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  1. Stagecoach should be heavily fined for every day rider they sell to unsuspecting customers it most certainly should not be the customers responsibility
  2. I can not help and wonder what will happen on supertram will they sell day riders at £4.40 or will they say oh no sir/madam we have a better deal for you today and you can have a ticket for both bus and tram for £3.80
  3. Just in case anyone is tempted to believe this you should note that it is not exactly true as it does not apply to all tickets and in the context of this discussion on supertram will mean there is no reduction on the Tram day rider or single tickets This is what is being offered A discount of up to 25% will be applied to all adult TravelMaster tickets from 2 August – 27 September.
  4. As of Monday afternoon I note that they have not bothered to post the new timetables on the tram stops as yet, not even those without dot matrix . If the “temporary “ blue timetables are anything to go by they are not going to be works of art just simple printing on nearest colour printer.
  5. So how come there were still pigs there after the "raid" or are these not considered animals a voice of common sense
  6. The frequency required is based many factors. This is why most operators will run more frequent services in the rush hour and put on extra services to cope with the extra demand for things like festivals and football matches and the like. The other factor is people are more likely to use a service the greater the frequency. There is masses of research on this subject although I would be surprised if Supertram have themselves carried out such research and simply base their decision on operating costs.
  7. now there's a surprise 2 questions does that mean there will now be equally spaced intervals with the Blue trams from Castle Square to Hillsborough or will they continue to travel in convoy as often seemed to be happening and will the spacing take place with the train tram albeit not quite even to take account of the need for it to stick to it's network rail path
  8. Possibly no longer news when a tram crashes into something on a level crossing I wonder if we will get the denials that there are any safety issues at the crossing (all the fault of the road vehicle jumping the lights?) and then we see a major redesign
  9. yes I do . It is the fault of the PTE who did not know what they were doing (or in money saving mode) and bought what might work for the buses and hoped would work for the tram. They have demonstrated right from the start of the programme to introduce them a marked contempt for the public and they take the view that they are a benefit to the public because they are sometimes right. They have never understood that the starting point for an information system is that it should be designed for when thing go wrong with the service. Stagecoach simply did not want to rock the boat and so were happy for the dot matrix to be a work of fiction and was not their fault. You may have noticed that sometimes the thing is in countdown mode (but even that is a joke) but others it shows an actual time for the next tram. When it is showing the actual time it means they have no idea of when or where the next tram is and are showing the timetabled time even if the tram is not running the big problem is that you never know if the display is accurate and you can rely on it - a fact the PTE do not appreciate and on many occasions when the service has been suspended you will see the displays showing the times of the non existent trams and IF you are lucky they may have added a note on the rolling message that the tram service is suspended but often even this is not done
  10. Went to catch tram from middlewood an hour and a half after the accident and the dot matrix made no mention of any crash or disruption to the service. The clue was that the time of the next tram was 17 minutes, the second one 18 minutes both allegedly going to Meadowhall and the destination on the tram at the bay saying it was going to Cathedral. Asked the conductor and she told me that the tram was leaving in 3 minutes. once again just when you need information information on the dot matrix it is worse than useless. At least at middlewood we could ask the crew of the waiting tram.
  11. They only (to my knowledge) started closing off Leppings Lane for the afternoon and Penistone Road fairly recently not sure if it was the last season with crowds allowed or the season before. Before then things were not so bad for residents and visitors who needed to travel through but lived outside of the immediate area where of course parking was an issue.
  12. I am sorry Shoggy but your posts are having the opposite effect from what you want. I do not know the rights and the wrongs of this but you are not making a case.
  13. Love it they will take you to the festival but not home. result people will be forced to drive, no parking nearby and off course added risk of drink/drug driving. Brilliant - oh and we do not care about the local residents who might just want to get home either
  14. I am no engineer but 4 years sounds a long time to do an upgrade
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