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  1. yes any idea that impliments a queue for cars off the main road,mainly the bad bend,but unless the private tip pay for it,SCC will just say no cash ,due to government cuts
  2. the only problem I see is the traffic lining up on the corner and having to go past them on a bad bend,its okay for most to do this,but 1 idiot could cause a serious accident,couldn't they make a road from the corner taking in more cars off the road,still be same waiting time,but safer as they are away from the bad bend.
  3. I going to go for the hippy look if it carries on ,with sandals and a pony tale,yeah man.
  4. yes its a pity that greenhill/lowedges areas are lacking a good chippy as its a big area and needs a proper chippy asap,but I will carry on going to woodseats fisheries they are top class,also brendas on the moor and Attercliffe and the market,all top for me.
  5. theres some nice houses and ex council,seems a decent area,top of gleadless is okay,there may be great bargains around,often with ex council homes they come on the market at a low price as the offspring are eager to sell to share the money and I say this in a nice way old mum dies ,the siblings need to sell,you get a good price,but may have to borrow extra to update the home,but total still a good deal.
  6. same as festivals I should imagine,may get indoor carboots back sept/oct
  7. it may seem unusual,but theres some nice ex council houses,well worth a look at,with big gardens,many are semis,with both private,theres some for sale in Frasier,lowedges,chancetwood,jordanthorpe and batemoor,well worth a look,some may scoff at the idea,but take reney ave in greenhill or ex council houses in greenhill village ,some fantastic houses opp bradway golf course and greenhill park,so I would rent for a small while and look at these areas as well as others.
  8. do they all open on the 13th or is it ring/email to find out?
  9. another famous musician gone to heaven,but what a great set of music he gave us and we are gratefull for that RIP A TRUE ROCK LEGEND
  10. its sad,but all festivals are important to a vibarant city and big or small they all have the same common factor,people being in contact or close,but safety is the main aim and nothing else can be said really.
  11. that's fine then,just worried about the derby/wed with court cases,but glad to know we are okay and nothing to worry about,thanks
  12. well I can assure you it seems a new fashion and I don't think it will go away and convenient for illegal activities as well,just hope the police sort it,but I think most areas will have this very soon
  13. but if illegal and dangerous in a way that no one is trained to ride them/plus the speed why cannot they be banned,why should bikers,cars ect pay and these just run rough shod over the law and then get away with it,i presume nothing will be done ,until someone dies,unbelievable this government.
  14. well swfc would be classed as 3rd if only 50% of games played,but theres lots of permutations and ideas,also what about betting?,i have swfc,leeds and WBA all to go up on different bets,not to win the league,just go up,also I have Doncaster just to go up and millions of others will have bets,very difficult to sort,theres forced to be winners and losers in all this,but lives are more important than anything else.
  15. the scooters children have,but teenagers are buying the latest craze electric powered ones,we have about 12 to my knowledge in s8 and I cannot leave the house,it may be for drugs or just a new got to have one,but 40-50 mph,no helmets or insurance ect,reciepe for disaster
  16. plus the scooters in my day didn't do 40/50 mph and could kill someone
  17. that's exactly what I have always said ,get a top man in,and the rest should fall in place
  18. I agree,but they don't need tax/licence /insurance and if caught with a scooter theres less in the fact to book you for as many criminals that have bikes ect don't have any paperwork,plus you can zoom away down alleys that bikes cant do,but the other point is the danger to the public and I see more of these cheap scooters by the day,so there must be a reason.
  19. it seems odd that both clubs decide to take the option of giving there accounts to the public/FA ect,i know they both can by law,but all the other have done and sent in accounts,is it because they are both over the cash spending limit? or just taking the advantage of the extra few weeks,due to covid 19,whats your thoughts?
  20. thanks for that,so if they say do 40 mph,then that's double the speed cars allowed to do in many built up areas,no insurance,no tax,illegal and the person driving these are normally 15-18,no driving training and often on the wrong side of the law,so its easier to break the law in many ways,easy to get away,suprised that many people think this is okay.
  21. THE speed is 40 miles per hour,faster than cars are allowed,add on the fact many are for crime,they should confiscate them,how can a 40 mile per hour scooter be safe in the hands of anyone,without a qualified license,its not like a disabled scooter used for a ill person,but even they have to be insured and taxed
  22. also whos responsible if someone got injured and couldn't work or worse still lose a limb ect,about time the police sorted it and the council and most of all the government,or are they waiting until something or someone gets injured
  23. its the speed the go that's a problem and they don't seem to stop well ,plus the users are just kids/teenagers,we must have lots near me
  24. well if they do and they have engines sort of,then they need to be taxed and insured in case someone gets hurt ect,plus roads only
  25. but if illegal its if some one gets injured or worse
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