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  1. Waldo

    Lottery numbers strategy

    Depends how you define winning. If you mean, for example, getting all 6 numbers, and winning the mega jackpot; your chances of doing that are the same, if you are the only person playing, as if you are one of a billion people playing. The only consideration would be the likelyhood of other people also winning; and so the jackpot will likely be less (presumably, it's divided by the number of winners).
  2. Why? And who's going to do the controlling? And what will be their aims and objectives? I imagine one concern some have; is when 'control' is done by wealthy people in positions of power, with the main objective of keeping themselves rich and in power, and at the same time, limiting the social mobility of the have-nots. I'm sure that would never happen in our great country though.
  3. Waldo

    Best seo company to use

    Just out of interest, do SEO companies usually do app store optimisation (improving visibility of appstore apps) too? I'm not 100% sure what ASO would entail, I image identification and use of best keywords, title and description; I believe Apple only now allows 50 characters for keywords (used to be 100), not sure about Google and Amazon app stores. Is that something a SEO company could help with, or are there more specialised ASO companies for that kind of thing?
  4. Waldo

    Lottery numbers strategy

    If you're going to play, pick higher (than 31) random numbers. Numbers 1-31 and 1-12 are likely more commonly used to represent dates, birthdays etc.
  5. Probably glued themselves to the candelabra and unable to reach computer to report back!
  6. Waldo

    Do you hate social gatherings?

    Presumably (and I could be wrong), fill is referring to people jumping in and discussing quite sensitive topics with people, without first getting a feel for (i.e. permission) if that person is happy to discuss that particular topic with you. Anyhow, for me, I find I can take or leave social gatherings. I'm happy enough in my own company, and also happy in the company of people I gel with. I very rarely drink though, so can struggle when people turn a social gathering in to a 'how much wine can we drink' affair. One glass would last me all evening, and I'm just as happy without, it seems to be a social lubricant for a lot of people though. What does everyone think, do people need intoxicants these days, in order to socially interact?
  7. Waldo

    Feeling very lonely.

    Everyone will give you different advice Laura, depending on their point of view and life experience. I hope you find value, if not in my post, in someone's... For me, I find the most significant important relationship in life, is the one I have with myself. Appreciation and love for yourself; that's so very important in life, and something we need to cultivate/nurture. Ironically. it's often when we feel low or isolated, that we look for nourishment outside of ourselves, usually in other people. There's just something futile and just so wrong about trying to find fulfilment and happiness in things external to us. It's like we're looking for love and acceptance from others, while we're not truely loving and accepting ourselves. Maybe try to focus more on yourself? So, appreciate and contemplate what you cherish and love about you. The hurdles you've overcome in life, your little quirks, your unique way of looking at the world. Do stuff that you love and fulfils you. Be kind to other people, but at the same time, stuff em! If they resonate with and like you, they'll hang around, if not, that's cool too, but always try to have kindness in your heart for people who don't gel with you and don't want to be your friend. It's all cool, we're all different people and it's perfectly natural for some people to resonate more with us that others. Maon thing though, love yourself, and fill up from the inside. Good luck. x
  8. Yep, it's normally just pre-installed with OSX server. I did install it manually before though, I mean the community server edition from the official mysql website. Looks like I must have uninstalled; because it wasn't at that location, and no sign of it anywhere on my Mac. I've just tried installing the latest version; now, bear in mind I'm on OSX Yosemite (10.11.6)... Latest version, not working. Installs okay; but you go to the mysql preference pane, and try to start the service. It lights up green, then after about 1 second, it goes red (stopped). Sigh. Tried XAMPP (overkill I think, as I already have apache running on my Mac, with no issues). That won't run; it doesn't like the fact I'm on Yosemite. Next I tried an older version of mysql from official site; I got the version that was last supported by Yosemite (think it said July 2016). Installed okay. Preference pane reports mysql service running. But... myphpsql won't connect. Also, I can't connect using the mysql executable in /usr/bin/mysql (./mysql -u root). Sometimes I feel being an indie developer must be a bit like being a brain surgeon; where you also need to build the hospital, and develop all the medicines and medical technologies that you're going to be using; before you can actually start doing the bit you specialise in! 😕 UPDATE1: Okay, scratch that! I've managed to connect to mysql using... ./mysql -u root -p ...then pasting in my password and hitting enter. The password was created automatically by the installer and has a hyphen in it, which is confusing the mysql executable. Now I'm confused as to why myphpsql will not connect... UPDATE2: Wonder it there's something in the myphpadmin config.inc.php I need to change? (infact, that file does not exist, only config.sample.inc.php exists). UPDATE3: Tried connecting with another client (SequelPro on Mac), and got some error about an expired password, try connecting with a client that supports expired passwords... Anyhow, managed to change the password in terminal, and that client seems to connect okay now; I'm guessing phpmysql will too (and even if it doesn't, it's no biggie, the other client seems to work okay.
  9. I thought I had installed it sometime in the past; but, I just typed 'mysql --version' in terminal, and I get 'command not found'. Maybe the PATH to 'mysql' is not setup correctly, does anyone know where would the mysql executable normally be on a Mac?
  10. Waldo

    Sheffield star online

    They certainly should consider how profitable their website is, and contrast that with the detrimental effect it has on their image, and so sales of physical papers.
  11. Waldo

    Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers

    You answered your own question!
  12. As a member of 'society', I'm completely indifferent to what she (or he) wears. If women want to wear jeans and tshirts, why don't they? What's stopping them? Are people saying women don't have the mental fortitude to do what they want to do (going against what they feel society expects of them)?
  13. Absolutely, it's a very lovely song, and the couple in the video you posted have a beautiful chemistry. This whole thing is clearly s publicity stunt by a radio station hoping to boost listening figures.
  14. Waldo

    Climate Change 2018

    Of course I wouldn't like to go! I'm just as self-serving, self-centered and destrucive as the next man... But that's kinda the point. We are self-serving and destructive, it's in our nature, it is just what we do. The planet, and all it's other inhabitants, I am sure would get along much better without us.
  15. Waldo

    Climate Change 2018

    Agreed, there are way too many of us destructive little creatures. From the perspective of Earth's well-being, you have to wonder if WW3, assuming it reduces human population to say 1 or 2 billion, wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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