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  1. It really doesn't. Whether he signed it or not, plus the extra letter he stuck in, and the other crap, is just designed to generate more news froth to disguise the fact he has lost every vote his government has backed in parliament, lost the support of the DUP, sacked his working majority and paralysed the government. And the UK is not going to leave the EU on Oct 31. What a genius. His ditch awaits. The request for the extension has already been acknowledged.
  2. YouGov is self-selecting "only in as much as a person can refuse to take part"? And people who don't take part are: "probably statistically of little significance" OK. I want to excoriate your fractured, credulous, reasoning, but really, why bother? Jesus Wept. Yes. This ^
  3. It's not high on the priorities list, and there is plenty left in the ground. Until now, it's never been profitable enough to survey and drill for it explicitly, as plenty bubbles up as a by-product of the petrochemical industry. USA deflated the price for a long time (see what I did there) by selling off its reserves, so price adjustment is in the offing.
  4. Don't be mistaken - leave MPs have also been subject to torrents of threats and abuse.
  5. Lots of people simply use it as a chargeing route to their debit or credit card, rather than actually having a non-zero Paypal "balance". So I'd guess most people don't check their balance, because more often than not, it's £0.00
  6. You may have noticed that, whilst what you say is true, the changes in our understanding of physics are ever more incremental and refined. There might be a few more total paradigm shifts like the heliocentric model, or special relativity, but they're not going to enable us to transcend what are already well understood and well tested axioms.
  7. Yeah this ^. Earth is it. Setting off for new Earth, after leaving a mess here, is a pernicious fantasy.
  8. But in all seriousness, you've probably encountered the biggest health risk from this watch out of all of us: "https://www.northampton.ac.uk/news/wwii-military-watches-potentially-pose-serious-cancer-risk/
  9. He's an abject failure at the very thing he thought he was destined for. It would be tragic if it weren't so hilarious.
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