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  1. its awfull to hear theres a group smashing car and bus windows in sheffield yesterday on london road,attercliffe ect,whats going off?
  2. its hard to put a bet on with no manager,we are 20/1 to win the league or 13/2 to gain promotion leeds 5/1 to win the league others to win are fulham 15/2 west brom 10/1 cardiff 11/1 stoke 12/1 middlesbrough 14/1 brentford 16/1 as are forrest,sheff utd 2000/1 to win league or 4/6 to go down,are we going up?
  3. i would think its always busy especially around the childrens hospital island,why not use a taxi or a tram
  4. DAVID MOYES sounds great,big sam would be good,there must be more good ones out there bullen would be okay but needs a adviser until hes proven
  5. HOW ABOUT THIS the lowedges festival have to pay scc £35 to put up banners at the park gates so its £35 then £50 for our 5 banners =£85 i have put in a complaint to our councilors and our mp ,this council are terrible,please note we are volunteers putting on a family event in a park
  6. why not try for big sam hes jobless or harry rednap or theres also got to be some great foreign managers,but not like our last one please
  7. ITS A SILLY LAW,it needs rules and making legal,but like cigs put in real enforcable rules,sell from licensed shops and collect tax,because as it stands only dealers make illegal cash
  8. get big sam he will get us up or lee bullen and waddle that might work,hes free the special one if we can afford him
  9. THEY predicted steve bruce to come before any one else,but what a mess we have now
  10. how do you the supporters think should have the job,i fancy big sam ,he would be a good replacement,what do you the supporters think?
  11. bring in big sam hes the man,but you can never knock bruce and his team they did a great job when we needed them,but not nice to leave in this way ,but cash is king in football
  12. he has to go and get in big sam,but again whoever comes in has to have the rest with him and lets hope he likes the players,but its causing unrest to everyone,its a horrid time
  13. total disgrace ,shocking,these disgusting people need locking up asap and putting in a cell and the key thrown away,it was planned and premeditated ,not random,so lets get together and get this scum,anyone with any idea phone the police
  14. good luck to this event,its a credit to the people who run it ,support all events as they often are the lifeline to many groups and are part of englands heritage.
  15. is is brown or white sliced,thick or thin and what make?
  16. well with the dreaded accounts we are in big trouble by the end of the season if we dont go up,no manager,signing dealine soon,no backroom staff,what a mess,our wages will take us over the limit?thats if they the league agree to our valuation of the ground,so top manager not many about appart from big sam,need someone fast,who knows how to buy ect,its OMG time,we will need a lot of luck now,but it can be done bring in big sam he will sort it.
  17. hi andy c thank you so much for all your info, NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC can you please use public transport as we will have a bar if you want a beer/lager wine ect,plus due to huge amount of vehicles we can only offer blue badge on site parking OR if you wish to travel by car theres lots of off road parking,but please park sensibly and then walk to our huge site thank you all
  18. HES MAD TO LEAVE SWFC for newcastle,but it doesnt stop there we will have to replace the back team as well and find a new manager and what happens if he doesnt like the players bruce has signed OMG one big problem bring in big sam or get that bloke who left man utd ha ha
  19. its a fine place to live,theres good and bad in all areas
  20. sounds its a done deal on sky now,so lets get big sam
  21. thats fantastic for the city and all those involved,hope it does well,it fully desrves every bit of publicity it can get ,good luck
  22. sounds like a top class night out at a sensible price
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