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  1. just go back and read your post . Equating the revolving door of failed council leaders to her career without a shred of evidence is unwarranted in any anyones book. I am glad to hear you have never made a mistake in your life you must be a saint. My understanding from the report is that she consulted with Second Permanent Secretary James Bowler. He advised a party could take place - on the condition it was time-limited, socially distanced and that no-one should travel into the office for the event. Now it may well be that all the conditions were not followed BUT read the report she did not invite people purposely to a party she knew to be wrong. like I said I am not trying to excuse her behaviour but simply point out to you some of the FACTS which your rant seems to have missed.
  2. Oh really! yes there are many council leaders (and NHS leaders) who get big pay offs and then move straight into another council/nhs position but before you start having a pop why not have a look at her career as far as I can see you are just casting assertions without any evidence whatsoever and to call her incompetent because she was one of many in Downing Street who felt the rules did not apply to them is well over the top I do not in anyway defend what she and the others did but your attack is unwarranted and unnecessary. I guess you are one of the few people who have never made a mistake in your life and never even had a parking ticket or speeding fine
  3. Indeed sometimes I just wonder what planet some of the correspondents live on. That’s the trouble with social media far to many expressing opinions about things they have zero knowledge
  4. Judging but some of the rubbish here I would expect to see a post saying the panel should be sacked for not asking if she would have a leaving party if she got the job. perhaps someone should be asking the question about how much this fiasco is costing us as council tax payers and if asking her to stay at home during the investigation was a good use of our council taxes. After all no one suggested that all the other party goers should be effectively suspended and stay away from Downing Street until the investigation was complete.
  5. No they are worried about people catching the bus if people can not find the right stop they can claim there is no demand and reduce the service
  6. this should be fun especially at 20.40 wondering which bus stop to go to and I wonder if the dot matrix will reflect the diversion
  7. It is much easier for the trains and should have been for the tram if the PTE were not so incompetent (the last few times I have been to Parkgate the display has not even bothered with tram times and says for information you should contact a member of staff not so easy at an unmanned station with no mention of how if you have not noticed the help speaker). For the buses it is a bit harder but that is not an excuse it is about the PTE understanding the whole subject and designing a system that is fit for purpose not just when things are all working as they should but the inevitable times when things go wrong. It is inexcusable able that non existent buses are shown
  8. Think about it! they don't know how many staff are going to call in sick or leave each day, and as above they need to register in advance. Then how would they communicate that the timetable has changed if they do it every week /day What is unforgivable is that the dot martix /tracker is not reflecting reality and I have posted on numerous posts on this subject but the PTE simply do not care because it is sometimes right. BTW you do know if the dot matrix shows a real time like 17.28 that means it is the timetabled time and they do not have a clue where that bus is or if it is even running
  9. Is it the running to Loxley/Wisewood or is it staffing /sickness / fleet availability - I rather suspect the latter
  10. They might if the two were properly coordinated with communication between the two companies and a desire on the part of the tram operator to provide a quality seamless service to customers - sure there would still be times when the connection would be missed but not the regular two fingers we see now
  11. Any system on S Yorks would be smaller so the losses would be similarly smaller and we do not have a tube and rail network built more than 150 years ago ago with very high maintenance and operational costs but yes it would need financial support but what I am not seeing is anyone coming up with proposals for a bus service in the area that would not require support. Lots of people complaining but little practical being offered. I keep hearing talk of the tram network being extended across S yorkshire nice idea but costs would be massive and look at the farce of the extension to Rotherham over budget years late - doesn't inspire confidence
  12. As far as fares go they should look at the London model an excellent system that works across bus / tube and overground and the individual companies should not be allowed to have their own fares
  13. So what if they convert into regular travelers that is a win I rather think you do not understand transport economics
  14. It is not about the people already using the bus it is about attracting non users and increasing patronage .
  15. Apology??? Stagecoach have no concept of customer service . I have lost count of the number of times that I have waited 12 minutes at Middlewood because of cancellation and NEVER heard the staff offer an apology or even an automated apology. So why should they bother when no trams have been running for weeks.
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