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  1. Sounds like free movement of goods, capital, people and contraband brussel sprouts to me.
  2. Phanerothyme

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    The mark of civilised and healthy society is how compassionately it treats its rejects, outcasts and outlaws.
  3. Phanerothyme

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Yeah I guess that's why you're giving me the benefit of your opinion, instead of being the current attorney general.
  4. Phanerothyme

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    No-one is saying "bend over backwards" - only to accord her the rights, and the responsibilities, of being a British Citizen. That means she is entitled to reside in the UK etc etc. That could easily be in prison, if she a) succeeds in returning, and b)convicted of breaking the law. My prediction is that one of the red tops will fly her back to milk the gob flecked uproar that will surely result.
  5. Phanerothyme

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Not to mention the "peaceful" buddhists of Sri Lanka, fought a bloody civil war against Hindus and Christians, with plenty of atrocities on both sides. Are we reporting "gammon" as "hate speech" now - or do we just endure it as "bants" ?
  6. Phanerothyme

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    She's a UK citizen. She can't be refused entry. UK is under no obligation to repatriate her FOC, but she will understandably be the subject of intense media and LEO scrutiny if she manages to find her way back. It's angering savages with the intention of winning their vote,that's so unappealing about Trump.
  7. It's an unseemly scramble away from the blame grenade that landed in 2016, that's for sure.
  8. No that's quite right, but I think it would be such a colossal magnification of diplomatic/political climbdown and international humiliation already being heaped on the UK that no leader would countenance it. That and the second withdrawal agreement really isn't likely to be more generous from the EU's perspective. There may also be proceedings for costs - the EU has spent money on this whole process too. If UK revokes and invokes A50 again, that's not going to be cheaper for anyone. As you say, parliament is incapable of passing even watery diarrhoea, let alone a bill to revoke A50, extend A50, go for No Deal or endorse May's deal. These non-binding votes are useful from a UK parliamentary positioning perspective, so they're not futile, but all they establish is a total lack of consensus over even the most basic terms of a withdrawal plan or even treaty. Which means No Deal, although the bookies don't necessarily see it like this - which is interesting.
  9. Revoking article 50 for the purposes of invoking it at a later stage won't work.
  10. By getting more votes in a referendum to decide whether to leave the EU or stay in it?
  11. Better than this - https://www.ft.com/content/deaaffba-2df3-11e9-ba00-0251022932c8
  12. No you didn't dream it, but you didn't read L00bs post either, evidently.
  13. It's not bad in itself, but better to read it, digest it, follow up some sources and then pronounce on it. rocketed it's way out if the 2008 crash/recession like Ireland has.
  14. Phanerothyme

    Pretend Police Force

    That's right. Rich people never call the police. The police don't turn up on the doorstep of rich people to tell them their family has been wiped out in a money avalanche, or some other tragedy. The police don't investigate the crimes of anyone but "the lower orders" (whoever they are). This is confused nonsense, even without the attempted ironic voice. Fear motivates over benefit for good evolutionary reasons, the fact that this is used for manipulation is hardly the revelation of the century you seem to think it is. Upon an obvious point you heap weasel words and inferences that aren't supported by reality. Amazingly you've plagiarised an entire phrase, badly (see first bold) and then reproduced your source directly below your plagiarism. But we shouldn't be surprised. On a scale of one to ten how "repressed" is the UK today? What about 100 years ago? What about 500 years ago? Have you detected the trends yet? (As Ben Goldacre said, "I think you'll find it's more complicated than that") This is all ^ idle speculation. No the police force isn't perfect, but nor is it purely the civil force projection of a totalitarian state. The tendency is towards greater freedoms, not fewer. If you are equating Neighbourhood Watch with the Stasi, then you just lost every argument you will ever have. That's the equivalent of writing "AXIOMATICALLY WRONG" on your forehead.

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