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  1. You clearly have a better view of the PTE than me. As unfortunately I have posted in the past even with long termed planned changes due to engineering work or perhaps a revised timetable for an event all too often the planner is not amended just as they are happy to leave the tram dot matrix displays showing wrong info I do agree that people should not be traveling but for those who may have to then having to go to multiple sites and draw up your own matrix of options is hardly ideal -
  2. So why not turn it off during the emergency rather than leave it showing fiction
  3. well why aren't i surprised it beggars belief that they can not be bothered to change the journey planner but then that is the PTE for you they could not care less - I might have been a little more understanding if they had withdrawn the planner and simply referred you to the temporary time tables
  4. Going back to the hotel one might have thought that as it is valuable to Sheffield and it pays a lot in rates to the council then when it was being planned that as it can not have its own parking then they might have negotiated with the council for a dropping off space outside. secondly in view of the fact that there is no parking I would expect them to provide clear directional guidance on their web site and not follow the signs to Sheffield which I am guessing most guests would have the common sense to work that bit out for themselves. See below Located in the heart of Sheffield, the hotel is easily accessible via most major transport links. Guests travelling by road should exit the M1 at J33 and follow the signs to Sheffield. Both Sheffield station and airport are also in close proximity.
  5. I agree an ill thought out law, it is madness that the tax does not stay with the car when it is sold. However that does not excuse those who drive around without tax, not by mistake but because they don’t think they will be caught or could not care less anyway
  6. No complaints from me. you have got to wonder what happens every time these untaxed cars ping the camera and the DVLA do absolutely nothing. Should crush the cars with its owner inside
  7. So if the office in Westminster was up and running why did I get the email saying she was still setting up her office first post of this thread
  8. You know I find it harder to believe that an MP can not recruit staff for their office at Westminster nearly 3 months after being elected after all it is not like there is a shortage of qualified staff who lost their jobs when their (labour) MP lost their seat or resigned.
  9. And at Westminster? surely they could recruit someone who could temporarily work from home or the Labour Party offices in sheffield ( temporary arrangement with fellow MP) if I were standing for MP then I sure would have done some preparation before the election so that I was ready to serve my constituency straight away sorry just don’t buy any of this
  10. So this extra money was all that was stopping her set up an office. No I don't think so. if she can not get her office up and running in three months then she should resign or explain to all her constituents why she has yet to set up an office.
  11. Well she is one of the few who do believe that ( one of 650 I think)
  12. Don’t see how it will speed up the setting up of an office
  13. Given that Jeremy was more than happy to leave the residents of Hallam unrepresented for most of the last parliament I very much doubt he could care less about this. All he appears to be interested in now is becoming shadow foreign secretary
  14. as I originally posted see below that I was referring to next sunday I did not see the need to repeat Below is a get lost message from Trans pennine Express for next Sunday as they can not be bothered to provide a bus replacement
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