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  1. Keep up the good work Padders. As Cressida didn't give me a mention, us at the other end of the spectrum appreciate it 😀. Although my Scottish sense of humour is ever present, my favourite part of SF is when its members get together and solve some query in the Sheffield history & ex pats forum. Keep safe out there and give as good as you receive. , SF Rulz OK Luv you Cressi .
  2. I hadn't got as far as her eye
  3. Haven't we done this before ? I'm with you Mr Bloke, Woman 😍 All Woman 😍😍
  4. Love this & the corresponding news story; Enjoy. Teen goes 'fishing' in town's potholes to highlight poor road conditions (aol.co.uk) Shame the 19 year old ain't got nothing better to do though 😀.
  5. And then the threats of using nuclear weapons .
  6. Just as crazy as building your forces on someone else's boarder and not telling them your going to invade
  7. Not only a 🤡 world but a 🤡 world where your deterrents failings are reported to the world .
  8. I think I must have visited every pub in Sheff (+ surrounding area) in my drinking days. It wouldn't be that much of an achievment now 🥴.
  9. Having an out of proportion body part can be a double edge sword Leviathan
  10. I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble with the lads in Red and White Barron. Unless the type of hooligans have improved since we lived on Randall St, I can't vouch for them 🥴. Keep safe out there
  11. That's me off everybody's Christmas card list then 😭. I infiltrated many years ago and have spent more time here than in Scotland. Paid my tax's to you lot, but now I've retired you don't want to know me - I'm gutted 🥺 'Sassenach's' yer just can't trust them, my fault, should have known better 🤬
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