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  1. I wouldn't argue with that, although the Rivelin St. area, according to my map. is named Walkley Bank.
  2. When we speak of Walkley, I assume that South Road is the top boundary, Langsett Road is the bottom, The other two being Burgoyne Rd. and Holme Lane?
  3. 12 months previously (as far as I can remember) there was another severe gale which resulted in most of the lights in north Sheffield going out, must have been bad as we stayed up all night.
  4. I remember seeing that on the news- this new Tech College on Pond St. also had a massive system of scaffolding which had collapsed, heaven knows how they dismantled it.
  5. Interestingly, this is I think is the only mention of the general direction of the gale.
  6. I have one, and the Sheffield Flood supplement too!
  7. This practise has been going on for years, I dont think the council are too interested as there not making making any money from it, but just owe them £1 in council tax and see how fast they really can respond!
  8. The grass verges are usually maintained by the council and parked cars create problems when their mowers are used, such as the possibility of damage as machines try to cut round them, as well as problems with any insurance claims. Presently, I don't think there is any by-law in Sheffield prohibiting this activity. In other towns, notably some boroughs in London, cars are towed away if it is obvious that they are dealers, not so much the ordinary owner with his car up for sale.
  9. Hillsbro - yes, in retrospect they did look a little high up from the valley bottom!
  10. We used to call it "The Old Mans Head". It's perhaps part of the outcrop that runs all the way back to Stanage Edge. In Hillsbro's pic I think the houses are The Glen Cottages near Glen Bridge.
  11. I believe the earliest cinema (picture house) was the one in Fitzalan Square (became Classic), it had an earth floor and wooden benches. This however was pre-dated by one on Bradfield Road, Hillsboro, located somewhere near the tyre fitting garage, possible that part of building is still there. Perhaps someone could further elucidate?
  12. The Kinema was on Proctor Place approximately where the ramp is for the car park (or opposite Co-op doors). It's interesting to note that none of these cinemas, even the later ABC and Odeon were designed (as far as I can remember) with any sort of car park, although there might have been some small area for the staff. I wonder what they did with the expensive projection equipment after closure.
  13. I thought the last Spitfires were developed only to Mk19?
  14. Sarneth - Re price - everywhere is more expensive right now - even Netto and Aldi are getting pricey on certain things... You're right, best policy is to shop around if you are able, I find Morrissons are the most reasonable, like toothpaste for 17p that doesnt burn your mouth out. Lidl is good, but be selective.
  15. The Hillsborough Park Cinema, now Netto, is reputed to retain its original balcony.
  16. Nope, The one opposite the Barracks was The Phoenix (now Maplins). The Unity was near the top of Wood St. (Gertrude St.) opposite the Kelvin flats. It was the only one I knew that had plywood seats which were sprung loaded and when everyone rose to attention for the national anthem (really!) or perhaps to make a quick exit, there was an almighty clatter.
  17. Flyer-I'm not too familiar with that general area you refer to (apart from a work colleague living on Cottam St) as I was living off Grammar St at that time, my main memories of P. Rd. was the boat race past Hillfoot Bridge and Styring's glass lens factory (then abandoned) at the bottom of Wood St.
  18. I regularly see the one on Halifax Road above Lidl and see it flash from time to time when cars and lorries go through at red.
  19. Sorry Flyer, I meant I now live in the Wadsley Bridge area. But according to an old street guide, There is an Eden Street running off Driffield St, backs onto Don and looks very short.
  20. Opposite the chapel near the bottom of Channing street was an entry leading to the rear yard of the row of houses and at the top was a large hut where some type of group used to meet and hold seances. My pal Alan Adams used to live in the yard, the hut being known as the "Spookhouse".
  21. Thanks for that PopT, my pal was called Adams so it must have been his mother's father who lived there.
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