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  1. *_ash_*

    The derby!

    posted before read other analyses, but this is a good reflection of what I saw too. I have said I wonder if there is a way to bet for Weds to go up, and United not to. I bet good odds, now. (let me know if anyone finds) as unlikely as it sounds, we are almost certainly going to be at least in the playoffs, the top 2 is tough to call, but weds can get to playoffs. So could flip! I would stick a tenner on 100-1 and the grand would supply me with enough alcohol to deal with the psychological distress!
  2. *_ash_*

    The derby!

    Fair result. Weds were far better than last time we were there. Still too sluggish moving forward though. I thought we (UTD) played a bit better, but no cutting edge, and by half time looked like would only be a 0-0, or 1 goal winner. Hutinson miss at time I thought was sitter and we got away with it. But with replays, he just had to hit the ball, and 80% of time would go in. So probably got away with that. Overall, total anti-climax, and I said it would be 0-0 prematch. However, on plus side, look at sides around weds, Villa, preston, swans, brentford, stoke, and I'd take a point from a night match at any of those away, so I'll consider it a point that we want from away games. The derby for me, was lessened by the need for points. I'll always take a point from away games. (though villa, was vomit inducing, lol) Leeds will be interesting, as will rotherham! need top 2 really to expect to go up, and it's tight. I don't favour us in playoffs, purely due to experience! and form means little. Might as well just draw 1 straw out of 4.
  3. *_ash_*

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    I have a possible suggestion Laura. A trip around Kelham Island. They will remember this a smokey industrial area, but it has been done up and certainly the most old buildings/fronts retained as anywhere in Sheffield. There are lots of bars, cafes, food places and the museum of course. It's what I would have done with other old areas, but were demolished instead, and crap put in place. Look at this film at about 4mins 30 secs. It's Kelham Island in 2005. I filmed it, because I knew it would change, and it has. (nearest example I've seen is the canal centre in Birmingham, which when I saw, I thought was fantastic.
  4. *_ash_*

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    Welcome to the forums! Who could have imagined this simple question would bring in so much debate! - To answer your bold, in part well, I wouldn't take them around Tinsley Park Road area,. other than to see the pub site! Not much there now of old (though the old school building is still there!) The 1880s school buildings were fantastic architecture IMO. There's another one in the area, on the roundabout near the arena. - If you post some details about what you're looking to see, (in another thread, as well as this one) as this one probably won't get much attention as is quite unusual and specific thread. There are a lot of Attercliffe specialists on the forum (I only have books and distant memories).
  5. *_ash_*

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    I thought the same, but with different building! I think it's entirely plausible that old bricks used and 'bricked up' as it were... If you look at the picture of where is actually was (according to maps and members), I think the brick reconfiguration occurred at the building itself, hence the sticking out bit. (here) (I could of course be talking nonsense!) but this section here in the link I think shows old brickwork, and possibly same size as the old building, and they possibly just rebuilt and knocked down bits, and this is what is left. yes, I also noticed this. If you look at this image here, then I think this DOES resemble an 'old pub' front entrance. Might have been recycled? I can't believe this member posted, I had a quick google then a week later we still discussing! lol Very interesting though
  6. Shame one can't trust even the most steadfast and principled people though. Who to vote for eh? see above. Shame he didn't have more backbone 10 years on.
  7. cough - 'U-turns' I preferred his old principles.
  8. You posted them, so they are part of your argument. I'd already seen them on QT episode last week that turned into the Gardiner show. The fact that you can't post the same figures for the 7500 blows that argument. If we include things like twitter, I'd actually expect Diane's abusive messages to a far greater number than 7500 (same with many MPs), but that's not what you were saying. You're talking about WITHIN the party. How many of the 7500 messages were from Labour members? You can't answer it. So you shouldn't post it for comparison reasons. The Tories is another debate, stop trying to deflect away from your obviously nonsense post. I'm not a tory either btw.
  9. Ah you having a laugh? 🤣 This was YOUR figures and YOUR argument! You posted the figures, then quoted anna that it was political bias and hyped up, your figures to quote what YOU highlighted in response and your response. You've conflated 2 different things here, and I simply asked a question, to sort out the figures. I'll ask again. How many of the 7500 messages were from her own party? If you can't provide this figure then we can't work out the figures in the top quote. There is an obvious difference (joining up some dots here) . If you can show that 0.1% of the 7500 abusive messages Diane Abbott received were from her own party, and they weren't dealt with, then you have an reasonable argument. If not, your post was equally as misleading as you agreed to Anna's 'Because it's being hyped up out of all proportion for political gain', to which you replied - 'without a doubt.
  10. So you don't know then? There absolutely no way you'd accept that as a reason if we were talking about the Torys as seen in the last 2 pages of thread. How many of the 7500 abuses were from Labour members? Surely you can answer this as 'anyone with half a brain' can work join dots up'. (post #7367)
  11. *_ash_*

    How much tax?

    I remember when on wage packets, I didn't really notice the NI as it was so little. I was concentrating on the tax paid! It's sneaked up over the years , I think! That's about right. The tax calculator shows about 6k tax and 4k NI on 40k
  12. Just out of interest, how many of the 7500 messages were from the half million members of her party? I know the figures in the above quote as these were on QT last week, but I don't know the answer to the bottom question.
  13. *_ash_*

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    Yes I have Sheff History in my bookmarks, but not seen this. Well one thing from this thread... I know now that the Picture Sheffield is a live site, as I emailed them to say that this thread (and linked it) had identified a picture that said 'unidentified public house, Tinsley Park Road', and it's already updated!, and they emailed me back to thank me /us. It's a great site, but wish we could fund some better search facilities. Like most sites, unless, expensive, the search facilities are quite poor. I'd use it more, if I could find what I'm looking for.
  14. *_ash_*

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    I think perhaps it's narrowed down a bit, because so much housing around there has been gone for years, so not many with knowledge. (and even those few have to see the thread too!) I was always a camera geek in the 80s, and took a lot around Attercliffe, I hope to find some to redo now to compare. I've done films in Sheffield too, but oldest still aren't old yet! Still, I'm glad I did them, lots of the new ring road area I captured on crap early digital camera! 🤣
  15. *_ash_*

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    I thought the old maps might help, but in 1899 it is a blank space! see here The kerbs face inwards, so perhaps it was just an earlier Veolia (old SCC) entrance? And they widened and moved it with time, and machines got bigger?

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