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  1. Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow - Hand pulled into a 600ml bottle choice of Beer or Cider £4:25 a bottle.
  2. Exercise - Its about the chances if infection and maintaining health both physical and mental. If we bike around in a pelaton of 20 it will soon get stopped. But, as I understand it at the moment, (UK) execise is with members of your household with no limit on time or distance. My 48k yesterday was brilliant on the quiet roads of the peak district. I feel sorry for the people in a big city where the exercise space is at a premium and the chances of infection have to be weighed in the balance. . . . by each individual . . . at the moment.
  3. Virgin Broadfield is 25 metres long and always roped off into lanes *. Fast , medium and slow in the first 3 lanes - IMO you shouldn't be in the fast lane if you don't do a length in 30 seconds. * - During Aqua-aerobics they remove 1 or 2 lanes to allow the very big classes room. This is very annoying but I can't complain because there are many more of them than there are lane swimmers. So I avoid 11:15am - 12:15pm. At about 4pm the swimming lessons start and they take 2 lanes, whilst the third lane is for 'family fun'. I avoid these times too. My favourite times are:- 9am - When its serious good swimmers, mostly female, ploughing up and down at a cracking pace, for me. This eases off towards 10am. 1pm - 3:30pm - Usually loads of room and very little passing needed. If swimmers know what they're doing passing can be easily accomplished at the turn. Its a pity about the lockdown closing of pools because the swimming part is clean and the infection potential is very small according to the ASA. Its the changing room situation that has messed it up. Wild swimming anyone?
  4. Oh no - you mentioned the G word. We didn't fight in 2 world wars for the likes of Angela Merkle to come flaunting their testing. testing, testing. You can keep your cheap intensive care ventilators obtained by the EU. We are no longer members! https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/uk-politics/2103709/coronavirus-britain-misses-out-on-eu-ventilators-due-to-e-mail-gaffe/
  5. Good on you Anna - Yet I found myself runnning around my garden clapping. Basic psychology. Its something that we/you, the left leaning, need to understand and learn. Nigel, Boris and even Enoch Powell don't need to understand it, its in their DNA.
  6. I'm getting sick of seeing Boris with those 2 Unionjacks so tight in to him so that they are in every TV camera shot. It makes it look like they are sprouting out of his shoulders. It doesn't seem very British to me.
  7. There will be those preaching "The strong survive and the weakest go to the wall". But, after a few seconds of thought that is total rubbish We're not cavemen anymore and we have a developed and caring society with an intellectual approach to problems for the best result for everyone. Yep, when push comes to shove they know it make sense.
  8. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 14th & 15th March 2020. 110 - Concord 208 - Graves 70 - Graves-Juniors 416 - Hillsborough 260 - Millhouses 79 - Castle 504 - Hallam Total = 1,647 367 - Rother Valley 103 - Clifton Park Total = 470 Overall Total = 2,117 Were the lower number due to COVID-19 - probably. In the report below there was at least 1 cancellation due to the pandemic , I feel certain there will be more next week. At the moment there is no instruction coming from parkrun HQ so I guess some parkruns will continue IF current advice stays the same. I don't think there's much chance of that! As some volunteers are in close proximity to every single runner taking part its understandable that some will not be available for some time. National and International numbers:- https://www.elliottline.com/parkrun/2020/3/15/parkrun-attendance-and-milestone-stats-for-14-march-2020-and-15-march-2020?fbclid=IwAR2TnfFPoDC80kEhY3jzdRVfiwoofRBjYrKgbXkDkAa1IfNd6JRJPgaX0zk
  9. "Never apologise. Never Explain" - Winston Churchill (and others) This would fit most of the Tories on this forum. The arrogance is sadly predictable. "The best from of defence is attack." The replies to the Labour / Conservative thread here prove this to be so.
