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  1. Writing my own and what a perfect time to do so. The old saying 'everybody has at least one book in them' has to be true. I started on something a few years ago but as happened it has been put on the back burner for a while. I'm still on with it (in a sort of way) but it got side lined work, family new job etc, etc. While talking about Motorcycles and growing up in Sheffield with my Brother I started this project last year with the intention's of writing something on the lines of a small paper back. Since then things have taken over, one memory leads into another then some thing jog's yer memory and before you know it the little book is getting bigger and bigger. The beginning was easy and every thing is planned to take it to the ending which was decided upon early doors. Names are being changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty and most things are real, could have happened or should have happened (or just totally made up) Sheffield and the surrounding country side is being used as a back drop (pre CCTV and mobile phones). I'm having to use old road maps because of how much the road network has changed since the late 1960's. Personally I'm happy with it so far and if i'm the only one left - er sorry I meant if i'm the only one to ever read it I'm happy with what I've achieved so far. Go on get creative while on lock down - write a book. Rocker.
  2. Hat's off to Tesco's. recieved a message saying durring these challenging times they have implemented FREE calls from 8pm to 8am weekdays and ALL weekend untill the 1st of June.
  3. 'The English game' Watched the first two lastnight. very good so far. Worth watching.
  4. Our lass has put up with my Scottish sence of humour for 44 years (+ the courtship years) I've surprised myself what I've said in jest & got away with.,but Bikes and cars have been my thing and at least she knows i'm in't garage not out womanizing. There was once a survey I think it was in the Sheffield Star that said Yorkshire Men prefer bigger Women. We both said "Thank ---- I'm from Scotland" bless her.
  5. Thank you RiffRaff for spotting the mistake. One Love(s) is definitely enough for any man - who'd want the extra hassel?
  6. Money Heist season 4 3 down last night - binge the rest today.
  7. You tube Roy Wood - are you ready to Rock (Little and Large show 1982) Rock on Eddie & thanks Rocker.
  8. A few post's on here regarding B&M (for an example Argos as well no doubt) where there may well have been a rush on certain items, garden furniture etc. Think of all the kids out there who can not be expected to be hidden away during this crisis. They don't understand fully what the implications of this emergency are. So if their parents have had the good fortune to have bought Trampolines and garden furniture so they can spend more time with their little ones away from this madness good luck to them. Food wise I had a cold (thanks to one of the Grandkids) before all this started so missed out on the panic buying, but we'd always got food in the house anyway. 3 loves is not excessive, I've always bought 3 loaves at at time I have never considered it excessive just a reasonable way of managing how often I needed to go shopping. in other words by the time we'd used 3 loaves it was time for another shop. I self isolated at the very beginning of all this and it wasn't till Monday of this week I decided to go shopping (masked up of course) and was quite surprised how well stocked our local Farm foods actually was. Veg and meat from Aldi all of which are of good quality. Weren't we (most of us) brought up on proper foods? I've just polished off the last of the ash and dumpling I've been eating for the last 3 days and have a home made Shepard's pie on the go which will last at least two days as I write. So No Food doesn't have to be boring - define boring? Egg and Chips, Sausage and Mash, Scrambled eggs chips and salad cream (?) have got to be better for the kids than the regurgitated things purported to be Chicken Nuggets. While no doubt convenience (?) foods might be a cheap way of doing things how hard is it to make your own mashed potatoes? Fish, Rabbit or Pheasant stews. Have a thought about all those proper foods we were brought up on. Tomato Sausages (That didn't taste of dry powder substitutes). Blue Cheese. Tripe. Black pudding (mushy peas and mint sauce - I was nearly outside the Smugglers at Chapel St Leonards then) etc, etc, etc Just one final thing WHY are penny Ducks no longer a penny? us mechanics have been using face masks and gloves for years, again thankfully I've always had a good supply in't Garage. It was only the week before this started did my Lad bring me a full box of dust masks some one gave him as he was packing his stall up at the carboot because he hadn't sold them. Take care out there and eat well.
  9. There's NO WAY am I loosing my Sideburns - I'll stick to self isolating in't garage. Rocker.
  10. Your welcome to dump what you want in the field next to us - well your not welcome - but everyone else does it. Time these silly rules were stoped no wonder so much illegal tipping goes on. Complainings was a joke before CV19 so not much point now.
  11. Hello Banjo it probably goes against the rights for workers that had been been fought over for many years but If it comes to loosing your Holidays and the ultimate Holiday DEATH because you have had to work in an overcrowded environment during a Pandemic with no or little protection then I'd loose the Holidays first. Keep Safe Rocker.
  12. I'm Glad I'm not the only one reading on here. Don't you just love it when in conversation (when we could interact in a crowd) some one says "I've never read a book" and you look at them and think 'now why doesn't that surprise me! Anyway I read Touching at a distance not so long a go By Deborah Curtis on her late husband Ian Curtis. Excellent book on a very troubled young man. well worth reading. No excuse for some of the books I read age wise. Just about to start something (which I shall talk more about once I've read it) that has had one of the longest bloody introductions I've read (20+pages) which dissects the book, its inner meanings the authors state of mind etc etc etc before even starting on the actual story.
  13. I think we all have had to revaluated things. I wasn't feeling particularly well due to one of our Grand kids giving me a cold before all this started. Food wise we always have plenty in but with not going out or falling into the trap of panic buying we reverted back to some of the old ways. We were all brought up on good simple meals not Frozen convenience meals. Big bag of potatoes and your on to a winner. Egg and chips, Bangers and Mash, Boiled potatoes.peas and Bacon. I was lucky to have quite a few Pheasants in't freezer. Simple stews last at least two days and feed a family. One of our Grandkids calls our lass Grany Srew, LOL Got to be a darn sight better than Chicken nuggets. I did manage to go shopping (masked up) on Monday only because we were out of Bread and milk but we could have lasted a couple of days more on simple but filling meals.So yes it is time to revaluate work and lifestyle practices. Farm foods were pretty well stocked up but i found my self considering what would go further rather rather than 'she'll have that' 'I'll have that', 'Kid's can have that'. Keep safe out there. Rocker (sitting down to a plate of luvly Ash and Dumplings) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I might be an old Rocker covered in Tattoo's - but I won't be Drawn. LOL.
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