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  1. Strange times the 80's if the fighting wasn't up on West Street the fighting was on London road and it wasn't unusual to find those who drank on London Rd drinking on West street when the trouble was kicking off on London Rd. Happy Daze in't Hermitage suppin proper beer.
  2. Only 'think' he's 'not-right' ? He's Risen from the near dead - fully cured - and is immune (all within a week) He's also gona kiss all the 'Guy's and lovely Women' (watch out for all those blonde haired 'village of the damned children come July 2021) I don't know about holding the Office of President - he certainly is - Office Trolley Keep safe.
  3. McDonald's new (or I haven't seen it before) Lad's Mother gives her son her old car / his first. Remind's me of the time I gave one of ours a Suzuki Wagon R - lol Enjoy.
  4. This might be the same pilchard I saw a few weeks ago on a bicycle at exactly the same set of lights except he not only jumped the red lights but continued up the wrong side of the road towards the Hermitage into oncoming traffic. Even I winced
  5. Oktoberfest Beer and Blood - (Netflix) 8 part story supposedly based on real events around how the Oktoberfest started to develop from it's almost humble beginnings. Lots of intrigue, squalor, back stabbing, double dealing and dubious characters throughout. Excellent ending with a final twist that works well. Fully Recommended. Enjoy. OOP'S nearly forgot Who ever Dubbed the thing for some strange reason decided a Birmingham accent would be better than something more Bavarian - ??????? and has been compared to Peeky Blinders because of it already. like I say - strange.
  6. and a smack in the nose for their trouble.
  7. The one born 1920 ' 24 can't be the same because Ruben (of the Viners company) joined his father in the business in 1924. Died in 1993 would make more sense reguarding when the apartments were built and 'the Glen's disappearance. There is another entry for a Ruben Viner that states he died in 1966 which is strange because it states that he was the son of Adolphe and Emile. I think we have it b 1908/09 d1993. Keep up the good work Heartshome. Rocker.
  8. Britain Got Talent. aka Britain's got Magicians. I was so glad on a personal level the comedian was left with egg on his face. His smugness that he was going to win was evident from the start and his believe that pushing how 'controversial' he was prepared to take his routine didn't work at all, and, if anything became embarasing and was even seen on the faces of the judges. The delivery of so many almost improper 'jokes' or 'observations' was so chaotic I think he even lost his own train of thought at times. The ultimate winner was guilty of the same on a smaller scale with the unnecessary addition of some near profanity's in the dialogue Adding his family into his act was a piece of TV magic and how magnanimous was Steve Royal in not actually winning. For me the winners should have been 'Sing along with us' & wouldn't it have been nice if at least one of the judges or even Ant or Dec could have gone to the trouble of learning something in 'sign' , I'm sure a basic 'thank you' would have gone a long way. While I have no idea of how the Magicians acts are performed and are technically very good, they all appear to have a similar format. The way Simon was 'got' and the first time Ashley Banjo was used as the 'mark' were nearly explainable but the phone of Amanda Holden trick last night was very clever. Keep safe. Buy a copy of Ben Elton's 'Chart Throb'
  9. Thank you Heartshome. Doesn't seem have had much of a life span the big house. 1855 - to 1990 is only 135 even if we make it 1995 its still only 140 years. I'm surmising because Viners were in trouble in the 1980's and in fact went bankrupt in 1985 a decision (or bloody good offer) to sell the land was made and hence the apartments that are there now. All interesting stuff. I cant find when Ruben Viner died but he retired from the company in 1980 aged (aprox) 73. Once again thank you.
  10. I had to stop. I'd earn some good money, Buy a big car and then do the same again - lol Happy Daze.
  11. Luv it. Actor ????? Carpet fitter (good match something that I have done many times and enjoy) Scaffolder (again as above, done loads of roof work and working off of laders) - young mans job. Boat builder - luv that one, I've enough cars and bikes in't yard without trying to fit boats in as well - lol. I was hoping 'Social misfit would come up. Keep safe.
  12. Unfortunately suicides, marriage break ups and mental health problems have always been a part of any redundancy. Throw in this totally new and very worrying world wide pandemic and yes there will be more of the above, So what do we do about it? Look after your loved ones, have a look around your workmates or friends, is there someone or something you can do to help? Talking, keeping in touch are all minor things that can help. The first time any one has to deal with redundancy is a definite shock to the system as I'm sure many of you out there will have gone through. 2nd and 3rd get's easier and there is already an acceptance there is no working for the same company for 40 years any more. I'm no expert and don't purport to be but those who have had to deal with being made redundant on large can cope better when it happens again much as we are learning how to deal with this unseen Virus and its consequences. Keep safe - look after each other.
  13. You might have just missed out Hilsbro there was one (for restoration) on fleece bay a few weeks ago and local if I remember right. Back on subject and just down from the piece of spare land we've been talking about. Bill (owner of the Disc Jocky) bought a 'Bright Yellow' Mk1 Escort which rather stood out because everything was still in black and white back then . lol. Keep safe.
  14. Hello Paul. I'm glad as I am sure you are now that you took the time to find what must have been a little gem for the owners of the big house. It is hard to decide who has the rights to the use of the pond. Looking on Goggle maps, while you can zoom in the whole area is not covered with being able to see any of the buildings from street level. There appears to be multiple walkways leading into the wood from the appartments and possible from the two properties on 'the Glade'. From Goggle maps if you don't switch to 'satalite' the sorce of the stream into the pond can be seen quite easily. So the next conundrum is where does the water go to ? Porter Brook being the most obviouse answer, but how ? The appartments and the roads are marked as 'Private property' An invite into the grounds for a look around by one of the residents would be nice. I'm glad to have shared something we found all those years ago on this Forum . We always thought it was part of the park because of the gate and that because of how overgrown the place was had been shut off to the public and with it being an enclosed area would have required constant patrols by the 'Parki's' . Keep safe. & thanks to everybody for taking the time to find out more on this little piece of Sheffield. Sheffield Forum Rules.
  15. Everone knows the answers are. Queen Victoria. Vlad the Impala & Eartha Kitt
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