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  1. Why would I? I don't get paid by them to scour the world's news for them! I sent this link to everyone in my email, posted it on Facebook, and posted it in here. I also emailed the Chief Medical officer's office a couple of weeks before to offer my blood for testing, as I thought I had had this virus, when there weren't many known cases in the country. No response from any. What more should I do? As it happens, that one of the last things I posted online. It was this article from 20th April (I thought was March, hence found it difficult to refind it) I don't think they would need tipping off about a story in one of USA biggest newspapers. They're too busy finding sob stories from someone who hasn't had a sandwich this morning due to government negligence. Yesterday on the news, the first 19 mins of 30 mins of news was about USA. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/20/opinion/sunday/coronavirus-testing-pneumonia.html
  2. To be clear, I'm not criticising people for not buying one... I'm criticising the BBC for not finding this info for 10 months. What do their journalists do all day? I think probably stood in front of a mirror practising how to say in a stern voice... 'Laura Kuensburg, BBC, In a terrible place, thanks to this government'
  3. The BBC spend all their time, saying why didn't the government do this or that earlier Well this report is 6 hours old 10 months after all my family bought one after reading a report from a lung expert in USA Shame it doesn't allow comments, because I would post one! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55733527
  4. I met her a few times at the old meets, she certainly was a character! Always made me laugh! Sadly missed, my thoughts with all who knew her RIP Mort x
  5. he's wrong about his own finances? Well perhaps. He said the rent is all in. Either way, you are better off now if you were on the dole and in rented property than now.
  6. So they are better off then, than someone who worked until the virus, but has a mortgage. I spoke to a friend last week, and he said his benefit covers his entire rent/CTax and bills (shared house, 2 bathrooms 3 people in total), and he lives off his £409 a month. I lost job, had 6 months mortgage holiday, now back to paying it again. 409 covers my mortgage and CTax, and nothing else. Doesn't seem to be too bad to me, if you are renting/council property. He's now better off since the virus because they put up UC. I'm living on overdraft. I'd be happy if they extended to mortgage holiday. I can live on the UC without mortgage. I doubt the government would allow the banks to go bust.
  7. Amazing really, when you think, they could have just logged in here, or on BBC comments section to find thousands of 'experts'
  8. Yes, also, to make the story clearer, neither of them can hear very well now. So complex and unexpected situations that are bad for anyone, but when you can't hear, it's worse!
  9. Thanks all for your well wishing My Mum is a member here, but I'm sure trying to find long lost passwords isn't top of priority list! haha, hence I wanted to thank for them. Hoping you are all well, in this stressful time as it is! x
  10. There is so much bad news around lately, so I thought I would post some positive news, about our great city and the people in it, who today helped my parents who are in their 80s. I had a phone call earlier from my Dad, saying ''don't worry, but Mum taken to hospital after taken ill in town'' Of course, immediate worry! can you get a taxi down here. (as I don't have a car anymore) So I frantically called a taxi, and told them, please hurry. And it was here in 5 minutes, thanks Excel. Got to town (was begged at within 1 second of getting out of taxi on West St/Glossop Road for cigarettes! so town is no different! haha) I saw their car which was abandoned on West St. Found my Dad, and he explained a little, but was clearly in a bit of shock. I tried to start their car, but the battery was flat from warning lights on for an hour! So had to call AA, there in 20 minutes, and sound bloke. That was a headache! I wanted to push start it, but I couldn't turn the steering wheel without the power steering! She's now released and hopefully ok... before I talk more, so you know she is ok. Obviously only now when they are relaxed I can hear the full story as they recall it... I'm not entirely sure of the timeline as they aren't, and what order things happened! They were going to town to get her new hearing aid, and she started to feel ill, and they pulled up in that layby opposite Glossop Road Baths, several members of the public offered help as she was clearly unwell. They can't remember many specifically, but many helped them (thanks to you all), but said one looked like a student age and sounded like he knew what he was