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  1. Isn't it strange how the brain works! with the first mention of Collin Bell mine reminds me of the late great Graham Haberfield (Chesterfield actor) who played Winston Platt the totally obsessed Colin Bell and Man City fan in the TV series 'The Dustbin Men' Unfortunately Graham (Jerry Booth in Coronation St) died very young (33) RIP both of you. Keep safe.
  2. From me too - RIP. Thoughts to the Family.
  3. My Bold Proper Classroom Experience. In our Grandkids Experience. One pupil gets Cori V so because he's in the same bubble is asked not to come in & self isolate (but his younger brother can come in ???) Next day younger Grandkids asked not to come in etc because a Teacher has Cori V. School keeps open - with windows open - but that's alright because they have underfloor heating ?????? By this time two Teachers have Cori V. Next day 4 Teachers have Cori V - School Shuts and god knows how many Parents have been infected through taking their Children to School- including one of our other daughters. Yep Ann nothing like the Proper Classroom Experience circa 2020. Keep safe
  4. Hey I'm only a Recovery Driver, how should I know about online lessons? I can only leave it up to our wonderful Government Coz they know best. Keep safe Tinfoil.
  5. Hello Forgeman. The present story isn't 30 years old and from what iv'e seen there has been no glorification of this mans crimes. Although Sheffield was never directly affected by any of his murders they were very dark days back then. Women would have their partners collect them from work and going out alone at night was a definite No No. I get your concerns over the Families of the Victims but like all history is something that shouldn't not be talked about or forgotten. Keep safe
  6. 3 kids 3 Laptops ?????????? Perhaps children ought to go back to basics for a start off and learn how to share. It's a shame this country's industry's were decimated the little darlings could have left skool and gone straight to work. I like the plan how we can all go out and retrain, become Bricklayers, plasterers, etc etc, sure make a change from having everybody being encouraged to go to being Marine Biologists or into the Hospitality trade. lol How did we manage having to use books or gain hands on experience in the real world i'll never know. Keep safe
  7. Hello Bargepole My 'World beating track and trace' was definitely tongue in cheek Bargepole. Again 'Society, Wealth, Affiliations, Age, Sex, Health I'll stand by my 'this Virus doesn't give a Monkeys' as has more than been proven. Our beloved leader has chucked millions and Billions into other projects and after all it has been his insistence that education is something that is so important even while lock downs are in place should continue, even to the determent of Students and Locals where these education centers are, time to re-think Borris. There can't be that many People / Children who haven't some access to a computer / laptop / I pad etc now-a-days - even our 2 year old Grandkid can work his way around my Amazon Fire. There can't be any Student who hasn't got a Lap Top that they couldn't keep up with their course work in a safer environment. Keep safe.
  8. Hello Charliewag. My point was more to do with as far as we know, this was the first time he'd come over to commit murder. Other posts on here state that he chose the site for the attempted murder i'm sure this is wrong and that it was his intended victim with her local knowledge that chose Melbourne Avn. Not taking anything away from the Police for catching Sutcliffe but even they admitted it was no more than a routine stop which wasn't unusual in that area at the time. Another Working girl had already turned him down (if reports at the time are to believed) because she didn't feel safe with him and as i said both Staff and customers at the Little Mesters had already contacted the police because of their concerns. Dark Days
  9. We were there the night Sutcliffe was arrested. Little known fact, the staff at 'the Little Mesters' public house in Broomhall actually reported 'a strange character who stood out like a sore thumb' to the Police and it was only after that did the Police come across Sutcliffe. We knew 3 days before it was actually announced the Police had him in custody. I always thought it strange the first time Sutcliffe, as far as we know comes to Sheffield to commit murder is he's caught. Dark Days.
  10. Nothing Worse than an Over Excited Woman Pattricia - LOL
  11. Prior to 'People Carriers' coming into fashion I always used to buy old Black Cabs to ferry the kids about to college etc. Strange how the younger ones used to fight for the fold down seats that faced the wrong way. Happy Daze
  12. Hello ECCO My Bold. Does any one think Cori V gives a monkeys about Legal, Moral and Human Rights, pro or anti wearing masks, whether the Campus has a fence around it or even that the government think Education is more important than controlling this virus - Does it hell as like. No one's safe. Hello Tom. I thought the ferrying of their Children to Uni was something all parents (were conned into) - Sorry - did. (I know I've done my share) (Nearly) everybody gasped when lock down was announced but not for Students or School Children . Grandkids school has only just re opened after four teachers tested positive along with several parents and Children in an area that had low numbers of cases prior to the kids going back after the first lock down. Yes Education is Important but why more couldn't be done on line rather than expose this younger generation to the dangers of Cori V puzzles me. After all, if our Government can organize a World beating Track and Trace system ,surely they could point a few kids in the right direction on a computer ???????. Keep safe.
  13. Hello Presley. The other part of the story. students are going to be allowed to travel home for Christmas in what's being termed as a 'Student travel window'. (Staggered departures so they can travel home safely ) Dpt Chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries said "the mass movement of Students across the Country at the end of term presents a really significant challenge within the response. the measures announced today will help students get home to their families as safely possible for Christmas. It is crucial that Students follow the guidance in order to protect their families and the communities they return to" All very commendable, shame the same wasn't in force when the Students were allowed to flood back to Uni en mass allowing the numbers of Cori V cases to soar among the Student community and Local Communities when they got there. Keep safe.
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