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  1. could be a parent but lets see what the man himself has to say (if anything)
  2. don't update it and watch masterchef instead
  3. Pattricia, have you never thought to turn the TV off and read a book or chose one of the other 100 of channels that might be available
  4. I do not use mobile phone. The times when I might want to know about the bus is when I am out and about
  5. Do the maths, think how much they have lost out on strike and the extra they may end up with how long will it take them to recover the lost wages
  6. well said. Could not survive though just as a peak time operation Don’t forget the Mayor was going to do great things for the buses but unfortunately that report is gathering dust.
  7. Now I am not a fan of Stagecoach but even I do not think they can be blamed for stopping the service if the tracks are under water which I understand is or was the case or the effect of snow.
  8. Checking the times is one thing but that does not mean the bus will run
  9. Dutch Interesting that on the video it is a labour candidate complaining about a Labour council and labour mayor (although true Dan has sat on his backside and done nothing) To be honest I don't think the council does a bad job in keeping the bus routes open when it snows - not perfect true and lets not forget that the drivers may have difficulty getting to the depot at 05.00am after a dollop of snow . The issues about the quality of service are far more deep routed
  10. Sorry I have no desire whatsoever to use Twitter and that is no excuse for a system that does not work as intended
  11. well one thing is certain the bus companies are not doing what the economists might expect if their is a shortage and increasing the salaries they pay their drivers. In the real world you might have expected to see First trying to attract drivers from Stagecoach who are clearly dissatisfied with their salaries. expect now to see a drop in ridership, leading to a drop in revenue leading to more cuts
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