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  1. I've picked loads of people up from there, and always gets good reviews. Even from meat eaters. Let us know what's it's like.
  2. Given the number of options, it might help to know which side of town you enter it from. And which end of the moor (though less important)
  3. You've definitely read this post. I bet your 'old friends' told you to not comment.
  4. thanks! I had it in my youtube playlist, but so many in it, I had to listen to loads! great piece
  5. What time is this new presenter on? I might swap my radio schedule.
  6. Hopefully TM have got a few responders. The taxi uptake in the survey is very low, but I think because a lot are old timers, rather than not bothered. Small bus companies are screwed when this comes into effect, just like SME/SE inc taxi drivers. Another win for the big boys. It's been posted all over the cycle sites, and green sites, so the responses will inevitable be one-sided, especially as so many loaded questions too. ah well. A few of us tried. Really though a waste of time, as I thought it would be. Over and out - yes moorhead is a mistake, but now the new building is there, it's probably too difficult to fix. Empty building too on the bottom floor.
  7. Yeah, although Uber had to kick them all off, I still see quite a few of these even now. Tfl don't have signage on the sides like other places. From what I read it's because of an ongoing feud with hackneys, but I couldn't say that is anything more than hearsay. (also I added a few things to the list before you quoted me), just so no one thinks I altered it a lot! :))
  8. top - no change, I just didn't go into major details rudds, as most people wouldn't be interested You have 2 MoT tests per year (after initial few once a years). Whilst doing the MoT test, they do a compliance test. This is another MoT type length check which goes into details that the MoT doesn't because they are part of what a taxi needs. It's hundreds of things, examples: They check things like all the car door handles work well, the locks, the seatbelts, all the windows winders , heater /ac , all the seats move...you get the picture. they do this like lightning though, but if you know something doesn't work, you soon realise you won't get away with it! We have to have signage and stickers , all in the right places (includes front door sticker which annoys Audi drivers) no smoking signs, reflective stickers in the inside of the doors. You name it, they check it - the small sticker in the window will have been a Tfl car. Was it a Pruis by any chance?
  9. I could bore you to death in real life, with what I consider has made public transport rubbish in Sheffield. But 2 things stand out. It's the cutting off of two sides of the city. The West St side, and the bottom end of town (Arundel Gate side). There is no connection now at all, bus gates or not). The only viable fixes are make the turn at the top of the Moor a bus gate*, (so they can cross the one-way system at this point) AND re configure a downwards path from West St to Castle Sq (old whole in road for people not knowing street names) I can't see the second one happening, it's too much work. *more info, for clarity. meaning open up the road for buses to be able to go from Charter Row (BT TOWER/new hsbc) over to Furnival Gate (redgates).
  10. As the closing date is today, have you filled it in yet? If not the link is in 1st post, make sure you do it Andy, otherwise this bold will happen (along with all the other issues!) I'm disappointed with the lack of entries from the industries.
  11. for easier quoting... 1234... 1 and 3. If it's SCC car, then it's tested by the council, not any old MoT place. (and twice per year after 4 years, and can't run longer than 9 years) 2. and what? If you are licensed in Sheffield they have strict rules. If they are OOT (out of town) then nothing they can do. The law changed 4. yes see above 5. or she - what do you want to know? see above, 6. Some firms do monitor hours and block you from working if too long... how do you fit tachographs to the range of vehicles there are? And what difference would it make in reality? (loads of drivers share cars too) 7. see above 8. What are these certificates you speak of? SCC have a d/d type thing that is constantly updating, so all the SCC drivers are checked every day, I would think. I'm not sure how that works. I don't have to keep getting DBS checks now, it does it automatically (I pay for it of course)
  12. I think there is a big difference between bus gates and car pool lanes. If you look at the gates now, they are where the public are diverted away from the city (towards the ring road in many cases), but where traffic is INTENDED to be in the city (e.g. buses) still has to get through. It would be impractical to send the bus out onto the ring road, only to bring it back in at the next junction. It'd never pick anyone up as people aren't on the ring road --- also, do you have any info on the new closure at the LMS? It was chaos today even when quiet. @Planner1
  13. It's good for keeping general traffic out, but means taxis and buses have to take longer routes through town, meaning more pollution. There are several places where a bus gate would make journeys much simpler for public transport, encouraging people to use it, and if a camera is placed on it, then the public won't use it (or get fined). Either way, it won't make a difference after CAZ as ring road charged regardless of going into the centre.
