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  1. Parkrunner A105316. He's registered with Crystal Palace but most of his runs have been at Dulwich, he's the second fastest parkrunner in the world. AND He's an Olympic silver medalist.
  2. parkrun statsgeek group Roderick Hoffman · tSpongsod2urhed · I'll be producing some analysis from my top ten predictions later on in the week, but some quick stats to start with here: The 483 English parkruns that restarted yesterday would host 126,254 participants in an average week (based on each's previous 50 results). Yesterday they actually included 94,236 participants which is fractionally under 75%. It will be interesting to see if more participants return in future weeks. No records were broken - with Northallerton closest with 94% of their highest attendance. Of course, Chilton Fields set their record on their inaugural. Millom exceeded their average by the most (185%). https://www.facebook.com/
  3. Welcome to Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park -Juniors. Five higher attendances and three lower with Hillsborough and Millhouses having No Event. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 24th & 25th July 2021. 145 - Concord 424 - Endcliffe 195 - Graves 72 - Graves-Juniors No Event - Hillsborough No Event - Millhouses 133 - Castle 59 - Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park -Juniors Total = 1,028 307 - Rother Valley 94 - Clifton Park Total = 403 Overall Total = 1,421
  4. Graves is ready to roll on Saturday thanks to you fab lot but it looks like Endcliffe are struggling… If you want to volunteer this weekend, maybe drop them a line. Hillsborough and Millhouses aren’t on due to events so we need the other local parkruns to go ahead to avoid congestion! Thanks all Sheffield Castle parkrun-------We have a full volunteer Roster for Saturday so we are good to go. Please if you can travel to parkrun by foot, Pedal power, public transport or Car share then please do so as we only have a small carpark which is located just off city road at the side of select and save shop, who very kindly allow you to also use their carpark, if parking on the road please respect the local community by not parking in front of drives also please do not park on the left hand side to select and save as this belongs to the Allotments and access is needed at all times. We have 3 Scanners on Saturday so please try not to gather around 1 at the end. Please respect others and allow everyone to come and enjoy the morning. Really look forward to seeing you all Thanks
  5. There seems to be a host of 'special covid arrangements' for many parkruns. Please familiarise yourself with the new proceedures at your intended come back parkrun. Local changes at Graves and Endcliffe are already on facebook. These have caused several comments both good and not so good but the bottom line for all parkruns is 'only do what you are comfortable with' its your choice. I'm going to delay my start by exactly 3 minutes (or 4 or 5 or 6?). The recorded 'gun-time', or whistle-time at Graves, will take a hit but I will know my time by adjusting the recorded time by 3 minutes.
  6. Sheffield Hallam parkrun is no more, long live Endcliffe parkrun. We will be back (covid pings willing) on 24th July. It's a new course, a new name, some new people on the core team, but same old parkrun. Please download the app, read the new covid guidelines and help support the parkrun by volunteering. Dig out your barcodes, shake out your parkrun tees and be there with a smile. Can. Not. Wait. Back Together at last! Last time we were together in July was 2019 - scary thought - here's a pic from 22nd July 2019 so you can remember what it was like. Sigh, not many sleeps now before we experience it again. The thrill of arriving in Endcliffe Park and seeing the paraphernalia of parkrun assembling. SO EXCITING. And it will be again! https://www.parkrun.org.uk/endcliffe/news/2021/07/18/parkruns-coming-home-its-coming-home-its-coming-endcliffe-parkrun-minus-one-notarunreport/?fbclid=IwAR0qGAElHVgeWt_fCU4LWOhDzM2lIG42ztZ0jChtXfCe0U6qCVGY9kEjHZQ
  7. Probably - Because you are the strongest and not as offended by the dirty bin. Equality does not mean we are equal in every way.
