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  1. Look beyond the ugliness of the outside of the vessel and you might find that Royal Caribbean have got lots of things right. In my opinion they are at the forefront of customer service and deliver a superb holiday experience.
  2. Not only do we have a person on here who advocates adulterating the air we breathe with cannabis fumes, it seems they also try excusing their acceptance of criminal behaviour by quoting family members who they claim are members of a police force - Outrageous! Like I said before, I've heard every half-baked and idiotic excuse under the sun about the 'curative properties' of cannabis and how it would enrich everyone's lives and calm the nation. If I could give one tiny bit of advice to the misguided unfortunates, it would be this: Lay off it, it makes you psychotic and paranoid in the extreme. Nobody is fooled by someone who is in possession of a drug- addled brain.
  3. All doors held closed by an electronic device should have an emergency door release (normally 'break glass' - green box) in case the main release button fails. Doors and locking systems are designed to keep people out and should not hinder anyone from exiting, especially in a fire or other emergency. My guess is, shoddy work and even shoddier inspections and project management seem evident. If this is a SCC property, this does not surprise me in the least!
  4. I don't think Sir Winston Churchill or Mother Theresa would be able to save this lot from a sound thrashing at a general election. However much we are told 'a week is a long time in politics', the rot had set in the party well before Boris Johnson took office and I think it will take more change and a good few years in the wilderness for it to diminish. They can't trot out any good old 'Tory Grandees' to save them this time. It is a sad reflection on all the good work that is done by those who truly believe in public service politics, that those who lie, cheat and have their noses in the trough are the only ones that are remembered when things get tough.
  5. 1. Let those who wish to use it, go to Amsterdam then. Cannabis is still a class B illegal substance in the UK. 2. I have spoken to police officers (male and female), hundreds of them in fact and the majority of them would disagree. If you are aggressive, you are aggressive with or without cannabis or alcohol. You now admit to liking the acrid smell of cannabis, is there something you're not telling us? 3. De-criminalising / regulating cannabis will not reduce its illegal production or supply. It certainly hasn't with tobacco or alcohol has it? 4. In my experience, those who advocate the benefits of cannabis are often themselves, users. Believe me, I have heard every 'potty' excuse under the sun why it should be legalised, and offences ignored. It just makes my intolerance of the abuse and use of this and other illegal substances grow stronger. I expect Doncaster City Council and SYP to do the right thing in this case.
  6. Prisons would be full with 'scrimshanks' and 'barrack room lawyers' avoiding their conscription. I'm not sure whether or not it is a generational thing, or if our country has evolved into one that has a problem recruiting and retaining uniformed personnel? It certainly seems so in the police these days.
  7. Yes. 1970's / 80's. I remember it being a Berni Inn and then sold on to Mecca Leisure / Grand Metropolitan when it then became The Market Tavern.
  8. I recall all those at Radio Hallam (as-was): Roger Moffatt. A once professional and respected broadcaster, sadly the drink and his erratic behaviour led to his downfall in latter years. Ray Stuart. Sadly the drink and his erratic behaviour led to his downfall in latter years. Kelly Temple. An egotist. And, before any 'fans' of the above wish to ask, yes, I met them in a professional capacity.
  9. You joined SF in November 2014 ?
  10. I've never been a fashion conscious type. I wear good quality, well fitting and comfortable clothing that doesn't date or look out of place.
  11. Not a vocation for a family man really.
  12. Surely, if any religious person wishes to worship / pray during the working day they can do it during a meal break?
  13. Greater Manchester Police's Chief Constable (Mr Watson) is ex-Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police. I wonder if his experiences here will benefit their enquiry?
  14. It's nothing to do with roads policing anymore. Local authorities regulate traffic in urban areas and use cameras to capture evidence of 'moving traffic offences'. Traffic Wardens (Civil Enforcement Officers) will issue fixed penalty notices for parking offences and littering. All this was expected to allow the Police to deal with more serious road traffic offences and other crime. However, when the Local Authority uses the fines to create serious revenue, you could argue that the motorist may become a cash cow. The answer is simple, don't park where you shouldn't and obey road traffic regulations.
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