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  1. I agree @makapaka, this is just side news, because there is nothing to report. This is just taking things away from what we people should be talking about. Luckily I don't read news, but I see enough to know what's going on. The guy has obviously done something wrong and we all know it, but my point is they must want him because he makes good points and contributions to advice. The advice he wrote which he broke, has saved thousands of lives for example. We all know he's a **** but he must have something in his locker, that is popular. I think possibly the fact that everyone thinks the government is just a group of friends, could be altered if he just admitted though although not technically breaking the rules (because the advice always says 'if at all possible'..) he broke them. then we can move on.
  2. How many of Cummings decisions have been good for the country? If say he has 99 suggestions, and 1 huge wrong thing... then should he go? If Prof Witty or Vallance made a mistake I wouldn't want them fired. This could have been easily dealt with if he apologised, said he is a prick, and we can move on to more important things... like what's happening next
  3. I've just been looking again at the map (google maps) Did they move the lines to build this then? If you look at the next 2 bridges towards town, you can see the empty space at the side of the current lines, but then at the next bridge towards Dore, the space is on the other side. (either way - how was this allowed?!)
  4. I often see people compare places. My knowledge on NZ through a NZ friend of mine, is that generally the level of intellect is higher in some places (and smaller population densities) so easier to manage things. Sweden always comes up with these types of comparisons. Has anyone ever met a thick Swedish person? Britain is rife with thickos, like America. Nice non prejudiced post here from me!
  5. I think could be solved with buses cycles and taxis being allowed to go down Church St. The make an opening to access Arundel gate or Park Square. If a tram is there and waiting. Tough, bus will have to wait. It will still be quicker than the long way around.
  6. I think it may well have been silently spreading around the world during December. As most people don't need hospital treatment, it seems possible. It was announced at the end of December, and they went straight into lockdown, so how else it spread around the world? I'm also eagerly awaiting the new anti-body test. I wrote in here on 25th about a mysterious illness I had, and eventually blamed the car. My chest has been terrible since this illness, which got worse after I posted in here. I was toying with ringing 999 at one stage when I collapsed in town unable to breathe, but decided to ring my Mum instead, and tell her if I'm dead tonight, get the police to check my car out! just read the first part of it, and tell me what google would say now if I typed out the symptoms! Lots of other drivers I know all ill at same time as me aswell (though most in January). Doctors told them, just virus and stay in bed usual advice. It's possible many of us had it. And sadly many drivers have died as well. I want to know because if I haven't had it, then I need to stay in isolation as my chest couldn't cope with a bad case of it. And if I have had it, I can/will go back to work straight away.
  7. Mine came through today, after a phone call to confirm I was real. Very nice member of staff called me, very helpful (sounded local) I think it looks good to me (the delay for payment in the past could have been better - but I don't really expect anything to happen quickly these days as so many people all in same boat) - as listed as a key-worker, I could go back to work, and even though earn very little, I just key in the amount I earned and they adjust payment accordingly. Looks quick easy to me.
  8. 8 weeks ago, 16 confirmed cases in UK. Yet now everyone is an expert.
  9. Yeah you got it (I think) I'm not actually sure of my own question!! but glad someone sensible answered I think this would solve my issue if they just removed the slide about how many people in hospital. I think the one they show with the percentage of NHS capacity is a better one. - As it is, they said (not actual figures) but to make easier to understand point.... deaths today 1000 but number of people in hospital went down 10%. Which just on simple maths, looked like the same as the number of people who died. But the number of cases in hospital constantly is about 5x more than the death rate. I just can't work it out. I'm quite good with stats normally, so I'm only asking because all people are talking about is nonsense about whether govt made wrong decisions weeks ago - which I don't give a **** about. or about whether facemasks good or not etc. when I'm well ahead of that, but lagging behind with the stats. I find myself unusually confused with some stats. And since they repeat the same thing everyday (but with different numbers and %s), I don't find the answer to it!
  10. I'm not keeping up with this thread or news. I do watch the daily update. but I not chat about things at all, in here or anywhere, but something catches my eye everyday. Can someone answer me a simple question that I've noticed whilst watching the 'slides' The number of people in hospital goes down, by the same number (though it generally uses percentages), but about the same number of people who die in hospitals, for this they use numbers. e.g. they say the number of people in hospital has gone down 5%, but say 800 died. So how does this work? Does anyone know? Does this mean the number of people who are admitted every day matches the number of people who die each, and this is comparison? It's harder to follow now infection rate stats are using outside hospital data
  11. No problem for me either. I not had hair cut in 3 years.
  12. Please, tell me this isn't new word.
  13. I wouldn't have answered it either, but I was just pointing out a possible reason. Also, with today's tech, I wonder if it's possible to set your phone to ring an 'alarm bell sound', when any number rings and the phone doesn't recognise from friends list. Then before you even look at the phone, you've had a few seconds to plan, and wonder what it could be!
