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  1. Entertainer Eddie large has died aged 79 reportedly from the Coronavirus
  2. Just make sure your candles don’t have a meltdown or a burn out
  3. You’ve definitely gone stir crazy. Only another 11 weeks to go
  4. Pads when this lockdown is over I’m hoping to have personally delivered well on to 5 figures of tons of food or even possible 6 figures
  5. It could be like the mods on here. Don’t the mods etc in here have 2 accounts. One as a mod one as a private account ???
  6. You should wear it next time your out and baffle people about how your walking away from them while facing them
  7. I’m cutting my hedge this week. Stick your head in and I will give you a free trim
  8. Least if you do get bladdered you can’t fall in to peoples hedges ,parked cars etc
  9. It might have cost you more if she had put jam on it 😂
  10. You will be able to celebrate in a few weeks
  11. Mot tests to be waived from 30th of this month so key workers can get out to do their jobs but vehicles are to be kept in good order
  12. Put money on say front step once he’s done then you walk away while he picks up his money ??
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