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  1. There is something seriously wrong with the American political system, when a sitting president can incite mob violence resulting in the storming of Congress and the deaths of 5 people; and get away with it scot free.
  2. Wonder if it's possible to get some outside help, get the drive forensically imaged or something? Yeah, I wondered that too! But he did mention he had 0.1 BTC earlier in the thread, and he says 99.9 mBTC, so assume it's m as in milli (1000th) BTC. Nice find still, even 0.1 BTC is £2,500. If he wants to cash out, maybe Coinbase isn't a bad option.
  3. Congrats! Yep, all you need is the recovery (12 or 24 etc) words. You can then create a new wallet and restore using the words. The words represent your private key. Do not share, if anyone ever finds them, they can move your assets to their own wallet etc,
  4. Cryptocurrency is going up in value again, with a bitcoin all time high of around £25k. Not sure how high it’s going, but my feeling is it’s going to drop to a level well below £25k. I’m tempted to start selling in anticipation of a sharp drop. Have to confess though, I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing in terms of trading strategy.
  5. Is it not possible to replace the controller board, or transplant the platters or internals of the HDD to a working HDD? Must be worth investigating your options, what with 1.13 btc at stake! Bummer about the 300 lost in an exchange. Which exchange was is? Anyhow, apologies to OP, I find myself going off-topic, and there’s already a crypto thread somewhere..
  6. Ouch! Did you now write down your recovery phrase anywhere? Still, at least you're not the guy who bought pizza with 20,000 of them! I think they peaked a little over £25k in the last week?
  7. I could very well be wrong though! https://www.noypigeeks.com/tech-news/mining-rig-78-rtx-3080-php6-million Anyone looked at the economies of mining using current GPU cards? I was convinced there's no mileage in it? Costs of hardware and electric etc; not compensated by value of mined coins? Thoughts?
  8. People are still using GPUs for mining? I thought they were considered way too slow (and not viable considering energy costs of running etc), even a couple of years back, and everyone was switching to ASIC mining hardware? Anyhow, best of luck with the new rig, and a happy new year to you and your family.
  9. Absolutely yes, we're all different. I can relate to 'internet discussions getting heated / out of hand' though. That kind of thing has happened on here from time to time, and it's a massive waste of time and energy engaging with people who are fixed in their positions and who only want to be heard and not listen. If you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense to engage with people like that. Anyhow, fingers crossed you get your account re-instated, best of luck!
  10. I kinda need to use Facebook for business stuff; but to be honest, if it wasn't for that, I'd be tempted to just give it up anyway (if I was in your position). It just wouldn't be a massive loss to me; probably a gain in many ways, Facebook can be a bit of time sink and, well, a big pile of you know what; low quality information, mis-information, people being rubbish, ill considered opinions, fake news; etc etc. That's been my experience with it at least!
  11. I do hope this resolves well for you Pussycat12, but have to say, I don't share Ghozer's optimism. I don't imagine any review would get more than a few milliseconds of human attention; may as well be a monkey there randomly clicking on 'yes' 'no' buttons as they review many cases per minute. If you are banned permanently, could you not just setup a new account? How would Facebook know that the new account belongs to the same individual whose previous account was banned? I suppose IP address logging; which I guess is why people were suggesting use of a VPN?
  12. You may be able to upgrade to newer (than are supported by Apple) versions of MacOS using DosDude. I did this with my 2009 Mac mini and it worked fine, a little clunky maybe (a 2009 Mac mini, what could I expect), but quite serviceable. Recently got a M1 mini, I’m super impressed with it, deffo recommend getting a M1 Mac if you’re about to buy a new one.
  13. I've had this one for a while: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-UltraSharp-U2412M-inch-Monitor/dp/B005JN9310/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=dell+u24+monitor&qid=1609021195&sr=8-3 Was very happy with it.
  14. Maybe worth buying a SSD to put it on, assuming you don't already have one.
  15. Just curious, would 'The Linux Shop' need a special license to sell Linux on DVD? Or is that something anyone can do? I imagine the later is the case, and that you're paying, not for the software itself, but just the DVD (and the service of it being put on the DVD and posted to you). Is that true?
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