  8. News from Rother Vallet parkrun. They will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. I always park in Sothall and walk in. UK parkrun tourists Tim Fellows · S1tSponshorerod · Parking arrangements at Rother Valley have changed. Instead of a person in a hut taking £1 per car, it's now ANPR at the barrier, with pay at a machine or on exit. £1 for 1 hour, £2 for 2 hours. The worry I have is that too many people will arrive as close to 9 as they can so they can fit inside the hour and we'll end up with a big queue at the barrier. It'll possibly also reduce the number of people staying for a coffee afterwards. We'll see. https://www.facebook.com/groups/feed/
  9. and Endcliffe............ It’s coming home… Well I can’t tell you about the football but it is just over two weeks until parkrun hopefully returns to Endcliffe park on the 24th July. Whilst we have been a little quiet over the past few months, there has been plenty going on behind the scenes for our return. First off though, we are in need some fab volunteers to help bring back parkrun safely. If you would like to volunteer for any of the upcoming parkruns please email in to, endcliffe@parkrun.com with the date(s) you would like to volunteer on. A lot has changed since the last parkrun, including a move to the new volunteering app for both timing and scanning. If you are coming down to volunteer, you will need to download the Virtual Volunteer app. The handy video will help explain how the app works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwnTrEAoWdw
  10. It's coming back................ Hi All, I hope you are well and excited for the return of ParkRun! In anticipation of the first ParkRun on the 24th July, I will be holding an informal drop-in session on the 17th July 9am till 10.30am at the Sheffield Castle ParkRun starting/finishing point. At the drop-in, you can: 1. Sign up as a volunteer for specific dates - I will have the sign up sheets for the first 4 weeks 2. Learn how to download and use the new ParkRun Volunteer App that you will need to be a timekeeper or token scanner (hint: it's really easy to use) 3. Meet me and other ParkRun volunteers. We are friendly, come and say hi PLEASE BRING YOUR PARKRUN BARCODE! All the usual Covid19 rules apply - social distancing please, no groups/congregating etc. This is a drop-in info point. THIS IS NOT A PARKRUN. If its busy, have a walk and pop back. Hope to see you there Charlotte Sheffield Castle ParkRun Event Director
  11. England - With landowner permission now in place for 524 5k events, we will be restarting in England on Saturday 24 July. An up-to-date list of English 5k parkrun events with landowner permission can be found here, and all those events should now be preparing to reopen in three weeks time. Event teams and ambassadors have been working hard to ensure checklists are completed and volunteer rosters are being filled and we can’t wait to finally get back together at events across England at the end of this month. https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2021/07/02/uk-update-2-july/
  12. Eilish McColgan: Scot breaks 17-year British record in women's 5,000m McColgan's startling run bodes well for her third Olympic Games this summer, as she raced round in 14 minutes 28.55 seconds to smash Radcliffe's previous mark of 14:29.11. The 30-year-old also took a whopping 18 seconds off her own previous best - 14:46.17 - which had stood as a Scottish record since October 2019. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/57689929
  13. * - My bold I don't think anyone could find a person in the whole country who fits this description. It's the finality of the terms that will stop anyone taking this seriously. "My country right or wrong. Anyone who thinks different is a traitor" - seems to fit with this post. Delbow put it better than me. Calling people nasty names dosen't make it true. The TV referance is a bit odd.
  14. Re: Why the title for this tread is the wrong way to look at Brexit! 'There is a simple reason why Boris Johnson and European leaders failed to find common ground over Brexit at last week’s G7 summit. They are not even talking about the same thing.' https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/16/british-politics-drunk-brexit-spirit-boris-johnson The above is what I have been wrestling with ever since the Referendum campaign got going. The final para from the 'pinko Guardian' is spot on (but reading the column first is a good idea). Boris and his party have made the Brexit debate simple = Sovereignty, Britishness and Slogans. As for finding a way through the bluster poor old Kier has a formidable job on his hands. But, that is what I look for in a successful leader - to make complex issues easy to understand.
  15. Following the announcement this evening from the Prime Minister, confirming a delay to Step 4 of the Roadmap until Monday 19 July 2021, it is now our intention that 5k events in England will restart on Saturday 24 July. A huge amount of work has been done in recent weeks to ensure we have permission to return from the large majority of landowners. Whilst this delay is disappointing, we respect the fact that a significant number of these permissions were contingent on the country moving into Step 4, and we will therefore target a new reopening date of Saturday 24 July. https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2021/06/14/statement-in-response-to-roadmap-announcement/
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