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  1. https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2021/06/11/parkrun-set-to-return-in-england/ We are delighted to announce that more than 500 events have full landowner permission to return, which means we now have enough permissions to confirm a restart date for 5k parkrun in England on Saturday 26 June. This is subject to the Government communication on Monday 14 June, after which we will make a further statement confirming our position.
  2. Argh! I’d think it’s a big ask, to get another 16% in time. Disappointing. Hope we get some more positive parkrun news before too long...
  3. Maybe it seems like that. To be clear though, there are lots of times when people are attacked by others, the attacker is always in the wrong. There are things people can do which minimise their chances of becoming a victim or target of attack. Pointing these things out, is helpful, it’s not at all saying “you’re to blame for getting attacked”.
  4. Ah yeah, it’s GDScript. I’m all C++ myself btw. Anyhow... https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/getting_started/step_by_step/scripting.html No idea what the process is like for using C++ or C#, docs mention using external code editor, so presumably some kind of compilation and linking process.
  5. Ha! I was thinking of those young criminal types who like to flash their stolen loot all over Facebook! Often you get them wearing really heavy looking gold chains / rings / teeth / nose-piercings etc.
  6. I use C++ and a custom 2D engine. Never used Unity or Unreal, I think they're the big 2 for higher end 3D stuff. If I had to use a different engine, for the kind of games I make, I'd be taking a very good look at Godot. As I understand it though, with Godot, if you want to use C++ it's a bit of messing around, and not as natural as C# or, I think, it may have it's own scripting language? I'd definitely not be paying to learn C++ type languages via a Udemy type site.
  7. Not to blame the victim in any way; but it amazes me how people display their valuables. It seems far more sensible to hide your wealth away and indeed, not appear wealthy (to avoid becoming a target of theft etc).
  8. I’d definitely look at diet AND exercise. With diet, I keep hearing calories are not all the same, sugars are especially good at turning in to fat as they quickly release their energy; and slow release carbs are better. Can’t remember exactly what the dynamics and processes are, but would think it’s worth some research, Also, have you considered other exercise forms, swimming for example? Or, if your knee issue doesn’t prevent you, long walks?
  9. That’s a good one Joker. Actually, just watching a video (where I came across the quote I posted above) and the dude was cautioning to examine yourself for ‘assholism’ before categorising others as one. I certainly think there are times when people can mistreat you, and you mistakenly believe the problem lies with you. Maybe not something everyone does, but possibly quite damaging for those who have a tendency to do this (erroneously believe they have or are a problem when others are being jerks).
  10. ...first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. What an awesome saying. Not something I wrote, but I do like it! I don’t know bout anyone else, but I’m often self critical and feel the problem lies with me, when it’s just in fact, other people who are out of order.
  11. Fingers crossed here. Will be great to see everyone back at park run!
  12. If you’re on an budget, getting an older used (or Amazon refurbished look good) iPhone, and a monthly SIM only contract for around a fiver P/M. Getting latest iPhone is crazy, it’s going to lose value super fast.
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