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  1. Yes Q10. Says this: Your vehicle We will not be charging cars to drive in the Clean Air Zone, but we will be charging some other types of vehicle, including taxis, lorries and vans (LGVs). If you use drive one of these types of vehicle for your business, you may wish to complete the consultation for businesses and organisations. 10. Do you drive or have access to a vehicle that would be subject to the proposed charge? Yes No Don't know but 4 pages later you see this Question(/Statement): 19. If the Clean Air Zone does not improve air quality enough to meet legal limits, we may have to introduce charging for private cars. To what extent would you support such a move? To a great extent To a moderate extent To some extent To a small extent Not at all I notice that despite being emailed the opening page still hasn't been amended. It's misleading, and not the same figures as on other pages of theirs. It's loaded into shaming taxis buses LGV and HGVs so people will vote 'against them'. I mainly use screenshot of webpages these days, but still can't upload pics here, so will have to type some out, or try and find where I found them...
  2. Just out of interest, can anyone name the tune 19mins into ep4 please? (the rolls royce SUV thing) - a concerto (famous) but can't remember. Tried googling it. 19mins and 11 seconds in https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0006nzr/top-gear-series-27-episode-4
  3. Mine did similar, hence no hair cut for 2 years. I'm not a fan of change, even though most people say, just go to another one, or ask for one in particular in previous one. Blokes don't ask for a particular barber do they?! I just preferred my old one as for 18 years, just cut and doesn't ask me many questions as knows I'm not a chit-chatter.
  4. I said that [far-left] anti-capitalist / communists etc. don't like jewish people because they are generally successful. What's wrong with that? They don't like successful people full-stop, and almost all anti-semitic caricatures are of rich bankers, rich this and that. That's my experience. Why do you think they dislike them? Yes, that's what I said in 1st post. They are being home schooled about religion anyway, and if they have no interest in learning about how society is in the real world, then why bother sending them. Have you watched it yet btw? I know you said you hadn't yesterday. It's on iPlayer.
  5. bold, they aren't taught this at all in school. The kids are taught that families have different make ups, and this is life. I wrote this out earlier. Why teach kids at all, if not how society is like? This would be my starting point of education.
  6. Blimey can you hear yourself? You saying I'm anti semitic ? I think you spending too much time on here. And please don't compare/contrast me to other members for your cause or pleasure. I speak for myself, answer for myself, and don't belong to groups. I'm having a different course of conversation with James123, and clearly we have differing opinions with some of his comments, but we're discussing slightly different things. You always do this in here, so no surprise.
  7. Well, that saved me some time to answer this post. - However, on the bold from topcat. It answers what I dismissed earlier, - The easiest way to put this for Topcat is this... can't believe have to spell things out, as you claim to be one of the intelligent ones... If we asked the country which is more racist, Labour or Tory? Who would score highest? then Tory would obviously 'win'. Racists will always side with Tory's in the 2 horse race that we have. However, just like the far-right join right wing party in votes; anti-capitalists, communists, socialists all hook onto the other side of the 2 horse race. How many far-right now in this country do you see attacking Jews in comparison to muslims or blacks? Labour could end all this, by just being open and saying what we already know about the right, that there are racists linked to them. Most far scale Anti-capitalists, communists, and some socialists don't like Jews because as a race/or culture, they're generally successful.
  8. Honestly Waj, I don't watch this crap normally. I think it's worth a watch though. People go on about the far right being nasty people, but all I saw in this was nasty people, and none would describe themselves as far right, that I could see. It was a few muslims who built up a feud against a school. The women in it were just doing what they were told, it was obvious. Kids will do what they're told whether christian/muslim/jewish/atheist, so all their banners I instantly removed from my influence. I thought the bit where the head teacher said he was sat at his desk and the kids in the yard were 'calling him to go' was dreadful abuse of children's ignorance by some parents. But of course kids will join in. The catholic group on it, were terrible I thought. All the people 'looked' like decent people too, until they opened their mouths. with respect, this is utter crap Topcat.
  9. The books that the kids are reading aren't religious books. They are designed to reflect the world that they will enter as adults. It's nonsense to try and make people think that everyone is the same in this country, because they aren't. So the books reflect things like they will encounter 2 mummies, 2 daddies, 1 mummy and no daddy, 1 daddy and no mummy, 1 black mummy 1 white daddy, etc. Same with religions. Whether integration will ever happen is another story, but might as well start young to get people to get along.
  10. top bold, it's the TV version of newspaper rags. Loaded , uninformative and each one is biased towards something. However, watch this one on catch up Top cat. Must admit though, I was annoyed to see teachers upwardly inflecting lots of sentences. Show where the kids get it from. Then in class... it showed them asking a question to the class, and didn't upwardly inflect it?! - Dispatches started off ok, but is a complete rag now. If I was forced to watch pan or dis, I would toss a coin to see which I have to put up with
  11. From this post alone, you can tell you don't know the content of the books.
  12. I thought the orthodox Jewish head teacher said it as it is. I thought a lot of respect for his interview for saying things as they are rather than skimming around the edges. He was absolutely straight with his answers. (which to be fair some of which I was shocked at, and didn't actually know) - 1st time ever learned something on Panorama
  13. Funnily enough, I always accuse Panorama as being way too lefty BBC style. And as such don't record it, even though it's in the scope of what I usually record (Dispatches is in same category, neither are on record) But the last 2 episodes really have had a big dig the other way. The Labour anti-semitism one I watched with pinch of salt. I answered this question years ago.,, however this was a real eye-opener. I don't watch news anymore, so hadn't heard the views of these protesters. What the ****?! So many ironies that would be a show in itself. Just to pick 3 out: 1. We don't want our kids indoctrinated!! (are you having a bleedin laugh?!) 2. ''What do I say to my child when they come home and ask why they don't have 2 mummies?'' (how do they answer other questions from school? After a school trip to the park to see animals, ... 'Mummy, why am I not a swan?' 3. They might turn gay... well they are taught religious studies aren't they? Shouldn't that be stamped out, as they might come home and say they are turning into X religion? utterly bizarre, this was. Look at the books... Minnie mousey has 2 mumsies - type thing The way they were going on, you'd think it was Anal Alan, smashed Steve's back doors in. 😮 'We'll teach them at home' - we'll do it then! See how far they get in life.
  14. Well done. Do you want a medal? (to quote you) They've survived for 3 generations, so they coped without the internet. It's a local forum so people discuss things about the place. Advertising is obviously frowned upon, but if they were posting really blatant advertising, and spamming the place it's a different matter. Yo udon't see many negative posts about them, and if they were bad, it would be known and posted about a lot in here. Look at the going out section, what is that then? 'Come to my pub, we have a quiz'... what's wrong with that? I want to know what's going on. If you don't, just use twit face
  15. No difference to the past then. If the dualway was clear, and they were doing 20, the instructor would say 'put your foot down' (but in an appropriate manner) blimey I was only joking!
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