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  1. Hi Ive never heard of this laptopn before, its reduced from £500 in comet to £299 Ive compared it to others in the £300-£400 pound mark and cant see any major differences. Ive looked at the reviews on websites and it sounds ok. My budget is now max £350 and this seems too perfect, so am i missing something? Only negative review said something about the internet connection being 'g' and not 'n', is this something major? Im looking to browse the net, upload photos, up load videos, play football manager game and occasionally watch a dvd. So whats your opinion? http://www.comet.co.uk/p/Laptops/buy-LENOVO-G550-Laptop/697702 Many thanks and merry christmas
  2. Time and half/double fair i dont agree with but im happy to pay £2 extra.
  3. Not really, but you know what its like when your mind is trying to rememeber something you watchex years ago
  4. Excuse me! But who are you to say what is a 'more worthy of peoples money!!!' Donating to charities is up to the individual, not you! If someone feels that they want to donate to an animal who cant help itself over a human who can then thats up to them!!! There is no right or wrong!
  5. Hi I love painting my nails, i stopped having fake ones ages ago so dont have them done by a professional so i miss the artwork that i used to have done eachtime i had my acrylics filled. I was thinking of buying some nail art pens/brushes but dont know which are best. Argos sell Rio ones and ebay has a billion different kinds!! Any recomendations? Many thanks
  6. Dont think that ends like that does it?
  7. Think its a natural disaster movie (like armageddon, twister erc...) at the end a couple sit on a green field having a picnic. Think another main male character walks towards them to talk. Its finishes happily. Sorry thats all i can remember. Thanks
  8. So does nowhere do boxing day sales anymore?
  9. Hi I always remember boxing day sales being a big thing! Getting up at like 5am and going to mhall or town and everywhere started their sales. Went shopping yesterday and most shops have sales on already!!! I asked in various shops if they were having a new sale starting on boxing day and got the same response 'this IS the sale but now they start before xmas!' So doesnt anywhere have a boxing day start sale anymore?
  10. I cant get my head round this. Tip a postman? What the hell for? Doing his bloody job? Get real!
  11. What an awful situation. There charities out there that WILL help you, it might just be a case of googling and phoning them all up! Also howden house shpuld be your first point of contact. If your kids are under 5 they are the easiest age to buy cheap presents for i find. £1 shop, charity shops, B&M in town have good sales on toys for under £20. Also i assume you have family, if you have and they buy presents then it wont mattter one little bit if you dont buy them stuff as well because at that age just tell them they are all from santa!
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