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  1. I don't watch any unessential news, but in the current bbc top 10 this caught my eye in the usual nonsense top10 firstly because how badly written, and using a random twits, - But what's important is this is likely to become more common as time goes on and will put us all in total lockdown. Easy for me/us to say - lock em all up and quarantine them!! - however, this is just online nonsense. What can we do to stop the small moron percentage ruining it for everyone? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-52084653
  2. I've never been massive pasta fan, so I've avoided this! I think my local shops is great for stock, and the big supermarket nearby has been ok. People adhering to the distancing. Cleaning products for you to clean trolley (although they were doing this with them all anyway) And though limited stock, I just bought as usual, and most others doing same. I just hope this continues, and we can all get through this a bit easier.
  3. I don't think it needs evidence , it's slightly different to the models because as you say, this is about a recovered person can't pass it on... I think the poster means (and I would agree). Example 1: (link modeling) - I have it, recover, then cough on you. You won't get it. Example 2: (I think what poster means) - I have it, recover, then I go to shops, touch surface where someone has coughed, then I come home, touch my surfaces, then you in my house touches surface then face... you [may] get it. I'll let anyone else with more knowledge explain, but that was what I thought they meant. Would you agree that in example 2, I am not spreading it from myself, but still potentially spreading to others? actually, I think example 1 isn't clear enough... I'll quickly add a scenario 3 and it should auto merge Example 3. I drink a pint of beer, that has coronavirus in it, then I cough on you, you may get it, but that's transmission rather than my infected body giving it you
  4. I posted a link yesterday in here. That's a really good read, and shows with film different scenarios. edit: the link in this post
  5. Without sounding nanny state, I think important points (obvious ones perhaps), and I'm going to write them anyway as good warning on last page. This is TO ALL members here, but just quoting you Green, as this is common topic. I think it's worth also practising slightly more careful bike rides (i.e. don't go scambling in the woods or peaks, and doing jumps and things). - I know you aren't suggesting this though! People do injure themselves every day on bikes, and looking at the NGH now, trust me you DO NOT want to be going there at all. (esp. no virus). Normally just ring up if break arm/writst/leg etc., or drive to hospital. This is the last place you want to end up now. I've been doing lots in the garden (lots will be DIYing etc, too) but I've taken decision to not do what I have been doing, (some higher work) as unnecessary risks. As the country starts painting their houses, and doing jobs in the house, don't take silly risks. good info post here: @butlers The post about Edale mountain rescue on last page which I'll link again - is linked to this too.
  6. Not offended me, I just thought looked disrespectful. Online hard to see tongue in cheek, I know, no harm done,. We can argue again in other threads
  7. It's no worse for me than anyone else in same position, which is millions of people. Income instantly stopped, and not only no savings but behind already because this has affected business for a while... in fact my first post in this forum was in the first page or two, and was about morons bullying chinese students, and work effectively was cut but 30% in one day due to 3 morons on West St. But we moved on from there now. I've never argued with you or bargepole before to my recollection, so if I wrote anything bad, then my apols Wishing you well too Padders, and all other members, argue or not though look at next... see above, this type thing I think bad, you should be ashamed banjo. you shown your colours here. You have posted for years and we all disagree, but I think this is too far. I think very disrespectful, to everyone who is ill. If this was something like twitter (that I don't use, but have), I would just skip by comments like this, but since established member, I responded. I thought he spoke well. I like hearing Dr Jenny Harries, as she seems to be the least political answers, and says things as they are. Which I prefer, but I understand others don't
  8. Yes, interesting post, dave. One could write an essay on this! Shopping will definitely change, and from deliverying for Sainsbury's for a year, I knew then (2 years ago) that every new customer I saw, I saw again and they in general said ''this is so much easier, can't believe I didn't do this before, and now just go to shop for a few top up things - so could be very good for local shops in future. Think now - in just 2 weeks - how many people have tried this, and prefer it. Big supermarkets probably won't be built now, as already they in decline (before this). I'd ask my brother to comment if he a member, as this is his trade! More delivery drivers and depots I think. I hope pubs do well out of all the suggestions for working from home in future. I used to like socialising in pubs, but it went out of fashion when the internet took off. I think if government altered pub taxes , that maybe it might come in fashion again, as a daily pint and away from work. Who knows? But, back to editing a new youtube film that I'm doing as spent over my new allowance of reading and talking about C19 today I think there will be thousands of lessons learned from this in years to come. Stay well, you and all here.
  9. This is a good read, and shows the graphics of the models that experts use. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/
  10. yeah, no one is really talking about it. And since it's been here since quite early on, it could be almost everywhere here now. A few days ago, I sent messages to the taxi group (and insurance companies), because the now sitting hackneys could be useful for drivers who wish to volunteer, if no family, could use them to transport NHS staff who don't have cars. (probably more likely to be cleaners / part-time staff / and younger staff) - if/when public transport stops.
  11. You can now, but from other sites I read, there seems to be an issue that is causing problems, and it's the identification process. Might be worth hanging on a bit, as obviously now everyone all applying at once. I'm not even sure if I should apply, because I'll be waiting for the self-employed june payment. But do I claim UC, then they deduct it off payment or what? Probably a little early to know, but if anyone does, I can't find this info, and on trade sites, there are mixed messages.
  12. Lots of positivity there andy, thanks
  13. Me spreading misinformation, just unbelievable. Predicting a financial meltdown, is hardly scaremongering - it's happening right now. I don't know if you just read social media, but if you go outside, almost everything is closed. Ring any bells?
  14. screw the lot of us? You really either need to look at what's happening, and wonder where all this money will come from in future. The financial crash of 2008 now looks like a minor event and probably will lose it's place in history as a drop in the ocean. People think life going back to normal in a few months, or even years, need to ask other members in here who have knowledge, rather than social media... they'll tell you what's coming. My trade is finished like millions of others. People going to bars and restaurants and nightclubs, and using hotels, and arena events, all packed places with people, is now a thing of the past, for probably years. Thousands of jobs, (many 'zero hours contracts) that Anna spent last few years moaning about - gone. Normality has changed, forever.
  15. 3 good reasons why I've slowly been giving up most of my internet time after 22 years on spending most evenings on it (though not social media) Go on, entertain the rest of Anna with how you would have done things better unbelievable, considering you claim to read further than headlines, you are living in the bleedin clouds. They should have done this , should have done that. Don't bother replying as it will all be usual hindsight nonsense. The world will be full of people like this in future... why didn't they do this and that. Absolutely clueless.
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