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  1. Been T' dentist 🤐🦷🤐 ___________________ Rather B Tattooed Keep safe
  2. No. I've mentioned it before, we lived up Bocking Lane when we moved down here. Opposite my Grans just through the woods there were abandoned allotments (prior to the Chancet wood estate being built). For a long time things were still growing. Rhubarb was taller than us, apples were bigger than anything I've seen since & berries of all descriptions were everywhere (including Logan berry's) . Gran cooked fruit pies near enough every day. She'd a Cherry tree in't garden as well. Sound Good? It was. Happy Daze.
  3. GOOSEBERRY'S Nothing personal. Can't believe No one has mentioned Gooseberry's. Happy day's picking Gooseberry's from under, my Grans glass frame in the veg patch (next to the Anderson shelter). Always had a thing about anything with a 'sharp' taste, so the Green Plump, Spiky fruits were (are) just my thing. Gooseberry Crumble 'n' thick Custard Whats not to like? Keep safe Eat well.
  4. Any one got the winning combination of numbers for tonight's 'Set for Life' lottery draw?
  5. Shadow and Bone. Strange mixture of Fantasy, Fiction and a little Steampunk . Not as intense as Mortal Engines and unfortunately not as strong a story line. Nothing is explained till the last three episodes about the 'shadow tear' that separates the country or as to why there is so much animosity between the rivaling Grisha and Ravka. The filming, cast, storyline and costumes (All bustles, basks, big shoulder pads and embroidery) have something. But, the feeling a lot is happening and nothing is getting anywhere fast is frustrating at times. The last three episode make up for any shortcomings and even though the ending is wide open for a second series we still felt let down by not feeling part of the story. Keep safe Binge responsibly.
  6. Quite a few 'Invite a neighbour' / Homeless person for Christmas Dinner sites on't internet. Very commendable. Would i do it my self ?
  7. Typical SF reply system in operation. To a no doubt genuine question. Could be for an elderly relative could be for a group of people or someone who would like to ensure they have a cooked meal Christmas day. Google search reveals there are people offering Christmas day delivery. Without having a proper look Wado I have no idea if you are looking for a single meal or for a group of people. You would have to look further price wise and if any are in your area. You could always take the advice already given. 'Frozen meals, Smaller sized Turkey, sliced meats, Bisto, & a tin of new potato's from our ever helpful team of funsters. Quite surprised no one has mentioned how nice ((and cheap) 'Gruel' is around the time of the festive season. 🔔🔔 Keep save Waldo.🎅
  8. I did have a look in't container wi' bikes in on't off chance
  9. Wait for one where you don't need the binoculars Keep safe girl.
  10. Sorry Kidorry BUT NO that is just so wrong. bit like havin tomato sauce on bacon sandwiches, should be a law against it Anyone else remember Pub's with 'help yourself' bowl of puddings and one of Gravy on a Sunday Dinner? Royal Lancers corner of Penistone Rd & Dixon St (invented all day drinking before all day drinking) Happy Daze. Keep safe.
  11. Shirley's Girl Friend Joyce Grenfell
  12. Ponders End Allotment's Club. Chas & Dave.
  13. found this at the back of the radio gram. Dear Francois Joyce Grenfell Enjoy
  14. Any one else out there do the plate of Yorkshire Puddings n' gravy, off t' Pub for a few Jars then back for dinner ? I'd never seen it till meeting her that should be obeyed's family. Sheffield thing? Happy Daze
  15. They have been in the Bank of Spain since the start of Series 3, and the group have been together since series 1. Their 'back grounds' have been well chronicled throughout. I'd rather they had spent more time infusing more of the intrigues the Professor has counteracting every variation of 'what If' than recapping on what we already know about the main protagonists. 3 series's of being in the same Bank and resorting to 'Flashbacks' to 'fill' the thing out doesn't work for me. Still enjoying but it is quickly loosing its flavour by being dragged out. But what do I know about Train setts? Keep safe.
  16. Up London Rd we had 'Cooki's' fish mongers. Found this old photo. Same shop as I remember but it had been modernised by the time we came down from Scotland. Cook'i used to do all sorts of strange thing when he was handing you your change back (tossing coins up in't air) more infuriating than amusing. no one was safe youngster, women shoppers, old Granny's basically anyone who came into his shop. If you asked politely and who didn't say 'please & thank you' back then he would give the kids a 'Lucky Rabbits foot. Not so lucky for all the Rabbits hanging outside. Happy Daze.
  17. It's the final season but only half (5 episodes) of its been shown. Rest to be aired in December. (unless you've found it somewhere else?) I'm a little uncertain about this last series too much emphasis on the characters earlier lives. Yes lots of the action and intrigue (rat a tat tat of guns, big guns and big explosions) but the looking back through 'flashbacks' seems to be a way of filling space rather just getting on with the job. Keep safe & Binge responsibly 🧐
  18. I can never make my mind up if there isn't a hint of sarcasm in your reply's I do hope not Keep safe Girl
  19. Never heard of it Kidorry. Looked it up on't internet and it says it's a 'North of England' thing. Glasgow's far enough up 'North' never heard of it. No doubt the morning bowl of porridge (with salt) kept any throat problems away. Keep safe.
  20. Smash instant potato's spread out on't plate separate in't middle to form a halo pour the delicious Chow Mein mix into the middle top with the crispy noodles (if you ain't burnt them because if you left them even for a nano second after they had puffed up as if by magic they became brown deep fried twigs from't garden) of course if you were really posh you could push the 'Hostess Trolley' in t' living room with the foul smelling / sorry as the advert said 'Bit different Nice and Tasty Vesta Meal' . Your Boss from the Bank couldn't help but be impressed. You could always (as we did on occasions) add a small amount of fresh mincemeat. (It didn't make the perfume tasting mess any better ) Keep safe out there Eat well if you can't Eat lot's
  21. Thank you Padders for making my morning. I'm smiling from ear to ear I was at Coopers a while back and mentioned the last time i'd been the place was full of Mk 4 Zephyrs & Reliant Regals. Exactly my thoughts on those reversing camera things. What's all that about? Green line Redline beep, beep, beep, beep (love the advert where the woman is playing the key board while her husband reverses through the garage door) combination of looking over your shoulder & mirrors always worked for me. (try reversing wagon wi' car trailer up a cul-de-sac, the sense of achievement always brings a smile) (see what I did there) Worked for KIA at one time, that self parking (park assist) thing is impressive, daunting at first but impressive. With you on the silly telling you when to change gear, wipers that come on when it looks like rain, (which is better than the early Mini's that refused to start if it looked like rain) cruise control & positively hate the speedo projected on to the windscreen on some modern cars. I did like the gear position light on the big Suzuki's 🏍️ (saved cogging down one to many) I read about you only having the 2nd gear. My Bedford CA , Mk 2 Consul's & Mk2 Zodiac's only had one more. Keep threatening to put my 1964 Regal back on't road you wouldn't believe the smiles & thumbs up that gets I've a photo above my lap top it has my Senator, my Jag (proper one) & my Regal sat outside 'house. All three brought a smile & I could never decide which one to jump into - it's a hard life us 'petrol heads' have Keep safe Keep smiling 🎵 ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ 🎵 Always look on the bright side of life 🎵 If you weren't such a sloppy eater that wouldn't happen Pattricia Keep safe Girl
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