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  1. Yes, you entered by the side door so the "pub" was a small front room. We asked for a pint and the "landlord" brought them to the small table. Further along shows the Oriental which I think (another thread on this somewhere) was the first Chinese restaurant in Sheffield. Also I see a radio/tv shop.
  2. On the corner of Cuthbert Road/Street (296) was a public house, I might be wrong but it was said to be the smallest pub in Sheffield; I recall that it was more like a beer-off with a table inside.
  3. Yes, I'm now doing this, using the standard USB lead sets up the camera's video software on the laptop. Strangely enough, i found (in a drawer) a plug/ lead that fits from a Pentax Optio S camera that i had years ago, but this lead only has 2 RCA plugs.
  4. It's similar in shape to the mini display port (which has 20pins), but smaller at 5.5mm width. It could be special to Panasonic.
  5. Yes, it can't be an HDMI micro or a USB micro as the pin configurations differ. I've mislaid the original lead so I might have to buy the lead suggested by Mark.
  6. This is on a Panasonic pocket camcorder HM-TA1 and nothing I've seen seems to match. It has one row of 8 contacts, or possibly 16. The width of the socket is about 5.5mm.
  7. The bunkers, prior to the crematorium, looked like long grassed mounds with sloping sides, as seen from the road. This pic of the radio masts gives some idea.
  8. Certainly, that was racist thinking (socal Darwinism); the white man superior to the black man. The UK which was running the Empire were superior in organization, military, technology and (arguably) the arts etc, and like other Empirists (an age he was born into) he believed that it was in the best interests of the afformentioned to be dominated but it didn't mean he hated them. The Red Indians weren't peaceful, the tribes were at constant war with one another
  9. It depends what you mean by racist, Halibut. Before WW2, half the country could have been racist (or rather prejudiced) in some sense. In Sheffield, my mother told me that black people were relatively rare and people would stop in the street and stare. In fact, it was considered amongst many that it would encourage bad luck to befall any houshold that let a black man over the threshold. Prejudice I know, but that's how it was. Africans in there own countries would be thought of as natives or savages wearing a loin cloth and holding a spear.
  10. They're not always loopholes. In answer, this is a quotation by Lord Clyde, a senior Scottish judge: "No man in the country is under the smallest obligation, moral or other, so to arrange his legal relations to his business or property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel in his stores. The Inland Revenue is not slow, and quite rightly, to take every advantage which is open to it under the Taxing Statutes for the purposes of depleting the taxpayer's pocket. And the taxpayer is in like manner entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Inland Revenue"
  11. Think I've found it (on a second Google search); it's a Lady beetle (Ladybird larva), apparently they are munching their way through the aphids.
  12. And, is it good/bad for them? Also, I've noticed pink and black aphid-type bugs under the leaves, so I'll have to do something about it!
  13. Yes, you can't prosecute anyone whose actions are legal.
  14. If they didn't, they would likely be prosecuted for tax evasion.
  15. Doubt if it's a sump plug, it looks a bit too long and we don't know whether its magnetic. Dipstick possibly, although the hexagon doesn't really make sense for that. As I suggested earlier, it resembles a piston T.DC. tool (as in Janus's pic) the hexagon is for screwing the large thread into a 12mm or 14mm plug hole, it then slides out as the piston rises (presuming it is a slider) and they are usually graduated in mm, as in Janus's pic.
  16. Presuming the shaft slides through the thread (and it corresponds to one of the common plug threads), it looks like a tool for gauging piston top dead centre when screwed into a plug hole.
  17. The one's I use outside Yorkshire Bank at Hillsboro are bright and clear even in strong sunlight; must use different technology, like the large roadside advertising screens that are appearing here and there. To add- my £500 Samsung phone screen is useless in sunlight, you have to guess when taking a pic. Same with most small cameras, I won't buy one unless it's got a viewfinder, something the makers are shy on providing. How folks in the hot sunny countries cope with these things I don't know.
  18. Are there any states which hold themselves (in your opinion) as an exemplar of the faith, and apply the sort of justice that you admire?
  19. Perhaps not, but it is being done in the name of Islam. I presume it's by people who hold a literal interpretation (how many are there?) and select the verses that give them the excuse to carry out their agenda.
  20. In many parts of the world christians are being killed/persecuted; it doesn't bode well for being a christian in many of these lands.
  21. What I meant by "reader" was anyone who reads and attempts to understand the text, scholar or otherwise. Your answer doesn't fully explain the key point I was highlighting which is the phrase "God only knows the true meaning".
  22. As those holy texts have been handed down (to earth) and are deliberately ambiguous with the true meaning being withheld, then it is no surprise that readers have no other option but to invent their own interpretations without hope of clarification. What then, is the point?
  23. I believe it's to do with translation from Arabic to English, different pronoun use etc.
  24. No, I don't believe in God or gods as depicted in the major religions. We have always wondered what is the origin of life, matter and the universe and what becomes of us after death; perhaps one day it will be discovered but until then (for many of us), a God will fill the gap. In other words, if we believe everything was created by a higher intelligence, problem solved! As for your proposed new post on Allah please proceed, but be prepared to be subjected to awkward questioning as post about religion attract more sceptics than potential recruits, so to speak!
  25. As Apelike says, trying to promote a religion through science references is, at least, tenuous and problematic in today's scientific world. I do believe that there are many more appropriate aspects of the religion which can be appealing to enquirers. Despite all these "facts" (even if true), they have never been a source of consultation by later scientists in their quests for knowledge and discoveries; that has been accomplished from other sources. Belief in a religion in itself though has given inspiration to enquiring minds.
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