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  1. Waldo

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Soldier of Allah? Do you imagine it popped out with AK47 in hand, screaming "Allah Akbar" and "Death to the infidel"? I mean, a new born baby, you can't get any more innocent, pure of intent and unpoluted by human constructs such as nationality and religion.
  2. Waldo

    A book for my IPad.

    What do you want to know pattricia? If there's anything specific, you can often find the answer by searching on youtube (or just ask here of course). I think there's a free user guide that Apple produce, which you can get through iBooks.
  3. No. They're in the nether lands.
  4. Very happy to hear you won your case, well done!
  5. Waldo

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    These are the exact same 2 things that also crossed my mind. Intelligence and PR.
  6. From the same apple, two apple seeds; one planted in good soil, the other in bad. One given nourishment, care and attention. The other neglected. Many years later, we find two very different apple trees. One apple tree looking down on the other, with a vain superiority, not considering there never was a level playing field; instead, taking all the credit for its better position in life. There are always those more fortunate than ourselves, and many less so. While our good fortune, or lack thereof, does not excuse our misdeeds; it does go some way to explaining them.
  7. Unless their systems are not sufficiently robust to identify multiple same-day visits. I'm sure I heard of this exact thing happening to a lawyer type on MSE, who ended up screwing the PPC over data protection or some such (they sent a warning letter to the PPC the first time it happened, warning them there would be charges, and eventually took them to court and won). Ah yeah, I get all that, thanks. What I was talking about, was making multiple visits on the same day, intending and hoping to get a ticket. The idea being that the PPC has to waste time and money chasing you, taking you to court, for something they have no chance of winning.
  8. Thank you. Actually, I thought it was 10 mins total (at least that's what was argued in court, and the judge didn't seem to disagree). In any case, I'm not sure what relevance that has to my post / suggestion? If a car only stays for 2 mins total on any single stay, what's the relevance of the grace period?
  9. If there was one of these car parks on my way to work, I'd be tempted to visit for 2 minutes, twice a day, in the hope of getting a ticket for overstaying. Obviously I would have evidence of only being there for 2 minutes on each visit. Hopefully they'd take it to court. I'm assuming in such a scenario, you'd win in court, if you have clear evidence of only being there 2 minutes?
  10. What if someone had dashcam footage and GPR tracking to prove they were not in the car park longer than 10 minutes on any single stay? Wondering if there is anything in the T&C's, relating to multiple visits on the same day? Also, do the boards they put up around a car park, contain the full T&C's for parking?
  11. What happens if you drive in and out of a car park, multiple times on a single day? Could their ANPR system match your entry on one visit, with your exit on a later vist? Say 4 hours later; but on each stay, you were only there for 10 minutes. How would you know where the private car park ends and the public highway begin?
  12. Surely they want to publish anything that is controversial, as that kind of content will drive more attention to their website / newspaper. Thus, they make more money... Ironically, by bringing attention to the article, you are a part of that process.
  13. I'm approximately 1.9 sextillion zeptometres tall...
  14. Waldo


    Yep. I've been using Gmail email servers for donkey's years, no problems (and next to no spam) so far.
  15. Waldo


    I'd still be tempted NOT to use any ISP based email address as my main email. The issue being that, when you change ISP, are you going to lose access to your me@virginmedia.co.uk type email address? Best idea really is your first suggestion; setup a new Gmail account, use that, and faze out your ISP based email address.

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