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  1. Easy enter Holme Lane or Hilsbrough corner Sheffield into google images - loads of pics. Enjoy. Rocker
  2. Oop's, my Union official day are long gone. but the advice is the same. don't wait get that appeal in.
  3. You have 3 months from your dismissal date (+ 1 day) lots of info by having a simple search on the internett, give you some idea of putting an apeal together. No Union? i'd have thought having worked as a manager you would have come across this type of thing before. Usual thing New HO or manager wanting to make a name for them selves (or even bringing in someone in they know) think they can run rough shot over any rules and the law of the land. Make sure you keep every thing and get it wrote down, keep your own Diary, dates, time, places, witnesses never go to any meeting on your own. Best of luck.
  4. And a BIG THANK YOU from me Melthebell I started ticking off the bands i'd seen on the list and run out of pencil. I remember how some of the biggest names at the time couldn't put two notes together on stage, while other bands surprised the hell out of you by sounding just like their records or even better. I didn't pay for a lot of the concerts I went to in the 70's, but that's a different story so although fully intrenched in Rock n Roll and heavy music at the time I saw a lot of bands I wouldn't normally have chosen to see. definitely not my sort of thing at the time Roxy Music, 1st time when Eno was still with them I was so impressed I saw them again and again. I was there at the Eno & the Winkies concert which again was excellent. favourite concerts at that time had got to be Led Zeppelin, Stone the Crows, Alex Harvey, Mott the Hoople, and the Roxy / Eno ones. Anyone who ever saw a Alex Harvey (SAHB) concert would know the sheer power of the guy he put 110% into each concert. RIP Alex. The list states Elton John concert date of 9/3/73 is a strange one as it is the same date for Kiki Dee? I missed the Elton John part of the concert but certainly saw Kiki Dee (who was excellent by the way) as the support act. Bands I didn't enjoy. any of the Black Sabath concerts, Genesis, Yes, Lou Reed, Slade (not only coz Alez was better) but they were (in my oppinion) terrible. All in all - HAPPY DAZE - and what a venue. For years I told people how i'd seen Yes and how (not good) they were, I was delighted years later when I saw an interview with Rick Wakeman (who is excellent by the way) telling the interviewer how rubbish Yes had been.
  5. this is the concert when the audience were booing Slade and Wanted Alex back on. Happy daze - RIP Alex
  6. and don't forget the Union's that stood back and let it happen as well - shame on you all
  7. Sorry to break it to you all, but they are all out of character - because they are all actors and none of it is real !
  8. Sacked on a whim with no verbal or written warnings - see you in court Dev
  9. did you know he could play the Trumpet? He was our form teacher and English Teacher at one point. some one in class had a trumpet and Mr Swaine started playing it much to our surprise. My Gran lived in the houses that sit above the road, corner Bocking Lane as it bends and where Greenhill Avn starts. I used to visit my Gran on a Thursday straight from School and one day on passing me gave me a lift. it became a regular thing for a while. I think he left teaching and or opened a shop selling and repairing watches. I always had an interest in motorcycles and old cars even back then so to get lift's in his Riley's was a bonus. I've got 2 Swain's in my Kelly's circa 1972 one on Bradway Rd (which is the continuation of Hemper Lane) Thomas E and one on Westwick Rd (pararell to Hemper Ln) Jn. E . Happy Daze playing in the old allotments in what is now the Chancet wood estate.
  10. Me and my Brother were going to go to St Barnabas on Alderson Rd till my Mother saw the state of the wooden floor (large splinters). So we were enrolled at Sharrow lane instead. Sharrow Lane proper Skool building in proper stone and still there. Visited the Cafe open in the old assembly Hall a while back. Mrs Levitt (dinner Lady) Mrs Alflatt, Headmaster Mr Alan, ex Hurricane pilot (even if he did give me the cane) & Mr Ludbrook, hat's off to you Sir, yes he gave me the cane as well but added "i'm giving you all (several of us) the cane not for what you've'e done but for getting caught doing it". I never got caught again. Abbeydale Grange Comp- HATED THE PLACE. Full of teachers who had no interest in teaching us from the other side of town who hadn't passed their 11+ I do remember Mr Swaine who used to restore Riley's (before restoring vehicles was popular) with found memories as he used to on occasions give me a lift in one of his Riley's up to my Grans on Bocking lane.
  11. BUT isn't this the problem and all the soaps are guilty of it. while what you are saying and their portrayal and dealing of a serious subject is commendable, most of these story lines are becoming just another way of boosting their ratings and deliberately aiming for TV awards. The not so recent story line in Emerdale where Paddy and his miss's had to decided to turn off their child's life support would not have even been thought about as a story line if the same thing hadn't been happening and widely publicised in real life. to jump on that type of band wagon in my mind is wrong and proof that the true story line in real life was only jump't upon to archive higher ratings. Can't we go back to a time where we don't need the usual " if you have been effected by any events in this program please contact - etc. etc." AND while i'm at it WHY would anyone want to move to Holly oaks???????
  12. try the following on't internet. gives a bit more info on Musical Vomit. Care free daze indeed. Rexy's yes and remembered a punk clothing shop on the upper gallery at the Castle Market. i'm still sure X clothes was at the bottom of Cambridge St, opposite side of road to Pippies and a bit lower down. They wern't there long that's probably why we went to the shop in Leeds. www.radioswisspop.ch/en/music-database/musician/766511a...
  13. I love mine too. It's just not big enough and would love a bigger garage. The thing to do is park your car on a hard standing, open all the doors and build the garage around it. Allow for a decent work bench, storage etc. I did all that and still had to build an extention on the back for storage - lol
  14. Most obscure and not mentioned one of Sheffiels diggest bands. 'Musical Vomit', played and practiced at 'the Meat Whistle' opposite the Red Lion, Holly St. Played at Sheffields student union, prety sure I saw them at the old Drama Studio on Glosop rd. Wish i'd got footage or pictures of them in action before they crossed over to the pop world.
  15. & it took 8 days to find that out ! I was going for someones won the lottery BIG STYLE & wanted their property protecting while they fled this rain soaked country,
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