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  1. Happy Daze and plenty of memories. Hutcliffe Wood Rd chippy, Millhouses boating lake, Beauchief Gdns, (Beauchief; totally unpronounceable by my mate from Barnsley 不 ). Wiremill, Stepping stones at Endcliffe, Botanical Gdns (Especially the fish pond). Grand hotel, Canal basin, Goodwin fountain (the old one - the one we've all been in, drunk, at some-point ). Totally agree about the old Peace Gdns. Why were the run of wooden bus shelters on Pinstone St not kept / restored moved somewhere else ? They were as bigger part of Sheffield as Sheffield Steel . Love these old photo's although most of the time I'm looking at the cars in't carparks etc . Keep safe .
  2. Make it 6.30pm Lord, save HTSBO having to watch Hollyoake's, Emmerdale and Corri 不 不 不.
  3. What a Crock from start to finish. Decent neighbourhoods were probably the first areas to have had meals / shopping delivered to them while the none decent types in society have had to trapes to the shops to fetch their own takeaways / shopping . So now the none decent types are having the gall to have things delivered to their doors you want to take that service away because what the decent, non lazy respectable normal people once called a service is now deemed something of an inconvenience / nuisance and worthy of government intervention . Legislation to stop deliveries after 8.00pm 不 不 不 不 . Legislate everybody should be tucked up in bed by 8.30pm while your at it. Anyone found outside breaking curfew will be shot. Where's my Brown Shirt and Luger.
  4. See this is exactly what collecting is all about. I've seen them, known what they were and commend the craftmanship behind producing such things by hand, I couldn't tell you where they were made, by whom or any of the details regarding essay offices. and this is what makes a collector. Well done Bassett. Want to know how to fit a new set of points and adjust your timing with just a bulb and a piece of wire without one of them new fangled strobe things, I'm your man . Keep safe and enjoy adding to what you know. Pet hate, quiz show contestants "well I wasn't even born then - before my time" . So history and general knowledge is something only relevant after you are born . Hello Runningman. My speciality was collecting Straight razors from different Sheffield makers (lots more besides as well) I'd have to brave the depth's of the attic to find the collection and the last time I went in there the lost tribe of Attictacollectable nearly had me. (I found a caravan periscope last time I went up there 不 ) Ebay should be as good as any place, you might just be lucky. Antique shops could be a bit funny especially if you were wearing a drape jacket when asking if they'd any cut throats . Keep safe and collect well . No, that's not me .
  5. Without looking, I can't remember seeing any patterns etc for any vestas. Elaborate milk jugs, table sett's etc, Tea / Coffee pots, napkin rings etc, etc, etc. I like your 'where has it been story'. Few years ago did the whole Family tree thing. I found one of my relations, a well respected Scottish minister (PHD & BD) had written a book in 1940. Me and my sisters managed to find copies, them from ebay me from a specialist bookshop hidden deep in the Welsh countryside. My copy is inscribed on its inside cover by the author to the same name as his brother in law. Is the name a coincidence ? is it actually a book my ancestor gave to his brother in law? As far as I know we have no Welsh links in the family tree. So where has the book been, how did it end up in Wales 79 years later, why would a book about the reformed churches of the 16th and 17th churches be in Wales ? so many questions. For anyone who enjoys collecting I can fully recommend researching your family tree. The unbelievable coincidences (the book being just one example) have been many. Go on, go collecting names. took me two years but well worth it. The tree goes back to 1636. Not mine but a nice Victorian ladies Vesta case typical of the period. Keep safe and collect well .
  6. One of the box's is in the bathroom 不 Never cease to amaze myself Padders . Best thing in my collection I have from Sheffield is --- a very understanding wife 不 不 不 不,
  7. Hello Bassett. Had to have a think, must have something else that emphasises Sheffield in my collections. How could I have forgotten the three large box's of silversmith tools i became custodian of? . I say custodian, because I was given them, know their history and can't justify selling them. There is a possibility I may offer them to Western park museum - long term loan / gift at some point? Basically the tools, hammers, scribes, chasers, anvil steaks, punch sets, etc, etc, etc are all as they were taken from their workbenches when the silversmiths shut down (Scotland St) many years ago. below is a stock picture of the type of things in the collection, imagine five times as much + small anvils etc, etc, etc and the three cabinets + pattern books, receipts for work done, invoices and customers names. Like I said 'How could i have forgotten ' Keep safe .
  8. The Scout Dagger as could be expected has been so well used and over sharpened no makers marks are visible. I've used Roll's razors many times, the sharpening stones are usually the first thing to break. I have a couple that are about as good as new, still boxed and with all the extras available at the time and all the original paperwork. Roll's razors still turn up at carboots for as little as 瞿3. Keep safe .
  9. Hello Poppet. The book was published in 1976. Totally agree DNA technology could prove a Royal connection to the Ripper murders. The first hint of Lizard DNA and we'd also know David Icke wasn't a raving nutter 不. Keep safe .
  10. Your OK in my books Janus I've a garage / shed's /attic full of 'It'll come in handy'. Small box section shouldn't be that hard to find. See a scrap man - ask - . Fabricators should have a offcut laying about, Skips r good. Keep safe .
  11. Has this topic turned into a Children's book? Spot has a mate called Ghost ? What the hell are you lot smoking down there?
  12. Totally agree Hackey. Are we talking making money or 'Collecting'? There is a difference. Are we victims of 'Havin now't' as kids and making up for it ever-since? if so, I for one plead guilty . Do I need so many books when there is so much information on the internet? simple answer - Yes. A book has a life of it's own. Do I need so many bikes / cars - Yes, gives me something to do in't garage ). Do I understand Football -No. Do I understand the passion for someone who does - yes. Back to knifes, found a dagger in a box of daggers / swords/ carving knives (?) at a local sales room a while ago. Slightly smaller but the same shape and design as a HJ (Hitler Youth) dagger but is actually a 1930's era Boy Scout dagger, it is missing the diamond shaped badge that would have been inserted in the handle but it is what it is and probably rarer than the HJ dagger (something which have been reproduced over and over again) (made in China is the usual give-a-way ), bargain at 瞿10 and a nice addition to the collection. Keep safe out there, collect responsibly and let avaricious not be your middle name . (can we have the words 'collect' & 'Responsibly' in the same sentence? ).
  13. Hello DADDY. Out of interest, is your collection one of style / makers variation's / function / sport / age ? I have a good idea of the history of the crossbow, how it came-about and it's demise as a fighting weapon (gunpowder & bullets). Is there anything in your collection with any age to it? (there doesn't have to be, there's nothing wrong with having a modern collection, although I don't understand that 'trainer' collection thing ! what's wrong with a good pair of steel-caps or a pair of brothel creepers ). Not quite crossbows but I have an excellent book in my collection 'A history of shooting, the development of target guns and shooting ranges by Jaroslav Lugs, circa 1968. excellent book for anyone interested in the history of shooting as a sport. Copies are still out there (ebay etc) but aren't particularly cheap. Keep safe . I was going to say collect wisely, but do any of us collectors really collect wisely .
  14. How do you know the pigeon's called 'Spot'?
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