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  1. I suppose with just the 4 of us it was always going to go stale
  2. No the tin man from the wizard of oz 😂😂
  3. They need to find out not everyone is going to be a pop star and it’s a cruel world in the pop scene
  4. Can you put a picture of wheel nut you want removing on here ,I’ve got some tools that remove them
  5. Thank you for that. Will pop in to a wickes and see if they have any
  6. Hi quick question more the painters on here ,years ago you could buy paint for ceilings that when wet was a pink colour but it dried white ,any idea if you can still buy this and if so where from
  7. One good point I’ve found is all road works down south have been suspended due to this weather
  8. Evening all. Are we all bored with this weather now ?
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