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  1. I agree that he's not everyone's cup of tea but the point is my son and his wife like him and came home bitterly disappointed. This is what Silverglade5 originally asked.
  2. My son and daughter in law went and said the same thing. They said it wasn't 'new material' it was mostly what they saw and heard four years ago. I expected them to come home buzzing but they were very quiet and very disappointed.
  3. Passed over my house in Woodhouse, so low I thought they were dropping in for a cup of tea. Fabulous to see.
  4. I saw last nights Look North report. Carefully chosen figures spouted but not a word about all buildings, houses as well as industrial units, that have gone upon the nearby flood plains. The water has to go somewhere, it looks like it's diverting to Catcliffe.
  5. Probably working from home. The only flag flying from the Town Hall should be our flag - the Union Flag.
  6. There's a police car on it's side outside the Acorn at High Green. I don't know any details but I do hate that junction. Coming up Hollow Gate to turn left outside the Acorn is a nightmare, you need eyes in the back of your head. The extended pavement outside the pub forces you to swing out unnecessarily onto the main road, (Burncross Rd, I think). This junction is dangerous but I agree that some of the blame is on drivers who don't use it properly.
  7. Well said. The council waste the money on vanity projects while cutting essential work then blame the government cuts, Sorry this was reply to post 15
  8. I agree Thirsty, no electrician decent or not will fit a socket in a bathroom never mind a shower. But I suspect he knows that and this is a wind up.
  9. Well said. My thoughts and feelings exactly.
  10. Agreed, we saw him at the Lyceum and we came out at 12.30am. Also seen Billy Joel twice, also turned 70, perform. On stage for two and a half hours solid, no interval, no prancing about or disappearing to change clothes. Very little chat just one song after another. Real music played by real musicians. Magical.
  11. Been to vote this morning. No idea who the candidates are or anything about them. One didn't even give his address.
  12. You know what it means. you're just being pedantic (do you know what that means?)
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