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  1. What do you mean by, "religion to politics to power"? How do you know that's what most people dislike about religion, and also, as you stress 'non-religious' people dislike this element of religion, are you suggesting that religious people have no problem with that particular element of religion? Surely, if it's something that is corrosive to humanity as a whole, most people (religious or otherwise) would dislike it? Also, why be overly concerned with how you appear to others (you said "I do not want to be perceived to be ...")? Should a person not be authentic and true to themselves, first and foremost, without regard to appearances? Be authentic and let people see you as you are. There is a lot I dislike about religion. I believe it encourages unquestioning adherence to dogma and ritual, and eschews self-introspection, self-trust, intellectual honesty etc. A person can generally, not pick and choose ... "I see value in this element of my religion, but this other thing here that is prescribed by my region, is a bunch of nonsense". A religious person generally can't do that, they have to accept it all, wholesale, because they have sacrificed their integrity and intellectual honesty, on the alter of group-think (internal group pressure to think a certain way). This is a group dynamic that is of course not limited to religious groups. The point I'm making about China and SA, it's more a reflection of human nature I guess. How I see it, people are driven by fear to control things, in their life, to control other people, accumulate resources, influence, power, etc. This aspect of human nature manifests itself pretty much anywhere human beings form organisations. So, as you encourage obedience within your religion; you also encourage obedience to corrupting influences within it. Lastly, please don't take anything I've said as any kind of attack on you personally. I generally don't like religion; that doesn't mean I dislike or have a problem with religious people.
  2. My perception, is that certainly within Saudi Arabia, mistreatment of women is systemic. It's abhorrent. Local police you say? The same local police who imprison these women on their (forced) return (if they're lucky enough not to be 'disappeared')? These women can only be released from prison in to the custody of their male guardian, who is often also their abuser. Just as I would judge a person by their deeds, and not by their claims; I can only judge an ideology by it's fruit, and not by the claims of it's adherents, and what I see of the Islamic world, I'm sorry to say, it's not a pretty picture. You know, for some reason, I am reminded of the Chinese Community Party (CCP). They are controlling, manipulative and always going about trying to foster a favourable opinion (of itself) in the minds of other people (they hate truth, they don't want you to see it, they want you to swallow their state sanctioned faux 'truth'). This kind of manipulative behaviour is woefully apparent to most people; sadly, not to the raving Chinese nationalist types, who equate the CCP with China itself, and do not see that one can exist without the other. Sometimes I think there's an element of religion that resembles the mind control of the CCP. Perhaps this control thing is ultimately a fear based reaction? Did you know that Winnie the Pooh is banned in China?
  3. Yeah, sorry, I mean upgraded at checkout. It’s an option to upgrade RAM at a later date, but not the internal drive. Still, I’m sure 256gb will be fine for me. In terms of getting the most processing power for my money, I can’t see any other Apple offering coming close to an i7 mini, what do you think though, anything else worth taking a look at? Maybe something second hand would be an option. Only downside is for how long would an older Mac be able to run latest version of MacOS.
  4. I'm planning on getting the base model (so, i3 CPU with 256gb drive) with upgraded i7 CPU (works out to be the same cost as i5 CPU with 512gb drive). I'll mostly be using it for compiling (using Xcode etc), and don't really need anything GPU intensive, aside from perhaps running Metal apps in the iOS simulator would be nice. My main consideration is working in Xcode and compiling iOS apps quickly. At some point, I'll probably stick 32gb ram in to it. My current Mac is a late 2009 mini; 2ghz core 2 duo CPU, 8gb ram, SSD. Expecting to see quite a difference in performance with the new mini!
  5. Did you run MacOSX on that with a 2.5" SSD inside? Wondering how that would perform compared with internal SSD on a new Mac mini?
  6. Same. It’s a real bad idea. It could even inhibit positive change for the better within the offending individual. “why bother changing my ways if the world is going to forever remind me of my past erroneous ways?”
  7. Nope, quite relieved TBH. Wouldn’t want to be mingling with 1’000’s of other runners right now. Hopefully by next March, we’ll be more on top of the Covid situation and it can go ahead safely.
  8. Thank you Ghozer. I'm planning on getting an external HDD, rather than an external SSD. It's just to store larger files, videos, downloads, etc. I'm thinking that a HDD is likely more reliable that a SSD (assuming I'm not throwing it around etc), is that correct? I just didn't want to get slower access to an external HDD, because of using a USB-c cable, vs, Thunderbolt 3. Sounds like that's highly unlikely to be the case though. Also, some people saying USB-c cable needs to be short, what's the deal with that?
  9. There is insufficient information to accurately answer the OP. What kind of average do you mean? If we're talking Median, and <number_of_people> is EVEN, then exactly 50% of people are below average intelligence; if <number_of_people> is ODD, then ever so slightly less than 50% (for a population of 8 billion and 1, it would be 0.4999999999375%) would of people are below average intelligence, an equal percent would be above average intelligence, and exactly one person is bang on average intelligence. For other kinds of average, who knows... ALSO: How are you quantifying intelligence?
  10. Planning on getting a Mac mini. They come with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, up to 40Gbps transfer speed. The SSD inside is quite small though, so plan on using some external (HDD) drive. Most of the reasonably priced ones I've been looking at are USB-c, which is compatible, but I think only goes up to 10GBps. Would using a USB-c cable, result in slower access speeds; or is it likely the HDD will be the bottle neck, i.e. won't facilitate access speeds in excess of 10Gbps? Thanks.
  11. What kind of % performance difference should I expect, when running an OS using virtual box, vs running that same OS directly on the host hardware?
  12. Not to mention that shops have a financial vested interest, so will likely turn a blind eye (if it means a sale).
  13. Hi Friendly Muslim, What do you think about women renouncing Islam and fleeing Saudi Arabia. Then being detained by foreign powers, no doubt at the behest of Saudi authorities, or powerful connected Saudi men. Then beaten up, duct taped wrists, ankles and mouth, before being forcibly abducted on to a plane back to SA, and then imprisoned / tortured / murdered? Just for reference:
  14. I wear a mask, would do anyway, even if not required. Very happy to see 90+% of people also wearing masks today. I’m sure it will make a big difference to the spread of covid. They care about others? Their actions would suggest otherwise.
  15. Hmm. Strange, when I first posted (desktop, firefox) there was a pop up asking me to register in order to see content, with the article text faded. Just tried now and all works, no pop up, on mobile (iOS) safari.
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