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  1. Film. The. Police. How important is that if you’re in the US? Also, what’s likely to happen to the other police officers who assisted in the murder of George Floyd?
  2. Thanks everyone. It's a (quite old now) Synology NAS; Windows file service (samba) enabled. Where do I find smb.conf?
  3. I have some files on a NAS, that I'm trying to modify from my laptop running Linux Mint. Files are media (audio) files, and the program I'm running on Linux is an mp3 tag editor called EasyTag. It looks like I'm modifying the tags (i.e. writing / changing the contents of the mp3 files), and seems to save just fine, however, when I reload, the tags haven't been changed. I'm guessing this is because the program (EasyTag) isn't able to modify files on my NAS because of permissions; is that likely to be true, or is there some other possible cause? Any suggestions as to a fix? Cheers,
  4. Ah yes, of course, having a blonde moment here. Ethernet cable could be an option in that case (though, could be a bit messy, drilling though walls etc); unless it's possible to boost the original signal, or place some kind of wifi extender or second router inside the house but closer to the hut.
  5. Can you put a second router in the bar, and setup a wifi bridge?
  6. Think I'd be more tempted for something like: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8508205?clickPR=plp:cat:technology:printers:46:62
  7. Thanks. Yeah, wanted to get a brother myself, but a lot of places out of stock (demand high what with lockdown and people working from home offices). The HP model I have doesn’t have a scanner and no duplex. Tempted to get a Brother colour all in one (with scanner and duplex) laser at some point, just wondering what likely costs are with colour toners? I believe significantly more expensive than mono toner?
  8. I recently got a HP LaserJet M15w, works perfectly on Linux (mint), Windows 10, and Mac OS. HP toner cartridges for it I think are around £45. I bought some compatible ones on eBay, 2 for £15.99. Quite happy with printer so far; still on original HP starter toner that was supplied; comments I read on HUKD regarding the cheapo eBay toner seemed quite positive; so fingers crossed should last a good while. Also, worth pointing out, a lot of people seemed to be recommending Brother mono laser printers (although I note just now, poster above had poor experience with one). Anyhow, best of luck.
  9. I caught a TED talk recently discussing this, and historically, it’s quite common (about 70% chance) for a conflict to break out when a dominant world superpower is overtaken by a new growing power. I fear some level of conflict between the US and China is highly likely, I just hope it’s limited in scale, and we’re not looking at WW3. Interesting to note the different styles of population control, between China and western democracies. China (well, the CCP) seem very blunt and obvious, while the west are skilfully and way more subtle in the way they manipulate the population. I wonder what % of people are aware they’re being manipulated by their respective governments, and also to what extent they’re being brainwashed.
  10. I used one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/elgato-game-capture-hd/143999302926?hash=item218706fd0e:g:mNQAAOSws~Fga27S Just search eBay for ‘Elgato Game Capture HD’. Or you could try other cheaper video capture devices, like the one alchresearch linked.
  11. I used an Elgato Game Capture HD. Also tried a cheap Chinese video capture device (very similar to one you linked), I got VERY poor results (which prompted me to splurge on the Elgato).
  12. I did this myself recently. Using 3 components... 1. VHS-c to VHS adapter. around £20. 2. VHS player. borrowed from friend. 3. Video capture device. around £60 on eBay (used). I resold 1 and 3 after converting my videos. So minimal costs. Process of converting a bit time consuming, but didn’t want to trust tapes to strangers. No idea on costs of using a service,
  13. Thanks whiteowl. Seems like they can give a high rate of false negative results, on the gov, website I think it says 58% false negative (edit. it’s 58% accuracy, so I guess 42% false negative) when used by general public, but the following suggests a higher rate of false negative results.. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/lateral-flow-tests-explained_uk_5fe1d176c5b6e1ce8335bce2 Assuming above is accurate, and the 10% of samples retested using PCR are representative of the whole, 62 students had Covid, and the lateral flow test only found 2 of those 62 to be positive. I imagine the tests have some value, but there could also be a danger in people having the lateral flow test, getting a negative result, and believing they don’t have covid (and acting as if they don’t etc).
  14. Ah of course, SFBeca made a comment, doh! Me having a blonde moment there. 2705
  15. Recommend going via the help-desk if you have any questions re: moderation! You know the rules!! Also, why did this change direction?
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