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  1. Sorry you are wrong According to Tesco the new restrictions were introduced because "people were abusing the car park and parking for the whole of the day. This was detrimental to some of our genuine customers who reported, on occasion, difficulties finding a car parking space"
  2. good question but then you might ask if the announcements on the trams in the center of town to change here for.... are really necessary but it would be cheap and easy publicity for the service
  3. Unfortunately the signs you show have all been changed (perhaps proving my point) as the restrictions were altered this year with a two hour limit imposed. As I have said regular users are unlikely to have noticed the change . I would argue that the signs at the entrance should not be the standard signs elsewhere in the car park but should be designed to draw attention to the fact the rules have changed
  4. Like I have said it is not the new restrictions I have an issue with, although like Longcol I have never seen the car park anything like full, it is the lack of adequate publicity that the rules have changed. Yes they have the standard signs at the entrances and around the car park but how many regular users of a car park will think to read them just in case there has been a change.
  5. Many will leave their cars there and catch the tram into town but also pick up shopping at Tesco on way home or perhaps visit the nearby library as I say I don’t object to the new rules just the lack of publicity
  6. For as long as I can remember the car park at infirmary road sheffield has allowed virtually unlimited parking time. Suddenly with no announcement the parking time has been reduced to only 2 hours. I know it is contracted out to a private company but I can not for the life of me understand why either Tesco or the company has not put out big signs at the two entrances warning drivers of the change. Does anyone really expect customers who have been using the car park for years to study the parking rules every visit just in case they are changed? Typically the response I got from the customer services was the car parking is out sourced so there is nothing we can do when of course there is. This quite frankly is astonishing as it is loyal Tesco customers who will be fined and of course Tesco could erect the signs or force the contractor to do so. I sincerely hope Tesco will pay the fines for all unsuspecting customers who have fallen foul of the new rules until large warning signs are placed at both entrances. I have no issues with the reduction in time allowed just the crass disregard for customers
  7. I think you have hit the nail on the head appalling marketing it should be regularly circling both ways and bus stops should have far more prominent signage. Never have I heard an announcement on tram to change here for the Connect bus to……. no doubt loads of people will once again jump up and shout about competition and different companies but this is exactly what is wrong with sheffield
  8. An interesting idea but what a shame it was not suggested before the council ripped up,all the cobbles
  9. Not really circular only sensible if it goes to places people want and bear in mind the fact they need to go through the center of Sheffield as well as the geography not practical especially when you consider just how rare broken rails are
  10. I repeat that on the 86 route there is no competition
  11. I am not saying there are comprehensive timetables showing the whole service simply that for those not in the know and go to google and click on the first link which could be stagecoach or first they will have no way of knowing different companies operate on the same route
  12. How are they competing on the 86 please explain
  13. And because of inadequate signage extra pollution is generated
  14. I rarely use it since during some long planed work on the tram network with services suspended they could not be bothered to update the journey planner
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