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  1. Okay. Though, I don't think it's at all unreasonable to dispute prevailing wisdom and appeals to authority, and place more value on hard evidence.
  2. Yep, that very much echos my own understanding regarding battery powered devices. On the wifi on/off thing; you are making assertions but not providing evidence to support your assertions. Can you point to any studies done, that demonstrate turning on/off a router twice a day, will impact on a routers' lifespan? To my mind, actual tests and studies done on equipment and results presented in a non-misleading way; carry a lot more weight than prevailing wisdom (everyone says it's so), or appeals to authority (it's true because this qualified person says so). For my personal use case, the life span of the router is not an issue. So long as it lasts as long as my contract with the ISP, as I always change ISP when fixed term contract ends (makes financial sense to do so). I don't really care about the minimal saving either (am assuming the £20 per year figure is accurate). Though from an ecological point of view; I'm wondering if these things should be designed to switch on/off at nights (as a user option). £20 per year of electricity for all households in the UK, is bound to add up; and it makes a lot of sense for us all to be consuming less energy.
  3. It's a whole set of other issues with turning on/off battery powered devices; generally, I think the concern is to preserve the life and capacity of the battery. With the wifi (router) on/off issue; I don't understand why there's so much conflict about this kind of thing. I don't pay much heed to 'appeals to authority', but, it should be possible to debate the ins and outs, technical concerns, pros and cons of 'wifi off at night', vs, 'wifi on 24/7', in order to get a more balanced true clear picture of things. Mine's on 24/7. I just don't want to have to remember to turn the thing on or off, 365x2 times a year, in order to save a small amount of electricity. Though, from a 'save the planet' point of view; maybe wifi routers should be designed in such a way that they can be set to auto turn on/off every day etc.
  4. Nor me. Dogmatic religious certainty is, in my view, a form of mental illness, and who wants a bunch of mentally ill people dictating what everyone else can or can’t do? (unless we are talking about politicians running the country, in which case, it’s perfectly acceptable) What people choose to believe is absolutely their own business; but, it stops being just their own business, when they act coercively or negativity impact on other people. From the one clip I saw, the crowd could certainly be described as intimidating,
  5. If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t watch it. If someone likes the film, they can’t watch it (not at Cineworld at least). Simple! Oddly, was just reading this thread, and it came up on the BBC news!
  6. Seems that way to me. I only wish everyone could play the 'offended' card, sadly, I don't fall in to one of the protected categories, so everyone and his monkey is free to offend me. Also, I'm thinking with Coronation Chicken's royal connection, the BBC are being overly protective of the royal brand, and not allowing any negative association.
  7. He has a point. Many great people have admirable qualities, ones they have strived and worked for over time. Great men and women are self-so, self-made, without being gifted privilege from birth on a silver platter. Generally though, I think the kind of people we idolise and admire in life, says more about ourselves than anything else.
  8. You take my point then, on the importance of expressing negative views towards a thing. Also, not talking about individual Royals, but the whole thing as an institution. Andrew has Covid??
  9. It's important for people to express negative views towards things they don't like. Otherwise you end up with situations like Putin's Russia, where voices of dissent are 'silenced'... Also, kinda reminds me of the media in our country regarding Royalty, where only positive views are allowed to be expressed. To the extent that you'd almost think everyone in our country is pro-Royal!
  10. Great to see so many people out in the sunshine in London, spectating the Trooping of the Colour, idolising a system that oppresses the masses while elevating a minority of elites. People are odd folk.
  11. I thought this chap had some interesting things to say.
  12. How would you spend 184 million? The secret of keeping money is keeping money secret.
  13. To impress (showing off they have the energy to sing, and are in an area with an abundance of foods) the lady birds and shoo away other male birds.
  14. I get the impression it’s all very petty and egos have been offended. It’s just making them both look immature, over privileged and petty, I keep thinking, all the money they’re spending on lawyers, they could actually have done some good with it.
  15. A man walking down the street. He doesn’t go out of his way to step on dog do do… There’s a moral in this re: who we engage with.
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