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  1. bassett one

    Carboot Mega Thread 2019

    when does the batemoor roundabourt or bowshaw car boot start?
  2. bassett one

    Slug solution

    get out there with the salt tub that sorts them out forever,just go out as its going dark
  3. bassett one

    Tomato Growing

    mine are just ready to plant out in the greenhouse,hope for a good crop,got cucumber ready to go in as well
  4. i had one at heeley ,but moved so gave it up,but a good area for one
  5. bassett one

    Meat pies

    loved the old fray bentos now and then ,but good old kevins pies of sheffield are tops for me ,from farmers markets and the market in town one of the butchers sells them
  6. bassett one


    we have several fox at lowedges no problem with cats,but they did get into and killed a pet rabbit,so beware and ensure rabbits,chickens are well protected
  7. bassett one

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    now with loads of cash from the sale of the ground we can buy what we want and loan who we want and steve will sort it i am sure ,top man premier here we come easy.
  8. bassett one

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    we are like the rest or most in our league ,we all want to get to the premier and supporters want the same,but we need to get there asap ,BUT stay there long term,many go up little cash and crash back down the year after,but we have a top manager so we have to bankroll him
  9. the lowedges gigantic festival set out over several acres of flat park land,now in its 11th year at greenhill park s87hh 12noon-5pm all details later re-attractions but basics are 4-500 classic cars/bikes fun dog show farmers market&arts/craft stalls wanted coffee,tea,hotfood stalls wanted indoor arts/craft area funfair and much more all details will be added as they come footfall 15 thousand on a normal day BOOK NOW ON 1ST COME BASIS VIA email lowedgescfg@gmail.com this festival is run by the lowedges festival community group
  10. bassett one

    lowedges gigantic festival stalls wanted sun aug 11th

  11. that sounds a great music night,will try to be there,love soul and love reggae especially live music
  12. bassett one

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    he wont do that hes a top owner and has plenty of cash,but if he sells it could be a different matter,but i said he would do it and as we stand its a great idea and will give steve bruce the money he needs,its no good building just to get up like most clubs,build a side that gets you up and 50% of the players stay and build round them,then build a ground to fit us long term
  13. bassett one

    Road resurfacing, Amey & Streets Ahead

    i will get them reported,lets hope all there guarantees of work are okay as many close down these days and the guarantee goes with them
  14. will bear you in mind if we do anything in your theme,checked you out facebook ect ,your a great band and hope you do well and get loads of bookings
  15. bassett one

    Tramlines 2019

    but its not got the wow factor of eccesall road,but its a great park at hillsbrough and i am sure it will be okay,and of course it has a famous football club next door, whats on in the peace gardens music wise and is there any reggae music anywhere at tramlines.
  16. bassett one

    Road resurfacing, Amey & Streets Ahead

    about 3 years ago they did lowedges paths not all and roads,gues whats lots of areas of paths are like ash and the road surfaces are breaking up and will need repair soon ,what a waste of cash
  17. bassett one

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    I TOLD YOU ALL months ago that this was going to happen and all i got was it was against the rules and could not be done,well we have done it and that now means we have loads of dosh to spend,get good young players that will play in the premier league and not just come back down again like lots do,so well done to chansiri and premier here we come 2019/20,its so easy when your team has cash.
  18. seems to be a lot of work going on,heard its going to be a pub,is that true as its a big venue for one?
  19. bassett one

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    i hope rhodes gets a chance scored 9 in 15 matches last season for norwich,needs a nippy fast striker to play at his side,but i am sure steve bruce will sort it,at villa he nearly got there,but somtimes things go stale and a fresh manager is needed,see them flying now,so we have the right bloke ,just need to refresh the squad and move on.
  20. a exhibition will take place on sat may 25th from 12noon-4pm ,it will include a set of peoples lives and times the area,all on paper to be put in the SCC archives,a further event will follow in dec 2019,in the mean time anyone got any ideas or photos or tennacy agreements that we can copy or was you a a young mum and moved there or a child ect,part 2 will include meadowhead ,greenhill, chancetwood and fraiser,did you do a milk or paper round all contact so i can pass on to our expert workers paid for by the heritage lottery and south yorks funders/coventry building society contact stephen.rich@hotmail.co.uk
  21. bassett one

    exhibition on may 25th re-lowedges

    please note advisers will be on hand for you to speak about lowedges,these comments about your life/times and all who wish to have a say will go in part 2,a exhibition in dec, so comea a long enjoy a cuppa and a magnificent buffet ,nice cakes from cupcaketime,enjoy the music,read the history and storys,listen to the famous ray hearne sing/talk,meet the mayor,councillors ect,free face painting for the kids and a childrens area,see a 1960s bus and classic police cars,dont miss this free event 12noon-4pm join us ,you wont be disapointed, be there ,make history,all photos,letters and taped history will be shown again with extra and then put in archives ,so people can read about your life in years to come.
  22. bassett one

    Tramlines 2019

    we would move lowedges festival if it had the profile of tramlines and represented the city as whole,and yes it would be endcliffe as its a better in my opinion location.
  23. heard today united to buy fernando forestieri for 14 million ,seems a possible deal in the sun on sunday,hows both sets of fans feel about this ?
  24. bassett one

    Tramlines 2019

    its was meant that it would show nicer views of the wood land side of sheffield and show them the nice shops as they go to and from the venue,but i do understand that good food/drink are supplied on site,just my opinion that it would be a nicer journey visually,but as you say most are not intrested,but some could be thats all
  25. bassett one

    Bus Strikes in Sheffield

    dont they always strike ,when tramlines on,so theres no trams,or did the work last year?

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