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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm still looking at options. What started out as an old injury that won't get better this time, has got worse, with a new pain.
  2. Hi, I've already done both. And no better.
  3. After months of back trouble and nothing working, I'm wondering if there is anywhere where I can pay to get my back scanned to see if I've damaged it? (x-ray or whatever)
  4. Hi Sheffielder. May I ask what camera do you use? I presume an expensive one! But do you recommend any cheaper ones? I want one but don't need the kind of quality of yours.
  5. If you are on facebook, it might be worth joining the Sheffield History group. That's quite busy and obviously more specific.
  6. A map to show where you mean. Interesting that the gap in the houses is exactly the same as the road... so it can't have been sold with the land for the new houses on Waller Road https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=19&lat=53.39062&lon=-1.51377&layers=168&b=3 At a guess only, it seems likely it's linked to Nichols Road not being adopted, I wonder if that section simply wasn't used and became overgrown (?)
  7. It's too far from me, but I wish them all the best! Let's hope as many as possible survive. I can't see how most pubs will survive. Alcohol and social distancing don't go well together.
  8. Yes, I suppose so. Still, it's a huge shame!
  9. I've just been looking again at the map (google maps) Did they move the lines to build this then? If you look at the next 2 bridges towards town, you can see the empty space at the side of the current lines, but then at the next bridge towards Dore, the space is on the other side. (either way - how was this allowed?!)
  10. I think could be solved with buses cycles and taxis being allowed to go down Church St. The make an opening to access Arundel gate or Park Square. If a tram is there and waiting. Tough, bus will have to wait. It will still be quicker than the long way around.
  11. No problem for me either. I not had hair cut in 3 years.
  12. I wouldn't have answered it either, but I was just pointing out a possible reason. Also, with today's tech, I wonder if it's possible to set your phone to ring an 'alarm bell sound', when any number rings and the phone doesn't recognise from friends list. Then before you even look at the phone, you've had a few seconds to plan, and wonder what it could be!
  13. how many people know the dialling code of China? Or most countries for that matter? Perhaps they have friends abroad, and answered it because it could be important.
  14. Yes good for climate, and I agree to that. I was thinking more about the financial impact i.e. millions of jobs in the holiday and travel world. Long before this, I've written that domestic holidays would be great for our own country, and we (country) should be spending money doing up seaside places.
  15. Yes. I can't imagine many people after having limited or no income for months, will fancy hopping on a plane full of people, to go to Spain and Italy - for example. And major airlines, just like humble taxi drivers like me, ALL work on a very fine balance between profit and loss. The airline industry will take years to build back to normal, if ever again. Same as me. (until perhaps even vaccine, but can't see how this will work. Wrist straps like Contagion film? Tattoos?) We might end up with government owned airlines, like trains probably he same. It might be good for UK tourism though in later months. Britain has thousands/millions of beautiful places that will become popular / [or again], hopefully. And with the recession hitting, probably a good time for new socialist Labour to get in power (though that's just a prediction, and not a political dig) It's obviously a slowdown, I've never spoken to any intelligent person who thinks that 'right, boris said 3 months, so in 3 months things back to normal' This isn't going to just go away. The only reason politicians or news don't say this, is because this is a national crisis, and we can't have rioting. It needs calm messages.
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