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  1. Yes! Using Dosdude’s Mojave Patcher thing; my fist foray in to os x on non Apple sanctioned h/w. Surprised how easy it was. I feel like such a bad puppy! Tempted to do more; maybe an intel Nuc build.
  2. Rental fee presumably would cover IT equipment loaded with PS. Also, it's not stated how long the rental period is. I've not used Affinity Photo, but the same company do another image editing application for vector stuff, and it's pretty good. Affinity Photo is clearly going to be cheaper than PS. Also, the interface may not be as nice as competitors, but what about Gimp?
  3. Sounds like multiple issues here. Firstly, and most importantly, you’re able to access your neighbours wifi. Not good. This in itself needs resolution. Is their wifi not password protected, or do you have their password, or is it possibly the same password as your own router? Maybe discuss / explain to your neighbour what’s been happening, and suggest they change the password on their router? The second issue you seem to have is devices not finding your own network. Depending on device, you should be able to enter the wifi name manually as you connect to wifi. re: Changing wifi password or channel as suggested above. You’ll need to login to your router’s admin page. Should be something like in a browser (on a device using your routers wifi), exact address may be on back of router or with documents emails from your ISP.
  4. Elixir of the Gods is maybe a slight exaggeration. It's very refreshing and fragrantly (not too) sweet. It's my hot beverage of choice at the moment (ordinarily I drink more coffee; but I've been going coffee free for October).
  5. People often confuse it for an 'Elixir of the Gods', but rest assured, it's definitely tea my friend.
  6. Ah yeah. Sounds pretty foul to me. I'll stick to the Jasmine...
  7. What is Builder’s Tea? Am I right in thinking it’s Tetley, PG Tips, etc? Also, why is it called Builder’s Tea?
  8. Mine doesn’t change much. It’s an important consideration though. They could associate multiple IP addresses per account, am sure the user DB could handle it; the main flaw would be when two different people are allocated the same IP at different points in time...
  9. Thanks Swarf, that’s plenty to go on.
  10. I suspect they do log IP’s apelike. Probably maintain a list of IP’s attached to each account; and automated systems that alert admin when the same IP is matched to multiple accounts. Why anyone would want 2 accounts is beyond me though.
  11. Our dog is going deaf, it’s something of a blessing around this time of year. I’m curious though, what medication was it?
  12. It’s basically running (sprinting) at 13.1 mph for 2 hours!
  13. First human ever to run a marathon in sub 2 hours, absolutely amazing! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. 1:59:40 in the Vienna marathon. Post race interview:
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