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  1. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 17th & 18th August 2019. 108 - Concord 262 - Graves 122 - Graves-Juniors 288 - Hillsborough 80 - Castle 575 - Hallam Total - 1,435 365 - Rother Valley 133 - Clifton Park Total - 498 Overall total = 1,933
  2. Its going to come but which party will take the bitter pill? Conservative members average age? Conservative voter average age? Labour rolling back the welfare state? The alternative is higher taxes. My bet is that, whoever it is, will come to some formula that does the job by scores of increments.
  3. The first bit of an article in 2009... "Or put it another way, why is the earth round? It's just the way things are. I guess I've spoken to at least thirty Tory MPs this week. They are all united in one thing. It must be anybody but Bercow. I know of only one Tory MP who would support him at the moment, yet Labour MPs are positively falling over themselves to back him. Wonder why that would be.. . . . " https://iaindale.blogspot.com/2009/05/why-do-tories-hate-bercow.html Things hadn't got any better by 2015.. "He 'bitch-slapped' the Prime Minister" (Cameron) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/why-do-the-tories-want-to-stab-john-bercow-in-the-back-10135549.html
  4. He only got the job because Labour backed him knowing that most Torys hated him. That's how seriously our elected representatives take the post.
  5. Its all so personal for some! He said no such thing. Corbyn clearly states that the Labour Party wants an alliance to stop a No Deal brexit . AND "to seek the confidence of the House for a strictly timed-limited temporary Government with the aim of calling a General Election. . . " Where the whole country would decide. I await Boris to submit himself to the judgement of the same number of people.
  6. Is the Conservative Party about to shed its skin again? Throughout the history of the party they have shed progressive thinkers to emerge as the same reactionary, status quo, aristocratic, private money group who think they have a god given right to govern the country. It usually takes them about 20 years to cobble together a populist 'No More Changes' and 'We Know Best' agenda whilst accepting the best of the recent changes. This time they faced the twin challenges of the Brexit party and the Remainers led by the Liberals. They have clearly seen the Brexit party as the most dangerous challenge to them and have swerved to the Right as a direct result. They picked Boris as the only person who could win and IMO he will say anything to win the upcoming General Election. He has no solid base of belief, remember he produced 2 articles, 1 for , 1 against, the night before declaring for the Leavers. He is currently bribing all and sundry irrespective of an over-arching political direction. This leaves the Liberals as the beneficiaries.. Two thirds of Conservative MP's voted for the May deal now championed by the Liberals. Here they go again?
  7. What is New Hope? There used to be a Hope Church on Matilda Steet City centre - Same one? When I searched on google maps its on Bernard Road.
  8. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 10th & 11th August 2019. 120 - Concord 317 - Graves 106 - Graves-Juniors 352 - Hillsborough 76 - Castle 571 - Hallam Total - 1,542 Rother Valley cancelled 155 - Clifton Park, 2nd Highest attendance. Total - 155 Overall total = 1,697
  9. Andrew Burgess-Tupling‎ to parkrun statsgeek group. Weather wise it was far better than anticipated for much of the Yorks & Humber region, leading to consistently good attendances for most events. There were 52/56 parkruns in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Cancellations were at Conyngham Hall, Normanby Hall, Rother Valley and Roundhay (reasons being Segway event, poor weather, ‘a big run’ and Ed Sheehan respectively). Of 51 runs completed both last week and this, 23 had higher attendances and 28 were lower. Total attendance was 12456, an decrease of 885 (6.6%) from the previous week. Scunthorpe & Woodhouse Moor both had attendances of 480 and Penistone & Potternewton both had 195. The average weekly attendance over the last 12 months has increased by 28.2% (9197 to 11787). The mean attendance per parkrun per week over the history of parkrun for the region is 208.9; the median is 169.
  10. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 3rd & 4th August 2019. 126 - Concord 260 - Graves 113 - Graves-Juniors 300 - Hillsborough 137 - Castle 526 - Hallam Total - 1,462 402 - Rother Valley 136 - Clifton Park Total - 538 Overall total = 2,000 Sheffield Hallam return to the numbers and boost us to a pleasingly neat school holidays total. One of the lastest members of the 500 Club is Rory WADDELL who came to South Yorkshire parkruns in July 2018 and started adding to his Bushy total of 349 runs started in 2008. Rory's figures are:- Bushy = 349 Graves = 122 Hallam = 16 Poolsbrook = 5 Castle = 5 1 each at - Hasenhiede/Bakewell/ Bracknell
  11. *-My bold. People generally have more enthusiasm in voting against things - sad but true. In Sheffield Hallam's case ,along with much of the nation, voters were voting against the Lib Dem's because they sacrificed their General Election promise to scrap tuition fees. The fact that they were part of a coalition with the Conservatives to the tune of 57 with the Conservative 306 (18.6%) didn't seem to register as relevent with the voters. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't - history marks it down as a mistake.
  12. Andrew Burgess-Tupling - In a week that saw record breaking temperatures in England, it was fortunately a little cooler at 9am on Saturday morning. For the first time ever, Bushy wasn’t the largest UK parkrun and there were noticeably low attendance across the Yorkshire & Humber region. There were 53/56 parkruns in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Cancellations were at Huddersfield, Sheffield Hallam and York. Of 50 runs completed both last week and this, 16 had higher attendances and 34 were lower. Total attendance was 10525, a decrease of 2462 (19.0%) from the previous week. Niche stat: For only the third time since 1 Jan 2016, no Yorkshire & Humber parkrun had an attendance of 400+. Barnsley & Oakwell Hall both had attendances of 195, Dewsbury & Humber Bridge both had 137 and Conyngham Hall & Storthes Hall both had 120. Attendances at Cliffe Castle, Halifax, Goole and Myrtle were (respectively) 139, 140, 141 and 142. The average weekly attendance over the last 12 months has increased by 26.9% (9180 to 11652). The mean attendance per parkrun per week over the history of parkrun for the region is 208.7; the median is 169.
  13. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 27th & 28st July 2019. 131 - Concord 338 - Graves 67 - Graves-Juniors 351 - Hillsborough 87 - Castle Hallam - No event. Sheffield Pride. Total - 749 310 - Rother Valley 126 - Clifton Park Total - 436 Overall total = 1,410 The lowest totals for some time probably due to a combination of School Holidays, Sheffield Pride and wet weather.
  14. National Numbers this week. Bushy was not top of the list for the first time ever , they weren't second either! http://www.elliottline.com/parkrun/2019/7/28/elliott-line-stats-28th-july-2019?fbclid=IwAR2HsnHZ8vNxl4wk9YamV0Ym0YUMs97L_OFDM5d65SBmvq2nHvxO-5gPs3w
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