stout. The syrup is shipped from Ireland, where it is added at the ratio of 1:49 to locally brewed pale beer. In most overseas markets, Guinness Flavour Extract (GFE) is blended with locally brewed beer to produce FES."
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