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  1. It should not be necessary and it is a sad indictment of city center signage, and layout if it were.
  2. 700 houses well I hope that someone gives attention to the surrounding infrastructure to cope with the influx as well as considering the flooding implications not just for the properties themselves but further down the flow in other councils areas I guess this being Sheffield they will not allow these homes to have garages and parking spaces for cars and that they will insist that the houses all have solar power panels and ground water heating
  3. Annie you miss out a key word "viable" which must embrace the purpose of the trip And yes I would go into the center for just the one thing or indeed to an out of town location -
  4. meadowhall and Crystal peaks have been open for some 30 odd years I believe so any increased usage of them may well be as a result of the city center being an unattractive place to shop these days of which parking would certainly be a contributor
  5. I have to agree with Planner1 (where are planners 2-100 by the way?) that on the whole, with the exception of the Metros sometimes, the trams and buses are generally clean and as customer see nowt wrong with the old trams - indeed prefer them to the tram train may not agree with much else but on this yes
  6. Doesn't the postman knock to tell you he/she has nothing today for you
  7. I have not noticed any problem and I am very grateful to the posties who have continued to work during the epidemic and always have a pleasant word to say - I have no complaints about less junk mail and if they have had to reduce deliveries in your area why not contact them rather than moan here - I mean just how time sensitive is your mail
  8. Good to see some of us learnt maths at school however a 30% increase is well above inflation
  9. If I need my car for the shopping I do not go to the center of Sheffield any more I drive elsewhere - it isn't just the £2.60 per hour it is that the machines often do not give change - a clever rip off and the need to estimate how long I will be to avoid the over zealous parking attendants - before anyone says use your mobile I am a Luddite
  10. Dept Transport consultaion Assumptions on Fares on HS2 London to West MidlandsWe have assumed that the level of fares on HS2 would be the same on average as on other trains and that there would be a similar fares structure.
  11. The theory is that the fares on HS2 will be the same as existing fares (at the time) and that there will not be a premium but don't trust anything the government tell you we are getting a bit off topic so by all means let start a new discussion before the mods jump in and slap our wrists if you wish to continue
  12. As far as I am aware the Royal Mail trains continue to run There is even talk of experimentation to attract the long distance parcels business back to the rails
  13. An interesting point - in theory the answer is quite a lot but that does of course assume that there is added investment at either end off the bit where it runs up or down the newly freed up bits WCML (north to Scotland, from the ports at Southampton and Felixstow and the like) The problem of mixing the fasts and slow will remain on the WCML but there should of course be lots of extra seats but I wonder just how many more seats will be available on the "local services" Anyway this is a sheffield forum and we should be worrying if indeed we will have a HS2 service - no certainty that the eastern leg will be built
  14. perhaps the authorities should think a bit out of the box, regular checks to make sure social distancing is applied and fines applied , vehicle checks on all cars outside and so on
  15. Hopefully the authorities will jail him and destroy his stock this time but no doubt he will get just another slap on the wrist and told not to be a naughty boy
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