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  1. A few places you wouldn't be allowed to purchase anything around here. My wifes unisex hairdresser, cash only, same with both fish and chip shops and the coffee and takeaway sandwich place.
  2. I sympathise with you Anna but spare a thought for men who had to work 2 years longer.
  3. I will leave it Caswall to explain how a democracy works but anyone who doesn't agree with it can always move to a country under a dictatorship. I know which I would sooner have.
  4. Good grief I am not going to explain again how a democracy works.
  5. The problem is that he has had covid to contend with which will have upset all the plans.
  6. Had to add to add a bit there retep cos for some reason it removed your post.
  7. You don't think so lobster, Well remember it only on 179 pounds per week which is so far beneath the goverments minimum as to be almost unbelievable. The minimum wage is 8.91 per hour, now all my worrking life I averaged 40 hours so each and every individual pensioner should recieve a minimum of 356 pounds per week each with a couple obviously being on 712 per week because that's the minimum.
  8. There is nothing wrong with holidaying in this country except the weather letting you down, but I would ceartainly not go anywhere abroad untill the all-clear is given.
  9. Has anyone come across their doctor refusing to prescribe something. I hadback pain for many months. The doctor prescribed me Neproxin for 1 month which did wonders, I then went to get another prescription and he wouldn't prescribe because it is bad for the liver but I know other people who have been on it for years, just wondering why the double standards?
  10. I respect them and I expect it in return. Why would I convert to Islam? I would if I went to live in an Islamic country. Don't we? I do.
  11. Maybe converting to Christianity as I would convert to Islam if I went to live there. All I ask is that they treat us with the same respect that we give them when we visit their country, is that hoping for to much,ie a correspondent or reporter who is white wears head covering when visiting their country .
  12. Now I do realise Joker that we might not have been frogmarched down to the local mosque but why is it that when you see a white woman in an Islamic country they always wear headcovering? I think it is to respect their customs, which is good so why can't they treat us with that same respect and adopt our customs?
  13. Why does it matter if the council pay or if the government pay, either way the taxpayer payer pays unless you get your council tax paid and you don't pay any income tax? Just saying.
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