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  1. spilldig

    living in poverty

    You forgot scratchcards and the lottery.
  2. I don't know but you do right to quote by weight. We once hired a large skip, thier words, and it was about 1/3 the size we expected.
  3. spilldig

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    Now that would be interesting.
  4. spilldig

    British steel facing administration

    Two wrongs don't make a right. They shouldn't have bailed out the banks either, they should have done the same as Iceland and let the banks stew in thier own mire.
  5. spilldig

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    I think the old communist China regime had it about right. No complications, no clothing rivalries, and a real easy and simple system. Wear overalls every day with a clean pair on Sundays.
  6. spilldig

    British steel facing administration

    I know one thing if you beg for money and someone gives you money you will ask for more and keep asking for more because that's the nature of a beggar.
  7. spilldig

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    I did it for 19 years at Herries road and then Olive Grove.
  8. spilldig

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    Not enough, apparently.
  9. spilldig

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    Whatever, but it's worth bearing in mind that First South Yorkshire have had continous vacancies for drivers since day one, so it could be said that they are not treating thier staff well enough anyway.
  10. spilldig

    Back pain

    I had vears of it. Sometimes I felt sick with the pain. Eventualy the only thing that cured it was acupuncture.
  11. A perfect example of selfishness, i'm sorry to say.
  12. spilldig

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    20% is quite a lot, but unless those leaflets are delivered by that Sunday then some will be a waste of time.
  13. spilldig

    PPI, Anyone Had A Payout

    I havn't been through all the posts so apolagies if it's been covered but it's the same sort of thing I have heard in the last few days. An advert on the radio says you can make a claim if you have lost money on shares ISAs. Now as I understand it everything I have ever read clearly states that, " Your investments can go down as well as up", so what's that all about ?
  14. Can't see anything stupid about that post, in fact I could add, digging up peoples plants as well to the list.

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