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  1. On the last referendum for Scottish independence, what did the small print specify re: how long a ‘remain’ result would remain in effect for?
  2. Hi, my friend has an old laptop running Windows 7, and wants to install 10, but on a new SSD. I’ve upgraded my own (Windows 8.1) to 10, on a new SSD, a while ago, and it worked fine, activation all worked just fine. I already have Windows 10 install DVD... Is Windows 10 still a free upgrade? Will it install on a new SSD?
  3. tSeems like she is making something out of nothing to me. If you consider the problems some women have (poverty, starvation, FGM, married off to old men as young teens, etc) in some parts of the world, moaning about an innocent joke in a book for children, seems a bit petty. Maybe her time would be better spend focusing on and helping women with actual problems?
  4. Okay, one thing puzzles me about this photo Prince Andrew has supposedly never seen before; how does he know it’s a photo of a photo of a photo?
  5. @lottiecass I don’t doubt it. However, is supermarket chicken any different to chicken destined for KFC? I would imagine not, and if people are concerned about eating ethically reared chicken, avoiding KFC while eating supermarket chicken seems a bit daft.. My dad gets chicken from Whirlow Farm; think he pays around 12 quid a bird, is very good quality meat apparently, and ethically reared.
  6. Not keen on police working as corporate security for big business. Theft from businesses shouldn’t be prioritised over theft from private individuals or homes.
  7. Seems all hype and not so much substance. Retail sector trying to whip up a frenzy and get people spending. I think it’s more successful in the US? Also, as another posted points out, use price tracking websites like camel camel camel for a more scientific approach to tell if you’re actually getting a good deal.
  8. It's not over yet... However, I tend to agree; people with privilege, power, connections etc, are less prone to our (so-called) justice system. I feel he's guilty of something; I have no hard evidence of course. I just hope the truth of the matter comes out in time; for the sake of any victims, more than anything else. Can't stand people in positions of power exploiting those less fortunate.
  9. Did you mean Jeffrey? John McAffe was talking about that. Reckoned Jeffrey knew too much, had dirt on someone, dirt that someone didn’t want coming out in court etc. Also suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.
  10. Oh gosh, that interview, *cringe*. Whoever advised the prince doing this interview was a good idea? You have to wonder if it was his idea, and his advisors recommended him to stay quiet on the matter. I got the impression he’s a bit naive and out of touch with the real world we all inhabit, perhaps in his nativity or privilege he believed we’d all just swallow anything he said, just because of who he is. All seemed a bit shady somehow.
  11. Ah, I see. I guess a bit off topic then. I don’t know, but often wonder, if having royals involved in military operations is more harmful than helpful. What with all the additional logistics and precautions that will inevitably be taken to keep them out of actual harms way.
  12. Can you explain how that has any relevance? Unless you're suggesting that the law should be more leniently applied to someone with a service history? Is that what you're suggesting?
  13. Oh my; taking the Michael never crossed my mind. Honest mi lord! You mean to tell me I've been unwittingly part of some group trolling all of this time?
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