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  1. Yes I know, it was the exact day that I was questioning. In some jobs, colleagues handed their notice in on Monday and left Friday- accepted by management. Hi Yes my contract said a week- I Googled for the week and most stated that it starts the next day after you hand your notice in.
  2. Hi Whenever I have worked for someone less than two years, I have always given the notice of one week. So if that day is a Monday (with no weekends), I worked my last day on the following Friday? But someone assures me that if you hand in the notice of 1 week on a Monday, your last day is the following Monday? If this is so, why haven't past employers mentioned this?
  3. Thanks, Akiem, RIP to a lovely gent. A pleasure to have met him.
  4. Did anyone ever work in a call centre during the 80's or 90's? Were the rules more 'relaxed' than now, ie. Data Protection and call quality, etc? What relating to the workday was different than now (system technology aside)? Call volumes, etc?
  5. Yes it is NTFS. But if 4tb isn't it down to the TV's USB power (ie. over 2tb) and FAT format wouldn't work?
  6. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes it's 4tb and USB powered.
  7. My Toshiba smart TV has been ok with my Seagate External 2tb portable Hard Drive for ages, playing the files as soon as plugged in. I bought a new WD External portable hard drive (4tb), connecting ok to my laptop and I copied files across from my old HD to this new one. However, I plugged the new HD into the USB of my TV, but nothing happened? The TV simply says there is no drive connected?
  8. Oh yeah, because Barnsley's dense BNP imbeciles have a stall in the town centre- very forward thinking and intelligent to attract foreign/business investment.
  9. Seeing how the former KGB Lt.Col is getting even nastier with the UK and other nations- increased cyber attacks (as well as historically sending his navy into the Channel, scrambling jets into our airspace and [alledgedly] killing other agents here) why don't we upset him back with his movie look-alike, Gollum/Smeagol? This angered him way back then. https://9gag.com/gag/6437053/putin-gollum-dobby When Lord of the Rings came out umpteen years ago he was apparently not too pleased that Smeagol/Gollum, was based on him!! https://www.theguardian.com/film/2003/jan/30/harrypotter.news
  10. My Mrs has an old Siemens phone archived away, which still works (battery and USB cable) but when we plug it into my laptop there is no driver to connect it? We've searched online, incl the Siemens website, but are out of luck- She might well have to get a cheap SIM and send them, but are there other options? Thanks
  11. I heard about this site from a friend, who showed me the deals etc that can be bought there- including 'replica' mobile phones at discounted prices, ie. Samsungs. However, it initially sounds dodgy to me, and many of the online reviews slate their customer service post-sale, even if they seem decent guys, as some state? But I could be wrong
  12. I used to work with a large guy called John Gee who said he used to do bare knuckling, sometimes at the back of the Roxy nightclub.
  13. My other half asked me to try to find (buy or legally download) a service book for her gas boiler- any - but it's dead 'ard to find. Does anyone know of somewhere online to buy or download one?
  14. It's not anything new (Iggy Pop advertising insurance a few years ago) but surely American stars don't come here to the UK for the 'lure' of our money? Heather Graham, Harvey Keitel and Kevin Bacon? There are plenty of other Americans in British ads at the moment, people not so well known. I didn't think our TV was that attractive?
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