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  1. Can anyone remember the name of the coffee bar/cafe on South Road at the bottom of Greenhow Street?
  2. ok, thanks, perhaps prejudice towards the unfamiliar!
  3. There are a few threads on these laptops but not quite the info I was looking for. I've been looking for a laptop for my friend's 7 year old (he's quite intelligent) and spotted a second-hand HP Chromebook, however both I and his mother are only familiar with Windows. The intended use would be for internet, google, emails, youtube etc but what's the position if ( in the future) he wants to use a printer or download software, and possibly use it for schoolwork ?
  4. A description and a photo (if you have one) would help.
  5. Trust you're aware if this: https://thebla.co.uk/electrical-safety-regulations-for-july-1st-2020/ If your fuse board is up to date then you're off to a good start.
  6. Looking forward to tonight's episode of The mind of J G Reader, a fascinating series from 1970. Actor who plays Reader's boss was Landburger Gessler in the William Tell series.
  7. Any film or drama where they seem to revel in the recent propensity to mumble and whisper, speaking under the breath, and poor diction. So it's over to the Talking Pictures channel where I can at least here what's been said.
  8. You haven't said whether it's an old DVD player but if it is then it's probably laser/ fogged up lens/guide rails as most common faults.
  9. For an elevated close-up view of the city, one of the best is from the viewing platform near the heli-pad above the ski slope, unfortunately not directly accessible by car.
  10. Some links that might help: https://hoa.org.uk/advice/guides-for-homeowners/i-am-improving/party-wall-agreement/ https://www.blsurveyors.com/party-wall-notice-what-to-do-when-there-are-both-freeholders-and-leaseholders/ https://cityloftslondon.com/dont-serve-party-wall-notice/
  11. Plenty on ebay, some with bigger speaker for better sound.
  12. Presume the disc is clear with no small marks. Sometimes, on elderly players the efficiency of the laser drops and small errors on discs can cause problems. Also, cleaning the lens might help.
  13. Not suggesting I can help you, but you say when the disc is "loaded" nothing happens, does it begin to spin or not, and what does the front display read (if anything) when this happens? You also say that all other discs are playing normally?
  14. I've been staying at a friends once a week for the past 12 months, they live on Clarence Road, behind the station. You wouldn't realize there was a station there except for the occasional (distant) sound of a horn from the trains. There's an Aldi at the bottom of the road, Wickes, B&Q, Toolstation, Screwfix all within walking distance and the bigger supermarkets not much further. A pleasant, flat town centre (10 mins away) and traffic free. All in all much more relaxed than Sheffield, and apart from the usual rush hours, much less congestion.
  15. I think that could be seen as legitimate access, but the blue sign confuses, not properly worded.
  16. There are two similar entry points from the main Bakewell road, this being one of them, and each one has this sign along with "ACCESS ONLY" painted on the road entrance. Both entry points lead into a network of cul-de-sacs.
  17. I found this on a pepipoo site http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=50710 "I know this is an old post but my reply is for future readers... Basically, this driver has past a legal road sign ‘Motor Vehicles Prohibited - Except for Access’ Once a motor vehicle enters this zone, the driver must be a resident of the street, a delivery vehicle with proof of access in the form of a delivery note, etc, refuse collectors, road/utility maintenance or trades persons working on a residents property with written verifiable evidence clearly displayed on dashboard, etc. Ignorance of the signs or not seeing them is no mitigation in Court. These signs are placed by the local council to address parking issues in the area that causes residents inconvenience. Examples are: train users using surrounding street as daily or long term parking, shoppers saving money by not using pay and display car parks, drivers attending major events such as football matches or concerts not wishing to use car parks to save money. It is a ‘moving traffic offence’ which con stables in uniform can issue FPNs which is basically a Report for Summons to Magistrates Court is penalty not paid or driver wishes to dispute the ticket at Court. The police officer would know if the vehicle had been driven to the area as the vehicle can only have gotten there by passing the signage. There’s no point in disputing the ticket as it is a proven offence, and the court will increase the fine to take into account admin costs and police wasted time should he/she be asked to attend. |"
  18. The signs on this side street clearly prohibits vehicles except for necessary access, but the blue sign could be interpreted as "you can park as long as you don't go into town". I would think the circled sign would've been sufficient. Any comments?
  19. I seem to remember the makers saying that they ended the original series due to the prospect of Tony Blair's Labour Party getting elected.
  20. That's great, I look forward to the view on those clear winter sunny days.
  21. Under the bridge the white cycle-path line runs along the top of a slight kerb, anyone know what this is for? Not really safe if a wheel happened to catch it.
  22. On my samsung S6, model number is on the back, and if I go into apps -settings-about device, it gives details.
  23. Looks like UPS is going to pick up a parcel from me, Sunday?! Warning: https://scambusters.org/upsscam.html
  24. That's it thanks, I'd tried that one before but it didn't work because I omitted the "dashes" and so mistakenly thought that link was solely for the fully tracked service. 🙂
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