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  1. Let's hope not eh! Jeans with Leather jacket would go better with your long hair - rather than turn Skinhead.
  2. NOT NOW -- JUST HAD MY HAIR CUT & My DA is back in place. And about time too, I was quickly turning into one of those old blokes we saw as kids who's grey hair was swept back and long enough for a pony tail, the ones I was determined never to become. Keep safe
  3. The Meg 2018 Bit reluctant to watch this Sci Fi Action film. Can the original Jaws ever be beaten? HTSBO chose this. I'm never sure about the whole big fish thing, Giant Piranha's, swamp monsters or Godzilla, etc. Got to admit this wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be - in fact it wasn't bad at all. Loved all the 'Supercar' type submersibles (more Gerry Anderson than Lamborghini) and the almost constant action made the film. Bit of slushy romance stuff going on in there as well. All in All a pretty good film, very much an up dated 'Jaw's' but well done and enjoyable. (& a second one in the pipe line) 8/10 My Choice next - lol
  4. Stay safe Cressida. it is the only way. Haven't seen my Mother for a long time now but do keep in touch on the phone and my brother and sisters who all live nearer are making sure she has plenty of food, exercise etc. Very sociable person my Mum with lots of friends, groups she attended etc, etc but again has had to adapt to phone contact only for now. Keep safe. See you on the other side.
  5. Proxide Beehives - sorry I was back in 60's Sheffield then.
  6. Must have missed this one. Watched - Velvet Goldmine the other day. Never heard of it before and almost straight away quite a bit of Eno, Roxy, Ferry plus T Rex etc, etc, etc. Not sure about the film itself but certainly captured something of the era.
  7. Thank you Cressida, I've a yard full already - Lol That's why the new ones on our Daughters drive - Lol.
  8. Treasure Island (according to Spike Milligan) Not one of his best unfortunately. Think I'll leave it at that and remember Spike as he was. RIP
  9. Dark - series 3 Ye Ha !. Finally did it & it was worth doing (I think?) The finale actually works (but could lead on to another) (please don't my brain hurts enough as it is)(and I've run out of Paracetamol's) . I quite liked series 1, but didn't get on with series 2, and found myself only watching 3 to the end because it was announced it was to be the Finale. Not going to spoil it for anyone & the Finale really is good. rather repetitive but that's the nature of the story. Worth watching eventually. Enjoy.
  10. Wern't me Officer. I was somewhere else, Honest.
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