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  1. Thank you for your contribution.
  2. I don't buy that. I've suffered mental illness, I still do at times. My life is sometimes not pleasant, I sometimes struggle to care for my kids and myself. Sometimes I go to sleep and feel disappointed when I wake up the next morning. (this is the tip of the iceberg, to put more info about my life would just give a giggle to the more immature members of SF so I'll leave it to others imagination) I've never once felt stabby though so no, I don't buy that at all.
  3. Who ever did it clearly has a screw loose. I don't care what reason they give, they have no place in a civil society.
  4. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/tory-mp-sir-david-amess-stabbed-multiple-times-at-constituency-surgery-at-church/
  5. Only somone with white privilege would say something like that.
  6. They are a lot of fun if used correctly. My daughter owns a few different crossbows and she's frighteningly accurate with them.
  7. Clearly somone with a screw loose. Not sure why this clowns conversion is important enough for the BBC to mention in the 1st paragraph but what do I know. RIP to the victims.
  8. Awesome post. That really gets to the heart of the matter. Seriously, grow up.
  9. A big thank you for proving my point 🙏
  10. Oh hiya you 👋 I hope you are well. Say what you like. It won't change a thing. Pro jab/mask types almost always resort to childish behaviour when someone doesn't bow down to their fears about this deadly global Scamdemic. It's almost like you are insecure or something.
  11. Have you noticed that pro jab/mask types do their level best to avoid the obvious? Have you also noticed that they are also usually the first to act like children and behave like they are in the playground? Hmmmm.... Very suspicious.
  12. Not had brown water from my tap but had a dodgy takeaway from a local shop last week and had brown water for 3 days. #wontbeorderingfromthereagain
  13. Dragging them away from the road by their coats or backpack would probably be justifiable but kicking them is just pointless violence which will probably make them the victim in the eyes of many.
  14. He likes to expose himself to people. Tell me, would you like to work with someone who exposed themselves to you or would you find it vile and disgusting?
  15. You really don't need to be kicking people. There's other ways without being excessively violent with them.
  16. Excellent question... Of course the answer is a simple one. It's a Scamdemic and not a legit pandemic.
  17. Him? He? Oh my word how dare you assume our Harry's gender 😱
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