  14. how many people know the dialling code of China? Or most countries for that matter? Perhaps they have friends abroad, and answered it because it could be important.
  15. I think perhaps the gag on the NHS and what people see in the news, will come up for debate in the future. As of now, I agree with it, but I think how people are put on ventilators be considered, as being shown. News and media is trying to keep spirits up, and concentrate on figures and 24 hours nonsense,, but the real scenes aren't shown because the majority wouldn't be able to cope with it. It's not an easy decision. Certainly few in here, have no idea, and that's the same everywhere, it seems, other than perhaps USA - New York. It's shame you added this post tbf.
  16. mouth watering now reading this. I wish I still on Springvale Road. This would have been my tea every night. (and daily exercise as I lived at the bottom! ) I right walk up!
  17. Exactly. Slower, and requires far more people and interactions as well!
  18. Yes good for climate, and I agree to that. I was thinking more about the financial impact i.e. millions of jobs in the holiday and travel world. Long before this, I've written that domestic holidays would be great for our own country, and we (country) should be spending money doing up seaside places.
  19. Yes. I can't imagine many people after having limited or no income for months, will fancy hopping on a plane full of people, to go to Spain and Italy - for example. And major airlines, just like humble taxi drivers like me, ALL work on a very fine balance between profit and loss. The airline industry will take years to build back to normal, if ever again. Same as me. (until perhaps even vaccine, but can't see how this will work. Wrist straps like Contagion film? Tattoos?) We might end up with government owned airlines, like trains probably he same. It might be good for UK tourism though in later months. Britain has thousands/millions of beautiful places that will become popular / [or again], hopefully. And with the recession hitting, probably a good time for new socialist Labour to get in power (though that's just a prediction, and not a political dig) It's obviously a slowdown, I've never spoken to any intelligent person who thinks that 'right, boris said 3 months, so in 3 months things back to normal' This isn't going to just go away. The only reason politicians or news don't say this, is because this is a national crisis, and we can't have rioting. It needs calm messages.
  20. I like this optimism in the last paragraph, but I just can't see any kind of normality for many months. Things like pubs and restaurants, and night clubs, arenas, theatres, I think will be not the same for a long time, if ever, and this type of thing employs hundreds of thousands. These all affect me, because I drove these people to these places! I probably should be looking to change to a hackne carriage, as much safer environment, and social distancing isn't possible in my PHV. Social distancing will be around now until the testing/vaccine and that's also months away. - As for the point about beaches and parks, I'm not watching any news at all now, and in particular today and tomorrow, as if I see images of people ignoring advice, the TV might get a brick in it Joking of course, but I would stick them all on a bus, and drive them to a football stadium or something, and they can spend 2 weeks in there. We'll all end up in worse lockdown because of idiots. I can just about tolerate this current method. bold, yes despite my liking of andy's optimism, I'm far more leaning to this. I can't see how I can earn a living, as was struggling when it was normal life - and the balance always a fine one in many businesses. I'm trying not to think about it though. That's why no news, limited internet (just a few forum posts, and links to sites that have good info.
  21. I think that given that most are 6-20 hour courses, that at the end, you'll know a bit more about if you want to study further. Also I would copy them and put on CV, and say, I was keeping busy learning whilst out of work due to virus. Shows potential employer that not lazy. Probably if looking for more advanced courses, the OU option isn't best? I don't know, just guessing, and looking at what I looked through today. I've bookmarked about 10 that I want to do, all intro ones.
  22. me too, I've been looking through the OU, and picked one already - glad you started this thread
  23. Great link that thanks. I also looking for something like this. Let us know what you find for the links @tinfoilhat All the subjects are Education and development, but full list here https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue
  24. The worldomometer site is good (someone already posted it) And looks like they heading same way. But quoted for the hotspot thing. I heard there is an APP that is gathering info and people should fill it in. Can't remember where I saw that though or what the APP is called. Everyone fills in everyday some questions, and it's supposed to map where infections are. Might be worth looking into. (and if it's official - then it should be advertised, rather than now where people just arguing about testing kits)
  25. I messaged a few people the other day to buy face masks, as I had read that places coming out of lockdown are generally mask only - and if we follow suit, they'll be hard to get. Then yesterday I noticed it was a news story, so people will start raiding those stocks I think.
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