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  1. Unable to register an elderly (83) person for online shopping with Sainsbury’s (not allowing new accounts to be created). What do the elderly need to do to get online shopping? Any advice? Thanks.
  2. Hi RiffRaff, I mentioned it previously (on this thread) pretty much as soon as it was announced on the news. A couple of people responded, generally commenting on royal privilege. To my mind, it would have been more appropriate to give the 2 tests to NHS workers, than to Charles and Camila. I’m no royalist at the best of times, but, I guess more important things for us to be concerned with right now. 😕
  3. Personally, I can’t see many downside to wearing a face mask. I have no problem with anyone who wears one, I don’t think they look stupid, I just think they’re taking their own, and other’s, well-being seriously. Good on them. I did a little research in to N95 masks (with a view to getting some myself). There are some problems with them you need to consider; I think the main one is where the virus can land on the outside of the mask, and you can be exposed to it when removing (or reusing) the mask.
  4. Prince Charles has it. Mild symptoms apparently. Reportedly he met the criteria for testing, not sure what that is exactly, anyone know what it might be?
  5. I thought there was some mention of food parcels being sent out to the shielded group. At least that’s what I understood from the last PM’s press conference. Also, was at ASDA this morning, a queue to get in before opening. Soon as doors opened, everyone bunches up, the 2m rule right out the window. Please be careful while out and about, and keep a safe distance between people.
  6. I did a shop 2 days ago, plenty in the shelves at ASDA manor top and LIDL down prince of wales road. Maybe situation is different now...
  7. Where have you been looking? Practically everywhere I’ve been I’ve seen loads of bread on the shelves.
  8. I'm expecting this panic buying will run itself dry in a week or so, and we'll be back to normal. I'm just not in a panic. Maybe that's unwise, time will tell; but why go out shopping when everyone is super-stressed and in a pickle. Seems better to stay calm and wait for things to quieten down a bit (and not to mention, for the shelves to be re-stocked).
  9. parkrun cancelled due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Dear parkrunner, We’re writing to let you know that, in line with public health advice, we have taken the decision to close all parkrun events across the UK with immediate effect. Initially, this closure will be in place until the end of March, however this is largely to bring all parkrun countries into the same time frame and we very much expect closures to continue through April at least. Going forward we will update parkrunners regularly and aim to communicate important information as soon as is appropriate. We know that this message may be a difficult one for you to receive, and many people will be wondering what to do without their regular weekly catch-up. Please rest assured that we are working hard to develop our strategy so that we are able to support the health and happiness of parkrunners around the world during this difficult time. Remaining active is incredibly important, and we are working on ways to encourage and support that, however please do not arrange group gatherings at your parkrun venues whilst parkrun events are suspended. Thanks for your continued support, and please know that the parkrun family is there for you.
  10. Happy to hear it's been postponed. Think they had no choice really. Best of luck recovering from the operation Pete, and good luck with the training for September.
  11. Yeah, I think I'd prefer if postponed as I'm probably going to be in much better shape in September. However, still really concerned on the public health angle here. Thousands of people tightly packed like sardines on the start line, just strikes me as absolute madness given current situation. Really hope they cancel (apologies to and keen runners here chomping at the bit).
  12. https://www.runforall.com/community/news/official-statement-covid-19-sheffield-half-marathon/
  13. Given the PM's comments this afternoon, on the importance of avoiding any unnecessary contact with people, and also that mass participation events will not be supported (by emergency services, so presumably police, medical staff, etc); is it really a good idea to gather 5,000 or so people, tightly packed on Arundel Gate, at the height of this epidemic, ready to run 13.1 miles?
  14. I know right. Also I'm wondering if constant messages along the lines of "no need to PANIC BUY" "please don't PANIC BUY NOW (wait till shelves are re-stocked)" are maybe not having the desired effect.
  15. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to have some kind of Sheffield Forum Covid-19 coronavirus advice sticky?
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