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  1. Well according to Car Boot it is news. He says that the UK is, post-brexit, going to be the honeypot to which the plutocrats businesses all flock, once it is no longer under the european jackboot of protected workers rights, health and safety regulation, food safety regulation and pesky data disclosure laws.
  2. Wealthy plutocrats increasingly see UK as ripe for exploitation. Winning.
  3. Phanerothyme

    William Hague to stand down from Parliament

    Whatever happened to Lickszz - nothing for eight years, then one post and gone. Building quite a corpus here Geoff!
  4. Phanerothyme

    Julian Assange debacle

    Having said all that - the US don't need any evidence to extradite him, an allegation is sufficient. That happened 16 years ago -
  5. Phanerothyme

    Julian Assange debacle

    Wikileaks has published evidence from many many whistleblowers , cast-iron evidence of state authorised assassination orders, banking crime, war crimes and state corruption, from all over the world. But the two big guns are US whistleblowers - Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning and Edward Snowden. Manning facilitated a massive leak of confidential diplomatic communications that laid bare the state of global realpolitik, hugely embarassing - and also evidence of brutality and war crimes on the part of the US administration during the Bush era in particular. The Snowden leak was less shocking, but ultimately more chilling. It revealed the extent and depth of the surveillance state, especially in ECHELON countries . Echelon is essentially the Anglophone Eavesdropping and Intelligence Complex, featuring all the best English speaking threeand four letter Secret Squirrel agencies from across the globe. I'll never forget the moment he tried to enact a so-called citizen's arrest on Robert Mugabe in 99, didn't realise he tried a second time. Also - https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/nov/08/andrewmeldrum.owenbowcott Actually most of the charges relate to perfectly permissible journalistic practice. The one charge they may or may not be able to get to stick will be that he "actively engaged in helping Manning try to crack a password that allowed the US soldier to gain unauthorized and anonymous access to highly sensitive military computers". The other four charges completely contradict common journalistic norms, and would melt away in the light of justice.
  6. Phanerothyme

    Julian Assange debacle

    Worth noting that Blunkett signed a US/UK extradition treaty that, according to statewatch, "Under the new treaty, the allegations of the US government will be enough to secure the extradition of people from the UK. However, if the UK wants to extradite someone from the US, evidence to the standard of a "reasonable" demonstration of guilt will still be required. No other EU countries would accept this US demand, either politically or constitutionally. Yet the UK government not only acquiesced, but did so taking advantage of arcane legislative powers to see the treaty signed and implemented without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny." Assange has good reason to fear extradition to the US, without the due process and open court hearings that the Home Secretary was banging on about.
  7. Agree - Asking for another referendum is inviting further discord, only this time everyone has worked up a proper head of steam already. The result is likely to be close (again) and regardless of the winners and the losers, I can't see the campaign being more enlightened, less vituperative or generally being characterised by an atmosphere of conciliation and concession, either in the house or in the public discourse.
  8. Phanerothyme

    What does your political compass say about you?

    uneeded post 2006 2007 2008 2011 2016 Economic Left/Right: -7.5 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.59 2018 Economic Left/Right: -8.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.33
  9. Phanerothyme

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    I don't know - I guess that's an individual threshold. Quite literally from the root mores.
  10. Phanerothyme

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Yes, the kind of personal experience that makes a person more likely to be a part of a community or society of people centred on belief. That's irrelevant. I'm not talking about now. I'm addressing the OP directly. Religion is a human behaviour that was once more useful than it is today. It's predicated upon the existence of spiritual/religious experiences in individuals. Given the ubqiuity of religion historically and geographically, it's reasonable to suppose these experience are universal., Given the state of natural selection in the community of humans today, the prediliction for religious/spiritual experience isn't likely to diminish very quickly.
  11. Phanerothyme

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Not morally good, specifically because morals change, but good for genetic propagation. It doesn't really matter whether that's communities of cannibalistic child abusing totalitarians or communities of vegan, liberal, free thinking, democrats.
  12. It just means slimmer profits for web giants and more income tax paid by artists.
  13. No Loads, because it means no such thing/ Youtube, fb etc are simply going to have to fork out squillions to prs and the like.
  14. Phanerothyme

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Well there you go slapping words on things. No. not a deity - the existence of any deity isn't the point - when I say spiritual sensibility I'm referring to feelings and experiences of individuals. I think there's as much variation in this sensibility as there are individuals experiencing it. Some will find a deity, some will see a dispassionate and uninterested universe, some will be happy with a nebulous concept of a universal, beneficient intelligence, others will glom onto UFOs, NWOs, and other TLAs. Some will feel no sense of mystery, wonder or numinousness. This has always been true.

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