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  1. Interesting idea Ghozer. Would the forum software would allow for users to delete posts in threads for which they are the OP though? Interesting idea though, wonder if it's been tried elsewhere? How moderators spent their time, and what can be done to automate tasks and minimise time requirement for moderation, is a consideration for sure. I wonder if there is a way to optimise the moderation process, and at the same time, improve user experience?
  2. To my mind, a large part of the SF user experience relates to moderation style. I suspect there may be a conflict between what's expedient for moderators and admin team (i.e. to make the forum more manageable, less demanding on their time etc), and, the user experience. What's good for one, isn't necessarily good for the other; but for SF to thrive, I would expect a positive user experience is the thing that's going to keep people coming back. I know historically, comments on moderation are met with a 'help desk that a way' kind of response; but as the OP is the new owner, and asks for feedback on user experience, I'm going out on a limb!... A few issues concerning moderation, off the top of my head, include: Threads being merged in to mega-threads. Sometimes a topic is multi-faceted, and it would be nice to explore a particular facet of a topic, without it getting lost in a mega-thread where it's hard to keep track of. No notification when posts are subject to removal or moderation. When a post is subject to moderation, it would make for a better user experience for the poster to receive feedback to their inbox, what they did wrong etc. Can't this be automated? I feel moderators are sometimes too quick to respond to any disagreement between users, and shut things down, so users don't have the opportunity to explore their differences in a constructive manner. Please don't take this in any way as 'having a pop'. I'm not at all interested in doing so; the only thing on my mind is what can we do to create a more positive environment here, where people can freely exchange ideas and information, without everything going off the rails, becoming aggressive with personal attacks between users, or debate being stifled by way of overbearing moderation.
  3. The CCCP seem more like a ‘mafia running a country” type of affair, their number one interest is maintaining their own position of authority and control over the masses.
  4. Interesting. The sign itself is at one point on the road; but I assume it refers to a specific area of road (or roads)? Where does that area begin and end? I would assume it begins were the sign itself is (but maybe that's wrong), but for how far down the road does rule apply? 20 meters? Just under the sign itself? 20 miles? Seems rather vague to me, unless it's a cul-de-sac or there is another sign which defines the end of the zone? Any thoughts?
  5. I fail to see how. If people make claims they're unable or unwilling to substantiate, it's absolutely no skin of my nose. Their claims may or may not be true; what's unfortunate is when debate is shut down and people don't thrash things out, and examine each other's assumptions and the basis for their beliefs, as well as any supporting evidence etc. Have a good day!
  6. I've been a user of the forum for I think 16-ish years now and certainly wish SF all the best under the stewardship of it's new owners; still, to my mind, one of the biggest problems the forum has, is something that we're not allowed to discuss. This "something" could well be one of the main reasons people feel disengaged / alienated from SF, I know I hardly use SF these days, and it's mainly due to this. Sadly, it's an area that the powers that be don't seem willing to consider or review (with a view to cultivating a more engaged positive vibe for the community).
  7. The onus isn’t for me to disprove, it’s for you to prove YOUR claim with data that shows causation etc.
  8. That’s quite a claim, no doubt you have sufficient evidence to back it up. How for example, do you quantify “work”? How do harsher prison conditions compare with cushy ones, in terms of cost and effectiveness at reducing repeat offending? What data is there? The impression I get is that prisoners have way too much liberty and control over how things are run inside. As a result, drug use is widespread and the lives of weaker prisoners are made a living hell by stronger ones. I’ve also heard some people intentionally get in to prison because they make money inside (inflated prices for contraband etc). My feeling is make sentences shorter, but the day to day experience should be very controlled and extremely unpleasant (prisoners are in no way running things). Good behaviour can earn individuals the right to better conditions and education.
  9. The chips are quite thin yes, maybe 1mm or less. They're also quite pliable and may bend as you peel them away from the original ink cartridges. At least, that's the case with the particular cartridges my printer takes. Also, my printer still works even if it thinks the ink cartridges are empty. It's a fairly old printer though. There's enough space for it to all fit, but the cartridges do fit a little tight; other than that it's been no problem. I think when I get my compatible inks now, they come with chips attached, they printer knows they're not genuine, but it still works with them. If I do have any issues with this method, I use the original chip method as a backup.
  10. This is quite interesting in itself... Do you think you are truly altruistic, or could it be a subconscious device to make you feel better about yourself (better than other people etc)? I don't mean to sound hostile by the way. I'm sure I'm just as capable of subconscious self-flattery as the next chap! Anyhow, as to the rest of your question, I think I'm more towards the self-interested end of the spectrum. Probably a lot depends on context though; a person who has less means and resources will naturally be more self-interested (out of necessity), while a more affluent person may tend towards being altruistic because they like the way that makes them feel about themselves (and they like to be viewed positively by others); in both cases of course, one could argue it ultimately boils down to acting out of self interest. Another consideration though, is that it may well be in our own personal best interests, for those around us to be doing well. I'm convinced that's true in fact. There may be cases where that's not true of course, but I think in most instances, general day to day life etc; we do better ourselves when those around us are also doing well, are prosperous and happy etc.
  11. Just had another look... In my case, the chips I removed from the (original HP 364) cartridges are glued in to tiny plastic holders (not sure where I got those, but I think they came with some early compatible inks I got). Anyhow, these are then placed faced down, such that the chip contacts touch the contacts inside the printer. If you remove a cartridge from your printer, you should be able to see where it was touching contacts within the printer. You'll probably need the small plastic things though, remove the chips from the original cartridges and glue them in these plastic holders. Unless you can find another way of getting them to touch against the contacts inside your printer. If it was me, I'd avoid soldering them. Hope that helps.
  12. I wouldn't put it past Trump; if he thinks more 'debating' (ha) will make him look bad, and there's an element of sympathy and looking strong by beating the virus, he may calculate it all helps his chances of getting re-elected... I don't like Mr Trump.
  13. I have an HP printer and use compatible inks. 364 inks I believe. Once I had used the original inks, I removed the chips and place them on the contacts within the printer which they would naturally touch if connected to ink cartridges. I then place the compatible inks over the original chips, so the printer thinks original ink cartridges are installed. Compatible inks often come with chips attached, and they often work. Time to time I get a faulty one that the printer doesn’t like, in which case I use the original chip method described above.
  14. Also, something else I don’t understand, aren't the judiciary supposed to be independent?
  15. What’s gone wrong with the world that enables the likes of Trump to rise to the top?
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