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  1. What a shame. It was a lovely shop, and I thought it would do well down The Moor.
  2. Yes, they must be changing their number once blocked.
  3. Yes, it’s the 1572 option. Tiny bit technical for me but Im trying to understand your answer.
  4. I agree with you. I was disappointed. Then when a customer paid with a new £10 note that spoilt things.
  5. What I can’t understand is Im using BT call blocker to block every scam call but they are still phoning back !
  6. It’s strange but Ive not had a cold at all this year and have often sat on a bus with people coughing and sneezing.
  7. It’s says on tv that if you cancel your holiday to a place that hasn’t got the Coronavirus you don’t get your money back but if it’s got the virus you do.
  8. I have people parking on the road but across my garage drive so I cannot get my car in and out. I have two traffic cones inside my garage that I have never used. Can I put these on the road in front of my drive to stop people parking there ?
  9. Carry too much shopping in. D
  10. Really ? I know the shop well. I will watch that !
  11. I wonder when it will be considered a pandemic?
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