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  1. Have a watch of this for a look around Haymarket and Castlegate - do you think this area could do with some ambitious new plans?
  2. Was the Indus the first Indian in Sheffield?
  3. Have a look.. Lots of change going on in Shalesmoor and rumours are a lot of the places in this video won't be around much longer as new buildings are planned? Especially around the back of the Emergency Services Museum etc?
  4. Have a watch of this.. What do you think? Personally I think it's starting to look great Obviously miss some of the old buildings like the old cinema and even Wigfalls but fair play they've started to make it look a whole lot better than it has done in previous years?
  5. Lots of changes in this video including John Lewis closing, the new changes on Cambridge Street (Chubbys and Henry's being replaced with independent shops and food halls) and a look at Chapel Walk, The Castle Market area, and the Victoria Quays and canal basin
  6. Sheffield City Centre 2021 This is fantastic and really shows Sheffield City Centre's positive changes! We should be proud of the way the city centre is evolving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bce4uwQetFg 👍
  7. A few outdated views about Darnall as a place and as a community. There's a video on Darnall on the Sheffield Videos YouTube Channel showing Darnall as it is now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUJJ25c3-WI
  8. This is one hell of an eerie video. The total silence on the Moor is incredible. I hope we never see our City Centre like this ever again. Spooky as heck. The Citadel Building on Cross Burgess Street in this one looks incredible though. Would make the perfect live music venue
  9. Thank you for merging the posts into a thread - much appreciated and loads better!
  10. Looks like it really isn't far off now and looks fantastic. Anyone moaning about this project is going to be really pleasantly surprised I"m sure I hope that when it's finally unveiled fully that everyone gets behind it and appreciates the huge improvements
  11. Not sure about the Charity Shops Agreed about Woodseats Fisheries!
  12. I don't think Fitzalan Square has ever looked as good as it does now yeah the skip in shot in this video was a bit of a downer ha ha
  13. Plenty happening elsewhere in S6 too. Break in's and car thefts around Middlewood/Wadsley
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