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  1. The sooner people realise that most of these "homeless" people aren't actually homeless, the better. The amount that get dropped off in cars in town is staggering, before starting their "work shifts" assumingly to pay for spice and other drugs. Call me heartless, but I never give any money. If they ask for a coffee or food I happily oblige. Rarely they do however!
  2. Thought it was already openly stated in many trade press, that SYPTE are taking back the reigns of Supertram from March 2024? Just an example: Source: http://www.passengertransport.co.uk/2020/04/sypte-plans-public-sector-operation-of-supertram/
  3. Meadowhall IS the new centre. It shows when all the city centre is becoming is a new future ghetto of over priced box studio rooms, sorry "City living apartments" that most people can't afford, or are deserted through the summer when students return home...
  4. Like AndyC mentioned on the previous page, there's plenty of alternative bus services which will be accepting tram tickets in the local area.
  5. Those tram drivers really don't want to work this evening do they. Pinging due to Covid and now tram crash!
  6. The managers that will be out covering for the isolating drivers, can’t hack the job/large crowds like the regular tram drivers can perhaps?
  7. Due to the "Pingdemic" and many staff having to isolate, hope no one is expecting to catch a tram home after Tramlines this weekend...
  8. Personally I find it over priced, given the location and the fact it sits on top of an old opencast mine... but, people who live there seem to love it! They even have their own community forum which may help answer some queries - Home | Waverley Web (proboards.com) On the plus side, you're in Rotherham so will be cheaper council tax than in Sheffield. 😉
  9. S5 has massively shot up in price in recent weeks, now looking at between 130=140k for a standard 3-bed ex council semi/terrace! Example - 3 bedroom terraced house for sale in Holgate Crescent, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 (rightmove.co.uk) This four bedroom Sheffield home with a fabulous garden could be yours for £170,000 | The Star
  10. It's only the same as people moving into town, moaning that there is new developments springing up and too much noise and pollution... like hello, why move into the middle of town if you wanted a quiet life style... Baffles me!
  11. 120 runs up Crimicar Lane, 83A runs into Brooklands Avenue at the bottom and then criss-crosses onto Hallamshire Road. 51 runs along Sandygate Road with bus stops near the Shiny Sheff pub at the top of Crimicar Lane. 120 probably your best bet and most frequent. It’s the First 120 you will need though as during the day Mon-Sat the Stagecoach 120 spins at Ranmoor Church.
  12. 24/25 run the same way from Meadowhead into town, 75 still runs as it did but now goes to Shiregreen instead of Ecclesfield. 43/44 run to Pond Street like the 53 used to, as does the limited stop X17. Operator specific tickets still exist, but most tend to buy CityBus (any operator for bus only) or CityWide (same as CityBus but included trams too). Full details can be obtained on operator websites or SYPTE website.
  13. Following from recent developments regarding John Lewis & Debenhams closing down, along with other smaller independent stores - are you put off by shopping or visiting for leisure etc. If so, where do you now shop/visit and what have you changed? What would you like to see change, in order to get the city centre thriving again? Today's Yorkshire Live is currently running with the following story... Just about says it all really. The Yorkshire city overrun by ‘beggars and druggies’ that no one wants to shop in - YorkshireLive (examinerlive.co.uk)
  14. We have been for 8 houses in the last few months, all have been outbid with cash investors/buyers from London/The South. Basically given up now, it's a no go at the moment due to working from home and people from The South relocating up North. Some houses are on the market for a few hours - one in Rawmarsh we was due to view last month went to market at 0943 with Bartons, by 1420 we had the phone call to say the viewing had been cancelled as the owner had accepted a cash offer. Bonkers!
  15. Often wondered how certain companies get around this, with GDPR and other issues. What's to stop someone letting someone into their property, and taking contact details and other details about clients/customers off the PC etc. I'd be very concerned, especially with Call Centres etc.
  16. My sentiments exactly regarding the bus routes. People want direct services to tempt them out of their cars, not services that meander around housing estates... It must be no more than 500yds between both roads as they run parallel so don't see the reasoning behind the suggested changes personally. There are other improvements coming to the Parkgate area, which have been drawn up by SYPTE/SCR. Details can be found here - www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/parkgate
  17. It's a mixture of things, A629 for example is to ban northbound HGVs above 7.5t, so the new route will be along A6109 Meadowbank Road towards the M1. Rawmarsh Hill is to divert buses away from there, apparently using the Barbers Avenue estate road that runs parallel (god only knows why...) and Fitzwilliam Road is something to do with Euro 6 compliance with buses along the corridor. All citied to reduce air pollution that are exceeding the targets set. News article from December 2018 when the news first broke about the Parkway speed reduction and the other changes forthcoming across Rotherham. Lorry ban and cleaner cabs under council's anti-pollution plans (rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk)
  18. Rotherham Council confirmed years ago this would be the case. Cited to reduce air pollution. There are also other restrictions coming into effect on their main corridors, A629 Wortley Road, A630 Fitzwilliam Road and A633 Rawmarsh Hill.
  19. One of the main reasons and bonus of this, is the majority of buses, along with the trams stiil serve this area really well - which is why I could never understand why shops were been moved and spread across the city centre even further, down towards The Moor. Fargate is also ripe for development and of good central location. The railway and bus station is also close by. The old Castle and Sheaf Markets were in a much better location, but like said, they needed bulldozing back in the 90s. Just a shame they couldn't have remained in the same local area. Can't remember the last time I personally ventured down The Moor, always feels out of the way and like it's not even "town" as such.
  20. With 84 instead of 9, will anything ever get done? Hard enough to get 9 to probably agree on issues, let alone 84... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" springs to mind.
  21. A similar thing happens from Bank Street onto Castle Street down by Snig Hill. Usually taxi's and delivery cars/vans. I've also noted a number of junctions where if a red light is on for ahead, cars are turning left, then doing a u-turn to then proceed as they would. Can't fault people personally especially when traffic is light. I know Attercliffe Common is common for this, along with red light jumping as the signals are all out of sync. Derek Dooley Way can be just as bad, as if not driving at 40mph+ you won't get through all the green signals. This is common knowledge and why speeding is quite notorious along here.
  22. Just to add to previous comments, Arundel Gate wouldn't be so bad for a main bus hub, if it actually had proper bus stops with shelters/real time info/seating and lighting like the stops on Pinstone Street & Leopold Street had. The barricades into the carriageway are a waste of time and just cause congestion and inconvenience for everyone. I am yet to see anyone wait for a bus out in the barricaded sections like they were "supposedly" designed to do. Should be removed and put back to how they were prior to covid. Another point in relation to the Connecting Sheffield proposal which I couldn't quite grasp is why a bus gate was going to be introduced northbound where the carriageway is 3 lanes wide already (bus stop laybys, bus lane and then another general lane) rather than the other direction where there isn't ample bus stop laybys and only 1 lane for all traffic to mix!
  23. Depending which area/direction your coming from, could always use a Park & Ride site or even park somewhere free close to town and do the last leg on a bus (say Duke Street area and then jump on a 120 for a 10 min journey through town up to Hallamshire).
  24. Don't know why they didn't just put a mini-roundabout at the Lady's Bridge/Wicker/Blonk Street crossroads. Would've been a lot safer and easier for everyone.
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