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  1. My favourite is the one for Yorkshire tea with Sean Bean. Yorkshire…..where everything’s done proper !
  2. Bring on the sequins and tan, Ive been hooked ever since it began, Without missing a beat, I’ll be glued to my seat, You can tell I’m a big Strictly fan !
  3. I consulted a computer expert about this who told me to delete it as it was a scam.
  4. I received an email just now saying this : Verify your recovery email. Google received a request to use ( then my email address is printed ) as a recovery email for Google Account bmonalisa.2021@gmail.com I have not replied to this email because I don’t know what it means. Can anyone help me ?
  5. I agree. I mean how could they ever make a remake of Gone With The Wind.?
  6. Kes. However I doubt if they could improve on the original one.
  7. My friend has bought a house to rent off ( he already pays council tax on his own). The house he’s bought is unoccupied at the moment. Does he pay the full amount of council tax himself until tenants move in, or does he pay a special rate or an unoccupied property ?
  8. Thank you Jeffrey. I always take notice of your advice.
  9. I have written down what you have said, as this is excellent advice.
  10. Very good advice here.! I have nothing of any value in outdoor sheds or my garage. New for old as you say may be worth keeping, but the price of TVs etc has come down so much that I have never used this part of an insurance policy
  11. I always chose “unlimited” for rebuilding but the policy has gone up so much every year that people are now advised to question their insurance company on renewal. They are charging regular customers more than new ones, which is not acceptable. I shall get quotes from other companies first . They always back down and give me a much lower quote but it’s the principal of the thing that I don’t like. Very good advice here.! Also I have other things included in the policy such as : Accidental damage, theft from the house or outbuildings. I have never claimed for any of these things so, do I really need them ?
  12. That’s a good idea but I have to choose a house with the same things eg; number of bedrooms, garage, how much land.
  13. My household insurance is due and I have to put a price on my policy what it would cost to rebuild my house. How do I know what my house would cost to do this ?. It’s a four bedroomed detached house with garage. Any ideas ?
  14. There are beautiful places in Britain that are as nice as abroad. You can’t beat the Lake District, Helmsley in North Yorkshire and The Peak District.
  15. I can remember them filming Jamie and pals dancing through the streets in Summer on a council estate in Sheffield. This was before Covid but I often wonder which estate it was. The sun was shining and everyone was happy and laughing.
  16. I really wish I had seen the original performance on stage at The Lyceum theatre, which got fantastic reviews. However I will try and see it in the cinema just to see scenes of Sheffield and to hear the Yorkshire accent.
  17. The film didn’t get very good reviews in The Mail. They said it lost a lot of the atmosphere of the stage show.
  18. Thank you for your advice Jeffrey. Also how do you insure the house itself ? Do you go on what the house would cost to rebuild or what the selling price of your house is in your area ?
  19. I’ve noticed that lots of celebrities , when making a new film or tv series will let the press know that they will be coming out of X hotel or pub on a certain day and time with their arm around the other celebrity who is filming the series with them. Otherwise how would the press know if not previously informed ? Just free publicity for them !
  20. I like him as he speaks his mind and doesn’t put on a false persona like a lot of tv presenters.
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