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  1. Arnold Clark ? B and q used to do it but not sure if they still, do What about hiring a man and van ?
  2. Most supermarkets have big recycling bins for paper And cardboard Also you can go to the recycling sites and dispose of it there. Not sure whereabouts in Sheffield you are but some shops also have big blue Rey bins outside them for public use
  3. Nova electronics down Attercliffe might be able to help
  4. Well I thought I would have been back in time for my peach water but traffic and all that Keep it in fridge for me though
  5. I should be done around 10 tonight so have my peach water ready. No ice thanks
  6. He lost the battle with the peach as I never got my drink
  7. Well I hope you locked up as no sigh of our bar man
  8. And the amount of drivers that just kept flying past me on motorways was just unreal. Saw 3 vehicles that had lost it and crashed on m1 between 38 and 36. When will people learn to respect that kind of weather
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