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  1. Yes, I think my thoughts too, I don't usually like this type of voice. I liked Amy Winehouse's voice though, and I remember finding this film from a recommendation off of youtube recently... and is probably only person I heard with a better voice of this style. Worth listening on headphones with volume and listen to the echo around the town centre (imagine you're on Fargate! haha). Like Amy (even drunk) every single note is perfect, the vibrato perfect etc. And she does it completely effortlessly. Not sure if she is famous or a street singer, but I thought worth sharing. I'd rather listen to this for an hour.
  2. I bet this is in a headline tomorrow!
  3. 1 - The virus was rife everywhere long before any vaccines, in particular in places with close proximity of large numbers of people... highly populated towns/cities, most of Europe, Brazil's highly populated areas, etc. USA. rank amongst the worst. But, natural immunity and indeed vaccines we also know don't last against this particular constantly changing virus. We'll probably see in 10 years or so, who faired best. It's far from over, and if this isn't the next variant, then another one will come, and it will continue for many years. It's absolutely inevitable, and the people who think it isn't, are seriously watching too much twit/face. 2 - until the next one. - Whether suppression or not is needed is what people argue about. Different countries try different things, and everyone learns from it. You should watch Spanish flu documentary and a couple of F1 races, where evidence of history, and different tactics dictate the outcome.
  4. Forced... NHS workers... frontline... often these phrases are seen together. I have never heard of any nurse or doctor who says they won't have it. There are obviously one or 2, and post on twitface. But then, the figures show 100k not vaxxed!!!! They aren't frontline workers though. It's conflating these words for effect. What Austria is proposing can be nothing more than vaccine passports. Most countries already are thinking off, or already implemented these types of things. Certainly, I don't think it's morally wrong that anyone enters the country unvaccinated... so am I morally impaired here? I would expect to provide proof if I went anywhere else out of the UK too.
  5. Personally, I don't know how to click any of the options. First, I don't think it's possible, hence not thought about it. How is Austria going to make this work? (unless someone can tell me what general population means) Hopefully the virus will become more manageable in future, but at the moment it isn't. And even though people say, ''well only 10,000 people in hospital, it's under control now'', that's 10k people who need non-covid hospital care, who can't get it. Perhaps we could solve the entire problem with vaccine passports for now, that include an option, for ''I won't take it'', and then make hospitals passport only... instantly freeing up 7/8ths of the current covid beds. I fail to see how you can be in hospital with something that doesn't exist.
  6. 'general population' is another thing. I'm not sure how this is defined? - What is general population? Especially in a country in the EU!
  7. Other? Or something like that? I was thinking.
  8. Not enough options in the poll, and makes the question too loaded, especially when using 'morally acceptable' in the question.
  9. Just to be clear, if this is including me, as you just quoted me then wrote this, then I said absolutely nothing of the sort. I know 90+% of vehicles aren't affected. So they will continue as normal. The most polluting vehicles, if it works out cheaper, will use the surrounding areas to move around. That's what I gave an example of. And as you say, then next move will be more road restrictions to compensate. And more traffic jams on main roads for all drivers.
  10. Let me correct this... You have a car that is exempt now. 1 year ago (though the topic got lost because of covid) - Euro 6 taxi weren't included. (and some other things that I am bored of) but even the Prius WASN'T exempt. As I've said in the other thread, once those cameras are up, and they stop taking money, the goalposts will change. Even if you own a fully electric car, don't be giggling too much... you'll be some way on that list! haha
  11. Great. So would I. So would Jack. So would members 1 to 100k in here. Can you not see the issue? Take a probably 10 mile trip on side roads, and take twice the time, to do, what could be done more efficiently along a ring road, that was designed for this purpose!
  12. I doubt you'd want anyone of your friends or family that close to it. I think the position of the seats, and maybe even if he had a Covid barrier, might have given the driver a better chance. If the bomber got into the hospital with that, and got near an oxygen supply or something, it might be a different story.
  13. Probably with the stories. Watch the footage. It blew up with the driver in it! I'm amazed he is alive after seeing it tbh. And glad! That could have been any innocent person/people. Taxi driver, shop worker, random person on the street etc.. As for what actually happened, I don't know why people insist on 'instant answers' It takes time to work out.
  14. It doesn't look like one to me. But that is besides the point. You cannot lock someone in a black cab other than with the brake pedal pushed. I should know, I drove one. You can put the brake on until they pay, then you have to put the handbrake on, and release the brake to let them out. The only report I saw earlier said the driver 'locked the person in' or 'engaged the child lock' before getting out. I don't know any licensed vehicles where you can deadlock someone in. You can't have childlocks on in licensed PHVs, certainly not in Sheffield (although there are exceptions, I'm among several drivers who have a certificate to pick up highly vulnerable people (with an escort). Maybe these days they are cars where you can press a button and it locks people in, but I would be surprised. Taxi or not, it's too dangerous.
  15. I only quickly read the thread as no point in speculation. Just wait and find out! I noticed this though. You seem to write so many things like facts. I'm not going to argue, but 2 things here: 1. it wasn't a black cab - I've seen the footage, but mainly to this bold, which is just nonsense. The brake pedal locks the doors if the cab is going less than 10mph (or close to), and above that speed they are automatically on. That's why when you are in traffic, you constantly hear the locks clicking. It's not the driver playing tricks on you. I think many people get a bit paranoid when drunk. I noticed that.
  16. HeHasrisen, I think what Jack Grey is saying is that, for example, if he moves a vehicle from outside the CAZ, and for example the next job is on the A57 Crosspool or something... how would you personally drive this journey without incurring a £10 penalty? This is a reasonably simple journey using the ring road, and he wouldn't need to enter town. With the charge, people will have to find other longer ways, and areas around town will become more congested.
  17. Did you mean me? (not sure as you didn't quote me) But, this wouldn't be very reasonable if to me. An idea is not necessarily a good idea, just because it is one. - Personally I cannot see how this will be a good thing. I've spoken about it enough in the other old thread. But the vehicles it is charging need to be there most of the time. People need buses and taxis. Shops need deliveries. The price of this will be passed on, there'll be almost no reduction in the air. as an aside, I know a few posts comparing to London, but it's just not comparable. London could probably ban every car in the city, and only allow electric vans, taxis and buses, and after 6 months of uproar, it would get back to normal (or a new normal). London can survive on its own. Almost every other city in the country can't.
  18. That doesn't get news coverage. They'll until everyone has bought one, then blame us for causing the new problems. Same happened with diesel.
  19. That update tonight was a ****ing shambles. The government has lost the plot
  20. and I would click on that. What's it's about is irrelevant these days. It's click bait, and whoever wrote will write it like this because if it doesn't get clicks, then they are not doing their job well. Sad state of affairs, but it competes with social media now.
  21. When I look online at the picture it says this: oh, I can't do a screenshot. it's basically... 'working with male players is not different - then the line in the OP
  22. Would you have understood, if you hadn't clicked on it?
  23. It demonstrates well how click-bait works, though. I probably would have clicked that if I saw it on the BBC site. Certainly more likely than if the title was, 'a woman I've never heard of, is managing a football club that I've not heard of'. - type thing...
  24. I bet tomorrow, the main topic on twitter will have been that these weren't working. Gossip is so boring! Is there anything you can panic buy to rectify this?
  25. Who is duping us? This government? This countries media? Surely you can't mean every government and all media in every country in the world? They've all ganged up to wreck their own countries, and their own economies?! It just doesn't sound logical to me. Who is duping us?
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