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  1. I didn't say my life didn't suck, I said life it self needn't suck even with this dreadful virus running rampant around the world. Coriv doesn't care what you used to do before it showed its ugly head. Its not bothered you used to like a drink, go to the football or for all those that have died from it catching it while at their place of work, even if they previously enjoyed the company of their work mates and the job itself, It just doesn't care. I certainly haven't said there is anything 'Trivial' about the present situation we are ALL in and if people can't get this in their heads and adjust accordingly we will see further cases and deaths. The attitude of 'Because we used to do something' its still alright to do it now is not only flawed but a dangerous one. Keep safe - adjust. Enforce your own restrictions.
  2. Thanks Mick. Like I said long time ago. Strange looking at photo's of when Ecclesall road used to run down to meet up with London Rd, Cemetry Rd and the Moor and just how built up the whole area really was. Happy Daze.
  3. Good old David Icke. Fascists Lizards are after your freedom - take care. Don't worry about Coriv its not real its a fictious world wide plot to rob you of your freedom. Rocker - fick as old engine oil. Shame those of the 40,000 + who have died can't recoup their loss. Keep safe let your own common sense rule.
  4. So do I Anna. Life doesn't suck its just different & once thats been accepted we can cope with what normality will be. Me and her that should be obeyed have our mindsets adjusted to the present conditions which is good. (i've even been found in't kitchen washing pots - but don't tell any one) Keep safe.
  5. So being in the RAC exempts you from having to Rush home to wash yer dinner down with 4 cans of Special Brew ! Come on - 'limiting late night drinking'? the kids haven't twigged it really means starting an hour earlier.
  6. Thank you Mick the name Mick rings a bell as to the owner but such a long time ago couldn't be sure of that. I had a rear tyre blow out and managed to wedge the bike up against the curb after a good wobbly moment further up outside the Earl Grey. Quick pint helped. Happy Daze.
  7. Has common sense abandoned us? Coronavirus doesn't care a monkeys (and that's putting it politely) if you don't like to be told what to do. It doesn't care if you cant go to the pub, football matches, visit your relations or friends or don't like wearing masks or even how that blonde haired buffoon has handled the crisis. In fact Coronavirus is quite happy if we all think F/ it and carry on as we used to. The news is, things we used to do are in the past. The new future is how we cope with this changed environment because we all know or should realise by now, things are not going back to any sort of normality any time soon or at all even, Harbourer of doom and gloom? No just don't get the constant silly arguments over trivial things. What do we do about it - I don't know but if restrictions are needed so be it. let common sense prevail because it sure is lacking at the moment. keep safe. be bigger than having to be told what to do. Do it because you yourself have the common sense to protect yourself and others. Keep safe. Enforce your own restrictions.
  8. 137/141 in Kellys for 1972 is a Thrift shop, fancy goods. Me and my brother were always amazed at the Cork shop (number 117) but never saw it open. I also remember a greasy bikers cafe some where in that block of shops and watched them being demolished while sat outside the Jolly Buffer.
  9. Hello Max. My reasoning if you read #24 again was that if the reason for wanting to pass in an Auto was because of being scared of having to deal with a manual gearbox as well as everything else that is part and parcel of daily driving 'were they ready for the road'. I drive other peoples cars for a living as well as a recovery truck (terrible job for a bloke but someone has to do it I know - LOL) Choice I don't think I have one. At one time I had a 3ltr Vauxhall Senator auto, a rare 3.2 manual (straight 6 not the horrible V8) Jag and my 1965 Reliant Regal all on the road at the same time and could never decide which one to chose they all had their merits. The manual Jag was a darn sight better than any auto Jag I've owned or driven and was great fun while i owned it although the clutch was probably the heavist in any car i've had. A lot depends on the car a manual Carlton was a different beast to an auto Carlton / Senator as is the same with the big Audi Auto's and the equivalent 6 speed manuals, as a personal choice i'd go Auto Audi every time. We all have habits I probably hold on to a gear leaver for too long but hey ho ! Not sure about the auto being any easier pulling out at junctions. Its a crazy world in driving land whatever your driving that's for sure. The main thing is to enjoy what your driving and fully believe a car has to have soul. The kids wouldn't have liked some of those early autos thats for sure even my favourite motor Fords mk 3 Zephyr (Z cars) Automatic were pretty lack lustre. I'd like to see some of the kids deal with crash box's and double d clutching - happy daze. Keep safe. and remember a car is more than A to B
  10. Are we seeing a resurgence of the rat population? or are we seeing more rats because with various restrictions due to Cori v there aren't as many people about and the rats are having to travel further to find food? Less left over takeaways in town centres because of more takeaways being delivered? Are they getting braver in more residential areas through necessity? No I'm not on their side, just seems strange it is relatively recently that a resurgence of the Beasties has come about. We more or less played in Graves park every day or in many of the woods around Bocking lane and can never remember seeing a rat as kids. Keep safe.
