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  1. Recently there always seems to be a beggar outside lidls . Not saying it's necessarily anything to do with this but some of them get a bit insulting if you refuse them cash.
  2. For years I've been astounded at the number of plastic bottled things like deodorants body lotions and sprays etc when all that is needed is a bar of soap, and don't get me started on bottled water. Not a thing wrong with tap water.
  3. Thanks Planner. I can see sense in that because I have seen drivers speed up to beat lights.
  4. Just a thought on traffic light sequensing if anyone knows? I always reckoned that the sensors in the road worked in conjunction with the traffic lights, but earlier today I came down Sheldon Road. Nice quite bank holiday, early , so virtually nothing on the road so I was somewhat surprised when the vehicle in front of me went through the lights and the lights immediatly changed to red, Nothing moved, nothing either way on Abbeydale Road, nothing on Broadfield Road, not a pedestrian in sight, so, why change at all unless a vehicle on the main road arrives or a pedestrian needs to cross? It's just causing extra pollution from needlessly stopping and starting.
  5. No. Because I never open links I can't verify.
  6. Yes, but what about the fans who arrived with no tickets?
  7. Who knows anything about the subject. I have never seen so many armchair experts, but did a lot of fans arrive with no tickets or has another expert lied to me? Err, because people got crushed.
  8. It should have been obvious from the start that the ground was no where near big enough and therefore should never have been held there.
  9. Don't see why the business secretary should make any comment. Unless they say they want to re-nationalise it, It is a private enterprise.
  10. Our GP stopped doing the online booking service at the start of covid and they are still not doing it.
  11. It would be good if they put the massive public toilets back which they filled in.
  12. It may be an idea to have a vote on it i'e , "yes, no, undecided", by someone who knows how to set it up.
  13. No. Usually found it makes no difference so not worth the time.
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