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  1. Presumably these alerts will be location based? So, authorities can send alerts to all devices within a specific area? How do they know which devices those are? Do the authorities get that data, or do the authorities just request the platform holder (Apple, Google, etc) to send a specific alert to all devices in particular area? Sounds like lots of potential positives; but also privacy concerns, giving our government more data for potential misuse.
  2. Me too Cressida. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors!? Would have been an interesting topic of debate, oh well! Don't Russia have missiles located in Belarus, or at least, are planning to locate missiles in Belarus? All a bit concerning, missiles pointing at each other...
  3. Yep, agreed. As I said, his machinations are patently obvious to anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together. Sadly, it seems a lot of people (both here and in the US), lack the capacity to see him for what he is, or how he is manipulating and using them.
  4. I was taking ‘innocent’ to mean factually innocent, as opposed to legally ‘innocent’. Maybe if you said “legally ‘innocent’” you would have communicated your meaning in a less ambiguous way.
  5. OMG, you guys, how many times do I have to state, the same standards should apply to all citizens? For clarity; I think Trump is a <something I would flush>, and, I would not vote Democrat if I was a US citizen. Same standards should (in my view) be applied irrespective of an individual’s political affiliation or position in society.
  6. Your question presupposes (and even states) he is innocent. Evidence to back up you claim please? … and before you try it, lack of evidence of guilt is not evidence of innocence.
  7. The problem is; politics should absolutely not enter in to it. Some people will be concerned because they want one political faction to be punished, and the other to get away with stuff. Other people will be more concerned over the fact that there is an iniquitous justice system at work; and see that as the main issue. Two very different perspectives.
  8. I think the more powerful and influential you are; the more you get away with stuff. In my book, that shouldn’t be the case, Trump should be subject to the same standards are the poorest, least influential US citizen. What makes you think I’d vote for Biden? Are you assuming that because I dislike Trump (I do) that means I’m pro Democrats?
  9. I wouldn’t trust him any more than I would be able to flush him down my toilet. I see him as a great manipulator, and he’ll try to stir up civil unrest in a bid to avoid prosecution and/or minimise punishment. His machinations are patently clear. He absolutely should be subject to the same rule of law as everyone else in the US, and political considerations should not factor in.
  10. Why would you think it’s just the left who are disappointed with unequal treatment of individuals within the justice system? Are you suggesting people on the right want an iniquitous justice system, if it furthers their agenda? If so, I don’t think you’re being fair to either the left, or the right. Why not disregard politics, and have all citizens subject to the same rule of law?
  11. He should receive the same standard of justice as any other US citizen. He won’t. The county is a joke.
  12. It’s not so much the creature itself that is unpleasant, as what comes out of it.
  13. Cat's keep leaving little surprises on our front garden; can anyone recommend an effective cat repellent? Thanks...
  14. I think it's largely irrelevant. I'd care more about competence and conscientiousness in a leader, than their private beliefs (or what they claim to believe at least).
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