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  1. Juniors restart in Sheffield on Sunday 18th at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park S9 3TL. 4 to 10 year olds only Restart date still on track for the 5th June for us grownups. Latest News............. https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2021/04/13/covid-19-coronavirus-update-13-april/?fbclid=IwAR32cMcsHJdDyvG64YnlsVweG04-7pg6pmb_HRkU3KsKlDEKoxN_W7rJ-pI
  2. I was speaking figuratively. But lets cut the subtlety....... West 77 would vote for Boris even if he shot someone on Oxford Street.
  3. * - My bold and underline. Your first paragraph is an example of 2 of the different types in their approach to politics. Which is made real by the Brexit debate. Your second brings this to life in a real and frightening way. To set some parameters on the second. Please give your opinion on the following as to whether they get shot or not. Serious Question. Man with a gun attacking you. Stalin Kier Hardy Jeremy Corbyn Michael Foot Tony Blair Edward Heath David Cameron Maggie Thatcher Winston Churchill Enoch Powell Donald Trump
  4. It also used to have a metal turntable at the end . There was no room for vehicles to do a 3 point turn . Concreted in now but still visable on 'google maps'. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Fargate,+Sheffield+City+Centre,+Sheffield/@53.3821617,-1.4679047,25m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x48797878a87317c3:0xe70790a53cca54a7!8m2!3d53.3813702!4d-1.4693343
  5. WORLD BEST 5K RUN FROM BETH WOW! What a night for Scotland’s BETH POTTER as she clocks a quite remarkable 14.41 in a 5k in England – to break World and British best times for the distance on the road. Beth’s time eclipses the 14:43 posted by Beatrice Chepkeoch as the global mark and the 14:51 held by Paula Radcliffe as the British Record. So now the former British 10,000m champion and Commonwealth Games finalist will await ratification as a World Record holder! Beth is now a full-time triathlete based down south and we’re absolutely certain this performance will thrill her family, the endurance community in Scotland, and old friends and former training partners at VP-Glasgow. She still holds Scottish Schools track Records. Many congratulations ! *Mhairi Maclennan , 16 years old, clocked 15:47 in the same race and that ws a road PB by seven seconds for the Inverness Harriers athlete.
  6. Being anti something isn't enough? I would love this to be true but it just isn't. There are some pro- campaigns but they are hard to find. Successful anti, 'we've been robbed?, campaigns are 10 a penny its what people really get going about. Is this why Boris continually couches his language in aggressive anti and warlike phrases? The War. Poll Tax. Brexit - Take back control. The 2019 election against Corbyn. Trump Bolsonaro Reclaim the Night ( no-one ever had it in the first place!). Bolsonaro
  7. Don't be daft. You cannot be serious. We are all surrounded by influences, many unconscious, from birth. It can take years decades and lifetimes to see through them, some never do. Anyway, don't be so nasty. Anna was speaking for herself not the whole of the nation. People weigh 'facts' differently. For some the word of God has to be obeyed as written in the bible. Some translate it to the 21st centuary and some think its a load of bunk. For some 'life' is sacrsanct be it human, animal or vegetable. These people are genuine in their beliefs and will suffer fines, imprisonment and even death to support that belief. Some are cynical like Arnold above. But, we have got to live together and although I rarely accept Churchill as guidance - “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy* is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” * whatever democracy is, in all its different forms.
  8. parkrun milestone t-shirt changes It had to happen eventually. The price of then milestones t-shirts is going to cover the cost of production and postage. Its going to be £15 including delivery which is up from £4:50, in the UK. Its non-profit making and the same across the globe. However, there is an upside in that V (volunteer) t-shirts will be available for every milestone and a new 25 t-shirt for runners,joggers and walkers. Thats 6 new milestones. The changes come into force on 1st September 2021, so get calculating and binge run/volunteer to beat the deadline if you need too. If I can register 3 more volunteer credits before 1/9/21 that'll be 2 new shirts for me to save up for ;0) https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2021/03/17/changes-to-milestone-t-shirts/?fbclid=IwAR1xkNCS8iv2cHQ1v09INF1iGdtor_tmt2TNs5QRen7kfxwfYHQHkRKib3g
  9. Hospitalisations and deaths follow the rise in positive cases by about 2 and 4 weeks respectively. The vaccine to stops people getting Covid19. Does that include symptoms and contagion? Stand by.
  10. Sheffield new cases last week = 495 Sheffield new cases this week = 526 +6.5% The schools have only been back a week and the figures nationally and locally are already showing less of a decrease and in Sheffield an increase.
  11. tzijlstra I'm so disappointed in you I thought you were better than that. Park the condesension and arrogance. Thanks for your thoughts, not THE Law as handed down by the great one!
  12. "And one progressive response to Brexit, even from those of us who both campaigned for Remain and who are sceptical of the overall progressive impacts of it, is to reclaim and radicalise the dominant slogan and narrative of the Leave campaign, namely ‘take back control’. This slogan demonstrated the genius of the Leave campaign. Here, as an aside, the left and any left-wing populist response must learn from its enemies in terms of articulating and communicating its ideas and objectives. Vague and abstract talk about ‘capitalism’ or ‘neoliberalism’, never mind the other terms like ‘ideology’, ‘capital’, ‘political economy’ will not work to grab people’s attention. As a recovering politician myself (coupled with the handicap of being an academic), I know real politics (or at least political communication and engagement with our fellow citizens) is neither a seminar, nor an earnest ‘political discussion’ beloved of progressive parties and movements." . . *my bold https://brexitblog-rosalux.eu/2019/02/10/reflections-of-a-remainer-remoaner-on-the-progressive-potentials-of-brexit/ A good article linked, imo. No insult intended.
  13. You are not the person who says who has rights and who does not. Its just your opinion. If you spoil your ballot paper you have made the same effort as any other voter to attend the polling station. AND your efforts are counted AND recorded on the official result AND you have every right to moan about the result. IMHO. There is logic to the above comment. Such that it is, it fits with the Tory ethos , self, self, self. The trouble is that there are very few policies that can be reduced to there effect on Stocksbridge and Stocksbridge alone. Anyone with a wider view of the city/county/region/country/globe/humanity needs to take other things into consideration.
  14. Its not rocket science. The financial arguement for Brexit was lost a long time ago. There is a financial disadvantage to being outside the EU. There is an emotional advantage to feeling that we are a free, sovereign, and independant country - Huzzar! All very well, but its only a feeling. "We are now more than ever a global marketplace" and we need all the advantages we can get. The EU gives gave us an advantage.
  15. Road users vote with their wheels. If its better/quicker/safer then it will be used. Each individual user will make his/her decision on their own priorities. The 4 wheel rat runners were using Alma Street/Green Lane but that has been stopped by the concrete blocks in front of The Fat Cat. Leaving the coast clear for the 2 wheel rat runner and the local businesses and residents will experience the effects of that. If the 2 wheelers are dangerous then the blocks can be re-configured to slow them down but its pretty tight and cycling speed has to be reduced considerably to get through safely. I went through it yesterday and pedestrian movement on the cycle path also slowed me down. I also went through the blocks on Ball Street bridge and the Pinstone street and found it to be better even at the reduced speeds needed to get through safely. It works for me. Theres no need for massive policing of systems IF things are designed to make the best use the safe use.
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