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  1. I believe that work has started but nothing to do with the cones/portaloo at the other end. Weredoomed, Thanks for the advice but I can assure you I'm not in the least bit worried. My original post was out of curiosity to see if anyone knew what was happening. I'm just going to relax and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.
  2. Just a quick update (sort of) The garages are almost down and the cones are still here. Had a word with a couple of the workmen, they said the portaloo is for them but they can't get into it but they know nothing about the cones they are nothing to do with them. I couldn't ask any further questions as I was in my car and another driver pulled up behind me so I had to move. So here we are a week later no work and no wiser.
  3. I suppose it could but we are further up in the cul-de-sac. Can't see down there so I don't know if there are any cones there. I just wondered if anyone in the area had received any notices or had any information. It seems odd that they are putting cones out on Sunday when people are off work or visiting. (Not counting lockdown) but who knows how the council works. Thank you to everyone who answered.
  4. No there isn't or no letters have been received.. If there was I wouldn't be asking.
  5. Thanks for the sarcasm Rollingj, how about an answer, what works?
  6. Does anyone know why cones and a portaloo have been put on Badger Drive?
  7. I rang my MP (Clive Betts) I left a message on the ansaphone and someone from his office rang me back, he was doing a surgery next day and made me an appointment. I saw Clive and he helped me sort out my problem. Full marks from me.
  8. I've subscribed to the £1 offer. (£1 per month for 3 months). I can't get on to any stories, I get a box telling me to log in but it does not respond when I try and I can't get rid of the box. (I don't use facebook etc). I have emailed the Star but haven't received any reply. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
  9. I have a blue badge and have no objection tp paying after all we are still parking like everyone else. I'm just grateful for the extra space to get in/out of the car and hopefully closer to where I need to be.
  10. According to the great god Google, we all live in Norton so don't worry about it.
  11. No it doesn't James, it shows a distinct lack of ability to make intelligent conversation and use of our language. It also shows a lack of respect for yourself, the person you're speaking to and others who are in hearing distance. As soon as you resort to swearing you have lost the point and any argument, you resort to swearing because you haven't got a sensible answer.
  12. I've got disheartend with my local charity shop. Over the years I have donated many good quality products including clothes that still have tags on so have never ever been worn. These are rarely displayed in the shop. Apparently a lot of goods are sent to their other shop at Hillsborough or presumably taken by staff. I have no problem with staff having first pick within reason. But I donated to my local shop not Hillsborough. The clothes I have donated are always washed before I take them although some maybe creased and need pressing.
  13. Sadly Lindylou, I fear you are right. Our society 's values are badly broken. Many young women have dirtier mouths than men. To hear them screaming, <removed> and blinding at small children both appalls and saddens me.
  14. WalkleyIan, You obviously believe everything politicians tell you. I take everything they say with a large pinch of salt.
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