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  1. i put this on as it seems our next game,i can go back easy to 1966,tears galore,but i am sure many can think of a lot more? anyway hope we can at least come out of this with some pride.
  2. but along comes a good manager and he says you want me,but i dont want most of what you have,we have very little quality for a start,we cannot wait for the younsters and who says with the riggers of everyday championship they are good enough,we need a top manager asap.you never know that leeds lot may offload theres or better still wolves.
  3. but what happens if the new mans a foreign manager that plays through the middle of the park ect,most like to choose there own players/trainers ect,then the club often have players they cant move on due to the wages being more than the others offer and then they linger in the reserves.
  4. theres top bikes s/hand at the DIY shop on abbey lane opp the posidon chippy,woodseats end,cant miss it,it might help good luck
  5. lets hope the new manager likes the idea ,his team have been signed for him in advance?
  6. its okay signing players,and renewing contracts ect,but that means all these players signed,but what about the new manager,what happens if the players signed are not his type,then we end up with another problem,players under contract and our new man wanting replacements.could cause problems agree?
  7. all sounds great,but why is green being let go ,is it he isnt good enough for the premier?
  8. just signed a ex villa winger andre green any idea of how good?
  9. carboni would be a risk,but he says he would like to come.
  10. they are saying lots of snow thursday,wonder if its true?
  11. all the hugging ect,in my mind hasnt helped either,but what do you do cancel it all,start in august,but we would be minus 6 again,i would expect.
  12. yes we need new programes and once this is over,we hope we can get back ,our new programes and leave repeats to more of a choice,than nothing else.
  13. agree with that,lets hope we get new players and a new manager and roar on.
  14. get him in i say,how about carboni as his 2nd in command or waddle,but a good idea,but will the big boss think its worth a risk?
  15. BACK to the league folks,no comment from the bassett,others can though.
  16. well another win,NEXT? come on,but league first i think you will agree guys
  17. a nice win today i hope then man utd or chelsea,then it will be on tv
  18. please note its been decided to hold a biggish car boot ,with big areas to retail from as well thanks
  19. years ago my old mate used to solve the problem,when it happened on leaving the pub,to go home,i will leave it at that,wouldnt be able to do it today though.with all them cameras ect.
  20. lets just hope they get it right,one question though,when he said he may have to break the rules to get us up,do you not get into trouble if you go up and over spend?
  21. I agree as a disabled pensioner,but after all those urgently ect,they should then recieve it,as all the general public as well in my opinion,but i think they will see to those of need ,then i think they will leave it,but only a idea.
  22. SHEFFIELD BIGGEST FREE ENTRY EVENT in greenhill park,set out over several acres of flat SCC park land, OFFERING free entry free funfair rides,please note some are payable,see signs on rides, all by james tubys funfairs free music area PLUS sheffields biggest classic car/bike show (unusual cars /bikes/trikes and scooters welcome) PLUS live music area ,news later of singers ect. PLUS free fun dog show details to follow PLUS huge childrens dance arena all dance groups welcome to join PLUS LOADS MORE TO ANNOUNCE ALL THIS SUBJECT TO COVID RULES,STALL BOOKINGS ECT WILL NOT BE TAKEN OR OFFERED UNTIL A LATER DATE,EMAILS OF INTREST ACCEPTED ON EVERYTHING INCLUDING,hotfood,music,ect everything via stephenrich@hotmail.co.uk until bookings ect can be guaranteed thank you all
  23. they set on loads of workers at huge costs,to cover this,as a ex tara sec,SCC,set on council workers ,to work in the community to sort out problems,like this and to visit every home at least once per year,but most refused and they realised they couldnt do it,so as they are employed they said they could visit anyhome that wanted help,but expect they are furloughed at the moment.
  24. yes and they say,some mabs are expensive to buy today,times were simple,but with footie,cricket,mabs,bonfire collecting,stretch legs widening by throwing a knife,god knows what H&S would think of that,tiggy,tracking,biking,fishing ect,ect,notice one thing all outside in the fresh air and all using your imagination,yep good days.
  25. football clubs have big cash owners,i am suprised they dont go private for jabs,i dont know if they could,but it would sort that out,if they could.
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