doing, a med student they thought. Then my Dad, who can't hear very well, so couldn't call 999 and answer questions, went into Boots to ask for tissues and for help. Their staff came out, looked after both of them, and from what they said were absolutely lovely (so I thank them too), they even phoned ambulance for them, as my Dad can't hear the phone well enough, and neither can my Mum! Ambulance took her away - (she said ambulance staff were amazing) Then my Dad was kind of stuck, probably not knowing what to do, and Boots staff brought him tea and biscuits, (and took him into the store to sit down and look after him) Also someone that helped them probably before* and after, (*because my Mum remembers him too), she said he was perhaps Mediterranean, and they both think came from a shop nearby on the corner, so I think perhaps from Jimmy's from how they described it, who after all this offered to take my Dad home, or to the hospital. They'll recognise you whoever it was, they said could be from that new place, but whoever. (thanks from me again, whoever it was) Staff at the hospital were absolutely superb with my Mum. She said they are very funny, making a lot of jokes! They are so good. They told her exactly what to do, so Mum and Dad are calm now. Thanks to these people in Sheffield, and especially Boots, and the guy that offered lifts, and the staff of the NHS. I suspect you'll get some boxes of chocolates! When I dropped them off, at home, Mum noticed a Boots jacket! She said. 'oh yes!' , I remember now they gave us a warm jacket and said don't worry about it. I doubt you want it back! haha Thanks to all that helped, and especially Boots staff, as they dealt with the situation so well! xxx
  11. As for how long, I think since last auto update, maybe last month - I've lost track of time a bit. I've done all the clear ups. It's old - haha = not sure of the tech data how do I search for these please? ah I've now done this, I'll see if that helps! thanks all
  12. My computer is going very slow last few weeks. I noticed in Task Manager, it seems that it is Service Host: Sys Main and System that seems to taking up all the memory... any ideas? I think might be compter's last legs.
  13. What are you suggesting? People will get around temperature checks by taking paracetamol before going shopping? Even if someone did this, I suggested 4 things. The other 3 would help with any anomalies. It seems to be working in other countries. What do you think of the general idea of this 4 step process? All wear face coverings Temperature gun Clean hands and social distancing before entering buildings. If not, what suggestions do you have?
  14. Can you give some examples? Most big buildings have receptions. Shops with low footfall like hairdressers can do it themselves. High St shops have staff stood around now doing nothing because there aren't many shoppers. A temperature gun costs £30 and takes 2 seconds to do. They are managing to do this in other countries, and have control of the virus. If we don't take these kinds of measures, it will just keep coming back, as we've seen in the last few months.
  15. I think the police are probably told not to be heavy handed, because they don't want riots to break out. If they arrest someone who resists and it gets ugly, it will find it's way into social media. Surely everyone can see this, especially if someone is of a certain background. However, I've thought for months that it's too relaxed, and we need to look at what countries who are fairing better are doing. People saying, ''it's too confusing I don't know what to do'' - is too common. Here was my plan... (and still is) 1. As soon as you leave your property, you wear a face covering. No ifs no buts. That way it's easy to police. Just drive around and fine people - this needs enforcing 2. Before entering any building, you are temperature checked, and HAVE to clean your hands. It's not difficult to have a station in building entrances. 3 Steps... wear mask / clean hands / temperature gun / (then distancing as well of course) 3. Make use of the army working with the police 4. People coming into the country unless bringing in goods, should all isolate, or be tested (there not point us doing anything if people can come in and bring it in with them) In a rare watching of the news yesterday (for good reason as I nearly put a brick through the TV), I saw Nottingham. Tougher action needed. Get all the CCTV, and police camera footage, fine every one of them. And put that on the front page of newspapers. The one who knocked off the police woman's hat, should be locked up (assault police officer if we need something to do them for) That for me, was a huge offence. It shows complete lack of regard for authority and the virus, and the kind of thing that will encourage others.
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