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  1. well then far cheaper than employing an on board conductor then
  2. Make sure you add this to the mayor’s consultation
  3. Oh dear what a shame you might have thought he had seen and responded to previous complaints but no One to avoid
  4. Long been the case. The thing about consultation is that like many things it can be well designed and useful or the opposite and many organisations may go out to consultation but that does not mean to say the listen and act accordingly on the reuslts
  5. I am sure we could spend hours swapping stories of our liquid lunch adventures back in the last century
  6. well I can assure you that back in the day I would often drink at work (office not factory) and would regularly have liquid lunches
  7. do you think she will post a new thread again in a months time? clearly she has nothing better to do with her time apart from trying to up her score of posts
  8. Good god girl surely you know where the off button is or nowadays on free view with some 100+ channels you can find something more to your taste
  9. Just wondering how much the council tax payers will have to pay if she leaves as no doubt there will be a massive pay off
  10. I believe she has been organising parties for council staff and their advisers
  11. Whatever you do do not rely on the livetime display boards on the tram.
  12. Dream on my friend. I am still laughing at the introduction of cycle lanes during the onset of covid when there were very few cars on the road to knock the cyclists off and then when the cars returned they got rid of the cycle lanes because there were not enough cyclists to knock down - well they may not have said exactly that but you get the point
  13. It is all very well having bus lanes but if you have a look along Penistone Road there are very few buses that might lead one to argue that better choices could be made
  14. Of course energy regulator can - if the government don't like it they can intervene and come up with ways to reduce the increase thought subsidies, VAT exemption, loans and the like but at the end of the day unless the government do something then this increase will happen as the simple fact is that without the increase (or government help) there will be no energy suppliers and you and I will have no gas and electricity
  15. My guess it is probably the same person who is in charge of Meadowhall where there is inadequate signage both to the car parks as some are (or were) not open forcing a second trip around the roundabout and then long treks to find the entrance to the center because someone has decided that some should be exit only
  16. Indeed. The idea of turning the trams round at Cathedral would be a complete non starter and probably do little to improve things as there would be limited dwell time. Like I said a sensible timetable is all that is needed which I am afraid is beyond Stagecoach but who know national Express might have some ideas
  17. Much better to run a well timetabled network. For a while yellow trams had long turnaround times at Hillsborough about 9 minutes thus outgoing trams not delayed and you did not need to stand in the cold if you missed one. A simple solution crew love it cause time for a smoke.
  18. Still disagree with you given the tram gate operates at busy times the buses and trams both have priority
  19. Unless you have not noticed the trams can not overtake the buses (apart from at the one bus stop) so the trams have little advantage whatsoever out of Malin Bridge they are stuck in the same jam.
  20. On what basis have you tried them all or have you conducted robust research? is Hillsborough Corner one of the problems? sorry not convinced the trams seem to manage OK. Yes I agree at certain times there may be a build up of trafic but not an all day thing. Certainly agree cross city does not help but bear in mind these buses often have 5 minute or so catch up time
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