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  1. sorry to say there is no information is rubbish the TPE site has information and links to the live upto date information https://www.tpexpress.co.uk/travel-updates/monday-10-february-disruption
  2. Yes you read correctly today a tree fell down blocking Eastwood on the wadsley park estate and the council came and cleared it quickly
  3. Hardly. Straight forward it has to be the voters after all it is us who elect the council
  4. Thought is was April 1st not Christmas Day when I read this. Just what has he done and achieved as mayor to anyway support the case for leadership of his party?
  5. Wow are you saying that stagecoach have not done this - unbelievable well perhaps not given supertrams lack of customer focus
  6. Did not think northern trains stopped at Parkgate
  7. I would be very surprised if tickets were not accepted on trains and buses even if stagecoach can not be bothered to provide replacement bus service
  8. At Hillsborough Interchange there is a electronic display board that purports to show the bus and tram times On a display running along the bottom is information that “Stands T1 and T2 are tram stops” However according to the display of times the trams stop at HIL1 and HIL 2 Perhaps this is just to ensure that intending passengers do not rely on the displays for accurate information
  9. The trams were held up between Middlewood and leppings Lane and once clear of the junction then as far as I could see had a clear run so YES it would have made a difference opening the tram gates and allowing some trafic down there - of course they might have had to think about the trafic lights around Hillsborough so perhaps perhaps not such a good idea because I don't think the trafic people do joined up thinking Now I am sure many people might have checked before leaving home on the day of the flooding and perhaps the next day but most have better things to do than start checking especially as chances are for many they could not do anything about the issue anyway
  10. The trams were already snarled up secondly as there was not publicity for this the advise to leave home earlier or not travel was hardly going to help I wonder if there had been some warning how many drivers might have had the option of using an alternative route
  11. what I do not understand is that if the work had to take place in the rush hour why they did not open the tram gate for traffic at Hillsborough after all the trams were already caught up and severely delayed and it was quicker to walk to Hillsbrough
  12. the acid test is how well a company or organisation does when things (as they will) go wrong what is unforgivable is that there was no communication about the wait and indeed I was annoyed by exactly that the other week at my surgery when the delay was over an hour but I did not take to social media to complain I simply suggested to the doctor that in such situations they should ask the reception staff to communicate to arriving and waiting customers I would agree that there is much that is wrong with the way the NHS operates and that there is certainly room for improvement. I also understand the constraints that GPs are operating under these days. I am glad to hear you are contributing through your taxes and no doubt you will be happy for these to be increased to allow your surgery to ensure that the doctor sees you at exactly the appointed time. BTW Far from it customer service is something that is of great importance to me and I am prepared to pay more for better service and would never even consider flying with an airline like Ryanair
  13. he gets £1500 a week + expenses BTW Fulwood Fred MPs do get a Loss of Office payment, according to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). This is given if the MP has been in office for at least two years and there is a Winding Up budget to allow the departing MPs to meet their costs of completing outstanding parliamentary functions. This includes the salary, National Insurance and employer pension contribution costs for their staff, as well as office and travel costs such as rent. The budget is available for up to two months after the election.
  14. What rubbish neither the doctor and very often the patient know how long the consultation might require in advance and unlikely that in most instance the reception could do the screening If you want to be seen on time go for the first appointment and hope there is no emergency
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