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  1. Happy for you . I could show you places ( footpaths) that a far darker now . Two sides to every story .
  2. By the way , there have only been two? Owls fans on here condemning it.
  3. True but some like to make a point scoring drama .
  4. Why is it useless. I’m happy for you living in your rural idyll.
  5. She will be allowed to stay , no doubt about it.
  6. Did you sing Happy Birthday to it before chopping its head off? 😀
  7. God Templegate , that brings back memories. Bad ones
  8. Thanks mate , it’s a pleasure and I get to charge her £20 for petrol 😀
  9. Bessemer is the old Pig and Whistle or Fountain Bar
  10. A dictionary usually starts with the A’s.
  11. Thank you very much for posting that .
  12. Years spent picking on how someone wears their hair , how someone speaks ,how someone dresses but say one thing about ickle Angie and there's outrage .
  13. Lord ,that went dark quickly .
  14. No , Viagra . Nowt bends after a couple of those
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