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  1. Can the Conservatives refuse Scotland an independance vote? If they do refuse them a vote will the Scots turn to civil disobedience ? Whaterver the Scots do Northern Ireland will be close behind. Except for the civil disobedience they do that as the national sport.. If I hear 'One Nation Tories' again I will spit. Remember Maggie quoting Saint Francis of Assisi. Albert was responding to a probable increase in deaths Welcome to the new world of 'Dog eat Dog' everyone
  2. Above all decide for youself and - VOTE The papers - 6-2 to the Conservatives or Score it for yourselves with the links. Some of the headlines leave it to us. Others have no reservations. The Guardian - “Corbyn urges voters to deliver ‘shock to the establishment’ The Mirror - “For them … vote Labour” The i “Britain’s future: you decide”. The Independant - Beyond the Bluster The Metro - “So here it is, Merry Xmas The FT - “Polls cast doubt on Tory hopes of securing a decisive majority” The Mail - “BORIS”. The Express - “Brexit and Britain in your hands” The Telegraph announces “Decision Day” “Election on knife edge as Tory lead narrows”. The Times: “Tories face last-minute threat from Brexit party” The Sun - “If Boris wins today, a bright future begins tomorrow … but if Red Jez gets in, the lights will go out for good”, “Save Brexit, Save Britain”. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/12/thursday-briefing-now-for-the-only-poll-that-counts https://www.thepaperboy.com/uk/front-pages.cfm
  3. He's entitled to his private opinion. He's part of a broad spectrum of opinion in the Labour Party, everyone knows that the Labour MP's ,as a whole, don't like Corbyn's views. The ability to accept other peoples views is a quality in short supply these days, Corbyn showed it in his answers to the press about it. However, lets watch Ashworths progress from now on ;0).............. Its stating the obvious to say that he would never have said it in public during an election campaign. The Conservatives did their blood letting before the election and now every single one of them backs Brexit! This is another lie from them that dosen't bear examination. If Johnson loses and resigns on Friday, more will come out of the woodwork with their true feelings and stories of being made to suppress them in order to get behind their wonderful leader. Thanks for this last sentance Alch but the sarcasm is a little tiresome. Other than that - Never trust a Tory.
  4. The headlines, 5-3 to the Conservatives with 2 score draws. It was difficult today as many of the tops could be taken either way depending on your position. I balanced the 'i' with the 'The Times' as they were either side of the same coin. The Independant not on the Guardian list again. The i goes with “Corbyn closes on Johnson as race tightens” The Independant - "Child left waiting 57 hours for a bed in A&E. " The Mirror: “Johnson saw my son’s death not as a tragedy but as an opportunity”. The Guardian – “Our collective humanity is being put on trial” “most important election in a generation” The FT says Boris Johnson is “ready to shake up overseas aid” if the Conservatives win. The Telegraph declares Johnson would “get tough on serious criminals”. The Times - “Tory lead narrows ahead of final election rallies” The Mail really pours it on: “Britain’s future down to the wire”. The Express - Labour shadow minister said he “can’t stand” Jeremy Corbyn. The Sun officially endorses the PM: “Boris ticks all the boxes”. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/11/wednesday-briefing-scramble-to-finish-line-in-final-day-of-campaign https://www.thepaperboy.com/uk/front-pages.cfm
  5. I agree. This appears to be an off the record briefing from Conservative HQ. No-one is creditied with the words in any of the reports I've just checked. This leaves Alchresearch able to maintain it is all a put up job. However, 1. How likley is the Telegraph to print a derogatory allegation if the source is questionable? 2. Are the Telegraph likely to have a good connection to Conservative HQ?
  6. Thanks Anna - Besides my obvious personal opinion. I have an interest in how the Political stance of any paper comes through in almost any article. IMO the most odious job in the media (and there are plenty) is headline writer. Look at these 2 from today. The Express - “Boris threat to axe BBC TV licence” The Mail - “Boris: I might axe TV licence”. Does the difference matter? It does to me.
