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  1. well they have just announced they will fine drivers queuing https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/household-waste-recycling-centres-fines-for-queuing-on-roads/?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term= and now the advice is hire a skip. talk about utter madness one might have thought that the most obvious solution would have been to give people bookable slots rather than have them driving round in circles hoping to find a space wasting petrol polluting the air
  2. catmiss You should email the CEO Sebastian James and complain to him directly and not waste time and effort if you can not get through on the phone and venting on social media as you want this fixed for the duration
  3. due to covid I signed up with the Co Op app for my repeat prescription - relatively simple and once you understand how it works very simple for repeat prescription just click a few days later they are delivered to my home. talk about the 1980s my surgery has an attached pharmacy and once upon a time it was quick and easy ask surgery for (repeat) prescription or one off prescription from the doc and pick up next door the next afternoon. then the pharmacy changed hands and now it takes three days
  4. What a good idea relocating outside your catchment area - fewer patients bet many like you remain registered so the surgery continues to get their £154 for having you registered and doing nothing
  5. you want a rating on social distancing???? Suggest you do some research first as #2 says then perhaps return here with a shortlist if you can not still decide
  6. Operakid94 i would be very interested to know where you think they could put a new cycle path - sure they could convert the railway line and kill any plans for a passenger service or cordon off a lane on the M1
  7. regrettably it simply shows an acceptance of the situation and no desire to improve Sometimes good customer satisfaction research or benchmarking can shake the complacency
  8. I have a lot of sympathy for the police because you only have to watch progammes like Police Interceptors or Police Code Zero to see the most outrageous behavior and the insignificant punishments. The fault is in the lack of prison places and the subsequent instructions to automatically release prisoners early, the instructions to the courts not to give custodial sentences and the rarity of enforcing the remained of the sentence for repeat offenders.
  9. I was reading a while ago about how a similar breaking of the rules in Thailand led to a months jail and a high fine for the offenders. This is just the sort of offense that you would have thought would what the law was designed for - although others might say it was only introduced to make it look as if the government were doing something
  10. yes this is a major bug bear of mine not just here but in general - you contract with a company for something and then if they sub contract some or all of the contract then they pass the buck and refuse to accept responsibility. it is a disgrace and a sign of total contempt for the customer
  11. beats me why at the very least the drinkers were not given on the spot fines
  12. The bit that gets me is the statement that there could be long term licensing implications when you might have thought it would lead to an immediate loss of their license
  13. Ask the council/police/DVLA how many untaxed cars the system has picked up in (say) a year and then how many of them have been crushed or prosecutions have taken place and you will be surprised at just how few the number is -or indeed ask for data on the frequency of the same car being caught. Yes the theory is that it great for reducing the number of untaxed cars but the reality is somewhat different. However it is a valuable help to police in the detection of some other crimes as mentioned below is an extract from a question to the DVLA from 2014 when I queried the subject Freedom of Information Request Thank you for your e-mail dated 23 May requesting information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). You asked: How many of the 453,508 vehicles driving without valid road tax in South Yorkshire and were captured by Fixed ANPC cameras (excluding mobile and those in police cars) were prosecuted as a result of being captured on the fixed ANPC camera? This information is not held. DVLA does not receive reports of unlicensed vehicles generated by South Yorkshire police static cameras. DVLA
  14. You know I thought you were joking with 2 trams within 5 minutes of each other & then nothing for the next 55 minutes and then I remember that this was Stagecoach supertram we were talking about
  15. It is unfortunate that no one can apply brain to the issue one might have thought that common sense would mean that someone disabled with a carer would be granted exemption if they were simply getting rid of normal household waste instead of blindly applying a rule that size is the only criteria. Mind you this is the same council who only allow nearby residents to enter the site by foot and force cars to stop start in queues for half an hour plus adding to pollution or in my case to drive significantly further for an alternative center ( i assume this is still the case as not visited this center for years)
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