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  1. Maybe they did it for a bet, like Penny Mordaunt in parliament with her string of cocks.
  2. I think that BBC News gets the balance about right, over time.
  3. Yeah - sorry, I should have pointed out the obvious corollary - organisms reproduce and grow to the limit of available resources or die out. You're right - pandas have evolved perfectly for their rapidly diminishing evolutionary niche, but hey would have already died out if it wasn't for human intervention. To what extent are humans not reproducing and growing to the limit of available resources? It strikes me that all life is driven to live. That means consuming resources for energy to create ordered systems out of disordered matter, and reproducing. no idea what r/K Schema is. I don't believe that individual understanding of the world translates to behaviour on the part of the species.
  4. Labour did well to win it under these circumstances. It's majority has been falling since 1997 when it overturned a tory majority of 5300 .(used to be 10,000 in 1983!) Labour won this by-election with a microscopically increased majority. Which is extremely good going, considering the Labour incumbent was sent to prison and booted out on a recall petition. So, yeah,
  5. Well, I can't think of a single living organism that doesn't reproduce and grow to the limit of available resources. Why should we be any different?
  6. So, the entire worldwide anthropogenic climate change 'crisis' is a manufactured phenomenon - a conspiracy in fact, engineered by famously wealthy academics in universities across the world, so that rich people can have the skies and roads to themselves? I must say, I had never looked at like that before.
  7. When has a government ever needed to secretly conspire to raise taxes and levy new ones?
  8. Curious - whose propaganda is it? What do they hope to gain?
  9. It was the US administration's attempt to foist an encryption chip on internet devices, it would have ensured secure communications, with a NSA backdoor built-in. The most cogent argument against it, which eventually scuppered the scheme, was that *any* back door offering privileged access to intelligence agencies can be coopted by "bad actors" without raising any alarms. The point being that if Huawei/PLA are embedding secret eavesdropping tech in their hardware, then it's just going to provide a massive backdoor into the PLA's data network infrastructure for anti-Chinese malefactors. It all smells very strongly of commercial protectionism to me. This was the news at the beginning of this month - before any of this was announced:
  10. None. I just wear my clothes, none of them constitute an "outfit".
  11. Christ - anyone remember "the clipper chip"? It's baloney. If anyone is worried about malicious Chinese tech infecting our dazzlingly pure Western telecom systems - that boat sailed a long, long time ago [in internet terms].
  12. Yeah, but that decision has been made now, and won't be revisited as part of this renovation of the Palace of Westminster.
  13. Waldo, a few problems with the question, rather than actually answering it "Distorted" implies that there is some kind of ideal environment - and that curated environments distort this ideal into something less than good. I don't believe such an ideal can exist, even as an ideal - because unlike other platonic objects, it's literally inconceivable. "The view of general public opinion" - this isn't a thing! Even with something as widely reported as the royal baby, most participants in a discussion will be there because they have something to say about it, and they want to share that opinion with others. Everyone else won't comment. So you're not getting a " view of general public opinion " even in a completely laissez-faire environment, because most people, even if they have an opinion, don't give enough of a proverbial to express it in anything but the most casual context. It's even worse if you go into a niche topic like, say, how to accelerate voxel rendering on polygon optimised video chipsets - then there just isn't a "public opinion" to be had at all. Problems are mostly caused by the chasm between what you express, and what others understand by it - this chasm varies in width and depth, of course, but the banks don't meet, and are never bridged.
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