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  1. According to the great god Google, we all live in Norton so don't worry about it.
  2. No it doesn't James, it shows a distinct lack of ability to make intelligent conversation and use of our language. It also shows a lack of respect for yourself, the person you're speaking to and others who are in hearing distance. As soon as you resort to swearing you have lost the point and any argument, you resort to swearing because you haven't got a sensible answer.
  3. I've got disheartend with my local charity shop. Over the years I have donated many good quality products including clothes that still have tags on so have never ever been worn. These are rarely displayed in the shop. Apparently a lot of goods are sent to their other shop at Hillsborough or presumably taken by staff. I have no problem with staff having first pick within reason. But I donated to my local shop not Hillsborough. The clothes I have donated are always washed before I take them although some maybe creased and need pressing.
  4. Sadly Lindylou, I fear you are right. Our society 's values are badly broken. Many young women have dirtier mouths than men. To hear them screaming, <removed> and blinding at small children both appalls and saddens me.
  5. WalkleyIan, You obviously believe everything politicians tell you. I take everything they say with a large pinch of salt.
  6. Do you really believe this is about air quality?
  7. If lorries etc are going to be charged £50 a day to enter and deliver to shops/businesses in the city center, based on a 5 day week that's an extra £250 per week to find. This is going to be passed on to the customer increasing the price of everything including bus and taxi fares. The city is already dying this will be the final nail in Sheffield city center's coffin. City center businesses are already struggling because of high costs, poor access and parking, now our lunatic council are going to impose this ridiculous charge
  8. If you take any notice of Google we all live in Norton.
  9. Depends what type of paper you want and what you want to use it for. If it's more specialised paper you need i.e. Art, Calligraphy. try The Range, Hobbycraft or look online Scribblers or Blots.
  10. I may be wrong but I thought drinking was banned on the streets of Woodhouse.
  11. Flew to New Zealand business class on Emirates A380. Fantastic experience.
  12. You are disputing the statements of others by saying "It's hard to believe".
  13. :o Yawn! What we know for sure is the people who were there had different experiences. Simple.
  14. That was your experience, my sons was different as others will have a different experience. It doesn't mean they are wrong.
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