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  1. Wonder if public funding for just BBC radio would be an idea? BBC So long as its a relatively small amount per person. Other parts of the BBC could be separated and run along the lines of Netflix / Amazon video.
  2. They should have a minimum IQ requirement for staff at fast food places, say, minimum IQ of 50? That’d probably get rid of half the staff at my local KFC. Honestly don’t like going there anymore, they’re unbelievably inept.
  3. How did we get in to this? I think a symptom of human civilisation styling itself such that we have too much power and control, in the hands of a few (who are acting in their own interests). The problem is global.
  4. I’m also not sold on the accuracy of reported Covid statistics. It’s possible countries have political reasons for distorting their own reported Covid stats. Also I’m not sure all countries use the same standard when determining Covid deaths, someone dying with Covid is not the same as someone dying because of Covid. Also how do they measure the number of cases in the community? Are they factoring in what % of the population the number of test results they have represent? Or if people are more inclined to report positive results, than they are negative results?
  5. Same for any other crime really, damages are always going to hurt the poor more than the rich.
  6. What happens if he can’t pay, bankruptcy? Maybe that would work best for the family as a whole; let him go bankrupt, no money for his accuser, and his family pay for his living expenses going forward. Keeps cash in the family etc, that’s how I’d look at it. Of course, with this particular family there are other considerations, public image etc.
  7. Not happy of course. Also not happy that Joe Bloggs can come along and do criminal damage on a statue and get away with it. There really (urgently, considering recent events) needs to be a proper legal process, whereby we democratically decide if to remove statues (or other works) that some consider offensive. I’m not sure exactly how that would work, but there needs to be some legal route for this. A climate where anyone can come along and destroy anything they consider offensive, and get away with breaking the law, is not a good place to be.
  8. Affordability and a nice catalog of games! I was similar, BBC basic, then assembler, the Beeb had a built in assembler, and you could easily mix basic and assembler. Great for learning to code. Good old days eh!?
  9. Have you expressed your grievance to the complaints dept. and that you’re not satisfied with their response, lack of apology etc. It does seem like you have made some progress at least. Best of luck getting satisfaction El Cid.
  10. Sure. I’d like the most accurate scientific data, that’s not been massaged to fit any particular agenda.
  11. I have a question about the Covid vaccines... My understanding is that there are 3 things a vaccine may do: 1. Minimise the chances of you catching a virus. 2. Minimise the damage a virus will do once you’ve caught it. 3. Minimise the chances of other people catching the virus from you? How effecting are our current vaccines in terms of the above?
  12. If you view the photo in the photos app; then tap the share button (looks like a square with an up arrow)… Then select how you want to share it, if Messenger is installed on your iPad, that should be listed as an option after you tap the share button. Alternatively, open Messenger on your iPad, start a message to your friend, then tap attach photo (looks like a photo frame). Play around with different methods. It’s fairly intuitive.
  13. Did your book get much use Dromedary? I never had a Spectrum, had a Beeb instead, far superior!
  14. Do you use a special cradle? Can you use other apps (satnav, music players, etc) while the camera is recording your journey?
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