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  1. Having fame and money has never been a guarantee of a good refined character. Nor are they a substitution for it. You can have all the power and money in the world, but it's how you treat those below you, that's what really defines you.
  2. Chess Simul July 12 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm As part of the Woodseats Chess Festival, a joint simultaneous display, with clocks! http://www.woodseatschess.org.uk/event/chess-simul/
  3. Wondering how Facebook's Libra will impact other cryptocurrencies. I'm thinking it will be mostly positive? If Facebook make the acquisition of (fiat to) Libra a smooth easy process, and Libra is tradable on crypto exchanges for bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc. That can only be positive for cryptocurrency in general? Is that a fair assessment, what do you think? Any downsides to this?
  4. In fact, you should know if you have rights to reproduce it on Sheffield Forum. I'm guessing you may already be in breach of copyright. Sorry, I'm going to have to report the post, Sheffield Forum is quite clear on piracy issues! Only joking, not really going report it. But technically, I believe Cyclone is correct, even though it's a random image, the copyright will (most likely) be with the creator. Reproducing it on here, is no different technically to reproducing, say, a copyrighted movie or music file (well, not quite, there could be additional IP rights, trademarks etc). Of course, it's unlikely anyone will be as bothered about enforcing their rights over a random image, as say, the MPAA would be about preventing illegal downloads of material they own the rights to.
  5. One benefit will be page load time. Also, some developers may like not having to host a tiny .PNG file? I seriously doubt anyone would be bothered about IP rights on a seemingly randomly generated noise image file. Good luck!
  6. That's when the primary care giver in a single parent yeah? Could be either gender, and I'm sure you'd agree any sentencing leniency should apply equally to male, as to female, single parents; if such leniency were to exist at all. In cases where a child has 2 parents, one is being sent to prison, it definitely shouldn't be a consideration.
  7. Probably is an online tool also to convert a file (in this case, .png) to a base64 string, which you can then put in your css. Have you tried that?
  8. What's happend with Jeremy Corbyn on this? I heard something about MP's critisizing him?, because he didn't immediately side with the Americans on this, and wanted to see what evidence they had etc. Seems like a very sensible approach to me. Pity we weren't so keen to scrutinize evidence back when we had the Iraq / WMD cruster****.
  9. They could check CCTV on a computer monitor. Wonder how the court would react to the possibility of wading through 1,000's (or possibly 10,000's) hours of video evidence of a TV not being switched on. I guess they wouldn't allow that. Anyhow, silliness aside, good to hear that the BBC do have to prove consumption of broadcasts (rather than, you have a TV, you're nicked!).
  10. Also, to answer your question why someone may have a TV and never watch live TV on it, or indeed, ever turn it on. I'm thinking of people trying to limit the scope of the BBC's ability to prosecute for have no license. I'm assuming, that the current situation is if you have a TV, it's assumed it's been used; without the BBC needing to prove such in court? Would having a case where you can prove a TV in your possession has never been used, challenge that precedence (the default assumption that a TV has been used to receive TV channels)?
  11. I've not seen the nitty gritty terms, but on the BBC site, it does say you need a license to *watch* TV. I imagine if it got to court the assumption would be, they have a TV, so it must have been used. What if a person had a TV in their home, never used it, and submitted evidence to the court that it was never used (they have years worth of 24hr cctv aimed at the never-turned-on TV)? Also, why would the court assume the TV was used, isn't the burden of proof on the prosecution side to prove it was used? How does that work?
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/terms/do-i-need-a-tv-licence/ As I understand it, if you watch any TV channel, or use iPlaher, you need a license. If a person has a TV, but never turns it on, do they need a license?
  13. Is it possible the US wants to nip the Iran problem in the bud, before they develop nuclear capability? It wouldn't shock me to discover the US creating some artificial pretext for conflict. I'm also wondering why I have such a dim view of the US of late.
  14. Just listening to Mike Pompeo lay the blame for these attacked tankers, at the feet of Iran (not much in the way of evidence though). I don't think this is going to end well.
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