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  1. I dream of the Meadowhall issue at LMS! Spot on post.
  2. Did you order an estate car? Because that is £5 extra. (to answer the Uber question, you have to order an XL or something, which is also more expensive) If you didn't, and clearly your 3 cases wouldn't fit in a normal car, but an estate arrived, he/she will charge you £5 extra. It's a rare occasion, and if this happened to me, I would possibly waive it (but make sure they know so I get upto 5 tip! , unless it was clearly taking the mick (i.e. even estate struggled) My boot is huge (hatchback), but 3 large suitcases, struggle with wheel arches.
  3. Is this some never ending circle of dialogue nonsense?! I started the thread (though now merged into a megathread) questioning the design of it!!
  4. front ones come on yes, (on new cars) but back ones don't Just finished another film too, just in time for thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RejiQgx2VU
  5. Unlikely that most people think like this, but as it happens, pick up and drop offs is something I've been doing for nearly 20 years, and I can tell you that drop offs are on average far quicker than pick ups
  6. Very annoying, and more common now I think. I think a lot of newer cars mislead people into thinking that the lights are on, because the dashboard is lit. In the past, the dashboard being dark was enough to alert you that your lights weren't on.
  7. It won't be long before taxis get the blame, but as an expert in this area... it's the 'drop off area' / people waiting to pick up here, is the problem. If people only drop off there, it keeps moving. To put your very frustrating experience to compare to mine. I go there with probably around 20% of my jobs. I'll check on the taxi forum as I wrote a few weeks ago, my record time. (entered 1625, got out the lights at 1703 I even did a film last year as it's so interesting
  8. Sorry to say this Martin C, Since the new lights Market Place/High St are now pretty much on permanent red (near hole in road entering towards Church St), this then blocks the bus gate towards cathedral, which soon blocks the general traffic access route from Commercial Street to Arundel Gate. Hence why now long queues (even in the day) up Commercial Street, and in heavier traffic spreads around Park Sq. This in turn blocks the route you wish to move to. It's probably no better option now. Lucky I can assess and choose the 50/50 of which quicker way around, buses don't have that. How this continues to happen, over and over again, just baffles me. Get people on buses!!!! yay! then cut off the route that buses had an advantage (and me too in my taxi), and plant some trees and put fancy paving down. - Another one, which I might as well post, as causes problems every day, same places all the time. The light sequence to get out of the station has been altered at rush hour to 'increase flow on the ring road', but brings the station to a standstill, and hence brings the ring road left hand lane clockwise on Sheaf Street to a standstill, because no one can get in to the station, because no one can get out.
  9. Bargepole, did you not read what I wrote? Why are people going to get on a bus, when the whole point I was making, is that the bus no longer has a way to get past queueing cars!
  10. So far, the avoiders of it, have brought this section off RR to a complete standstill every rush hour.
  11. I honestly thought that was a joke. Worth a tenner.
  12. That link at the bottom of planners link looks pretty conclusive to me. It's going to be 1 lane off the Park Sq side.
  13. Thanks @Planner1 Yes, looking at the layout there will be one feeder lane from Park Sq (as it now with the works), then means at rush hour, when Furnival Road is full (every day at rush hour), then the buses can't get past them onto Blonk St and Wicker. Already causing chaos. Glad I don't use buses, this is a terrible mistake.
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