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  1. Thanks for the link. I'll have a proper look a bit later 👍
  2. Are we going to ignore the fact he also had pneumonia?
  3. Listen to the end... If you are planning on having the jab then good luck. Looks like you'll need it...
  4. Unlike the gullible muzzled up, double jabbed, Pearl clutching compliant ones eh?
  5. No I guess not. Perhaps you get all the reinforcement you need right there in your echo chamber
  6. More childishness You know posts like that really don't help reinforce your position.
  7. I take it you saw my channel? I also assume you saw the videos too?
  8. Perhaps the op should be edited to reflect the new information.
  9. I lost a YouTube account due to sharing protest videos and interviews with scientist who go against the official narrative. I tried to log on, no joy. I searched for the videos on YouTube and surprise surprise all are gone.
  10. My bold.. Threats? If you've been threatened I'd report the post and the poster to admin.
  11. My bold. Fair enough. I accept your position and for the record I hope you are right and I'm in the wrong camp. The thought that governments around the globe are conspiring against the general public for some sinister reason frightens the life out of me. I want to be wrong more than you realise.
  12. From the OP... Today two aggressive members of the RSPCA have seized all the animals without warning or police consultation, vets or police present.
  13. Us lot? I think you'll find most of "us lot" are happy for you to have your own opinion. You look at something and interpret it how you wish. If you look at the protests in France, Germany, Canada, UK etc etc and don't see the movement that is growing rapidly then fine. Just remember, the protesters are doing what they are doing for your freedoms as well as their own.
  14. Yeah I saw that haha... It gave me a right good giggle if I'm honest 😁
  15. And I respect your right to have your own point of view
  16. I don't doubt that and that's my point. You seem incapable of disagreeing without resorting to childish name calling.
  17. My bold. Grow up.. Are you incapable of disagreeing with somone without acting childish?? Absurd? How about not wanting to be muzzled for a bad cold, locked down for no good reason, rights and freedoms removed, coerced into being injected with some rushed out, still in trials jab that has no long term testing and does not even do the job it's supposed to? Yeah, some people are cray cray 🙄
  18. Yeah they do seem to be incredibly blinkered on this subject and I agree, in the not too distant future these posts are going to make some people look really foolish. It's a pity these people don't put the same energy into looking into both sides of the argument rather than calling names and attempting to appear superior.
  19. Instead you would prefer to listen to nutters who want to inject everyone including children with an experimental jab? A jab that is starting to show some very serious side effects including death..
  20. Yep it certainly is. It seems like this Scamdemic is really bringing out some people's nasty side.. 1 of a stack of videos I was sent this morning.. https://www.facebook.com/562616947/posts/10159552035346948/ Here's your "couple of 1000" This was just part of the London protest. These are now happening globally.
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