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  1. See below - The organisers are obviously aware of the narrow route and have tried to minimise things. The start at the south end will allow the field to thin out as much as possible too. Course Description - Just under three anti-clockwise laps of the park, starting near the Abbey Lane end car park. The course is fast, flat, and all on tarmac paths, but most of all, fun! We ask particpants to please stay on the paths at all times to avoid damage to any of the ornamental areas of the park. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at this event.
  2. Andrew Burgess-Tupling At a time that Eliud Kipchoge was running the equivalent of 8.5 parkruns at sub 14:11 pace, there were thousands of people across the world being cheered on at a more sedate pace. We were all running, none of us (including Eliud) were racing, except perhaps against the clock. There were 56/58 parkruns in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Cancellations at Goole and York. Of 56 runs completed both last week and this, 28 had higher attendances, 26 were lower and two (Centre Vale (151) and Middleton Woods (70)) were the same. Total attendance was 13315, a decrease of 626 (4.5%) from the previous week. Following the launch of Cusworth Hall last week, Normanby Hall staged its 150th event and Wakefield Thornes its 250th. Castle Howard & Rothwell both had attendances of 271, Centre Vale & Dalby Forest had 151, Humber Bridge & Penistone had 149, Bramley & Concord had 146, Conyngham Hall & Horton Park had 80 and Middleton Woods & Sheffield Castle had 70. The average weekly attendance over the last 12 months has increased by 30.0% (9399 to 12217. The mean attendance per parkrun per week over the history of parkrun for the region is 210.2; the median is 170.
  3. For the parkrunner that's 8 and a bit 5k's. Every 5k in about 14:11. 14:55 is the record for a single 5k in our fastest local course at Rother Valley.
  4. Best answer You seem to have a problem with the word 'representative' in the context of our MP's. Its nuanced, but I'm guessing that you think you should have the 'bold' (below) type of person in Parliament. . . . . . . . .but you don't. "What is the difference between a delegate and a representative?" Depending on the context, those terms can mean the same thing, or something very different. As a rule, it is assumed that "representatives" have general power to act in place of a designated group, including voting, in their stead, and his (or her) opinions are said to be representative enough to be "representative" of their opinions. More often, it is common for delegates to be assigned a specifc task, or area of expertise, to speak about, generally without voting." There's lots more here but the above is the crux of it. https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100412022951AAThqa3&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWNvc2lhLm9yZy8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIZXcaJitsZs2ix0X7RALOYwMWofhy1n_cxKVT7XU3EY-Zdf0qjwApjWBPcknCAg6Wq8C-Gj4I-vd6SbtJIOD4aujYEC28hFlzXImVOT6fh25OtcKB8fUes6Y2N0lM1ODzSr-J1FxhMi56iekT_SeKJsWp9iApmufJZVjqUKj3ww
  5. The Queens speech. The Conservative party is about to put words into the mouth of the Queen about what her government will enact in the forthcoming session. The time they took to forment this cunning programme was secured by misleading the Monarch to get her permission to prorogue Parliament and has been proven so in a court of law. The whole speech will be a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative party. Spoken by the Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. They have no intention of making any of the wish list into law because they have recently tried, and failed, to call a General election. Furthermore, they have not won a single vote under the guidance of Boris. Therefore they will be unable to enact anything in the wish list that the opposition disagree with. Of all the parties in all of the country who would have guessed it would be the Conservatives who use and abuse the monarch. Any royalist worthy of the name will never vote conservative again. They are making the Queen into a laughing stock.
  6. This volatile rant is typical of the hyperboli that has so disfigured our public life recently. Smith has not "stuck two fingers up at anyone" she has not shown "utter contempt" for anyone. And Who is "us up here" and by what right do you speak for them. She was elected to by the people of Peniston and Stocksbridge to be their representative not their delegate. Do you know the difference?
  7. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 12th & 13th October 2019. 146 - Concord 301 - Graves 114 - Graves-Juniors 461 - Hillsborough 70 - Castle 659 - Hallam Total - 1,751 300 - Rother Valley 124 - Clifton Park Total - 424 Overall total = 2, 175
  8. What about if you get thrown out of the party? You know what I'm getting at.............
  9. ‎Andrew Burgess-Tupling‎ to parkrun statsgeek group I know I’m a bit late on the parkrun birthday thing, but thought that the summary for the Yorkshire and Humber region should be a bit different this week. Figures show the number of parkruns in place in the region as at the first weekend of October for that year, followed by attendance for that weekend. 2007: 1; 15 2008: 1; 138 2009: 1; 234 2010: 4; 569 2011: 9; 1235 2012: 14; 2551 2013: 24; 4146 2014: 30; 5167 2015: 36; 7172 2016: 38; 8652 2017: 40; 10160 2018: 47; 9474* 2019: 58; 13941
  10. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 5th & 6th October 2019. 148 - Concord 247 - Graves 118 - Graves-Juniors 431 - Hillsborough 87 - Castle 644 - Hallam Total - 1,675 366 - Rother Valley 123 - Clifton Park Total - 489 Overall total = 2, 164
  11. No first run for Millhouses yet. Cusworth Hall (Donny) had their first. It looks a bit complicated -- https://www.parkrun.org.uk/cusworthhall/course/ International and National numbers - http://www.elliottline.com/parkrun/2019/10/6/parkrun-attendance-and-milestone-stats-for-05-october-2019-and-06-october-2019?fbclid=IwAR1j1vACTfICwwNt-OT3nEbyzXd4WWBzK3g1lzVH43yDyWoASeFsBTdwGWo
  12. 1) parkrun 2) Don't stop > > > run to 'spoons 3) See the finish of the first half 4) Order a big breakfast. 5) See England win. Don't change a winning run.
  13. There you go. Glad to see someone is looking at it.
  14. ‎Andrew Burgess-Tupling‎ to parkrun statsgeek group. Today, I can tick off a niche stat I’ve been monitoring since recording the details of Yorkshire & Humber parkruns two-and-a-half years ago. Interested? Read on! There were 53/57 parkruns in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Cancellations at Bradford, Brighouse, Dalby Forest and Heslington. Of 50 runs completed both last week and this, 10 had higher attendances and 40 were lower. Total attendance was 11239 a decrease of 2763 (19.7%) from the previous week. Castle Howard had a new record attendance (328). Conyngham Hall had fewer than 100 runners for the first time. Catterick & Skipton both had attendances of 185 and Millfield & Temple Newsam had 138. Ultra niche stat: The attendance of 522 at Hull was unique for the region. It was also the lowest attendance (excepting single figures) never before recorded at any parkrun in the Yorkshire & Humber region. (Told you it was worth waiting for!) The average weekly attendance over the last 12 months has increased by 28.9% (9390 to 12102). The mean attendance per parkrun per week over the history of parkrun for the region is 210.0; the median is 170.
  15. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 28th & 29th September 2019. 113 - Concord 286 - Graves 71 - Graves-Juniors 3426 - Hillsborough 77 - Castle 672 - Hallam Total - 1,645 299 - Rother Valley 107 - Clifton Park Total - 406 Overall total = 2, 051 ..............and soon we'll be 9 events!
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