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  1. To all our friends reading Sheffield Forum in the USA, wishing you the best Indpendence Day for 2020 - it's not the greatest of times, but I hope you enjoy your hard won freedoms where you can, and know that this is the day you celebrate throwing off your colonial overlords and the becoming of a truly great nation. I'm no nationalist, but the USA did create a home and place of opportunity for "the tired, ... poor, ... huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of ... teeming shore(s)" [paraphrased]. As another great American once wrote - "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Happy Independence Day USA, you've got this.
  2. If I wanted to know when you were out at work, and how often you spent weekends away, all I would need is your reg number. Its not the data that's the problem here - its the data breach. And its not so much a breach, as SCC taking all this privileged data, for which you need a permit to access, and leaving it in the equivalent of a cardboard box in a layby for anyone to find.
  3. I'm the GM for a game of Diplomacy I'm putting together to pass the time and provide a little entertainment during the "lockdown". If you've never played diplomacy before, it is The King of board games. Played by the likes of JFK and Henry Kissinger, Diplomacy is unusual amongst board games - most of the game play takes place away from the board, there's no taking of turns to move, as all moves are executed simultaneously , and the game does not rely on random number generators (dice) to progress. The game is of European domination at the outset of the 20th century, and is played between the seven great powers - Austro-Hungary, England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Russia. Players start with three units, and to win, they must expand their territory and their forces to dominate the continent. The critical fact here is that it is impossible to win on your own. You must enlist the help of allies to defeat your enemies. This is where the fun happens. The game of diplomacy is centred on making (and breaking) deals with your opponents during the "DIplomacy period" before every move, to benefit your position on the map. Moves are carried out by each player writing orders for their units and sending them to the GM before the order deadline. The GM then adjudicates, and sends out the results with an updated board/map. Then the next diplomacy period begins and so on. The game has been described as 7-way chess with daggers. We have 5 players so far, and we are recruiting for a 6th and 7th. Would you like to join us? This game is going to feature several players who are new to Diplomacy, so don't let inexperience get in the way of your first game - with a live GM to help you (me), you can jump in with confidence. Things you should know before deciding to join: The game will be played by correspondence - email, instant messaging etc. There will be one game-turn per week, and the game is likely to last in excess of 12 weeks for some players (not all!) Great powers will allocated randomly by live draw, once we have seven players on board. Player drop outs ruin a game - we would love you to join, but only if you can commit. You'll need to check your messages at least once a day, and you'll be expected to communicate in a timely way with your fellow players. The game revolves around communication, so if you're the quiet type, this may not be for you. Players new to the game will have the resources and support they need from the GM to get up to speed, so don't let a lack of experience stand in your way. Respectful and gentlemanly conduct is expected, although the GM will only intervene in the event things "get out of hand". very player is different, and one person's "Free and frank exchange of views" might constitute bullying or harassment for another. You may lose all faith in basic human decency. How do I join? It's easy, just send me an email gm@netheredge.com and I will take care of everything. In the meantime you can follow the antics of the GM as I set the game up on https://thegunboat.blogspot.com - this blog includes some good material on basic gameplay, and will be where the results are posted, together with player postings and comments as the game progresses. See you in the trenches!
  4. It really doesn't. Whether he signed it or not, plus the extra letter he stuck in, and the other crap, is just designed to generate more news froth to disguise the fact he has lost every vote his government has backed in parliament, lost the support of the DUP, sacked his working majority and paralysed the government. And the UK is not going to leave the EU on Oct 31. What a genius. His ditch awaits. The request for the extension has already been acknowledged.
  5. YouGov is self-selecting "only in as much as a person can refuse to take part"? And people who don't take part are: "probably statistically of little significance" OK. I want to excoriate your fractured, credulous, reasoning, but really, why bother? Jesus Wept. Yes. This ^
  6. It's not high on the priorities list, and there is plenty left in the ground. Until now, it's never been profitable enough to survey and drill for it explicitly, as plenty bubbles up as a by-product of the petrochemical industry. USA deflated the price for a long time (see what I did there) by selling off its reserves, so price adjustment is in the offing.
  7. Don't be mistaken - leave MPs have also been subject to torrents of threats and abuse.
  8. Lots of people simply use it as a chargeing route to their debit or credit card, rather than actually having a non-zero Paypal "balance". So I'd guess most people don't check their balance, because more often than not, it's £0.00
  9. You may have noticed that, whilst what you say is true, the changes in our understanding of physics are ever more incremental and refined. There might be a few more total paradigm shifts like the heliocentric model, or special relativity, but they're not going to enable us to transcend what are already well understood and well tested axioms.
  10. Yeah this ^. Earth is it. Setting off for new Earth, after leaving a mess here, is a pernicious fantasy.
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