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  1. I also didn’t realise it was a tv series. This will now get a bigger audience.
  2. Last night I watched : Long Lost Family : Born without Trace. So sad with stories about one baby being left in a telephone box on the coldest night of the year and another baby being left on a toilet floor. Both had brothers and sisters who they didn’t know about,which the programme found for them, but it was so sad. One of the mothers was still alive but didn’t want to meet her son who she abandoned.
  3. I thought about being an artist, but I had to draw the line somewhere !
  4. Thanks for the link Beca. It was one of my favourite films.!
  5. The follow on to The Full Monty was filming at Meadowhall this week. Just hope it’s as good as the original.
  6. I think in around ten years time we will all be saying “ Can you remember when the Coronavirus and Monkey Pox virus were rife ?
  7. Many friends I know are so worked up into a state of anxiety over first the Coronavirus now the Monkey Pox virus that they are suffering from bad panic attacks. Have we ever known times like these ?
  8. My elderly neighbour has ingrowing toenails on both his big toes. He has a chiropodist who comes every couple of months, but as it’s not near to his next appointment, he has asked me for any tips on relieving the pain. I suggested he try Vaseline on them, which has helped slightly, but he still has pain when the nails dig into his big toe. Has anyone else suffered with ingrowing toenails ? Did anything help ?
  9. On Saturday I watched Britains Got Talent . There was nothing on the other Chanel’s but I’m so glad I stayed with it because the last act was a male singer from Sheffield who was fantastic. Normally he’s just a busker on the streets of Sheffield, but this guy really is special and could win the contest.
  10. Yes. A booster jab will stimulate your antibodies , although you would have to be free of Covid before having the jab.
  11. Bargain Loving Brits In The Sun. Interesting programme on C5 about English people who have gone abroad to start a business. They all had it rough during the pandemic but things are just starting to pick up.
  12. ,Him coming over to complain about the exterior light .
  13. Errol, Bomber Graham was one of the most polite boxers. I was once in Oxfam in Hillsborough when he came in with a large bag of baby clothes to hand over. He acknowledged everyone in the shop before leaving.
  14. Ukraines song wasn’t the best in the contest, but we have to show Putin that we are all on Ukraines side.! Sad really as otherwise United Kingdom would have won.
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