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  1. Thank you. If you did know them then you wouldn't ask what you did.
  2. Ahhhh back on that are we. Do you know my kids?
  3. I said when they were being built they wouldn't be needed. I was mocked but I was right. Did you think they would be needed?
  4. Watching the nightingale hospitals being dismantled after not being used gave me a giggle I suppose.
  5. I'm not stopping you from giving one. I'll ask again seeing as you are big on honesty. I asked in post 4767 if something was funny. So what's funny?
  6. I've heard it described as Mockney.
  7. That's not why I snip them. I explained in a previous post why I do it. Go have a look if you like. That's fine. Im not interested in going round in circles with you again. Usually it ends up with you being abusive. Thanks for the offer though 👍
  8. Above your post is an advert for a hybrid lexus. You mean that? Cos I'm sorry I don't want another new car. I just got one. Edit. The ad changed. Its now a sporty lexus.
  9. Seen something funny? Oh do share. I love a good giggle
  10. Your choice.👍 Night night 😘
  11. Sadly I think plenty will still have the jab. Its almost like a badge of honour to some.
  12. You could always click it and find out.. Hot tip. You might not like it. It features somone with a different opinion to you. An nhs worker willing to lose his job rather than be bullied into having the jab.
  13. Okie Dokie --------—----------------------------- Bravo 👏👏👏 https://fb.watch/aEhOtr3Mu0/
  14. We agree on more than you think. Let's hope you're right on that 👍
  15. Anyone wanting another outbreak Whatever their side of the argument is would be crazy. Who would want another round of daft restrictions?
  16. Sweet 🙏 And despite what some people on here might say I don't have a problem with somone who wants to have it. Their body their choice 👍
  17. I worry more about people who have been lied to, coerced and threatened to take a jab that hasn't been tested long term. Don't you worry about those people?
  18. Taking a jab or booster that's not past all trials and has no long term safety data, no I think it's you who's doing the hoping.
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