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  1. The green trainers are distinct . Unless he has P%&÷€#$ all over them.
  2. In future it may be best to use Pay pal. I find they have a few more teeth than the ebay system.
  3. The scumbags are getting closer. Shoving a woman out of the way and snatching her cash that had just been dispensed. Clear image of at least one suspect or witness. Bit slow reporting but better late than never. https://southyorks.police.uk/find-out/news-and-appeals/2023/december-2023/cctv-images-released-in-connection-with-robbery-at-atm-machine/
  4. Local authorities treat the public with gross contemp. We are the ones paying every month.
  5. They know how to waste money. Scaffolding used to shore up a cafe in a Sheffield park has cost the taxpayer more than £111,000, new figures show. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-67476587
  6. Not a new idea generally. But loads of the lazy buggers turning to the idea. These are the people that think life owes them a living. Spare change you say. What makes you think it is ok for YOU to ask me to give you MY money. F off I tell them, especially when I am withdrwing cash from an ATM. Cheeky Barstewards get a F#&%**# % * Job like the rest of us! They come from feckkess parents what can you expect.
  7. Why can't he? He could be getting more from begging than a steady job
  8. For every one locked up our homes and possessions are a little bit safer. https://www.southyorks.police.uk/find-out/news-and-appeals/2023/november-2023/sheffield-man-put-behind-bars-after-committing-multiple-burglaries/
  9. I'm surprised there arn't more detected. Maybe cos the helicopter is no longer specifically for South Yorks.
  10. I seem to recall a house being raided one winter because it was the only roof where the snow had melted due to the heat below. The other roofs still had snow on.
  11. The weed growers of Maltby and sheffield don't need to use the boat people. Plenty of lads in town begging will be happy as Larry for a few quid to top up their ESA. Get it Monday skint Tuesday. Big Daddy has plenty of time on his hands. Sure he knows how to use a hose pipe. Sitting in a loft near you 😂
  12. Weed is the poor man's fix these days. The white rocks are in vogue. Don't tell big daddy cos he will throw that ten quid bag along with his dummy.
  13. I understand what you are saying Martin, but growing the stuff in the loft space of a Maltby terrace is not big fish operations. I don't even think the cartels of Columbia are bothered about the aromas. When they are toting uzies at the gate not many law enforcers come close enough to smell anything other than the log in their calvin klein's
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