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  1. Absolute Genius , they can say they have consulted and at the same time ensure no one disagrees with them
  2. I would not waste any money on this until we know that lockdown restrictions are lifted
  3. Don't be confused my friend Some people move to a smaller house/flat Some people when they move take advantage and replace old furniture
  4. I certainly agree that Cambridge and Oxford have completely different set ups but as far as I am aware the remaining Russell groups unis all have similar organizational set ups although of course not identical I think the fact that they are all are world-class, research-intensive universities does set them apart but that is not to deny that there is some stunning work being carried out in many of the other universities including some of the 1992 group
  5. One would imagine then that cars and lorries are also being severely affected. Clearly a no stoppimg/waiting stretch should be created with camera enforcement
  6. Quite why should we be asking the question today when it is relevant very unlikely anyone will come across this thread Still I suppose it keeps the name of your business in the forefront but for this customer it does not work
  7. "The current scheme has evolved over more than 50 years as different ideas have been explored" well don't hold your breath then
  8. Not sure what the situation is now but certainly one could in the past but yes do appreciate the point that they would have to get out of their car
  9. Well as it is not run by SYPTE then I would guess that they may well think about their customers and where they might want to go on route
  10. why not ring their head office? or contact their CEO
  11. Do not know the answer but you may find this of interest https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/164-middlewood-hospital/?fbclid=IwAR3wzlcKh_ZGiPUbD7-WYu0sW4_zV-1G2ZJ2P-3D7qMSnkZLcX2tFpR-N44 http://www.rotherham-images.co.uk/Middlewood Hospital Main Page.htm?fbclid=IwAR2hGGeSDLpffNZYHouso92gA44dXPL_un5XMtYqwNQhQ_NwrraNZcpVo48
  12. Sedith, are people going to stop going to Manchester once HS2 is built? No certainty that the eastern part to sheffield and Leeds will even be built part of the Northern powerhouse proposal is to build better East west links.
  13. Bus driver, sorry but we are way off the topic now. I. Commented on Dutch’s post about the bombarding the PTE with complaints pointing out is was futile and illustrated with the example of the tram dot matrix. I was referrering to from the time they were installed and how numerous complaints to the PTE had not been addressed. I was not commenting on their performance today under Covid issues. I would say though that had the PTE known what it was doing when they bought the dot matrix for the trams then we could have had a system that would have coped with any disruption not just in Covid times. No there is little that can be done now and the PTE are happy because they are sometimes right so that is OK then
  14. Don't know about covid situation and repeat not talking about buses cause I know little about them The thing I am talking about the dot matrix on the tram stops SHOULD have been specified and designed to cope with exactly the problem when ever there is disruption to the system and it is a disgrace that it does not Most users do not appreciate that whenever it shows a time (rather than countdown) what this means that is the timetable and we have no idea where the tram is or if it is running The PTE can not duck out of the fact that they are responsible for the farce
  15. my friend bus driver, I am not talking about the bus dot matrix but certainly the tram matrix are the responsibility of the PTE and even if sub contracted one would expect them to set out the spec for the service and ensure that the contractor delivers to spec. However even though the tram dot matrix is still far from perfect (100% the fault of the PTE) I was referring to the way the PTE ignored the customer and was happy for rubbish to be displayed - the suggestion that one should bombard them with complains will eventually result in you being told not to waste their time It was interesting that Stagecoach supertram were quite relaxed about the monitors preferring to sit and lick the toes of their lords and masters and simply rely on the fact that this was not their responsibility (true) and if the PTE was happy to display wrong info then they were happy
  16. You should not need to make repeated calls to any organisation to get something done and certainly not when you have contacted the head of that organisation. The PTE and Supertram could not even understand the stupidity of showing (fictional) tram times when the service was suspended
  17. Not myself but have contacts who are who I have spoken with about Supertram timetabling - as they still work in the transport industry then for obvious reasons they do not want to be publically identified
  18. As I said the network rail part of the route is fixed and no real short term flexibility with the tram train but rather than the tram train service sitting in Cathedral in front of the yellow tram if the yellows and blues were swapped round then it would now be possible to run a more separated service. yes I know this is very simplistic as also would need to look at the purple route but this sort of thing is meat and drink to professional timetable planners
  19. I think the answer to what progress they have made with the recommendations that were to be completed in the three months after publication is none
  20. It is a shame that we still see the yellow and tram train trams running nose to tail on the shared route and not with 6- 8 minute gaps but of course Supertram don’t care about customers Sure little they can do with the tram train as paths on network rail are not flexible but I am sure with a little thought and effort their timetables (assuming they even have any) could have come up with a more focused customer centric timetable
  21. Here is the answer from the Mayors office Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. The Bus Review was an Independent Commission Chaired by Clive Betts MP and his independent panel. The review was conducted on behalf of the Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, Dan Jarvis. The panel made 18 recommendations, identified seven findings and four systematic changes. Due to the breadth and scale of the recommendations made in the Review, there is a lot of work required to understand the costs and resources required to implement them. At the July MCA meeting, it was agreed that a 7 Point Plan of work will be undertaken to go through the recommendations in detail, focussing on how they can be implemented, the funding required to support delivery and identifying areas where improvements can be delivered quickly. The impact of the pandemic on the bus network has been significant. Additional resources have been required to maintain service provision, revenue has fallen due to a reduction in passengers and travel patterns have changed in response to new ways of working, further compounding some of the issues raised in the Bus Review. Whilst the timescales were amended in the Review at the start of the pandemic, the impact of COVID 19 continues and we are working to understand the lasting impacts for inclusion in our response to the Review. The Mayor remains committed to improving the regions bus service recognising it is vitally important for our economy and environment. One of the recommendations from the Review was for the need for change with SYPTE. The Mayor has taken steps to address this, with a view to integrating them fully within the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority. The Mayor is also keen to improve services for disabled users and young people under 25 as part of the Bus Review response and to harness technology as a means of improving our bus system. Kind regards, Chloe Shepherd Senior Programme Manager (Transport) Sheffield City Region Executive Team T: 0114 220 3411
  22. I thought they always did this at about 08.30 so presume the works were not on a major road
  23. Don't knock it although I do wonder about the winter timetable. Suspect a very useful service for those on the route even if less attractive for the end to end (although if our senior bus passes are valid might be an option if not in a hurry) One has to hope it is successful and who knows it might spur TPE and EMT to provide a better service themselves
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