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  1. I know if anyone says the railways should be re-nationalised they usually get a lot of people who disagree, but I never remember having to stand once when they were nationalised. No reserved seats and no need for reserved seats.
  2. I haven't opened the link because I never open a link, but I often wonder why Harold Wilson who craved power so much and always wanted to be PM just stood down and quit suddenly. My wife and I always wondered if he had been threatened with a hitman ?
  3. It would, but everyone rounding up prices to keep up with inflation causes, yes you guessed it, more inflation.
  4. Agreed. They seem to use inflation as something they have to keep up with pricewise, like they have no choice. They should be aiming to set an example by keeping behind inflation, or dare I say it, not put prices up. That would be something.
  5. Mister Gee is spot on. There is good and bad in all of us.
  6. It does rather make me wonder if Transpenine Express are fit to run trains. There have been instances where the Airport train has been only two coaches long and upon arriving at a station desperate people with a flight to catch have been unable to cram on. One instance we have had is that to avoid issues we booked first class seats and still had to stand because people crammed in to both 1st and 2nd class completely filling the train. No one could move including the gaurd who just managed to jump on and then stayed where he was because and I quote "He couldn't move ". Another issue we overheard was a gaurd getting irate with people for leaving suicases in the aisle. Pointing out that this is an airport train without any more luggage space than an ordinary train fell on deaf ears. We now drive there and leave the car at The Clayton hotel.
  7. People used to put a new mattress on top of an old one if they could not afford a bed. Not saying this is the case here but it's one explanation.
  8. I have always replaced watch batterys myself. Never had any problem, apart from if used to get them from somewhere like Maplins they always used to sell them in twos so I used to get one of the internet. It was the same with jackplugs and other things, sold in two's.
  9. Of course it is, it's the same subject.
  10. Yes indeed Janus, that's why I remarked on it. I would never dream of starting a thread by asking someone to delete anybody with a different opinion to me.
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