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  1. got it, it's just like links before, but now pictures work. thanks janus
  2. ah yes, I'm on computer, and can't see that option.
  3. Bradfield and Ranmoor already mentioned, and I would second those. Ecclesfield (like Bradfield) is also grade one listed.
  4. Someone will no doubt say 'more work for others!' - yes, out of town ones! It'll be interesting to see if any of the people of Sheffield speak up, the ones who complained about monopoly of hackneys and how rich they all are... coincidence that since the deregulation (which London conveniently excluded itself from), there is no more 'paying each other for taxi plates', in fact there are around 70 now that are vacant. Anyone out of a job? 70 hackney licenses up for grabs, and as the months go on, there'll be more!
  5. I think with drinks sugar tax, they should have to label clearly on the front what **** they've put in it to replace it.
  6. This can't be real. The site is so bad, I don't even click on links to it from here for free anymore. Why would I pay for it?
  7. Seems like a no brainer to me. Even if worst case scenario it sits there for months, it's still there for doing other things. Just park it facing down on a hill (which isn't hard to find in Sheffield) so you can bump start it if low battery. You mentioned that you like climbing, and I suspect that if you started a thread asking for good places to go, then your car will get used a lot! I'll also lay a bet on, that when you new housemates find out you've got a car, you'll end up using it!
  8. The options you picked I think are all just outside the zones,. but if not (and zones always expanding as uni/hosp staff move further outside the zones, so they expand them)... you can easily just move a bit further out since you don't need it on your doorstep. If it was every day use, then it would be impractical, but for rare use, you won't have any issues, and not much car crimes around there. I'd just make sure you wash it every week, as it's mostly tree lined area, and a scruffy car might catch attention from potential car thieves.
  9. In the past, we used to get held behind at away matches for 10 mins or so. Is this now not legal for human rights reasons? (this had its flaws of course - however, surely would solve the Leppings Lane mingling 'problem') - It's difficult to know who to blame I think. The police always end up with the blame for things, so they probably have to advise over the top safety measures, and the SCC won't take any risks either. This definitely needs sorting though. This can't happen every home game. There's no way around it. One could argue that Bramall Lane is closed before and after the match, but there are loads of other roads options, where as Penistone Road is an arterial route, and closing the inside lane (as bad as that makes things) at least keeps the route open.
  10. Well, I know where I'll be avoiding in the taxi tomorrow!
  11. I think years ago we might have discussed it briefly Ms. The reason being, I remember the Rotherham part, as this ruled out any chance that we may have worked in same place. I just did a year or two contract work on the phones (pre-mass- internet days, we basically did what the internet does now + planning, that would now not be in operator's hands these days). I was at Upwell St. What might seal this info is I think you said you worked for 'Transco', and I didn't deal with them much, as I was in 'Service'. The only time I ever rang Transco was if someone rang the wrong number (gas leaks) and got me - if they had a gas leak, we couldn't give them a number to ring (as obviously dangerous), so I had to ring Transco. These departments had split off by the time I was there, so was a huge place with only a few people. (mainly heating engineers), and they still had 'Accounts' - I remember when a high number of call queue (5 or 6 was high... 10+ and the supervisor would have heart failure) but a lot of people rang and wanted accounts, so I could just divert them internally, and with a few of these, the supervisor most liked added a few more days into their lives! An odd thing though is that people knew how to get through things. Now the internet or phones make you select options, but people in the past who couldn't get through to departments learned that if you rang xyz, they answer and put you through. - back on topic , I think you worked in an S60-65ish. I worked in whatever postcode that dump of an area has become since I lived there.
  12. I remember when I worked at BGas, Mexborough has all sorts to it. Not sure all correct way round though. Sheffield postcode A rotherham phone number doncaster empty their bins and at BG they came under the Barnsley engineers!
  13. that's what I mean though, it's too much hassle. That's why people are using facebook type forums.
  14. ah well never mind. In the past we could screenshot, and upload to photobucket or something. I did loads like that. But is too much hassle these days.
  15. i can see insert image from URL but not insert other media ?
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