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  1. The country has spoken. Please end this embarrassing chapter in our history. Do the right thing
  2. It's called ' The Streisand Effect' . A new one on me. Of course no one can be surprised that Boris did this or that no.10 tried to bully the Times. The story is that the toadies at ' the establishments paper' rolled over....or maybe it's not surprising afterall
  3. Where has The Times article about Cary Symonds and a possible 2018 Government job gone? How much power does the right-wing press have?
  4. The most telling comment, for me, is at 8:30. Another 'ethics adviser' resigned today. Many individual people cannot stomach working for the current government and have resigned. It appears that Conservatives do not 'do' collective responsibilty. . . . until their own positions are threatened. This time next week we could reach that point. or Will they all go down with a sinking ship? I very much doubt it.
  5. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 14th & 15th May 2022. 84 - Graves-Juniors, Hillsborough Juniors, cancelled due to path improvement work. 66 - Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park -Juniors Total = 140 114 - Concord Endcliffe no event due to another activity in the park 218 - Graves 314 - Hillsborough 403 - Millhouses , 7th Hightest attendance Castle - No event due to Police cordon in the fields. Total = 1,049 366 - Rother Valley 118 - Clifton Park Total = 484 Overall Total = 1,785
  6. This isn't colonial India where everyone has their place on your ladder. It's the 21st century where there are basic standards of behaviour for everyone regardless of their income or upbringing.. . . . . . . . I would hope?
  7. Sheffield Castle 🏰 parkrun is cancelled today - 14th May.
  8. Early Warnings Endcliffe parkrun is cancelled this weekend (14th May) due to another event in the park. Sheffield Castle parkrun is in danger of being cancelled due to the discovery of a body and the whole of Manor Fields Park has been cordoned off. A possible 700+ parkrunners may be looking for an alternatie course this Saturday.
  9. I once saw an application form for Security work which stated:- "If you are not able to greet people other duties will be found for you." I can understand this for Security staff even though talking skills are essential IMO. However if a person, has a role which interacts with customers, is unable to talk to people, in a civil way, They're in the wrong job.
  10. Number increasing again............. Sheffield & Rotherham parkrun attendances for 7th & 8th May 2022. 125 - Graves-Juniors, 102 - Hillsborough Juniors, 4th highestattendance 35 - Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park -Juniors Total = 162 108 - Concord 614 - Endcliffe 184 - Graves 319 - Hillsborough 239 - Millhouses 94 - Castle Total = 1,558 276 - Rother Valley 112 - Clifton Park Total = 388 Overall Total = 2,208
  11. In my experience Wetherspoons staff are always over worked. The more savvy ones have realised this and work at a steady pace throughout their shift and will not be flustered or rushed. This is the business model of Wetherspoons, under staffing, its part of the cost of cheap drinks.
  12. Don't worry once I'd pushed a few people with push chairs off the pavement and skittled an old codger there was no problem..... ...................................................................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 'You cannot be serious' - John McEnroe.
  13. Andrew Tup - facebook - yorkshire parkruns The primary headline in the Yorkshire and the Humber region was the long overdue and welcome return of Oakwell Hall! Unfortunately, this didn’t mean that all available parkruns in the region took place today. 61/62 events took place across the Yorkshire and Humber region. Huddersfield was the only cancellation as Brighouse also returned after a three month break. Total attendance was 11328, a decrease of 413 (3.5%) compared with last week. The largest attendance was at Endcliffe (614); the smallest was at Bowling Park (35). Of the 58 events that also took place last week, 22 saw an increase in attendance, 33 were lower and three (Chevin Forest (112), Concord (108) and Frickley Country (44)) were the same This week’s arbitrary milestone was the 400th event at Peter Pan. The attendance at Bowling Park provided the 35th ever attendance of precisely 35 at any parkrun across the region. There were three doubles: Cliffe Castle and Middleton Woods both had attendances of 118, Barnsley and Chevin Forest had 112, and Dalby Forest and Northallerton had 92. Of all events to have taken place across the region, there have been 8650 with an attendance of 169 or fewer and 8651 with an attendance of 170 or higher. (The median attendance is therefore likely to drop again next week.) The rolling weekly regional average of 10343* over the last year represents a decrease of 19.6% when compared with the previous two years (12857). *Although the average for the last year clearly starts from the return of parkrun on 24 July 2021, the average for the two years prior to that cover the period between 1 and 3 years prior to the current date.
  14. I cycled the full length of Bocking Lane at 5:15 on Wednesday. It was closed to traffic at the time and there were no obstructions of any type in the carriageway and no indication as to why it was closed! Had they forgotten to re-open it after an earlier closure at Meadowhead roundabout?
  15. The TEN Biggest UK parkruns this week: Bushy Park (1061) Southampton (812) Nonsuch (697) Poole (642) Heaton Park (628) Woodhouse Moor (610) Huddersfield (577) Clapham Common (564) Chelmsford Central (547) Endcliffe (546)
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