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  1. I have a GS spreadsheet with multiple sheets, one per year. Each sheet has a column for date, one for route, one for time (and others). I want to dynamically populate a new sheet with date and time, from each of the other sheets, where route is equal to a particular value. Is that possible?
  2. I know right; that's what I was thinking; opticians will be going out of business left right and centre...
  3. BBC Breakfast this morning, Dan interviews weasel person (sorry, I'm not very good at remembering the names of the weasel folk)... After saying DC drove to Barnard Castle to see if his eyes worked. Dan points out it's illegal to drive with defective eyesight; weasel person quips back "oh, there's nothing wrong with his eyes". So if there is nothing wrong with his eyes; why is he driving 40 miles to a beauty spot in order to test them? This little bear says it all:
  4. Yeah, I was thinking if the dictionary is ordered by how commonly each word is used (and in theory more likely to be chosen by a human); it wouldn’t take that long to brute force. I don’t really know enough to say if that’s feasible or not, but it would concern me. I use a password manager with long (30 character normally) random strings. I’m thinking of situations where a website has a data breach and user credentials are offline, and a hacker can run a lot of checks very quickly.
  5. I’m wondering, with the 3 word passwords; what about a dictionary attack? <number-of-words-in-common-use> cubed combination? Of course, not accounting for separators or capitals. Also, zach, hope you’re not keeping crypto on an exchange? Do you use a hardware wallet?
  6. https://xkcd.com/936/ Also, Barclays have an advert on TV, recommending people use strings of 3 words, as passwords. Wondering how secure this is?
  7. I’ll take the trimmer max of you’re done with it?
  8. Not at all interested in Islam, but curious as to what the OP’s personal experience (as a human being) of the religion is? For me, I think I would struggle with any kind of blind obedience to any doctrine. In my experience all systems (and especially the people who govern them) are flawed to a degree; so I like (as best I can) to keep a discerning mind. Does Islam encourage you do be discerning, to trust yourself and your own judgement? What happens if you feel a conflict between a particular aspect of your religion, and your own inner sense of rightness?
  9. Waldo

    Ebay Hell

    I was just talking with them; and apparently, of the options you can select (for return), buyer pays return postage on the following: Doesn't fit. Changed mind. Found better price. Just didn't like it. Ordered by mistake. I think that's right, as though they sent me an email purporting to be a chat transcript; they sent in plain text to my email address, and also to my ebay messages; with the title chat transcript for #<id> ... only, neither actually contained any transcript of any description. Doesn't seem to be any way to access it (because I have plain text preference set for emails received from eBay). eBay definitely not a bag full of frustration...
  10. Waldo

    Ebay Hell

    You mean to and from the buyer? Presuming you're the seller in this instance? Yeah, been doing a bit of eBay selling too, which is why I have sympathy the seller in my case (sympathy for eBay, not so much). They normally side with the buyer apparently.
  11. Bought some vitamin B12 supplements on eBay recently; when they arrive I notice the use before date is May 2020. Contact seller; they're fine with a return and they'll even pay postage. Start return; eBay is asking me to pay postage; so I cancel the return hoping to start another return process but for a different reason (though, none of the reasons in the options they give, accurately describe the actual situation). It won't let me open a return for this item, now, or ever. Anyhow, 20 mins of chat (or waiting to chat) with eBay customer service; *groan*. Nothing can be done; other than claim via PayPal. Isn't this in violation of distance selling regulations?
  12. Ah, think I've edited a hosts file before, on a Mac. If I set a hostname on my Linux machine, will other devices on the network still find it (using the hostname)?
  13. I need some kind of fixed IP address for a device on my local network. Currently, my router assigns IP addresses (DCHP) and it can be different for any given device on any given day. I know it's possible to manually set an IP, rather than use DCHP, but is it also possible to set a name; for example: Rather than Can I have something like my_device/some/folder/ Thanks.
  14. Is this the asian looking reporter who stood up to trump the other day? She was awesome! Trump is a bully for sure, he assumes he is the only one who is allowed to be belligerent and disrespectful, and that other lesser (in his mind) people need to always be respectful in return, because he’s POTUS.
  15. I was planning on starting a thread querying the efficacy of our system of government in dealing with crisis situations (the current coronavirus being the prime example), however, I’m loathed to do so, as I assume it would get merged with the current coronavirus megathread. This would be a problem because there are so many threads of discussion within that megathread that it becomes cumbersome to follow any one thread of discussion within it. Im wondering if consideration could be given to reorganisation of the coronavirus (and related) discussion? Especially as it’s such a massive topic right now, and is likely to remain so for some time. Maybe a coronavirus sub-forum would be a solution? Or allowing multiple threads for different topics concerning coronavirus?
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