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  1. I would imagine so. It’s a show of support and solidarity for the protesters in the US, and the more people objecting to this disgusting police brutality we see time and again, the better.
  2. No problem Nikki Red. Just for the record, if anyone was bickering in my direction, I didn’t take offence or mind in the slightest. Back on topic though,
  3. Yeah, I should have better qualified my statement. I didn’t have in mind the kind extreme bad behaviour you refer to. Some level of judgement is naturally appropriate; but there are also many instances where people are too quick to judge others as ‘bad’ (perhaps because they’re just different, or something is not fully understood).
  4. I really don't like the idea of people being bullied or coerced in to identification with any particular ideology, set of beliefs, group, or whatever. I much prefer people to believe whatever it is they believe; to be true and genuine according to their own natures. If that means they're going to be a bad apple, so be it, and in any case, who am I to judge what makes an apple good or bad? In fact, I would think that no apple is entirely good or bad; but is a multifaceted being, a product of it's lived experience.
  5. Missing White Woman Syndrome? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_white_woman_syndrome How much public money has been spend on finding this one individual; why isn't that same amount of money spent on searching for individuals from a less desirable demographic; for example, a poor young black male?
  6. I think in terms of core underlying dynamics, yes, I see similarities. The fact of me objecting to one, and that I have characterised it as “subtly aggressive and manipulative behaviour”, may give you a clue as to my position on the other.
  7. I see a lot of similarities between it, and the kind of subtly aggressive and manipulative behaviour I described in my previous post.
  8. No. I don’t think it does. In my experience, saying “if you’re not pro a thing, you’re against it”, is simply a form of manipulation.
  9. I'm predicting this particular war won't help his re-election chances. Let's hope so.
  10. So long as everyone is out protesting AND checking their eye-sight at the same time...
  11. Did you try opening the .pdf on your own computer before sending/uploading? Maybe a daft idea, but could you send individual emails, and title them [1 of 7] [2 of 7] etc etc. Then preface them all with; this email is part of a collection of 7 emails; please verify you have all 7 before processing. Other than that; try different software for creating .pdf files; and verify before sending/uploading. Good luck!
  12. It's blowing fine, air is coming though just as if they blower was on; it's just not cold.
  13. Air con in my car (a Peugeot 107) recently stopped working. Wondering if it’s likely something I can fix myself, buy some air con gas and refill myself. Has anyone done this themselves? Or is it a job for a garage? Thx.
  14. Some people may have an agenda and want to suppress any demonstration for whatever reason. Without doubt some people will do that. At the same time; the reality is that people will likely die (transmission of Covid etc) as a direct result of these protests. Covid doesn't care about your, or anyone else's, agenda.
  15. I think there’s a lot to be said for financial intelligence, how to most optimally use, invest and grow your money. People who come in to money by way of lottery wins or inheritance etc; if they don’t have the right financial wherewithal they’ll likely not hold on to their wealth very long.
  16. Protesters in London shouting “black lives matter”. So, lets make sure we lose more to Covid by gathering in large groups and shouting at everyone? It’s not a tool, it’s a reality.
  17. Why should I give any thought to the super rich? How would doing so benefit me? They're no more or less significant to me than are the super poor. We all still eat, poop, and die.
  18. I don’t know what the answer is TBH. I take your point, attacking random businesses that have not contributed to the problem; isn’t on. There will be many elements and view points amongst the protesters... Not sure what the answer is; the most surefire way to effect (deep and long lasting) change.
  19. What is the answer? Write a letter of complaint and hope for change?
  20. I have a GS spreadsheet with multiple sheets, one per year. Each sheet has a column for date, one for route, one for time (and others). I want to dynamically populate a new sheet with date and time, from each of the other sheets, where route is equal to a particular value. Is that possible?
  21. I know right; that's what I was thinking; opticians will be going out of business left right and centre...
  22. BBC Breakfast this morning, Dan interviews weasel person (sorry, I'm not very good at remembering the names of the weasel folk)... After saying DC drove to Barnard Castle to see if his eyes worked. Dan points out it's illegal to drive with defective eyesight; weasel person quips back "oh, there's nothing wrong with his eyes". So if there is nothing wrong with his eyes; why is he driving 40 miles to a beauty spot in order to test them? This little bear says it all:
  23. Yeah, I was thinking if the dictionary is ordered by how commonly each word is used (and in theory more likely to be chosen by a human); it wouldn’t take that long to brute force. I don’t really know enough to say if that’s feasible or not, but it would concern me. I use a password manager with long (30 character normally) random strings. I’m thinking of situations where a website has a data breach and user credentials are offline, and a hacker can run a lot of checks very quickly.
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