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  1. I'd 3744 James Rd when I posted Groundhogs Natchez Burning #324 but wasn't sure if we were counting St or Rd's as Place names at the time. Anyway I've some car related ones. Pink Cadillac (Cadillac, Michigan) OK i'm biased but the Jerry Lee Lewis / Bruce Springsteen version on Jerry Lee Lewis's Last Man Standing is about as Rocking as Rocking's gonna get. Keep safe
  2. Happy Daze Horribleblob. 1972 the Mighty Groundhogs, Sheffield City Hall, Balcony seats gave us the best view of the stage show. 49 years ago - Where the Hell did that go ????????? Needles and Pins (Needles, San Bernardino) The Searchers
  3. Don't Jump off the Roof Dad. (Jump, Barnsley) Tommy Cooper
  4. I've just listened to 'So little Time' on the same LP Rock n Roll producer introducing his new protegee 'Twit Conway', still as funny today. My old Dutch Peter Sellers (Songs for Swinging Sellers)
  5. WOW & A BIG THANK YOU WEARYSMITH. Lord Badminton's Memoirs Peter Sellers (Songs for Swinging Sellers - check out the LP cover & you'll understand the 'swinging' bit) We got this LP (& still have it) with our first Dansette. Peter Sellers singing of 'George Gershwin' is almost perfect (?) Their early stuff was better IMO. Nowhere man Beatles, Colorado, #411 Lord Badminton's Memoirs Peter Sellers. Birdland, (Birdland, San Diego) Chuck Berry
  6. Tell Mama (Tell City, Troy, Indiana) Savoy Brown (one of the most influential British Blues Bands ever ?) Never can Tell Chuck Berry
  7. Ecky thump (a 5%er i'm sure) Wearysmith Admitting on a live forum you've a Goodies Album . (nearly as bad as my admitting to having the Russ Abbott's 'Madhouse' LP) (but in defense it has to be the funny'st LP ever pressed - RIP Russ) Agree with the 'Wild Thing' it does have more Passion (steady, its still early) than other versions. The House of Blue Light. (House Springs, Jefferson County, Missouri) Freddie Slack, Andrew sisters, Jerry lee Lewis House of the rising Sun, Animals Keep safe.
  8. Black pudding Bertha (Bertha, Florida) Cricklewood The Goodies
  9. Campbeltown Loch (I wish yer were Whisky, I would drink yer dry) Andy Stewart I know its a bit early, but in my drinking days - I'd have had a go Keep safe & drink responsibly
  10. Its something us Grandad's are good at, But isn't it like watching quiz programs where the contestant says "it's before my time" as if Knowledge or History is limited to only after they were born! As for Percy Filth, noticed Paula Wilcox in Corri, still looking good. Big Apple Dreaming. Alice Cooper
  11. Lord Hereford's Knob !!!!!! - Percy Filth - Horribleblob - Percy Filth. Percy's Song (Percy, Illnois) Bob Dylan.
  12. Right here on earth (Earth, Lamb County, West Texas) Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps. Salt of the Earth Rolling stones
  13. No one know's it ? - just you & me then I love the line in 'I'm going home' 'I'm going home to my old room, to all the mess, to all the dirty laundry' Best concept album ever? Anyone out there not got this album in your collection you ain't got a collection. Rush out and buy it now tell them Wearysmith & the Rocker sent ya. I'd give Ian Anderson's 'Too old to Rock n Roll Too young to die' concept album a close 2nd place even if Ian Anderson didn't like it himself. Back on subject. Nowhere man (Nowhere, Colorado) the Beatles
  14. Morning Wearysmith, as I have found the US of A are quite good at unusual names. Santa Claus is on the dole (Santa Claus, Arizona) Spitting image You can go to Hell, (not you personally Wearysmith) (Hell, Michigan) Alice Cooper
  15. Orphans of Babylon Be Bop DeLuxe
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