  10. I just go and say the above when all of a sudden:- "The end is nigh indeed, as Louise Dale-Hughes, co-event director, alongside Finlay - also co-event director, made the official announcement that Sheffield Hallam parkrun will cease to be on 21st March. " https://www.parkrun.org.uk/sheffieldhallam/news/2020/03/07/476-international-womens-day-parkrunning-in-purple-7-march-2020/?fbclid=IwAR3RHu0c99k-TNSaTJVhTXr12CIcelVxvKdnzYgBpPZjegzL7xzDi_VuL7E
  11. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 7th & 8th March 2020. 180 - Concord 226 - Graves 106 - Graves-Juniors 543 - Hillsborough , 6th Highest Attendance 439 - Millhouses, 5th Highest Attendance 116 - Castle, 8th Highest Attendance 614 - Hallam Total = 2,224 428 - Rother Valley 175 - Clifton Park, 3rd Highest Attendance Total = 603 Overall Total = 2,827 This line from the Hallam 'International Womens Day' parkrun report dosen't sound like its imminent? " . . . . I hope as we transition into becoming Endcliffe parkrun over the next couple of months . . . . " www.parkrun.org.uk/sheffieldhallam/news/
  12. I reported some rubbish outside a house on a street in S11. It was gone in 3 days. I don't know if they spoke to the resident where the building rubbish had, obviously, come from.
  13. ‎Andrew Tup‎ to parkrun statsgeek group Today parkrun recognised International Women’s Day. The weather was much improved compared with much of February (the wettest on record), leading to a significant increase in events and runners across the Yorkshire & Humber region. There were 57*/60 parkruns in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Cancellations were at Brighouse, Storthes Hall and Wetherby. Of 46* events completed both last week and this, 31 had higher attendances and 15 were lower. Total attendance was 15331, an increase of 2964 (24.0%) from the previous week. On their fifth anniversary, Halifax (283) had a record attendance, marginally beating the attendance at their inaugural event. The mantle of oldest record attendance at an inaugural passes to Northallerton (1 August 2015). Three out of four of Halifax’s highest attendances have been set over the last four events, bucking the trend of much of the rest of the region. Roundhay & Scunthorpe both had attendances of 417, Sewerby & Skipton both had 220 and Bramley & Rotherham had 175. Niche stat; There have been exactly 1000 parkruns (out of 14976) that have had attendances between 401-500. The average weekly attendance over the last 12 months has increased by 19.6% (10731 to 12838). The mean attendance per parkrun per week over the history of parkrun for the region is 212.8; the median is 172. *-Sheffield Hallam to be added.
  14. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 29th FebruaMarch 2020. 124 - Concord 285 - Graves 101 - Graves-Juniors 424 - Hillsborough 317 - Millhouses 120 - Castle 614 - Hallam Total = 1,985 313 - Rother Valley 178 - Clifton Park Total = 491 Overall Total = 2,476 National numbers. Hallam had the 9th highest UK attendance this week. https://www.elliottline.com/parkrun/2020/3/1/parkrun-attendance-and-milestone-stats-for-29-february-2020-and-01-march-2020?fbclid=IwAR1orjrOXjl7MGDUtDD2cX-AgyxW7YellWiXwy6bNA9ozSZLfsMkzWpQJKE
  15. I understand that as few as 5,000 people, (or businesses?), benifit from Entrepreneurs Relief. Thats 200,000 each! I'd like to see who benifits from this relief, and by how much. Is this a tax break that should be removed? or Is this a cornerstone of Conservative thinking and should be preserved at all costs (literally). "There have been quite a few tax surprises in the leading parties’ manifestos ahead of the general election on 12th December. Not least amongst these is the possible abolition of Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) by both the Conservative and Labour parties. Currently ER reduces the amount of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) payable on the sale of qualifying business assets. The relief which was introduced in 2008 reduces the rate of CGT payable on qualifying gains from 20% to 10%. The relief is not always straightforward but can be extremely valuable where significant gains are realised. Gains of up to £10m can potentially qualify for the relief which reportedly costs the government £2bn a year*." https://www.armstrongwatson.co.uk/news/2019/12/entrepreneurs’-relief-may-be-abolished-after-general-election *-my bold
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