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  1. Perfectly summed up. I’m also baffled at the proposals. The one I thought would have come about, was the closure of High Street due to the narrow pavement near to McDonalds and the bus shelter for the 2/6/120 bus services. Pinstone Street has some of the widest pavements in the city centre, alongside a road and it’s rather strange. Also what about people with mobility problems who catch buses - are they expected to walk a further 5-10 minutes to catch their bus services? More amusing is the lack of thought into this, with where the buses are going to go. If they do indeed run along Arundel Gate as usually happens when Pinstone Street is closed for parades/marathon etc. How will social distancing work at the 2-3 bus stops that will have at least another 20+ bus services running from them? Totally baffled by this one!
  2. Rotherham town centre tried that back in the 1990s. Rotherham town centre is now on it's knees and has more empty shops than open ones. All thanks to pedestrianisation! Yeah that's a good point. If anything it's High Street and Church Street that should be closed off, rather than Pinstone Street. Much busier and the pavements are also narrower, particularly by McDonald's.
  3. So how will buses from West Street heading into City actually get down onto Arundel Gate? You'd have thought they would keep the road open to cyclists and buses to aid public transport and active travel, rather than once again causing all this disruption. Makes you wonder where they find the people who come up with these hair brained ideas...
  4. TM Travel are making some big cuts to their services - mainly evenings and Sundays. Information available on their website - http://www.tmtravel.co.uk
  5. Surprised they didn't shut it down months back, put replacement buses on (which are far cheaper) and furlough all their staff until this pandemic is over.
  6. First are running differently, most will be Saturday timetables but it depends on the route. Info: https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information Trams are running a Sunday service, with a few alterations such as running from 5am but running a limited service after 9pm on the Yellow route, and between City and Halfway on the Blue route. Info: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2020/march/revised-tram-timetables-from-monday-23-march-2020
  7. Remember just to stop dead in the middle of the road with no warning, do a U-turn in front of vehicles, especially those that struggle to stop quickly like a bus or tram and also remember that the highway code doesn't apply, along with any parking restrictions and you'll be on to a winner!
  8. Rotherham town centre has been dead ever since Parkgate/Meadowhall opened and the pedestrianisation took place in the early 1990s. Even now with free weekend parking on offer, and 2hrs free during the rest of the week, they still can't attract the footfall.
  9. First really are scraping the barrel at the minute, I'm personally very surprised that the Traffic Commissioner hasn't paid a visit yet. Add to the fact there is a chronic driver and vehicle shortage, now thanks to bad management they are currently balloting for potential strike action - all based on terms and conditions.
  10. They are always on and live, usually set at 79mph. The one that is most active around here is at J27 Gildersome on the M62 near to Ikea at Leeds. Don't think I've travelled through that stretch and it hasn't flashed at passing cars.
  11. OAPs seem to think it's a right, just look at the amount of them you see at bus and tram stops well before 0930. If they actually left their homes at 0930, they would never risk being "t'wirly'
  12. Something that has been done for years with National Express West Midlands. Brilliant idea as it works like Oyster and auto-caps the fare when using the same card. About time they introduced it to Rotherham/Sheffield!
  13. Brakes fell off it apparently. Hope they haven’t been running unsafe vehicles on the network, especially the heavy rail network for this amount of time!
  14. Do the council really consider buses when planning? The new road layout around Fitzalan Square suggests different. They have narrowed Flat Street that much that 2 buses can no longer pass each other, on a road which is only used by buses and taxis anyway! Not to mention the fact how the revised road layout at the Commercial Street junction is now causing more traffic jams than before. Ive said it all along, they closed the wrong side of Fitzalan Square off. Now you have Waingate traffic having to turn right onto Commercial Street to then turn left onto Flat Street. There also isn’t a big enough swing when turning left from Flat Street onto Commercial Street to then turn right onto Angel Street, consequently this then blocks the entire junction off and this then backs down to Waingate/Park Square. Happens every evening rush hour... The new changes down at The Wicker/Blonk Street are just as bad. Clearly no thought into them at all.
