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  1. Well we are a bit past being naturists now, but really the length of time with suitable weather in this country makes it not worth worrying about.
  2. We just got an OLED one. It's the best picture we ever saw.
  3. Boris has done a great job. He carried out Brexit and got us through covid. No reason he can't go on another term.
  4. I think it's because pain is usually way out of proportion to whatever is wrong, I.E. You would still get ample warning if the pain was only, say a quarter of what you acyually get.
  5. Councils fault for not policing them. Subways were brilliant if maintained and policed properly.
  6. Agreed. What most people do, I think, is to do a search first and nearly every time the forum will direct you there. The way I see it if the forum didn't want you to re-use an old thread they would delete them after a certain time.
  7. Ok Wallace, thanks,That seems to be the only explanation, so probably solved.
  8. Well still on subject I suppose, but I had a racing bike back in the day when the roads were safe and the rear tyre kept loosing air. I took the wheel off and put in a bath of water. No bubbles. I took the inner tube out, put that in the water, no bubbles. Anyone have a clue why the tyre was going flat?
  9. Thanks for that Carosio It would seem from that that the change was necessary. Manual doesn't say anything, just service at 12,500 miles. Quite a lot, I would imagine in this country.
  10. Forum guided me here. So I just had the car serviced. It's done 12,500 and they have changed the spark plugs. Now years ago I have driven vehicles 70,000 miles and more and the spark plugs have been good, so just like people's opinions on it? Didn't mention the timing belt though but years ago when we had timing chains I don't recall any bother.
  11. My wife says any hair at all is better than no hair and I have to agree with her. As for barbers/hairdressers just get trimmer and DIY.
  12. Well I don't blame the police for Hillsborough. The people who should be held to account are those that decreed the game should be played there. They had enough experience to know that the venue wasn't big enough.
  13. If the majority of people in the country are simple minded I dread to think what that makes your minority.
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