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  1. I think their people might be annoyed though if allowed to come to plague island then go back, especially when they've had so many lockdowns.
  2. I think there are similarities between consipracy theorists, and people who believe news and newspapers / or watch the same types of misinformation. In your example, they obviously don't know anything about China other than the press, and as you said, UK will never be a one party state, because no one has any relation to anyone else here. This scenario isn't comparible, so you can instantly dismiss these debators. More survailance is inevitable, and has occurred even pre-doomsday book, but since the internet and now phones, is now absolutely inevitable. China are way in front tech wise. We are catching up slowly here with things like that amazontesco where you just pick things up and charging. Here, things have to go slower, so we can all debate and argue things. Young people like the tech, and to be fair, it looks good, They don't know any different, so they won't oppose it. Same things with every generation... Cue: Next poster says where will it end?
  3. no it isn't, that's not a good analogy i would have said bt or sky, but since the thread just said tv, I thought it might be bbc or itv or channel 4, there were some games during lockdown on terrestrial tv
  4. I watched this and thought about it for while. I came to the conclusion that if I was 18 I would probably had done the same thing. I wouldn't now of course, but I am now not 18
  5. I've not lived in, but been in a few, as I said Tin... the first thing I noticed was the full window in the lounge, with balcony. Way better than new builds I've seen. I think people who bought early on will benefit, because they took a risk buying one, because it was new and unpoplar to many Sheffielders... if they sell now and give these risk-takers a boost on the property market, I think they deserve it. As I said I looked at one, and some in Kelham Island, and decided (wrongly as it happened, but I'm ok with it) that it was too risky purchase.
  6. Daddy, I've met you in real life at forum meets, you're a decent chap, and I know you are opinionated, that's cool... so are most people. But since no one else on the your side of the debate will answer this question... I wonder if you will answer If for example, you needed some work in the house, say a radiator leaking, and I could fix radiators,... if I rang you and told you I had tested positive, and was coughing a lot, would you allow me in your home with you and your family, to fix your radiator? Simple question, I'm not trying to trick you, or anyone, but no one on your side of the discussion will answer me this very very simple question!
  7. When they were done up you could buy one for 95k, I saw it, because I looked at one. Seemed reasonable to me, but the parking and lack of security put me off, and the height, but because they are popular, the price goes up. What is your answer to solve things? Nothing. You never answer anything. The people not working around here, treat their properties like ****, and still not happy. What's your solution? Share your wisdom Anna!
  8. You are the most negative person I have ever known. Have you ever said anything positive about anything? "All well and good, but where are the poorer people supposed to go? Or are they just expected to live on the streets?" Were the people who lived there kicked out into the street? Yes or No?
  9. In enclosed spaces, but not for long. At any point, where have you been 'forced to' to wear one? To be fair, if it wasn't for the poor intelligence of so many people it wouldn't need to have been put in law.
  10. No one is forcing, but the second part where you include being scared of fresh air, takes any logic (flawed as it was) into completely flawed logic. That's fine by me. As long as they don't cough in the shop without their dirty mask, the fact that they themselves have touched it and touched surfaces doesn't bother me, as I clean my own hands. And most shops clean more regularly now anyway.
  11. This is one thing I actually changed my mind on. Not many people do, but I have an open mind. I originally said keep the back building and refurbish that, so some history remains. However, having been in quite a few of them (when deliverying) they are actually really nice inside. Especially on the front, great views if your lounge/balcony is on the front. But 250k? No thanks (and I can't stand heights!) - but the market dictates what something is worth. If people pay that money, then it is worth it, simple as that. I think as it is, I would perhaps pay 100 - 120 for a 2 bed one is about the right price, but I'd say worth more if it was a gated estate. As it is, the area still has too many people 'hanging around' outside.
  12. I also don't breathe over people in supermarkets, even before the virus. But do you accept that people naturally cough and sneeze, often without time to pull out a hankie?
  13. Yes, I'm not arguing that things haven't changed. To be fair, everyone could have turned down the injections. We aren't forced into it. We can see the people who weren't taking it and the results of that, so it's a no-brainer really.
  14. I don't think they would have done things much different tbh. Hence why they have been quiet. Just waiting for mistakes to highlight them. I think if Labour in power, we'd be in similar position to now. Before reading the rest of the post, this bit stands out, as 'hindsight talk' At first, no one really knew what to do, because no one knew enough about it. Ask any NHS staff.
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