  15. Reminder, the First South Yorkshire consultation closes this Friday, 15 November. Stagecoach Yorkshire consultation has already closed.
  16. If anything the whole area around Castlegate/Fitzalan Square seems to have been designed to make things worst than they were before, even for buses and taxis. Before these changes you used to rarely see the Waingate/Commercial Street/Flat Street junction getting blocked, now it happens on almost a hourly basis, even impacting on the trams sometimes with traffic backing up along Waingate and blocking the junction with Commercial Street. Can't help but think all this could've been avoided if the bottom part of Fitzalan Square was left as a through road with the traffic signals and the top half been pedestrianised. Just don't make sense. Blonk Street/Wicker is a nightmare now too, with a noticeable increase in traffic at the bottom half of the Parkway and along Derek Dooley Way as all the ways out around the Wicker have been closed to through traffic. Also maybe one for @Planner1, wouldn't the junction at the end of Wicker/Blonk Street/Nursery Street have been better with a mini-roundabout rather than the mess it will be? Its even caused some bus routes to have to be permanently altered and no longer serve Waingate/Wicker areas (10/24/25/56).
  17. Just a slight point to raise, while all is good and wonderful with this proposal - some people might want to check the latest news outlets relating to Transport for London and the £700m deficit they're now facing. This is leading to full services like the 48 being completely withdrawn, lots of services being downgraded and scaled back from serving Central London etc. It's not looking good! The main problem is congestion, and until this is sorted it doesn't matter who runs the buses as they wont be reliable, nor any additional benefits to using the bus in terms of the private car and therefore still suffer the same problems. For me personally what is needed is to follow Edinburgh City Councils approach and look at making all bus lanes 7am to 7pm daily. There also needs to be better priority for buses at junctions (like what the trams get) and more direct, limited stopping services (especially at peak times) in order to tempt people out of their cars and onto buses. I already know Sheffield has some of the cheapest bus fares in the country, that are commercial and not heavily subsidised in London and there are some fantastic tickets available (5 for a fiver = any 5 people travel together all day on Saturday and Sundays for £5 etc.) but this needs to be better published. People will always moan no matter what, but the grass isn't always greener!
  18. The X1 is a complete joke of a service and it’s not uncommon to see 3 or 4 running around together. This is the main reason people are not using it, the reliability of the service is horrendous. The 69 provided a much better service before it was withdrawn and it provided a direct(ish) service between Sheffield and Rotherham that avoided most of the traffic around Meadowhall by running direct along Attercliffe Common. The X1 routing means it’s longer in terms of journey time from Rotherham to Sheffield than the X78. The 74 looks like it’s going to be a former route - the 130. From a pure speculation point I’d imagine once it reaches Canklow Roundabout it will somehow combine with the current 208 and potentially provide a half hourly service into Sheffield? To say this is a consultation, the effort by both First and Stagecoach is p**s poor. Where’s the in-depth detail about the changes, proposed new route maps and even a proposed timetable so people can have a look and see if it will work for them!? Not everyone wants to use the Tram as it’s more expensive, and half the time you’re lucky if it isn’t cancelled due to problems with either the vehicles, staff shortages or Network Rail issues. I do note that if any tram is to fail to operate it’s the #39 off Cathedral And #09 off Parkgate. I’m still amazed how it’s reached 1 million passengers and 100% satisfaction - clearly someone has been at play with the figures as in reality many are not happy with any of the current services and the few times I’ve used it, what was a full tram to Tinsley/Meadowhall South then becomes an empty one to Rotherham.
  19. Make sure you and all your fellow colleagues fill in the online consultation then.
  20. From the looks of things, it will move from a 10-15 min service to a 30 min service between Sheffield and Meadowhall and will remain a 10 min service between Meadowhall, Rotherham and Maltby. Quite a downgrade!
