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  1. Quite correct. Nothing worse than an uncomfortable knob . Any one on here ever drive a Riley Pathfinder ? Gear leaver on the floor next to the door took some getting used to 🙃. I thought we were doing well crookesey - but! (respectfully) What the hell are you talking about? Used one of my Zephyr's (did i mention I used to have Zephyrs ) with a car trailer daily. Used quite a few with the caravan on't back. The left hand drive one was fun entering motorways, but other than that never had any trouble reversing any of them even with the tourer on't back. Had a police Zodiac with floor change (separate seats twin speedo's) - Column definitely the better of the options . Happy daze . Better get back on subject 🤣 Never smoked in any of mine 🤣. Keep safe out there .
  2. With yer and spot on. Speculated much the same regarding those being planed out. Rather naive to think everybody's gonna board the plane sheep-like and sit like good tourists. Glad that's sorted 🙃 Keep safe out there .
  3. I mentioned the Father in law. Much like the Gun happy Yanks who's 'you can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand' He was the same with cigarettes. Until a short spell in hospital - never touched one after that. Before that chain smoking from getting up was his god dam right. Went on to live till he was 89 but hated going for X-rays Give over! you'll have me gettin violin out. Its a disgusting ignorant habit that turns into addiction most regret even starting. Keep safe out there .
  4. Something must have gotten lost in translation then, because it reads (to me) as if good old fashion protests and people storming the runways to stop the plane taking off is 'acceptable'.
  5. Yep, understood. so people Stopping planes leaving is good ????? While people storming (onto) beaches isn't frowned upon ??????
  6. No. Bench seats led to many happy Mammary s. 🤣 🤣 Bucket seats and fold down arm rests spoilt car courting altogether .
  7. You enjoy (?) your cigarette Jim. While l enjoy all my happy mammary's of the front bench seats of my Zephyrs 🤣. Keep safe out there .
  8. Im So glad you wern't my England teecher Hackey 🤣
  9. 5 X 20 packs of cigs anywhere between £50 and £70 WOW . First Zephyr only cost £40 & Reliant's were £15 with MOT . Seriously how can anyone justify spending that sort of money, when putting food on't table must be a higher priority ❓ Happy Daze (?) 5 Parki Rough out the cig machine on Gibraltar St on't way t' work at Shalesmoor. Good job Father-in-law ain't still about, he was a genuine chain smoker 🤢. Keep safe & smoke free . It ain't Big and it ain't clever .
  10. As opposed to storming beaches which is OK .
  11. 🏍️ 💨 🚗 Don't do riding behind cars 🤣 .
  12. E happy daze it'll be like queuing round block twice at the Gaumount to watch the Sound of Music. Airplane! (6/10) Movie CLIP - Get a Hold of Yourself! (1980) HD - YouTube
  13. E' happy daze down't Wicker 1970's 🤣
  14. Thank you Beca. perhaps we should open up even more old post, or at least check them out for relevance. Keep up the good work .
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