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  1. A really loud or low-flying jet aircraft just passed over us (Sheffield 7) at 11am did anyone else hear this?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Dan 2802 . I phoned around and finally found one: MTA EV & Hybrid Specialist, 1 Harvest Lane S3 8EF and booked a service there. On the phone they said they link to Renault's computer system for the servicing checklist, and run diagnostic test on the battery, so I guess that sounds OK... Fingers crossed!
  3. We've got to have our Renault Zoe serviced annually to Renault standards, under the contract, but that doesn't have to be a Renault dealer (which I'd prefer to avoid) Does anyone know any garage around Sheffield with Renault / EV expertise and equipment? Thanks
  4. Fed up with getting buzzed by helicopter tonight (Police presumably), anyone know what's going on?
  5. Is there going to be another Sheffield Forum: Live ?
  6. Hey thanks very much Bargepole23, katekate, and hackey lad All good suggestions. That's exactly what i needed, much appreciated JCJC
  7. Anyone know where to find one of those passport photo booths in Sheffield nowadays please?? Ta
  8. Since I originally posted this I have downsized by sharing, so I've only got half an allotment now; more manageable. Thanks for the replies from two interested people. Sorry my reply is late coming, I am abroad at the moment. I might still consider sharing this small area, if you would be interested in entirely organic and vegan growing? I would also ask do you live in Rotherham?
  9. I've got an allotment in Rotherham (Broom about 1 mile from town centre) and would welcome a share, joint work or divided up, it's too big for me to manage Rent is cheap and paid for this year anyway (£24) I'm also asking around in Rotherham of course (Is there a rotherham Forum?) Looking forward to hearing from anyone to discuss. (By the way there are empty allotments on the site).
  10. OK Silverknight, you could be right, perhaps it is a Star typo. I haven't gone through them all but there's another that stood out: FirstMonth SY up from £68 to £74.70 rise of £6.70, that's practically 10% isn't it? cheers
  11. OK Silverknight, you could be right, perhaps it is a Star typo. I haven't gone through them all but there's another that stood out: FirstMonth SY up from £68 to £74.70 rise of £6.70, that's practically 10% isn't it? cheers
  12. It's not just a 7.5% rise. The FirstDay Sheffield ticket goes from £4 to £4.80 - I reckon that's 20%. They did this last time - there was a headline "8%" rise but many tickets went up more. "We Want Our Buses Back" is alive and well and getting ready for a howl of protest.
  13. Just out of interest, can anyone remember a local radio phone-in programme, I think it was the 80s, which covered political stuff? The presenter was really clued up, he seemed to have an encyclopaedic knowledge about everything, worldwide politics etc... He replied and discussed with his callers, from a moderate/left-of-centre viewpoint, challenging views based only on right-wing prejudice.
  14. Anyone know yet if all these replaced/revised/timetable changes are actually cuts? Or increases to services?
  15. FORUM THREADS ON BUSES http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=512664&highlight=buses What are your views on South Yorkshire buses? Bus Service Changes - W/c 26th October 2009 http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=508653&highlight=buses AND http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=511722&highlight=buses http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=508889&highlight=buses First bus £1 fare http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=495272&highlight=buses Car park £1 all day near city centre WWOBB has sparked a debate about how to run a bus service, but the fact is this isn't difficult because every bus user has some complaint. I remember the times when there were far more, cheaper buses. Complaints were fewer I think, and mainly from non-bus users who didn't like subsidising them. OK they were dirtier, but the quantity made up for this. So what do we know for sure? Subsidy puts public money into running buses, this probably happens in every city of the world. Privatised bus operators pocket some of the resulting revenue, and there's no clear evidence to show they run better services in return - many countries do still have excellent government owned ones. Under privatisation the sheer number of routes and services had reduced, quite a lot. Bus use is almost stagnant, and in the public mind a discredited form of transport. There are various alternatives to private sector buses, the public and industry debate continues, personally I've got no particular dogmatic method, and admit I don't yet know enough to preach. But I'd like to add one more point. Back in 1985 we had more buses, when we didn't know about climate change. Now we do, and traffic* contributes about 20% of CO2 I believe, shouldn't we do something dramatic to increase bus use again? Or should we just accept that we are here, and no-one has the right to question the situation? *Even electric cars, they use a lot electricity - and in the short/medium term this is adding to CO2 levels.
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