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  1. A neighbours house you say? are you sure it wasn't your house?
  2. this should be interesting to see how this pans out? greece refuses austerity measures from the EU and before you know it?? whos next Italy? , Spain, the EU going down like a pack of cards and not before time!
  3. You win the prize for spotting the obvious mistake:roll: have a house point! ---------- Post added 25-01-2015 at 11:32 ---------- Its all part of the all inclusive we are all equal mantra:roll:
  4. according to the BBC news this morning moves are afoot to change how words with silent letters are taught and used, how mind-blowingly stupid! leave the words alone, kids will learn to understand! don't molly coddle them just because its a little harder to work out. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-30964716
  5. hmmm that tells me i am probably right:hihi: no i seriously don't get off on hating but i seriously get very annoyed that my taxes pay for these wasters flawed or not:suspect:
  6. maybe if we went back that way lazy people would actually get off their ass:thumbsup:
  7. you can be sure a "chinatown" will be much better than the mess of cheap kebab takeaways at the bottom of London road. good luck Jerry cheung.
  8. :hihi: really??? is that to make up for "sick" days in their contracts, or the flexi time thats very flexible? or when they need time off to go to their union meetings and protests? would love to know where those figures came from?? socialist worker by any chance:hihi:
  9. agreed wholeheartedly:thumbsup: its the ones that bleat the most we should be worried about:suspect: no smoke without fire:roll:
  10. you can have my bank details, you can do nothing with them except pay into my account without a password which is never written down or recorded. passwords when entered are encrpyted anyway.
  11. in reality all your searches on the web are monitored by google and your preferences are relayed to bring you ads and to be honest if your worried about your up coming sexual activity being discovered you probably shouldnt be doing it anyway:hihi:
  12. seems reasonable in todays world, if you are not up to anything ? nothing to be afraid of:roll:
  13. well well well! theres a suprise the champion of the underclass and pc correctness, i guess your lack of understanding means you havent paid in much income tax to support these wasters??? in fact i wouldn't be surprised if your not one of them?
  14. oxygen thieving scum! cant even clean their tea mugs out!! not the brightest buttons in the box but really for gods sake standards! the workhouse should be brought back for the ones like this, minimum standard of living nothing else:rant:
  15. i try to please:roll: lets face it any decent place is not going to be charging anything less than about £50 plus wine, Marcos is £80 per head and i have booked smith and Baker and wont get change out of £150 for 2. its one day a year that we get ripped off but hey its only once a year!
  16. ha ha dream on for £25 quid you are not going to get a valentines special! a pub meal with a glass of bubbly maybe
  17. whoa ho what?? living on a prayer??? great song!
  18. i wouldnt be offended but its not the nicest size to look at naked is it:roll:
  19. :hihi: ha ha i think it you thats the sad one:roll: ---------- Post added 21-01-2015 at 09:07 ---------- hardly! how so! both have the desired effect, pleasant to look at by the viewer depending on their view
  20. sorry you are so totally wrong in so many ways, i have personal friends who are promotional girls who i have used for advertising shoots and brochures, 1 of them has done page 3 they are all very sucessful, very confident and very forthright, they are not victims in any way shape or form and in fact are stronger than a lot of men i know! good for them.....i think its insular unconfident women that are afraid and are intimidated???
  21. are you out of the kitchen again:roll: ---------- Post added 20-01-2015 at 20:49 ---------- oh get over yourself:roll: the women who pose do it and enjoy it and get paid very well for it! its not comparing it to a car as such its just part of the newspaper, another article another page move on to the next and anyway whats wrong with enjoying looking at a lovely body to cheer up a grey morning??? ah i suppose if i went to the national gallery it would be ok ???? bozo!
  22. have booked SMITH& BAKER ecclesall road, not been before but should be good.
  23. Really!!! so much fuss about page 3 girls get a grip people , its really not about titillation its the same as looking at a nice car article in the same paper!! mmmmm nice wheels= mmmmm nice breasts , then turn the page no more:roll: it really doesnt mean that us men are going to go raping an pillaging just because of a pic on page 3:loopy: some people really need to grow up and get a life!, incidently i dont care either way i dont read the sun:o
  24. very reasonable and measured and hopefully it will be acted upon, any who dont act upon it then we know which camp they are in.
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