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  1. You sure about that ???
  2. Good night and thanks again for the suggestions earlier
  3. rudds1

    Keep counting up til

  4. rudds1

    Keep counting up til

    1047. Well better start going back up soon
  5. Prior planning prevents ???? Pot poor performance
  6. rudds1

    Keep counting up til

    1049. How low we going ?
  7. As they say in the military remember the 7 p,s
  8. rudds1

    Keep counting up til

  9. rudds1

    [A to Z] I haven't ever..

    Taken a ride on a canel barge have you seen many people pee down a manhole ?
  10. No not tonight. Sunday morning but easy run round London
  11. rudds1

    Keep counting up til

    1053 well here’s a Selection of drinks 🥂🍻🍺🍸
  12. I won’t ,don’t worry
  13. He gives as good as he takes ,he’s quite funny
  14. rudds1

    Keep counting up til

    1055. What is the mods vices ,was it ice cream and chocolates?
  15. He’s a good un though life at work is good again now that manager has gone

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