  11. What sound issue ? that was whats known as a Scottish brogue not a fault in your TV's sound system Tinfoil. Keep safe. Ratched (Netflix) I don't know what to say about this one. Prior to the Nurse's appearance in 'one flew over the cuckoos nest' this prequel gives an insight into her character. Mixed reviews over this one and I can only agree. Starting off, I thought this was the best thing since battered haggis but if it wasn't for the fine looking 1940's Yank cars, Lady's fashion and scenery the whole thing turned into nothing more than a televised comic strip straight out of a comic book. Plot lines are comic, unbelievable or just down right silly (IMO). Worth watching? probably but don't expect too much. No 2 in the pipeline - yes & can't see it being any better. Keep safe. Binge responsibly.
  12. Zero Hour (2013 TV series) Strange one this, but, me and Her That Should Be Obeyed totally enjoyed all the twist, turns and final outcome. Bit Dan Brown with all the 'Clue finding' and James Herbert's 'Spear'. Slated and pulled after only three episodes shown, chucked from one network to another in 2013 then taken up by an Australian network in 2015. The premise is the safe keeping of the 'Cross of Jesus' rescued away from the invasion of German troops in WW2 and spirited away with clues to its new whereabouts kept in twelve mysterious (very elaborate) clocks spread all about the world. Lots of action, good Christians, radical believers to the end of time being a good thing, Doppelgangers, good Nazi's (?) people who aren't who you thing they are (in fact there's a lot of that going on throughout). The plot has holes in it of course but still worth a binge. Well filmed, lots of twists & turns and relatively good acting. Enjoy.
  13. I'd say it all depends on where you got your licence from. Bicycle proficiency class, working for Del Monte, Pilot Training, The Royal Navy, or in a Hippy Commune in the 1960's The rest of us know which pedal it is for forward propulsion thanks.
  14. 'Full Custom Garage' (Pluto TV - you tube etc) binged seasons 1,2,3,4 & 6 Ian Roussel talented custom car / bike / trike builder. I needed some inspiration to get me back in't yard. In Yankee land, customizing is not only Big Business its an acceptable Way of life for both young and old. Despite our foray into customizing back in the 60's, 70's and 80's we let Europe impose laws and stifle a lot of that freedom to alter vehicles. Keep safe, binge responsibly. Avoid Electric vehicles.
  15. A microwave. till the new one comes - LOL See post #1300 in 'what's knocked your duck off' & # 1568 in 'whats the last thing you bought.
  16. New Microwave. See post #1300 in 'Whats knocked your duck off today' thread
  17. Microwave going Bang, Crackle, Crackle, Bang, Crackle, Crackle
  18. Don't tell him that Jim. I thought you were my saviour. LOL. I still say 80 mph and better training for motorway use. Keep safe & use lane two more.
  19. A lot more in last nights program & well worth watching. (Lots of old footage - plenty of Mk111 Cortinas, Escorts etc and even an old Bedford CA in one of the shots - happy days trying to get my old 3 speed CA up some of the hills in Sheff -LOL.) Yeo Condor 2 lost the magic of 1 somehow and for me the acting just got so wooden I stopped enjoying it. The ending is about the best part of two and personally I hope they don't make another series. Keep safe.
  20. All polite here Nikki. The question has to be WHY is there 'Very Heavy Traffic' in that area? The answer is because the free flowing traffic coming up from Nottingham or down from Wakefield/ Ponti has been artificially slowed down which is hardly conclusive in moving traffic away from that area or inproving air quality. Of course pollution comes from vehicle emission, your need to infer I do not understand this basic principle is your prerogative but far from the truth. How can deliberately congregating a larger number of vehicles in any one area at lower speeds 'improve' air quality?? is probably a question which people with health issues living in that area would no doubt like answering - of course the simple answer is it doesn't. Keep safe. Rocker.
  21. Watched it and couldn't decide if it was David Tennent or the real Des Nilsen 1/2 the time.
  22. When I said I would be happy to let you have the last word, I didn't expect such an Unecessary Puerile Comment. but Hey Ho!
  23. Tonight ITV 9pm follow on to the last three nights 'Des' 'the real 'Des' the Dennis Neilsen story' Enjoy (?)
  24. In #69 YOU asked ME what figures do I have for emissions per second at 60mph and 70 mph. I have never proffered any figures for emissions in any of my posts so why would I offer up figures per second between your designated two figures of 60 & 70 - you might as well have asked me which was the better 2-8-4 or the 4-2-2 for railway engines running on the branch line between here and Cardiff. I have offered up my (personal) comments on what I feel is poor management of our motorways and my belief that 80mph (MAX) would be a better way of controlling the movement of traffic rather than (IMO) the silly bunching together at 50 & 60mph. Unless you want to get all Pedantic on my omission to place the word 'figures' after the word 'emission' in my statement - 'I have never claimed anything regarding emission because frankly I don't care'., please feel free to do so. I'll even let you have the last word if it keeps you happy. History is always written by the winner (unless your still stuck in traffic on't motorway that is) LOL Keep safe.
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