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  1. Pretty sure it’s a lot more than 10%. From a quick search I found: https://www.energy-uk.org.uk/our-work/generation/electricity-generation.html That’s from 5 years ago too, would expect we’re over 30% now.
  2. Thanks El Cid. I'm wondering what would constitute "for the common good of the people"? How is it decided if a particular would-be charity fits the bill or not? Also, how do you even begin to measure that kind of thing? I'd think some 'religions', Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientology, that kind of thing, are anything but for the common good of the people, on the contrary these kind of religions seem mostly destructive, and in essence are about the concentration of power and resources going to a select few leaders. That's just the kind of cult I want to set up... NOTE: I'm not sure as to the charity status of the aforementioned religious within the UK. I think Scientology is a tax exempt charity within the US, but perhaps not in the UK.
  3. Thanks Jim. Am well aware of Hubbard’s history and connection with Fruitcakeology, err, I mean Scientology. Do you still have the paperback containing Hubbard’s stories? Maybe worth something.
  4. What’s required to set up a cult (oops, I mean religion) that has tax exempt status in the UK? Going to call it “Sciencology Witnesses”, hoping to attract millions of members worldwide, and make a mountain of cash, to spend on sports cars, private islands, cocaine and high class hookers.
  5. It doesn't look like a scam to me; currently, the token is ranked #62, and market cap approx £1.4b. Long term prospects, hard to say; the technology could fail or be superseded by a competitor. People earn by running these long-fi devices; I've not looked too deeply, and looks like the network uses an unusual consensus mechanism, but essentially you'll earn NHT tokens as long as you have long-fi devices connected to the network. You can then trade these HNT tokens on an exchange, either for other crypto currencies (Ether, Bitcoin, etc) or regular fiat currency (USD, GBP). It's not really scamming other people; I'd imagine, the main ways this kind of thing can be a scam, is if it's one perpetuated by the folks at the top of the food chain, who created the thing etc. Haven't seen anything that would suggest Helium is a scam, but as an example, if you see anything like the following, run a mile!
  6. Yes, he speaks his mind, but speaking your mind isn't a virtue if it's full of crap. I don't like him. He never seems to fully consider all angles of a thing; instead he prefers just cherry pick one particular element of a given issue, which he will distort and misrepresent in order to create as much sensation (i.e. attention) as possible. That's how he comes across to me at least. He's your basic, common or garden, attention whore.
  7. Also interesting (well, at least to me), 52! is even more than 2^256 (i.e. the number of possible private keys on the bitcoin network). Apologies, the above was incorrect. I ran out of fingers and got it all wrong. Silly me!
  8. Very correct Mr Bloke; I had a go with an online calculator for big numbers; answer is in previous post, in spoiler tags..
  9. Assuming the statement below is true, and there are 133,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in planet earth; how many planet earths would you need such that each atom in all the planets, represented one combination, out of all the possible ways you can shuffle a deck of 52 playing cards? Go!... https://headsup.scoutlife.org/many-atoms-world/
  10. Thanks everyone for your helpful and quirky replies, all very much appreciated, you wonderful wonderful people. We no longer require Christmas dinner delivered on Christmas Day; we managed to get ourselves booked in somewhere, so we will be festively pigging ourselves with no concern for meal prep or washing up! Woo! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time, Santa comes through for you, and all your respective dreams come true.
  11. If you were making such claims, I would be curious, if the law of attraction had worked for you? Always a bit suspect, people making claims of easy riches, when their own riches are coming from selling such ideas (book sales, courses, etc)… Not saying the notion itself has no merit; I think there is value in continual focus on a goal; but needs clarity and action too! Are you on YouTube btw?
  12. Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere that delivers cooked Christmas meals? Many thanks,
  13. Don’t get it, not sure I see Mr Fisk’s point at all. I can’t see that Mo or Emma’s background or ethnicity makes a jot of difference to anything. I would think most people, like myself, simply admire their dedication, hard work, commitment, values, character etc.
  14. To my mind, she came across as somewhat divisive. As you point out, arguing with the official, and in front on Emma! Also what she said after the match relating to 9/11, I was left wondering, was that heart-felt or an attempt to ingratiate herself to the NY crowd? I'm perhaps being unfair though, I'm not inside her head; and I'm completely biased in favour of Emma; especially as she didn't have the same level of support from the crowd.
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