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  1. Bitcoin could well be the thing that ends the planet, something needs to break there. The bitcoin network, including the mining rigs, consumes as much energy as a small country, constantly rencrypting and rencrypting the spending ledger, and producing progressively fewer imaginary currency units. I believe that is what is known as an "unintended consequence." Not that I wouldn't have been a multimillionaire if I'd kept all the bitcoin I've spent over the years. But I never invested in it, I just used it. Someone, or something, is going to take Bitcoin down. Any reasonable cash multi-millionaire could triple the size of the computing pool, and take ownership of the system, at any time. But if it crashes, that's no problem for the people that use it to transfer value, only the people that use it to invest capital. A quantum computer of sufficient size, however, could own the entire Bitcoin network by itself, and mine out every last remaning bitcoin, in a very short space of time.
  2. I think I'll follow Ghozer's lead with the 1080ti. Miners have pushed prices of GPUs to the point where it seems to be worth scalping. This way I know I can get some more output ports, a stab at ultrawide gaming and a stable desktop experience with QHD display. I can then bring a new box with new GPU to the table when funds allow, or needs must. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.
  3. Ah that's exactly the sort of thing I needed to know! ^ Thanks again. Any particular brands to avoid or seek out? Just browsing ebay at the moment -
  4. Thanks! My budget is probably in the range of £300. TBH Although this 1050ti is capable, it's a cheaper, short card with few outputs, so a better equipped card with an improvement in performance, even if it couldnt do QHD gaming convincingly, would be good. Looking at the prices of cards at the moment, the market doesn't seem terribly sensible. Might consider splurging on a new box, and demoting this one to server duties as a dedicate Plex unit...
  5. So I have an old i5-4670K, 8gb Ram, with a GTX 1050ti - and I'd like to get an ultrawide monitor (something like MSI Optix MAG341CQ) to replace my Dell 23" HD (which is fine but feeling a bit cramped). Do I need a new video card to get reasonable performance on an ultrawide (QHD) monitor with a game like Satisfactory? Any recommendations?
  6. In this context "coloured" is a transitive verb - it's done to the object by the subject. That's one reason it's problematic as a phrase.
  7. Trump now needs to win 101.9% of the uncounted vote in PA. It's a slam dunk, with Biden's numbers looking better in battleground states than Reagan's in 1980. The USA is big and old enough to look after itself - it hasn't had to deal with a mad president before (to my knowledge), but I have no doubt it will deal with this one.
  8. Any reasonably modern PC/MAC wouldn't struggle with complex streaming tasks, providing it's a dedicated machine. Your main choice is the software. Spacial's SAM used to be the sine qua non of unattended radio station software, with complex automation script languages and all sorts, but I suspect it must have been superceded by now. If you really want to do internet radio, a PRS licence can be had for as little as £250 ish for a year (with limitations). Are people still using shoutcast? Something better must have come along by now.
  9. United Nuclear don't deliver to the UK, I'm afraid. There's so much on that site I love, not least the Uranium ceramic ware. Also, if you get 240 uCi in 50 nanograms, a 0.1 uCi sample of Polonium is likely to have a mass no higher than 0.0000000002084g It's the Kremlin's Calling Card.
  10. via wikipedia - A fatal 4.5 Sv dose can be caused by ingesting 8.8 MBq (240 μCi), about 50 nanograms (ng), or inhaling 1.8 MBq (49 μCi), about 10 ng. One gram of 210Po could thus in theory poison 20 million people, of whom 10 million would die.
  11. 2001-2009 imagery, if it exists, is unlikely to have the resolution needed to prove anything was there/wasn't there unless it was bigger than a house, and very brightly coloured. Good luck!
  12. Now Putin's leading political opponent has been been poisoned with something that sounds like VX or Sarin, and has been airlifted to Germany now that most of it will have been metabolised. It's almost as if Putin doesn't care if people know that Russia is responsible, and wishes to emphasise that this is, in fact, entirely the point.
  13. Spice - a drug that came into existence as a direct result of cannabis prohibition.
  14. Like this - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/heroin-prescription-treatment-middlesbrough-hat-results-crime-homelessness-drugs-a9680551.html?fbclid=IwAR3MiPuibyYFVrbFrcnZ8x_fAYv_tmQdbX3WcfGswaMuRfpjXYZx02ZVuPs
  15. To all our friends reading Sheffield Forum in the USA, wishing you the best Indpendence Day for 2020 - it's not the greatest of times, but I hope you enjoy your hard won freedoms where you can, and know that this is the day you celebrate throwing off your colonial overlords and the becoming of a truly great nation. I'm no nationalist, but the USA did create a home and place of opportunity for "the tired, ... poor, ... huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of ... teeming shore(s)" [paraphrased]. As another great American once wrote - "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Happy Independence Day USA, you've got this.
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