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  1. Yes, the attitude at Chesterfield is totally different and proactive, you are met on the way in, asked what you've got and told the number of the bay most suited to your load. Often the guys actually help you to offload your car, for which I give them a drink although they never ask for this. I've never had to wait for any length of time and have never used Blackstock for years for this reason.
  2. I'm not a Three advisor, but from previous experience I would say that as a reputable company they will sort this for you whenever you get to speak to and explain your circumstances to them. In the meantime, you may be able to enter your PAC code and port over your old number automatically via their website. As you did not specifically cancel your old contract, they will probably take it that you wished to roll this over on the same terms, but when you get to speak to them I would imagine Three will cancel your expired contract and let you carry on with just your new one.
  3. 'Speleo1, is that link for the person that used to be on here?...Mozolan, or something like that. I think it is looking at the reviews, I seem to remember his name was Gosh and always seemed to get good feedback.' Yes, Gosh from Byteitltd is a very personable guy and seems to be able to resurrect virtually anything in dire distress . I have used him twice and he did what was needed at an affordable price. As you'll see from the web site link provided above by speleo1, his capacity is severely restricted at present for obvious reasons, but I hope you'll be able to get your tablet back to life asap.
  4. Yes, you're right Bargepole, they have 'salami sliced' interest on their 123 account from 3% originally for balances over £1000 to 1.5% now 1%. Moving the goal posts is annoying, but taken overall I'm still quite happy with them due to their otherwise good performance.
  5. I've got no other interest apart from being a current account holder, but I have always found Santander very good in terms of general service both at branch level and mobile internet banking. The switch to them from my previous bankers some years ago also went like clockwork, something I had dreaded but was pleasantly surprised with.
  6. Hi Sadsack There are many many software writers offering this kind of thing on the internet and I have had many utilities created over the years by people all over the world, mainly in connection with my interest as a currency trader. Searching 'creating an app' on the net does however bring up a Sheffield company phone number 0114 399 0680 who might be able to meet your requirements, I should point out that I have no connection with or previous experience of this company, but this might be a useful start in your search for this type of service. It is highly competitive business, and several quotes would therefore be advisable. I hope this helps, and let us know how you get on.
  7. Good on you SLH73, nice to know there are still some decent people around.
  8. I've used Brian Fox & Sons (Millhouses ) in the past and have been well satisfied with their work. 0114 249 0077 (No connection apart from a customer).
  9. Stanley Tools at Woodside certainly had a security van wages snatch during the late 1970's, I know because I was working there at that time. There was a large CID presence at the factory for quite a while. I don't think this case was ever solved, but if anybody knows any different I would be interested to know.
  10. I think you've misunderstood Derby Tup. I think Kitty is looking to find somebody to obtain probate for her Dad's estate, not act in the sale of his property, although this may well include this too.
  11. Chaanah Patton of Taylor and Emmett, Banner Cross. Highly professional and a nice person. No connection apart from a past client, two of my family estates administered by her, very satisfied.
  12. A bit more detail might be helpful to work out what you're talking about
  13. Depending on where you live in the city, another route would be via the M62 then M1 South, quite a long way round but obviously well lit and close to help should you need any. The southern route, via Sparrowpit etc, is another one but probably not recommended at night.
  14. I used Noyland Rhodes on Broadfield Road some years ago and they were pretty fair, but if you've got the time and energy I can only suggest you take your car down to the dealers of which there are many in Sheffield interested in this sort of business. A good low mileage Volvo should attract quite a bit of interest. Sorry, in reply to your question I can't think of any more specific names, but there are plenty around the city and suburbs.
  15. Yes, seconded, I have used them for many years and found them to be reasonably priced and have the personal touch, quite rare these days.
  16. In East Anglia some years ago, they ran an anti litter campaign with the banner line 'Don't be a tosser'. I don't know how effective this was, but whilst definitely a bit crude it certainly put over the idea of this being uncool and might be worth considering. In the same way as smoking slowly became seen as uncool over time, maybe public perception about litter could change with a suitably funded ad campaign.
  17. Just symptomatic of the slob society we now live in. The recent fine increase may hopefully help a bit, although enforcement is always the problem.
  18. Paul of Hadfields is a genuine guy who I have used many times and I am sure would quote for what you want carried out. I have no connection with Hadfields apart from being a well satisfied customer of many years. Hadfield Electrical & Security Supplies 632 Abbeydale Road Sheffield S7 2BA Telephone: 0114-255 3854
  19. Melvyn McCart of Minto Road Practice Hillsborough and his partners certainly meet your description and more, although I don't know whether this practice is currently taking on new patients. I would suggest you try them anyway - 0114 2343469
  20. Yes, I believe this is housed within a detached house called 'Evening Hall'
  21. Yes, I second recommendation for Able Garage Doors. I have used them and Paul came back very promptly to rectify two minor problems. I have no connection with this company - just a satisfied customer who would gladly use them again.
  22. I'm getting an 'Access Denied' on the first link. Is anybody else getting this? Pray the young lad is found safe and well
  23. I understand the fire's not til next Tuesday.
  24. Going out armed with knives is a serious matter, but nevertheless full marks to the Police for showing a sense of humour.
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