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  1. [QUOTE=Cyclone;5066558]It's funny how the OP was answered correctly on the first page, but people are still posting random (and wrong) answers on the 2nd. It's true that the poster was seeking a specific answer and received it early on, but I trust that he/she wouldn't object to the subject being expanded a little so everyone interested can give their opinions and criticisms.
  2. Capstan- try contacting the Council's Environmental Response Manager and inquire to the local Fire Brigade for advice. I believe the burning of tyres is an offence as many toxic (cancer causing) pollutants and fall-out are emitted.
  3. For the record, I've never had a single fire here since I moved in in 1971. I prefer that others (close by) didn't, but if they use common sense then I can tolerate.
  4. I don't usually have problems with neighbours occasionally burning garden waste, but it's a different matter when they decide to burn rubber and plastics which create dangerous toxic smoke - not very nice on children and garden produce.
  5. Back in '73, our council house was rewired by the "professional" electrical teams employed by the council. In 1990 I decided to modernise the bathroom and whilst removing the old cast iron bath I unscrewed the earthwire which was clamped to the leg and pulled and.... all that was on the end was a yard of earth cable! Since then I have always done all my own work!.
  6. Most fisherman did that then, including myself, but not the ones that were dyed bright pink or yellow as that dye was found to be a carcinogen!
  7. Lurch - your right, Markw's lack of confidence and ability seems apparent, but at least he is getting some advice along with appropriate warnings and cautions.
  8. I think I do, but I also remember the trees laden with apples in someones garden (almost overhanging the footpath) down the Racker Way!
  9. Is it three lights that are required? If you knew the wiring connections could you do it yourself? (will involve laying new wiring) There's an excellent description on http://www.homeimprovementweb.com.
  10. About 1955-58 I think car road tax was £15, less for 3-wheelers, M/cycle combos and solos. As late as 1971 we were paying only 8/6d per week for an old 2 bedroom house at Walkley.
  11. Thanks squiggs-it was a good while ago, but the price of it was several times the scrap value.
  12. Have a look at small (ferrous) scrap dealers around Attercliffe. If aluminium (non-ferrous) will do, cost could be less than buying new steel angle. (take good hacksaw and leather gloves!). Also, I once bought some new steel angle from a firm on Club Mill Rd, Neepsend.
  13. I worked there about 1966-7, I was 18 and it was in the pump assembly department, can't remember any names, though.
  14. Birley Hotel - a friend of mine (a rock singer) up from his home in Devon called in at his old haunt on Monday night to find it packed out with all (very) elderly people on a karaoke night, says it was great, especially excellent pint of Stones at £1.58 a pint. Seems some pubs can do it.
  15. steveh; there's truth in this but it depends on engine type, bearing tolerences etc. A friend who owned a microwave servicing business ran a 1987 Fiesta 1.8 diesel van for 450,000 miles (until the fuel pump had worn) on ordinary diesel oil but at the recommended changes. Only problems with the engine was a cam belt breakage and a starter motor.
  16. Wilkinson, Hillsboro - 5 litres semi-synthetic diesel oil 15/40w about £8. OK for older cars, probably made by large lubricant manufacturer.
  17. My mother once lived at No 123 and a schoolfriend lived about third of way down on the left. My ancestors also owned the Freedom House. Also attended the Boy's Brigade at the church (is it still there?) near the bottom.
  18. I doubt if the government can be persuaded to to do that sccux. However, to use an analogy, if a person repeatedly hits his thumb with a hammer there's a limit to how many times the NHS will keep sticking plasters on, even if he's already paid for them. Many moons ago, I drank and smoke with the rest of them, but if pubs ever did revert to their former status then I would simply choose not to be a customer and leave it to the protagonists to strike their compromise.
  19. It certainly does, it might read; ENTER AT YOUR PERIL!
  20. MR BENN; Calendar have tonight reported another 50 pubs in Yorkshire alone are going to open a `smoking research room` Perhaps it would be helpful if these pubs posted a prominent notice at the door so non-smokers could choose whether to enter or not.
  21. Two relatives of mine, a man and his wife, were refused further treatment by their Sheffield hospital unless they stopped their heavy smoking, a habit which had almost certainly caused the serious conditions that both are now suffering.
  22. In the fifties and sixties, in-car players for 45rpm 7ins discs were available.
  23. Collins, Langsett Rd; The driver for one of their carts lived a few doors from me off Grammar St, Lower Walkley, he was an alcoholic and frequently you would see the horse and cart parked outside the White Horse pub (corner of Grammar/Creswick St) balloons still tied to the back, the horse waiting patiently. Apparently on one occasion the cart wheels fouled the tram lines on Penistone road resulting in gold fish being tipped over, traffic was at a standstill until all flapping fish were gathered up!
  24. You can always ask your solicitor to find out about loft insulation, boiler type etc, or simply ask the owner yourself. As its only ten years old then there shouldn't be any boundary problems, but generally, as you know, solicitors never make a personal inspection of the property, they just look at the filed plan on the Land Certificate. On more mature properties the neighbours do all sorts of things to the boundaries that never appear on the filed plan! Good luck with your purchase.
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