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  1. Yes if you are interested or frequent user then you may well have an idea of what is happening but many users do not fit both criteria. many times a wait does not matter but sometimes it can matter (train to catch or appointment for instance) in this case the bus driver announcing that they are waiting two minutes because they are early is all the reassurance needed. I did a lot of work on this subject once upon a time but it can be just as important on a bus as on a long distance train My friend if you ever spend time listening to announcements then sometimes the personal touch is magic like in this case telling them you are just as fed up with the wait as them
  2. Driver 151 yes please as long as I can drive seriously there is one thing that can be done by the driver and that is to tell passengers why you are stopped and how long you expect to be there. The real frustration on the part of the customer is that they do not know why they are waiting and how long the “delay” is Long long ago in the days of InterCity they asked conductors to inform passengers why they were waiting especially when they were stopped at a signal because they were ahead of time. The conductor knew the train would arrive on time so no reason to make any announcement but of course the passenger did not and would assume that they would be late. I also noticed last time I was on the London Underground there were announcements when we were held at signals - I remember the reason in that case was to space out the trains because of uneven gaps. flying back from Bangkok I was massively frustrated first because our departure was put back an hour and then once boarded we remained at the gate. Then the captain announced that the reason we were being delayed was because the prevailing weather meant Heathrow would not be open and we being held so our arrival coincided with the opening time. Even though we left 90 minutes late we arrived ahead of schedule. I just wish they had told us earlier as would not have been worried about catching my train with advance ticket from Kings Cross.
  3. This policy pre dates the introduction of the tram train and we are talking about the management sanctioning of EARLY departure A late running yellow tram can easily wait and give precedence to the tram train and whilst the tram train is indeed governed by the nation rail time table and the paths made available the practice of sending the two trams down the common line nose to tail hardly helps Sorry but at what terminus are the gates that would be shut to allow the departure of the train 10 minutes away from the train itself? the gates that are shut to allow the timely departure of the train are those that govern access to the platform not the station and even then there are few station barriers that are 10 minutes from the train for able bodied people yes of course the doors on trains are always (hopefully at least ) shut before departure just in the same way as the tram doors are
  4. I was not having a go at all bus drivers there are many excellent ones who like you go out of their way to look after their customers just as there are some excellent staff on the trams. Yes there are always two sides but I was referring to the minority. Lets not forget that as previously mentioned that according to Supertram the time in the timetable and on the stops in NOT the departure time it is "an approximate time" but for both buses and trams there is slack to allow for slight delays indeed this is the very reason why some are complaining that the bus waits en route at some stops rather than get to its destination as fast as possible.
  5. Unlike with Supertram they warn you in advance that the train it about to depart before they shut the doors and whilst gates may be shut a minute before departure doors are not usually locked then as the idea is that there is still time for passengers to get from the gate to the train if they hurry I have never seen bus driver at the terminal refusing to let waiting passengers board the bus even if they do arrive at the last minute and have even seen them reopen the doors to let passenger on (true I have seen the odd one who delights in "not seeing" an intending passenger
  6. Indeed they do run to their own rules and with complete disregard for their customers often. leaving the terminus early is inexcusable, and yes I agree they can not stop and block the road to wait but there are plenty of places where they can and indeed are meant to wait if early
  7. Quite correct and although is can be annoying there is good reason even if they might review some of the times in the off peak. It really hacks me off when supertram management (been confirmed when I have complained) are more than happy for their trams to leave 2 minutes early and regard their timetable as a guide - you may well ask if it is important but as I know exactly how long it takes me to reach the tram stop from home then walking up to the tramstop at Middlewood and seeing the tram pulling away early is a real pain. OK now I have to leave a couple of minutes earlier and sit and wait )They care so little about their customers that they never check to see if people are approaching they just shut the doors and give the proverbial two fingers (doesn't even matter if it is the tram link bus arriving)
  8. whats with the either or? Ashley could easily have waited a couple of weeks or acted a bit quicker a shame he has no interest in the welfare of his employees
  9. hardly surprising they announced the store was closing a couple of weeks ago Mike Ashley has impeccable timing
  10. Annie I would be very interested to see the evidence that the SW has benefited enormously from the investment in the railway to the SW that you are using - I seem to recall that the new trains did not go into full service to the SW until the end of 2018.
  11. I was under the impression that City living was the growing trend
  12. I would be skeptical about the idea of battery trains being able to power the non electrified route(s) to the South West by 2040 it is just too far and I wonder with all that weight of the batteries on top of the diesel engine and fuel if a 20% saving is achievable on the IETs assuming the govt. still want to go carbon free then electrification of Sheffield is the only sensible option. However I did say sensible although if it was possible for batteries to power to Penzance then that would make it possible to reach Sheffield A you say much work is going on both with batteries and hydrogen development and I am sure that we will see far greater use of batteries for the shorter non electrified routes and possibly on a few rural longer distance routes but I do not see it being viable on the InterCity services any time soon -
  13. no really! Alarm bells would be ring immediately they asked to use the loo I am not even sure if they are allowed to use the loo in customers houses The first thing I would do is check that there is a company gas van outside and if not then I would ask them to comeback when I have checked with the gas company/police
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