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  1. Still time for the US to bully us in to changing our minds...
  2. We should certainly reciprocate on extradition with the US. Slightly conflicted though, as I'd be happy to give the US a 'freebie' with Andrew (ship him off. I'll pay postage, third class).
  3. Good to see Andrew is fully cooperating with US authorities like he said he would in his interview...
  4. Thanks. You mean there's a danger of deleting application settings or important files or even user files? I've not used CCleaner myself for donkey's years, but that's definitely something to be mindful of, I agree.
  5. What are people's thoughts on websites like mybuilder.com? I've never used them; but in theory they seem like a good idea, for trades people to get genuine reviews (good or bad) so consumers can make better informed decisions when looking for a trades person. Do they work though?
  6. Waldo

    Bum Pain

    Thank you Lex Luther, Pattricia, Mr Fisk, everyone. I did a short run this morning, and it doesn't seem to have had any adverse effect. I can still feel there's something not quite right though. Probably wise to not push it, just do some easy pace shorter runs for a while. May go for a few swims as well, loosen up etc.
  7. I wonder if Car Boot was a royal, would he be so keen to give up the title, influence, power and redistribute his wealth to those less fortunate? What do you say Car Boot?
  8. Waldo

    Bum Pain

    Thanks all. So, I applied some Voltarol last night, and used a hot water bottle at times for heat. Woke up this morning and the pain has practically all gone, and mobility is good. Just hope it was muscular, and not something likely to keep coming back. Didn’t run today, just went for a short walk.
  9. Waldo

    Bum Pain

    Thanks for suggestions everyone. It feels like a sprained muscle, it’s definitely in he muscle area of bum rather than a joint etc. My best guess would be running injury; have been upping my monthly mileage and did long runs on Monday and Wednesday. Never had it before though, and ran a lot in the past, but then, I was younger in the past... Will rest it a bit. Have some Ibruprophen gel and Deep Heat at the ready!
  10. Have a slight pain in the bum (no joke). Feels like it could be a strained muscle, possibly too much exercise (running). Had it 2 or 3 days now. Not sure it merits a trip to GP (probably would be gone by time appointment came round), but any suggestions to treat muscle strain in bum? Could call in at pharmacy tomorrow...
  11. I noticed that too. Totally out of character for her! Before she was an astute and intelligent person; and practically overnight she's had a personality transplant, with no character arc or anything to explain her transition. It's just not a credible story-line.
  12. Comments on IMDB are telling,.. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4729896/reviews?ref_=tt_urv They always strike me as being a bit dead inside, poor buggers.
  13. Or simply... "You want to be released? Really? Okay, no problem, I'll just open the curtains for you."
  14. Yeah. It's a pity, because the idea of Dracula causing mayhem in modern day England is an interesting one. just the execution was dire. It was like GoT season 8 all over again! (or probably worse)
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