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  1. Because you only mention social housing.
  2. Surely all property needs solar panels so does the op assume that just because someone owns a property they can afford to get it done, no problem?
  3. The whole title of the thread was a bit premature anyway. It sounded like a witch hunt because he could still be there in two years or seven if he stands and wins another term.
  4. Agreed cressida. That's how I see it. People keep calling Boris but they are repeating it like a parrot they never say what he's lied about.
  5. Probably because nothing could happen. The court's in the USA and he's here. All he has to do is not go. Don't reckon they'd extradite him.
  6. I remember it well cuttsie. And no paedophiles either. We had to buy our own sweets.
  7. I thought they had been banned now. Could be wrong but one of our neighbours who has one was saying they will have to change to the new type of boiler because his log burner was, either banned or about to be, unless he has it wrong.
  8. No-one had a phone on our estate, there was just a pay phone about half a mile away.
  9. Yes covid. I think one reason they re-opened it was because people couldn't be bothered to walk round and started using Aldi which is right there.
  10. That's exactly what I said. That's why indicators are fitted to BMWs.
  11. I think the royal family is like the BBC. It will go it's just a question of when.
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