  14. There are clearly fewer cars about though, I notice traffic in my job. Many people are currently in Spain, complaining how expensive holidays are in school holidays
  15. It almost always isn't... now. (without using bus gates, that most abuse anyway knowing no cameras - Bessimer on Leopold being a key one). I often take the ring road when in the past through town would be quicker. This isn't now the case with closures (the most obvious one being not being able to cross the top of the Moor from Charter Sq (or whatever it's called now)
  16. Well, one can't comment on this of course, geared However, in stats wise, all available and linked in my earlier posts, I've written nothing that I haven't shown with links - Earlier I posted all the key sites for pollution in the data, and provided my answer to why I thought the levels were higher in these areas, and I don't think anyone argued this post. Not even planner1 They were all major junctions, or the station (or near the incinerator which is absolved of all pollution figures in the CAZ consultation questions) ... that the government, not SCC have proposed.
  17. Top - thanks for the support and keeping interested in it dave. It's a huge change for the city, but not really discussed. Planner1's comments about taxis in general are of course correct. Hence, I've tried to drum this in from the start that people SHOULD care, because they'll be next. Middle - I suppose lucky then that they're aren't allowed! The ULEZ on the taxi licensing form says vehicles with UNDER 75mg , and the Pruis is 75 bang on! I thought that was a coincidence. Bottom - Nottingham argued it. Personally, I think these sound like they're doing a better job, I'd vote for changes to benefit all, but don't just pick up a few groups (SME with vans, taxis and buses) They worked on a plan, which SCC could have done, and 'ditched it' too couldn't they, even though ordered by the government. I'm not sure if Nottingham has an incinerator in the city though. was from last year link to full article
  18. bold - or more likely, they'll start adding vehicles to it, as Q19 'suggests' in the consultation. underlined - Interesting first I'd heard about decommissioning underlined bold - 1. Do you consider a Pruis to be a 'dirty' vehicle btw? 2. We contribute 2% of the total NOx, even if every single driver gives up work and taxis and PHV were extinct here, it won't reduce the pollution levels to safe levels.
  19. ah bless em. Not arguing it much though are they? Very convenient, because when every one else gets charged it, then they can keep the Tories out of Sheffield by saying 'THEY did it, not us' - Also, are the government stating which categories or do SCC have a call on this matter?
  20. With the gates in town now, it would be virtually impossible to work without them. They are considering it though.
  21. Some do. Euros/Vitos/LVECs all have 6.
  22. If a firm - and you ring for one - and don't state that there are more than 4 people it will be standard rate. If the vehicle arrives and is a 4 seater, and more than 4 of you, they will say ring for another one. If the vehicle arrives and is say a 12 seater minibus, and there are 6 of you, they will call through to office, and update job to a 6 seater, which will be more. (possibly fare and a half, if you say it went up a lot) yes, see above, and they may confirm this if my explanation is correct.
  23. make sure you're up to date on this Blue day We're [taxis] being punished for AND incorrectly blamed for pollution. No one can see it, no one cares really if we're honest. However, people will care when it comes to them, which it will. Once those cameras are in, car owners are next. Fill it in, have a look. It's all loaded questions, to get people to seal their own fate.
  24. When the old 'British Tissues' factory area is redeveloped (looks in full swing) the whole area will be bad. The site looks absolutely huge. No transport facilities, and even if good transport, every one will have 2 cars. - At planner, What do the traffic computers say will happen to this already busy road with a massive bottleneck (being Catch Bar triangle)? Of course as you know, I know nothing about traffic as you pointed out here, but you ignored my 7 point response to other old posts that I was correct about AND the council made changes in the past... I notice how you ignore a lot. - This is my prediction: 2019 In this case, I predict this. 400 or so hundred houses (it looks like) which are valued at a point which means the pruchasers will be most likely young professionals or families, who work and use cars. My internal brain / traffic computer*** says that the already intolerable morning queues that generally start around Stockarth Lane, will be longer. @Planner1
  25. I suggest a 2 tier queueing system as a NHS money saver: 2 waiting rooms (no difference in queue order) 1. You either go in the shouting and moaning section, 2. Or into a quiet room, and suffer in silence, which is far superior to suffering in a an incredibly loud room, with all kinds of people. I bet that although this doesn't help time spans, it would get the NHS far more @ # likes# @ and much happier 'unfazed' people.
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