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  1. Flanker7

    Is gender inequality in sentencing ok?

    The thread had moved on. Jobs wasn't where this one started, it was judges comments and drunken driving. Or you're just trying to avoid commenting on my point? Don't bother it was a rhetorical question. As its plainly obvious that women and men can't compete on an even footing at most sports.
  2. Flanker7

    Is gender inequality in sentencing ok?

    But should anyone , or any organisation , have the power to allow or not allow an entire gender to compete in any sporting event. Like any event that titles its self 'Womens' or 'Ladies'.
  3. Why restrict yourself to EU countries? Are there any countries slaughter methods that you approve of? Apart from good old Blighty that is. This attitude is understandable. Its called parochial (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/parochial) . Very common amongst Brexiters.
  4. Flanker7

    The parkrun thread

    Penistone's first parkrun attracted 375 runners 86 of whom were first timers. National and International numbers. http://www.elliottline.com/parkrun/2019/4/14/elliott-line-stats-14th-april-2019?fbclid=IwAR0-cDPMDsG5sCD9woterV9hNj680Ln58g9_ZRR6NJrmXjReksptKoWsCmw
  5. Flanker7

    The parkrun thread

    Welcome and Good Luck to the first Penistone parkrun today.
  6. Flanker7

    The parkrun thread

    Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 6th & 7th April 2019. 97- Concord 233 - Graves, 93 - Graves-Juniors 384 - Hillsborough 67 - Castle 660 - Hallam Total - 1,534 344 - Rother Valley 151 - Clifton Park, 2nd Highest Attendance. Total - 495 Overall total = 2,029 Sorry about the delay. I've been to Market Rasen Racecourse parkrun. It follows the ambulance track around the inside of the race course, lovely crowd and slick operation, recommended.
  7. Flanker7

    The parkrun thread

    Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 30th & 31st March 2019. 109- Concord 299 - Graves, 70 - Graves-Juniors 452 - Hillsborough 74 - Castle 725 - Hallam Total - 1,719 369 - Rother Valley 107 - Clifton Park Total - 505 Overall total = 2,195
  8. There are loads who want the job. But what are the odds that the Conservative party members will get a vote on their new leader? They didn't get the chance to vote for May maybe it was too important to leave to the rank and file. Mind you they didn't make as much as a squeak about it. Your average Conservative members are deferential to their betters and subservient to the big beasts of the party. Not that they get much chance, or even if they want the chance…… “It turns out that half of all members (46 per cent) are happy with the current system for electing the leader, although – perhaps surprisingly – a fifth (21 per cent) would like to see the decision return to MPs only.” https://www.psa.ac.uk/insight-plus/members-only-views-conservative-party’s-rank-and-file
  9. Flanker7

    The parkrun thread

    Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 23rd & 24th March 2019. 81- Concord 296 - Graves, 139 - Graves-Juniors 442 - Hillsborough, 8th Highest Attendance 93 - Castle 684 - Hallam Total - 1,735 378 - Rother Valley, 8th Highest Attendance 127 - Clifton Park Total - 505 Overall total = 2,240
  10. Flanker7

    The parkrun thread

    Yorkshire Numbers - - Andrew Burgess-Tupling‎ to parkrun statsgeek group Spring has sprung and after two weeks of comparatively reduced numbers, parkrun attendances returned to what counts for normal in these heady days.There were 50/52 parkruns in the Yorkshire and The Humber region (cancellations at Bramley and Wetherby). Of 46 runs completed both last week and this, 44 had higher attendances, one (Concord) was lower and one other (Potternewton (105)) was the same. Total attendance was 13637, an increase 5876 (75.7%) from the previous week.Pontefract and Roundhay both had attendances of 436, Cleethorpes and Doncaster had 264, Catterick and Cliffe Castle had 190 and Goole and Myrtle had 161. It was the first time ever (from 12254 regional parkruns) that a venue (Huddersfield) has had an attendance of 640. The average weekly attendance over the last 12 months has increased by 24.2% (8743 to 10856). The mean attendance per parkrun per week over the history of parkrun for the region is 205.1; the median is 165.
  11. It could have been that they wanted to put up the Irish rugby flag which represents All Ireland. Stands back. Closes bunker lid. ;0)
  12. .... and 2 plus 2 equals 22. Come on you're better than that - I hope.
  13. Contrast the styles - one is abuse. The other is pointing out something that many are pretending dosen't exsist or worse dosen't matter. 'busted flush', 'alleged war criminal', 'spout bile', 'corrupt EU' and wreak more havoc'. Blair pointed out the oxymoron that is the Northern Island position.
  14. Flanker7

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    Perhaps the well publicised PR gaffe was the picture of Stacey Dooley. I don't blame her or the photographer. All Lammy did was look with fresh eyes and point out something that was obvious. A bit like saying "The Emporer has no clothes". They would never take that picture again, or anything like it either.

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