  21. There are currently 2 bus consultations running with First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach Yorkshire across a number of services in the Sheffield/Rotherham and North Derbyshire areas. The info has been posted below and you can view their websites to fill in the consultations by clicking on the following links: First South Yorkshire - https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/routes-and-maps/customer-consultation-proposed-service-changes Stagecoach Yorkshire - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/promos-and-offers/yorkshire/proposed-changes-in-chesterfield-jan-2020 The changes in detail are as follows... First South Yorkshire: 113 Service withdrawn 116 Frequency change to operate every 30 minutes. Service 22a/22c Frequency change to operate 20 mins at peak times, every 40 mins each way during daytime. Service X1/X10 Service X1 to operate 4 buses an hour Rotherham to Maltby, with 2 buses per hour extending to Sheffield via Meadowhall. Service X10 to operate 2 buses per hour Meadowall-Rotherham-Maltby-Doncaster Service 208 Service diverted to also cover Wickersley Service 74 Service rerouted to Operate Rotherham, Brinsworth, Meadowhall, Sheffield Stagecoach Yorkshire: Service 43 This service will be rerouted to serve Newbold, running via Newbold Road, Littlemoor and St John’s Road, creating new links to Whitttington Moor and onwards to Dronfield and Sheffield, without the need to travel via Chesterfield town centre. Buses will run twice an hour during Monday to Saturday daytimes over the full route with an extra bus per hour between Dronfield and Sheffield on Mondays to Fridays. When combined with service 44, there will be a bus every 15 minutes (every 20 minutes on Saturdays) between Meadowhead, Woodseats and Sheffield. Existing services 50, 50A and 50B will continue to provide up to four journeys per hour on Sheffield Road to Sheffield. In addition service X17 will continue to provide a fast link from certain stops on Sheffield Road to Sheffield. The link between Sheffield Road and Dronfield will be maintained by service 44 albeit on a lower hourly frequency. Service 44 A revised timetable will be introduced to coordinate with service 43 (see above) but will still run every hour during the daytime. Service 51 Buses will run every 30 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes. Bigger buses will be introduced. The extension to Chesterfield rail station will be withdrawn due to low usage. Hourly service X1 Chesterfield – Clay Cross - Alfreton – East Midlands Outlet - Nottingham provides an additional fast journey per hour between Clay Cross and Chesterfield along the A61. Service 70 This service will be withdrawn due to low usage.Alternative facilities exist for some customers on services 50, 50a, 50b, 53, 74a and 80. Service 72 This service will be replaced by service 80 with a revised timetable between Brimington and Chesterfield and will run as service 80 via Chesterfield Royal Hospital. In Sheffield the route will extend to The Moor to better serve the growth areas of Sheffield City Centre. Between Staveley and Chesterfield buses will run via Hady and Chesterfield Hospital, creating new links. Service 74 The timetable will be revised to coordinate with service 77, providing direct buses every 15 minutes during the daytime between Brimington and Chesterfield. Service 74 will continue to operate every 30 minutes between Chesterfield and Staveley, but will be reduced to operate hourly between Staveley and Duckmanton with one journey per hour operating to Mastin Moor instead as Service 74a to provide two buses per hour between Lansbury Avenue and Chesterfield with service 80 Service 80 The timetable will be revised. One bus an hour will be extended beyond Brimington via Staveley, Mastin Moor, Renishaw, Killamarsh and Crystal Peaks to Sheffield (replacing service 72). In Sheffield, buses will serve The Moor. New links will be created to/from Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
  22. You can use any Sheffield ticket up to Meadowhall Interchange. After that you would need a South Yorkshire ticket as you're crossing into Rotherham.
  23. No, bus companies can do something about it. It happens in other cities where correct scheduling and increasing the vehicles at peak times take place. First South Yorkshire are too busy penny pinching at the minute. Stagecoach are much better at scheduling their services, indeed they give their drivers around 6 minutes on the 88 to catch up in town, where as First generally just give 2 mins on both the 81/82 and 75/76 etc. More realistic and better scheduling would would be a start. That way services would become more reliable and therefore people would start using the services more if they actually turned up when they were supposed to!!!
  24. How exactly is the driver an idiot? 12 people waiting for a bus and no one sticks their arm out - so quite rightly so the bus didn't stop.
  25. You have to ring Streetpride on 01709 336003 or you can log it on one of the external sites such as Fix My Street etc.
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