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  1. NEW WORLD RECORD ANNOUNCEMENT! Huge congratulations to Lauren Reid for setting a new female parkrun world record at Parramatta parkrun in Australia, coming in at an amazing 15:45!
  2. He couldn't lie straight in bed. Its obvious that Covid could have been stopped dead in its tracks if there were no concerns about the economy. But that is the difficult bit - where to draw the line of keeping the economy ticking over and/or shutting down the transmission of Covid. It is now obvious where the Conservative Party draw the line and it is firmly to 'keep the economy going' and sacrifice a number of infections, hospital admissions and ultimately deaths from Covid. I hope they will stand or fall on that judgement. Remarks like the one above are blatently a lie . . . which doesn't win any votes.
  3. Thats why I have a big problem with charities. The voluntary efforts of many well intentioned people ease the problem, enabling the Government, of whatever colour, ignore their responsibility. Lets face it Noblesse oblige just dosn't solve any problems , aside from the fact that being, or appearing to be, patronising is an ever present danger. ??? Is there a higher power putting us here to do something? I think not. Sure, helping each other where we can is admirable but lets not get into 'the meaning of life'. ;0)
  4. Its this kind of arrogant attitude to Scotland that brings their independance closer. The spinning of the statistics, in para 3 is ridiculous . Read it again. What on earth is a 'level of ratio'? The truth is that the UK as a whole voted 48% to 52% to leave the EU. There is nothing overwhelming about the combined English and Welsh vote. In fact it was 16 million Leave and 14 million Remain. The only 'overwhelming' result in the 4 nations was in Scotland. Scotland - 62% to 38% to Remain Northern Ireland - 55% to 44% to Remain Wales - 52% to 47% to Leave England - 53% to 46% to Leave. All statistics re: the referendum are available at the click of a button.
  5. So DPP feel that the allegations cannot be proved in a court beyond all reasonable doupt. Obviously it does not proof that he, or she, has done nothing wrong. MP's have been suspended and/or thrown out of the party for a number of reasons that do not constitute a criminal offence. I don't suppose we will know what it was all about for a number of years.
  6. Quite right. and its every subject they cover. The most irrisponsible job in the world - Headline writer. ........now back to the thread. Sorry.
  7. Shirley Ballas has got some explaining to do. She scored Ranvir higher than Jamie in the show and then reversed that order in the dance off to save Jamie. The judges this year have been pants. Praising everyone in equal measure and chucking out 10's left right and centre. Giving a total of 24 many, many times. They are then absolved of responsibility when it comes to choosing who goes in the dance off. Well, its come back and bitten them in the arse this week.
  8. Its simple dog-whistle politics. But El Cid hasn't the courage to name it. Racist! there you go, it wasn't so hard was it.
  9. Basaksehir’s Cameroonian assistant coach Pierre Webo was shown a red card. Black in Romainian is 'Negru'
  10. There may also be a national element to the European football situation. Different nations regard colour in different ways. I understand that, in Brazil, if you have one drop of white blood in you you are regarded at white and its only the 100% black people who are 'black'. In the UK the situation seems to me to be the reverse. Perhaps someone on here can put me right on this.
  11. "The walk-off occurred after Basaksehir’s Cameroonian assistant coach Pierre Webo" I don't know the make up of the Basaksehir coaching staff so I referred to 'a crowd' of people rather than this specific incident. I try to be careful like that.
  12. ...and now this:- "The walk-off occurred after Basaksehir’s Cameroonian assistant coach Pierre Webo was shown a red card in the 16th minute for protesting against a refereeing decision. That led to the Basaksehir striker Demba Ba, a substitute on the night, confronting Coltescu (forth official) over what the official said as he called on referee Ovidiu Hategan to dismiss Webo, which Reuters reported as being: “The black one over there. Go and check who he is. The black one over there, it’s not possible to act like that.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/08/psg-v-istanbul-basaksehir-suspended-after-fourth-official-accused-of-racism Surely the important point is what were his 'actions'? Its ludicruos that in a crowd of people, where if there is only one black person present , you can't mention the colour of their skin either to identify them....... or to eliminate them from the process? But , that seems to be the situation as of now.
  13. Can't do fiction? Why not try Historical Fiction based on real life events with a bit of story to help the plot along. Most of the writers are scupulous about the historical accuracy. They admit to any changes they have made in the notes at the end which is usually with dates. Sharp , The Last Kingdom and , dare I say it, The Crown are all good examples.
  14. Its a hugely entertaining propaganda romp, but . ....... "For all the raid’s audacity and courage; the technical brilliance behind it; and despite the widespread destruction and adverse repercussions for the German war economy that it certainly caused, it did not bring about the long-term crisis for which planners in the Air Ministry and Ministry of Economic Warfare had hoped." https://www.historyextra.com/period/second-world-war/dambusters-raid-success-effective-second-world-war/ The massive loss of civilian and animal life life was remembered when Artical 56 of the Protocol1 ammendment to the Geneva Convention was added. In 1977, Article 56 of the Protocol I amendment to the Geneva Conventions, outlawed attacks on dams "if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces from the works or installations and consequent severe losses among the civilian population". There is however an exception if "it is used for other than its normal function and in regular, significant and direct support of military operations and if such attack is the only feasible way to terminate such support". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Chastise#After_the_raid
  15. What the papers say. You choose. “We’ve done it – but guess who is having a dig at us” – that’s the Express stoking anti-EU sentiment, as you might expect (worth noting that the vaccine is made in Belgium, and also worth considering what no-deal M20 tailbacks from 1 January might mean for getting future supplies into Britain before they go off). “Vaccinations next week as PM caught in Brexit row” – that’s our Guardian print edition splash, after Boris Johnson had to play down statements by the health secretary that Brexit had helped speed the approval of the vaccine (EU authorities responded that they preferred to take a more cautious approach).
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