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  1. They do not the timing points are chosen to avoid that scenario.
  2. Sorry to disagree with you but as far as trams are concerned in Sheffield then they do often leave early and management could not care less - I have reported trams leaving early more than once. This problem has been exacerbated during lockdown where both a reduction in passenger numbers and less traffic on the roads means that the trams are often early and do not wait at the "timing points" as they should. Supertram are far more concerned about trams being late so turn a blind eye to early departures Stagecoach will tell you a timetable for them is a guide not a timetable. It is indeed true that on the trains it is very rare for trains to leave early because management monitor this and have done probably ever since the railways were built This is a feature of all public transport timetables (in the UK at least) and the vast majority of drivers whether they be bus train, tube stick to the rules (as above excepting Supertram)
  3. nothing whatsoever to do with the city it is all about the owners of the clubs Anyway look on the bright side as they drop down the divisions there may well be less trafic disruption on match days
  4. Not quite true. No they will not switch for all trips I agree but if there is a convenient (frequency and bus going where they want when they want) sensible price, there are not practical barriers such as lot of luggage /shopping/ several young kids and the like then SOME may well switch and use the bus for some trips . It is all about me and my journey and that is often the problem yes there are some who would never be seen dead on a bus
  5. "Road Traffic Improvements" really?? Someone has a sense of humour I agree with Dary just how many cyclists and pedestrians are there that use the roads there and if that if one was look at priorities then London Road area would be far higher up the list
  6. The issue is not so much the PTE or another organisation but the skills,experience. vision and competency of the staff and management employed. One problem making changes would be that the same staff would be re-employed with no doubt a new "Head" I remember many years ago now in a past life sitting in on presentations from all the PTEs about their strategies and I can say that SYPTE was by far the poorest even then
  7. Private companies have but one aim to maximize profits simple - but poachers can become gamekeepers personally though I do believe that expertise and knowledge is an advantage in an "overseeing role" indeed this this goes right to the top where there is a marked lack of knowledge in the Dept for Transport and in the ministerial team which is mirrored in the PTEs.
  8. Don't get hung up on there being a PTE or not. Standard government operating procedure is when one idea fails they will reinvent it with a new name. What matters is the leadership of said organisation and the degree of political interference
  9. I have to agree that the politicians are at the route of the problem but that the PTE should if it was functioning properly and staffed by transport experts be part of the solution and not part of the problem Sensible co operation I love it when you look at how Stagecoach bus and Stagecoach trams can not even co operate at Middlewood to provide a seamless service between bus and tram in normal times then What hope for wider cooperation with First , Northern,TPE and others? Could not help but notice yesterday several of the Tramlink buses I saw were empty - now I know it was Easter and that there is a pandemic but I can not but help wonder if there might have been more passengers (and therefore revenue) had the bus continued at the very least to Hillsborough where there were onward connections
  10. Ha You would be surprised how easy it is for something like this to be missed. I believe It may well have been accidental . I have seen similar on many occasions some have been spotted beforehand but many a one has slipped through unnoticed until a member of the public spots it. They may well have spent ages on selecting the model and which type hat he should wear without even thinking about the badges. Indeed if it has been there for a year as suggested then it is not exactly obvious.
  11. are you always so sensitive to the views of others?
  12. some of you with long memories may remember that in June the Mayor released the results of his review into bus services in S Yorkshire (obviously carried out pre covid) which included numerous recommendations for the short term (7 within 3 months of publication and a further 7 within 6-12 months of publication), together with further recommendations for the longer term. The report recognised the impact of Covid and concluded that there was an opportunity to make the necessary improvement to the bus system in S Yorks for when life returns to normal. Lucky that little action was taken with this report the full report is here https://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/busreviewreport/ Interestingly the report also said that the committee would review progress in a years time. Should make interesting reading
  13. I have the power lead from the router going into the adapter but not noticed any problem.
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