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  1. Typical! There were lots of them and it certainly helped towards many a clubs demise. Fiddles on the raffles, bingo, fishing clubs,, etc. More than a string symphony! Their greed and stupidity killed off most of the best entertainment venues in our communities!
  2. It goes largely unchallenged by those witnessing the offence. You can't blame them for not challenging the perpetrator, as a torrent of abuse and / or aggressiveness often follows. The police can't enforce it, as they are short-staffed and the SCC Civil Enforcement Officers will be in the City Centre seemingly hiding in shop doorways, waiting to pounce on a compliant-looking individual for discarding their cigarette but in the gutter. I occasionally collect and dispose of litter strewn on my road by people of all ages, and from their vehicles too! I have challenged many of them, but I don't suppose they have a conscience about it at all. I have had lots of debates with some of them who are confident enough to engage. Few of them seem educated enough to engage in conversation at all! As I said in another post, the police lost the streets years ago and it will take more than another generation to get them back.
  3. I agree with most of the above. I really can't see the point of the thing! At it's best it seems bland and uninteresting and at it's worst looks like it has been cobbled together by a group of talentless hippies.
  4. I suppose it depends on the route. I don't seem to have much luck on buses. I suppose it depends on the route. I don't seem to have much luck on buses. (I don't get personal with posters, I leave that to the trolls. 🙂)
  5. I've got an old Swiss Army (water resistant to 330 feet) stainless steel with bezel. It was a gift from someone very dear to me who has since died. Although it may not be worth very much, I would NEVER part with it. It has had numerous batteries since I've had it over many years and I had noticed that just recently the glass has a little moisture inside. I'd like to get it looked at / sealed properly. Could anyone recommend somewhere in our fair City ???
  6. Have I mis-read something, or are Morrisons Supermarkets contemplating withdrawing sick pay for their un-vaccinated members of staff?
  7. It got attention, locally and nationally. I wouldn't say it was entirely a flop. It won't have done Royston's profile any harm either, he's not had this much TV coverage since his muted adverts decades ago. 😁🤣
  8. I believe that it is as special as any relationship between two very different nations can be. Winston Churchill's persuasiveness and tenacity in WWII encouraged the US to get involved and ultimately helped us save half the planet from having to become Nazi slaves. There are diplomatic and maybe constitutional issues with both Prince Andrew and the Harry Dunn cases, which in truth, both separately and collectively shouldn't largely have much effect on our two nations' relationships. It's better to have a big friend, than a big enemy. Blind obedience has no place in this and I don't really think we have seen that in practice. I hope our two nations continue in friendship. We will both be enriched by it.
  9. Grey squirrel = Pests indeed. They can cause a lot of damage if they get into your roof space too! They are bushy tailed rats really. One way to to move them on is removing ALL forms of food. Another is lead poisoning by way of .177 or .22 pellet administered at speed through a chamber. 🙄😲
  10. Mine has at least eight consulting rooms, five of which are empty most of the time. Most of the GP's work part time (and perhaps even less hours than any visiting Locum!) As per usual, there is one receptionist who is kind, friendly and very helpful. The other is abrupt, unhelpful, rude and has a personality which is second only to an aged corpse! I'm not having a dig at any of the doctors personally you understand. It's just the system is geared up purely around their personal lifestyles. With practice nurses, practice managers, finance managers, secretaries, administrators and the cleaner to accommodate and pay for in every surgery, the individual practice can't afford the full compliment of doctors anymore...... or so it seems!?
  11. What price, perfection? Why quote only one short piece of my post, which anyone who reads it properly would take as 'tongue in cheek'. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I come across as too serious?! 😁🤣
  12. I could tell a tale or two about that place, which had clientele who's supply chain of goods from Christmas Trees to TV sets would rival nearby Argos or Castle House any day!
  13. Thanks for this. But then, on my route and buses no longer having Conductors and Inspectors anymore there's also running the gauntlet of having a foul smelling, aggressive and mouthy oxygen thief sharing your personal space. I think I'll stick to the car for now.
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