  7. The Press headlines today : 4-2 to Labour. New Zealand’s volcano disaster occupies a majority of the front-page picture positions in our regularly featured mastheads. The Mirror - “Here’s another picture you won’t want to look at, Mr Johnson”. The Guardian - “Tories accused of lying to distract from image of boy on hospital floor”. The Express - “Boris threat to axe BBC TV licence” The Mail - “Boris: I might axe TV licence”. The Telegraph carries a warning to the Tory camp that “Corbyn could win without gaining a seat” The Sun – “You’re fired Corbyn” is the headline. The i - “No sign of life” is the i’s stark headline for the volcano story. The Times we’ve got “British tourists injured after volcano erupts”. The FT leads with “Oil boom star Tullow plunges 70% after cut to output forecast” – The Independant - "Politicians promises on the NHS can't be delivered." https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/10/tuesday-briefing I went looking for the Inpependant for MW not that it made any difference. The comment above seems to point to a 'reguler' omission of the Independant from the Guardian briefing - it may be something to do with publishing times. I don't think it is Political bias. https://www.thepaperboy.com/uk/front-pages.cfm
  8. The Papers moved to General Election December 12th >>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. Perhaps I could add up the circulation figures for both sides that would really show up the amount of 'reach' of each side. As you say "You won't change certain peoples views" I agree with you. Your choice of words leaves it open to others who are not 'certain people' who may be influenced by bias. Thank-you. Just because bias has always been there dosen't make it right - unless you are a traditional reactionary who hates anything new, different or an innovation. I take the information from the Guardian briefing, it wasn't there. It wasn't on the BBC either. Thats strange! as YOU may think these two biased pinko organisation would twist and promote news to show the left in a good light . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs/the_papers - not on here. https://www.thepaperboy.com/uk/front-pages.cfm - at last, here it is. The Independant - "Tactical Voters could deny Johnson majority" BTW - I'm loving your use of 'desperation' not that it's true but it mimics the style of most of the right wing stuff. If you don't believe me look at the 'paperboy link' it actually shows how the front pages are presented.
  10. The papers - 5-2 to the Conservatives yet again. The Times - “Johnson to blitz seats in Labour heartlands” The Telegraph has “Corbyn will betray Brexit, says Johnson as he takes fight to Labour’s heartlands”. The Mail goes with “PM blasts Labour Brexit betrayal” The Express says “Boris: the last chance to save Brexit and Britain. The Sun also has a one-word headline – “Nightmare” – leading a “special report” into Labour’s policies. The Guardian takes a different angle – “Corbyn in last-ditch drive to focus on voters’ finances” – as does The Mirror - “Desperate” over a picture of a young boy being treated on a hospital floor because of a lack of beds. The Scotsman has “Labour opens door to deal for IndyRef2 after election”. The FT diverges with “Beijing orders removal of foreign PCs and software”. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/09/monday-briefing-parties-deliver-final-pitches-in-last-stretch-of-campaign *- the spoiler is a mistake, sorry.
  11. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 7th December &8th December 2019. 188 - Concord, 5th Highest Attendance 169 - Graves 66 - Graves-Juniors 375 - Hillsborough 274 - Millhouses 68 - Castle 560 - Hallam Total = 1,700 305 - Rother Valley 89 - Clifton Park Total = 394 Overall Total = 2,094 The first week in December is, allegedly, the lowest parkrun attendance of the year but Sheff and Roth buck the trend and record an attendance in the 2,000's. Concord lead the way with their 5th highest attendance. Millhouses showed signs of settling down with an increased attendance, on the previous week, for the first time. Graves seems to be the major contributor to them.
  12. The Papers on Sunday 4-1 to the Conservatives yet again. 3 others left the election off the front page. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs/the_papers My previous was particular to the item under discussion. I think the facts are important and the real or imagined connection to Russia is a deleberate distraction. There is always a tendancy to shoot the messenger/whistle blower/the person who rocks the boat by vested interests.
  13. I don't know and I don't care. But are the allegations true? I think they are. No-one is disputing the matter. Its just a smoke screen to avoid explaining what was disscussed with the USA.
  14. What does this actually mean - "The NHS is not for sale." If any of the Political party's could convincingly demonstrate what it means and thereafter show that someone was doing it. It would be easy to make a decision. However, Brexit was - Take back control, end immigration, straight bananas, sovereignty, freedom to eat our fish!, etc, etc - All of this was smoke and mirrors. AND loads of people voted for it.
  15. Boris is top for outside earnings. You'd think he had enough on his plate without having to take on extra stuff! https://www.cityam.com/general-election-2019-boris-johnson-tops-list-of-mps-for-outside-earnings/ New Health Secretary Matt Hancock accepted £32,000 from boss of think tank that wants to scrap the NHS. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/new-health-secretary-matt-hancock-12891819 Wake up Britain. The NHS is not for sale! . . . . . . . . .With the Conservatives it is ! Price £32,000.
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