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  1. I may have missed it but I've not seen anything in the press, either local or national, about this.
  2. Don't hold your breath , my grandson had an interview 2/3 weeks ago and is still waiting for a reply.
  3. A lot more entertaining than the awful television programmes last night.
  4. The rule must have changed recently. I was on jury service a couple of years ago and they did not pay for parking only a petrol allowance. They pay bus fares with bus ticket proof and taxis but only in special circumstances with the courts permission. I found it a very interesting experience and glad I did it.
  5. Apparently , so I've been told, they also get some twisted fun from setting fire to them. There's some very strange people about.
  6. To the two thieves who stole my blue bin about 2255 Saturday 24/4/21. in Woodhouse, (you know who you are). You have been captured on cameras and the images clearly show you take the bin and carry it over your right shoulder as well as other movements you made that night. These pictures have been passed to the police. If you have used it to takeaway stolen property, I hope you have many sleepless nights in fear of that knock on the door. I know a bin seems trivial but it's not yours and whether it is a plastic bin or a million pounds it's still theft.
  7. Regarding fly tipping. Will the <REMOVED> who are dumping their household rubbish at the end of Badger Drive please leave your mess outside your own property.
  8. Watched the film brilliant memories. Thank you Baron99.
  9. I used to take my son to the rag parade every year. We used to stand in the wicker the atmosphere was brilliant. The rag "Fairy", the biggest and hairiest man they could find, I think led the parade I could be wrong on that. I always bought a Twikker and the boat race was hilarious. Good times. All for charity. I don't know why it stopped.. I also used to go and see the Lord Mayors Parade, is that still going? I fear another piece of our city heritage confined to the history books.
  10. I personally don't go into the city anymore it's too much hassle. What I am surprised at is that this discussion has got to page 4 and you haven't all been put in your place by a supercilious lecture from Planner 1.
  11. Thanks for the info, will you buy me one to replace mine?
  12. Whatever fancy latest trendy name you give it it's still a tax.
  13. No detriment to the taxpayer? Maybe they didn't raise taxes for this project but the money used is still taxpayers money and could have been better spent.
  14. Agreed, ridiculous isn't it? It's a discussion that is never going to be agreed on. So I'll bid you all goodnight.
  15. I expected this. As she is still at school what experience does she have in the real world, all she knows is what the people with an agenda are feeding her. What solutions has she come up with? Schoolchildren are not less blinkered, they are being brainwashed by teachers who have no experience or qualifications in this very complex subject. They are following the current trend and doing as they are told. Children in the future will want cars and want to travel the world . They will expect to use modern technology and future technology. That is the reality of modern living. .
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