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  1. You should be checking anyway your score on a regular basis I don't think it is included on the credit scores unless of course you get taken to court.
  2. As it is very unlikely that this is a one off then if it can be established that there is CCTV then they may be prepared to investigate (quick easy and lo and behold looks good on their crimes solved as offender cops for numerous thefts)
  3. I agree with you about the value of the service overall my issue is simply with the trip to the airport from Sheffield.
  4. Not just Glosop the bus goes right through Manchester
  5. i was referring to the fact that the proposals are for the airport train to be replaced by through Liverpool trains from Sheffield with a twice hourly service and that therefore the trains at Piccadilly would mainly be cross platform transfers. Of course the slow service will go into the shed but in the context of the discussion most people going to the airport do not use the stopper and this is the situation today My concern is that timekeeping, which is currently very good, would be badly affected by heavy traffic between the Airport and Manchester. I assume you mean the bus here and I certainly agree if it were me I would not want to be on a bus going right through Manchester heading to the airport (bad enough going back home)
  6. It is fine if you live on the route or indeed visiting other places en route. My only criticism is that it is not an attractive service for most between Sheffield and the airport (cost excepted). Out of interest What is luggage space like? I agree especially as I would imagine most of the transfers will be cross platform and no steps - a nicer waiting area and better info though would not go amiss at on the through platforms and better management so that trains can stop at the same end of the platform when operationally feasible
  7. No but then neither do I think all the newspapers use the same printer
  8. It is I am afraid just another example of the total contempt Stagecoach supertram and the PTE have for the public which they continually demonstrate. One wonders just how much the extra cost really would be of running the tramlink bus on to Hillsborough (cue claims that they will save no money with no trams past Shalesmore , how difficult it will be to find buses and the like) . Lets not forget that ridership (and therefore revenue) will be down on tramlink buses as passengers will avoid if they don't want to be dumped in the middle of nowhere apart from those who only found out after they had started their journey. I have continually highlighted this contempt by Stagecoach Supertram but unfortunately their behavior is supported by the PTE and the Mayor. I don't know if you got the Look Local but they simply printed Stagecoach PR and made no reference to the fact that the Tramlink buses would leave people with no onward transport when you would have thought that they would be campaigning for their readers Our local councilors will be doing nothing (apart from a bit of hot air perhaps)
  9. Not exactly enticing with 2 hour journey time and infrequent service Wonder how many from Sheffield would use this to get to the airport- I would certainly use the train and only consider if engineering works on train - I might consider for trip to Manchester
  10. £6 per head from Bristol to Sheffield pull the other one hard to believe that Stagecoach would have had deals that were not Stagecoach trains only that were not available on National rail Going back to the original question Rolling J was right at #3 it is typical of a company run by Virgin that they take a commission from the train operator and from the customer and I have never understood why anyone would use it when all the TOCs did not add commission. I would add that on some train companies sites you could register for an alert when tickets were released on your dates and you can book them online and collect your tickets from the machine anytime up till the moment of travel (as long as you have the card you paid on and do not loose the booking code Splitting has long been a issue as has the use of roundabout routes and highly profitable if you can work your way through the maze and I will be very interested to see how the government (at arms length of course) aim to tackle this because the likelihood will be significant price rises on some point to point fares (you can bet they will not be wishing to lower the higher through ticket fares watch this spot!
  11. However had you bothered to look you would have noticed that this report is from 2013 do not forget that many of these fares have been regulated by government and it is them who have allowed the regulated fares to increase by more than inflation and of course the Train companies were not going to say no thank you Also it tends to be forgotten that one of the first things that people like Virgin did was to look for ways round the rules and add further restrictions on when Saver tickets could be used
  12. Indeed hence my use of brackets to make the point
  13. Unnecessary pollution is being caused by the fact that traffic heading towards town are being stopped for no reason and could be avoided. An interesting question about the diversion had not thought about that. So that's all right nobodies fault that after 5 months it is still not repaired I too had thought about the simple solution of a hood but discounted it as pedestrians would still wish to cross safely but if we had intelligent trafic management then that would have still been possible as the lights would only turn red at the request of pedestrians (cyclists?) wishing to cross.
  14. I think it’s called intelligent traffic management (Sheffield)
  15. Railtrack was a disaster from start to finish Really, how late was GWR electrification (and over budget?) Much (other factors were at play as well) of the timetable crash in 2018 was as a direct result of Network rail running late with the infrastructure upgrades especially the electrification of the line past Bolton
  16. I would have to disagree with you there there is no way Railtrack was an improvement and I am mystified how anyone could think that they were. They were a disaster from day one although I will concede under Andrew Haines Network Rail are moving in the right direction
  17. so much for Intelligent traffic management 5 months is not exactly temporary just another demonstration by he council that they are all against pollution unless of course it involves them doing something
  18. No railway passenger deaths have been attributed to over crowded train travelling at over 100mph. Not sure that there have been any crashes of overcrowded trains at over 100 mph in UK so your argument is fallacious. Just look at the Cannot Street crash back in 1991 when 277 passengers were injured seriously enough to be admitted to hospital and that was on a train traveling at between 5 and 10mph. Until then passengers will continue to be able to board a train on their platform which is going up the line to the next stop without making a reservation- or concerning themselves with what uniform the driver is wearing. really many tickets used by passengers are restricted to the services provided by one train company and are not valid on other services and of course others to the one train service only
  19. And Railtrack/Network Rail were not?
  20. They very kindly took the box away for my 40inch TV which was by the side of my blue bin. I already have arrangement with my neighbors over the use of each others bins but note that if my neighbor is using my bin and leaves it with their own bin outside their house it will not be collected so they must wheel it back to my house for collection
  21. well if you want to see bad go to Shirecliffe - even though it is near me I always go out to Deepcar (more wasted miles!)
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