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What Are Eating On Dec 25th For Lunch?

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20 hours ago, cytine said:

If you believe the press and charities we're all having bread and drippin and water (as it's Christmas Day  we'll warm the water up)

Once you've sent your £29.07p to provide a homeless person a hot meal, £3 a month to adopt a Snow leopard, Water pipes to some far off shore (or Stannington if your wanting to support closer to home), the PDSA, RSPCA, RSPC, PTSE  or dropped you loose change into the shaker box  of your choice on't moor Drippin's the only thing you'll be able to afford :suspect:

Keep safe out there 8)

Charity starts at home.



Other than that it's Turkey with all the trimmings.

All the kids have grown up so it will be traditional Christmas dinner followed by days of Turkey with various pour-over sauces, curries and turkey sandwiches till it's all gone 😋


Then it's Haggis tatties n neepes for Hogmanay 🧐 


Stay safe and eat well 8)


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