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  1. opposed to the quite useful, but not so fetching, Body bag 🙄 Keep safe out there.
  2. I agree lets remove the solid white lines' Baslow hill to Owler Bar here I come ------- 🏍️🏍️🏍️--------
  3. As a recovery driver I've picked up a lot more damaged cars than cycles I think the percentage will show car drivers have the edge on killing themselves. Keep safe out there
  4. Truth is, our roads aren't fit for purpose. Where we are, there are some excellent cycle/ pedestrian friendly routes. We ain't got the topography of Sheffield & as a general rule cyclist and pedestrians coexist on, not all pavements, but those where roads are busy. I cycle, ride & drive & the state of our roads especially the gutters are hardly fit for any of us. So back on subject, should shouting at a cyclist be a specific hate crime? NO. The percentage of bad and inconsiderate cyclist and car drivers must be about level, there are good and bad in both. Keep safe out there
  5. Saves picking 'shot out of the 🐇🐇🐇 as well 🧐
  6. Google images of modern Bow's and Arrows / Cross Bows. They sure ain't the same as what shot C***K Robbin'
  7. Head lines, The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar is to be dropped from their play list. Worlds gone daft. I'm off to by some Brown Bread while I still can.
  8. Conway's Bottom of West street, next to Gray's and then across the road upstairs when he moved. Still have 2 of his Drapes in't wardrobe. Rest of my Ted suits were done at Keith Mallinson's, Rotherham. Bought a couple of Ted suits at Barney Goodman's where people had ordered them and not returned to collect them. Happy Daze.
  9. Pop Master. Ken plays Jerry Lee Lewis's 'Highschool Confidential' Contestant says 'Elvis' Hanging ain't good enough 🧐 P.S he did go on to loose but won the one year out T shirt. (I can only Hope it shrinks in the wash )
  10. Keeping Watch. Pip Beck. Slightly A typical, Service personnel's story during WW2. Pip volunteers for the WAAF in 1941 and you follow her from being posted at RAF Waddington & various other stations throughout the war. Most of the book sounds like she had a good time, but i'm sure (as we all know) it wasn't all boyfriends dances & afternoon teas for those in the WAAF. Lots of personal recollections and story's around the people she met , places she was posted to and how they survived, or didn't in many cases. The technical details and feeling of being part of seeing off and waiting for the return of Flights from the prospective of such a young woman radio operator are well done (& there is a glossary of terms at the end of the book). Worth a read if you come across it. Only disappointing bit - lack of photo's & while there is a summery of what happened to some of Pip's friends there is nothing mentioned of how she herself fared after the war. 2nd book would have been nice. Keep safe read well.
  11. Postmortem. No one dies in Skarnes. An almost comic version of Glitch. 6 part, easily watchable nonsense. Un-dead, Drinkers of Blood & a town where not enough people die to keep the local undertaker in business. you could watch worse. Keep safe.
  12. A little late to the party but - The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres. C5. (Last one, last week, but available on catch up) Excellent travel program. Love her, or, loth her Pam Ayres, our very own eccentric poetess shines as a presenter. Doesn't break out into poetry which I thought was a shame, but her enthusiasm for the Cotswolds (somewhere I'm not to familiar with) was infectious. From Steam Trains to House Boats and much more. Fully recommended. Keep safe.
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