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  1. FWIW It strikes me that, on a intuitive level, our genetics, environment, endocrine system, brain chemistry &c. contrive to shape our sex, secondary sexual characterstics, gender, and romantic and sexual desire into a gaussian distribution across five [and more!] axes. A great big weird Hilbert-ish Space of possibilities. Women with beards, men with soft full lips and large breasts. People who appear to be men but feel like women, who love women; who appear to be women, but feel like men who don't experience sexual desire. Quentin Crisp (The Naked Civil Servant) considered himself a 'queer man' and only very late in life conceded that he was probably a trans woman, but that option simply wasn't available to him at the time. A majority of people (me included) fall into a fuzzy five+ dimensional blob in the middle - what a 52 year old man might call "mostly straight men and women" - but all of human history is peppered with people who experience the world quite differently, from the famous music hall cross-dressers of the 19th century in London, to classical era androgyny, Grayson Perry & European Song Contest winners. We used to put people into one of two boxes - Boys and Girls. Expectations, upbringing, toys and stories were strongly gendered, girls who got dirty and fought with the boy were tomboys, and the boys who played dress-up with the girls were sissies, but they stayed in their boxes because there was nowhere else to go, apart from the Royal Navy or the theatre. We have historically always tried to repress people outside the norm (and this goes for "mental health" too) through ridicule, verbal assault, stigmatisation, violence, punitive law and endorsement of discrimination. For generations our social 'norms' have made people desperately miserable by the simple dint of denying them the validity of their own personal existence. (see also neurodiversity). Over the last 50 years it has, for example, gradually become more acceptable to be openly gay as a man or a woman, thanks to tireless fighting and campaigning for recognition and rights. We've opened up a few more boxes. But as the abbreviation LGTBTQ+ might suggest there's a lot of variety among the remaining minority sex/gender/desire combos. If they express their true selves in public as many of us do without even thinking about it, they risk ridicule, verbal abuse and even physical assault. Of course gay couples still experience this all the time, so let's not pretend that problem has been solved in any way. Yet we're not talking about the perpetrators here - those visiting abuse and direct violence, or those creating the atmosphere of stigmatisation and ridicule that enables them. And we need to get rid of all these boxes. Just my €0.02c
  2. Great to hear from you Sierra! I had hoped you'd see this And chuffed to hear you enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations. Modesto is dear to my heart as the HQ of the Universal Life Church, which ordained me into the priesthood in 1996 on the early internet (they also sell PhDs!) . And yay for babies in the family that's lovely news. I look in here now and again, delighted that you still do too! One day I will make it to your amazing country, and I will look you up! Kids are 21 and 16 now, so counting the days, and the grey hairs. Yeah - people have lost their everlovin' minds over here too, but all things must pass. Have yourselves a fantastic year - until next time
  3. To our diminishing number of American members, and all you British Expats - Happy Independence Day! Testing times, to be sure, but USA, you've got this.
  4. The effects on the UK will be mostly financial, and they will be felt by most countries as an overinflated market either deflates or pops. Russia may be excluded from the SWIFT payment clearing system. London property market may feel considerable impact if Russian money takes flight as a result of UK instransigence over Donbas. Tories will be struggling to raise funds, hopefully. Big currency devaluations outside Euro/Dollar zones as QE comes home to roost more quickly than anticipated? China will veto all measures attempted against Russia at the UN, regardless of outcomes in Ukraine, and toughest sanctions will naturally push these two giants closer together.
  5. Economic Left/Right: -9.5 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.51 definitely an extremist. *still
  6. Fundamentally, it's a private platform with shareholders. If Hopkins hits profits or spooks shareholders, and the Taleban don't - well … Twitter has to follow the money. Twitter can't, and doesn't have the responsibility, to decide who is worst, because it's clearly a meaningless question without further qualification, and it's a social media platform. It has to comply with laws but itself can't be held up as a moral arbiter. For Twitter to do anything but protect and further the financial interests of its shareholders - like Black Rock, et al - would be a fundamental dereliction of its duty.
  7. Sierra! I'm so pleased you saw this! We are all well thank you - wishing the very best to you, yours and your great nation! I still intend to visit one day!
  8. 15 years ago, there were a fair few members who lived in the USA. They're obviously still members, but I guess they look in less and less since the rise of facebook, etc.
  9. To our American friends, wishing you a brilliant 4th of July from all of us.
  10. I think the problem is mostly in the meaning of the term 'addiction'. It means a lot of different things, from "shopaholics" to physical opiate dependency. In terms of addiction in its widest sense, providing you use a safe route of administration, the risks from cannabis are minimal - unlike *almost* every other drug in the known universe, from nicotine to methamphetamine. Alcohol addicts almost always die from their addiction. Alcohol is where the focus needs to be - and thankfully, because it's not illegal, it can be further regulated - bans on advertising, standardised packaging, minimum pricing etc.
  11. Yeah the stuff grown in the UK has to be recalled due to fungal spore contamination 🙄 https://www.gov.uk/drug-device-alerts/company-led-medicines-recall-noidecs-t20-slash-c4-thc-20-percent-cbd-4-percent-indica-cannabis-flower-unlicensed-medicine-and-noidecs-t20-slash-c4-thc-20-percent-cbd-4-percent-sativa-cannabis-flower-unlicensed-medicine?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_source=c37ce642-162a-44c5-a358-b50e88562667&utm_content=immediately Otherwise, no - well grown cannabis is the same whether it's "medicinal" or "recreational": only the phenotype matters in terms of terpene balance. Also - yeah - GPs can prescribe Sativex, not herbal. UK's herbal stock is all exported. They can prescribe Bedrocan but - https://bedrocan.com/medicinal-cannabis-lawful-but-still-difficult-to-obtain-2/
  12. Er, it can certainly be 'addictive'. You may not develop physical dependency or withdrawal, but in susceptible individuals it can certainly be habit forming. Of course, the same is true of alcohol and coffee, with the exception that, unlike cannabis, they also lead to physical dependency. Cannabis is probably the most under-utilised plant on the planet, given its uses, because of decades old group psychosis about Mexicans and Black men, instigated in the US in the 40 and funded to the tune of hundred of billions of dollars since 1971. The drug war is one of the US's largest exports, and it has indisputably caused misery and death for millions of people over the last 50 years. Drug use by most individuals carries a low risk of harm, and should obviously be a matter for health and social services, not the police and justice system. The deleterious effects of illegal drugs are magnified, and sometimes eclipsed entirely, by the harm to an individual that comes of entering the criminal justice system. It's total insanity, and after 18 years banging on about it, I'm pleased to see there is some progress, especially in the USA where you can now drive from Canada to Mexico without once leaving a 'recreational marijuana' state, and several states are already decriminalising and legalising psychedelics- whilst the UK is leading this side of the Atlantic in psychedelic research. People have known an understood the value of these substances for millenia. As the post 60s hysteria finally fades from memory, perhaps the future does finally hold some promise?
  13. Twaddle. Can't believe this is even a discussion any more.
  14. Yeah. I envisage the last 18" of the curtain would be draped over the ground in front of it, to catch falling pellets. Weights would help keep it in position. Loose tethers too, against it flapping in the wind.
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