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  1. My son ridiculed me the other day when I referred to the '125 ' train, saying I was a dinosaur and these stopped many years ago. This is undoubtedly true on both counts, but can anybody tell me when approx the '125' trains stopped as a regular service please?
  2. In the same way as on their return many Blades have the decency to clap players who have since moved on but contributed to the Club when they were with SUFC, I'm sure they will do the same for Chris Wilder who did a lot for the club and left in circumstances I'm sure he would not have chosen.
  3. This looks to me a complex case which calls for specialist advice from a solicitor rather than on this forum, although as one of our regular contributors Jeffrey Shaw would fit this bill and if he reads this may be willing to comment.
  4. Is Evening Hall that big property on Letsby Avenue?
  5. Episode 5 is on the Catch Up but only until this Sunday night 23.59 before being deleted so anybody interested will have to be quick.
  6. I understand ITV will not be showing Episode 5 live tonight but will be making it available for a limited time on the Catch Up service to let people who have watched Episodes 1-4 finish the series. Looks like another snooker session tonight, but you should get to see it by hook or crook, probably tomorrow Rollypolly!
  7. Have a nice day Victor!
  8. Hi Primemover, I think and hope I can put your mind at rest with regard to the £1.00 surcharge. If my experience with Tesco garage is anything to go by, this £1.00 is just to test your bank account for validity, after a few days this pending deduction will disappear from your account to be replaced by the £15.00 you will have received in your tank.
  9. Sad news today about the announcement that after all these years John Lewis Sheffield is not to reopen at the end of the lockdown. Changing trends have obviously made this inevitable, but sympathy must go the suppliers and staff of this old and highly respected company, and a worry that the effect that closure of this flagship 'magnet' store will have on the already devastated City Centre.
  10. Sorry to hear of your loss Scott. I lost my wife nearly five years ago from this dreadful disease so can well identify with you. You may be able to trace your Dad's employment history by reference to DWP and/or HMRC records.
  11. Welcome Jay, good to hear that your family's experience of the Forum was a positive one and I hope yours will be the same. I have received (and I hope occasionally given!) useful information and advice and I wouldn't want to be without it.
  12. What a brilliant way to put it. I had been thinking along the same lines, but this is a classic. True of so many 60's and 70's bands where the drummer's second cousin had a coffee one night with the aunt of one of the roadies
  13. My son lives in Aston, just up the hill from Swallownest and seems quite content with the area after 4 years. Also, handy for the M1/M18 and Meadowhall if these are of interest.
  14. This world gets more silly every day. There is an urgent need for experienced professionals to do this work, but the current PC climate is such that people like Ridgewalk's wife would probably be so demoralised that they wouldn't be prepared to carry on with their applications. This is work that clearly should be carried out by competent people, but to require a nurse of c.40 years experience to jump through the hoops described is in my opinion frankly absurd.
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