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  1. I think it's a better position for a small shop than PX Hotel. Lots of competition there with the Buchanan shops, Asda, Farmfoods and the petrol station.
  2. I asked someone today who lives near, and they said a shop.
  3. There was a programme on last week about motorways*, and it was pretty good. It showed the reason for this. An accident and when potential fatality/or actual fatality, then the road was closed until the camera people could find footage to see if potentially a crime scene. When they couldn't find anything on the cameras, the cops had to keep it closed for longer, in case someone involved died (as it was serious). That's what takes the time... trying to work out what happened. *I don't normally record these as generally daytime trash, with: earlier on... coming up later... we'll find out what happens later... next... what happened earlier on recap.. etc, this was on at night though so I recorded it. ah yes, reading on, this was the programme I watched.
  4. I doubt a pub again jon or emma! Since I don't know, I'll guess a playgroup/kids/nursery place. Pubs seem popular choices for those, perhaps because big enough, and car park is good for outdoor area.
  5. ... including the cost/value of building council housing stock* on now prime Sheffield land. (because his or her point mentioned council housing) *including extremely hilly, so difficult/costly to put thousands of council houses on
  6. I think they are predominantly lights that are 'artificial suns', and heat as well as side product of the lights, which is also what helps grass growth.
  7. I saw it too, very unusual. (though it was to the south of me from my perspective) I can't normally see the stadium sun lamps. Also this pretty much lit the whole sky up over that direction. However, it was a bit foggy, so perhaps that displaces the light? Someone with a bit more weather/science knowledge might know if it's possible. Lots of sports stadiums use them. United have them too, hence why at night the ground looks like someone left all the lights on. They use them to encourage grass growth in areas that don't get any sun at this time of year. You can see them in the daytime, they store them in the car park on Penistone rd, looks like scaffolding on wheels.
  8. 40th, they might have liked the 80s! Given the criteria, I'm amazed anyone even posted one option. I don't think the OP can be picky.
  9. It's a copy n paste almost word for word what Saddiq Khan said.
  10. I only had 1 of the 5 primary symptoms* according to wiki (respiratory problems) Which I'm pretty glad about now, as that sounds terrible! -- * (unless you include neurological problems that @tinfoilhat suggested - edit2 - actually you said psychological)
  11. Pre-season - if you offered me, (or probably most Blades - though I'm not speaking for anyone else) - I'd have taken 11 pts above relegation zone at NY. I'm very happy with the position at the moment, but I won't be saying we're safe until mathematically impossible. And this season, anyone is beating anyone (outside LFC). Anyone could slip into the drop zone. As long as we play well, I'm happy. If you play well and lose, then nothing can do about it.
  12. bold: Yes, noticing these things is my speciality, sad as it is However, I've only ever driven past this row of houses, and never noticed the pair of them until someone above posted a google link. I only mentioned it because the OP specifically said that their relation 'built this house for his retirement' - not - 'bought it for his retirement'. If the OP is looking for info into their past, it might be some more info for them. edit: I suppose since builders, he probably built both, but why 2? Did one fund the other?
  13. I saw this thread the other day and click on follow, as I wanted to see the response. Glad I did, as this is interesting. The first thing I notice as that this and neighbouring one (Myrtle) look similar builds, and the OP says her relative built one of them. Do you know which was built first? (i.e. did the relative buy the plans off the neighbour, or sell to plans to someone else).
  14. I said same, but probably a bit optimistic. As long as we give them both a good game, and keep as much as possible with the GD, I'll be happy. I'd take 1 out of 6pts now.
  15. Well changed the pollen filter (which didn't look bad), and driven 7 hours today no coughing. Goodness knows what in it, but that was most unpleasant cough I can ever recall.
  16. No, that was years ago. Temperature control during both hot and cold weather is always tricky, as I'm not alone. People get in, and out all day.
  17. need more than 1, but thanks for starting off. She seems alright to me. If she got Labour in, as Blairite nasty tory Labour, but brought Labour to government, what would you think of this @Anna B
  18. Great example! Must be sending messages through psychological coughs! I picked her up once at the Lyceum years ago. She broke her ankle on stage, and I took her to the hospital! She was a right laugh too, considering how much pain she was obviously in! - cat litter on the dash! I expect more from my modern British car (built in Rüsselsheim)
  19. can you post some names, and which category they fit in?
  20. Good stuff - bold: Well, don't beat around the bush tin! As it happens, I have already thought this and after last 2 days completely dismissed it. There's no way I could even fake the timings. I'd rule it out, because there is no way I could fake it to the timings. I can drive for at least an hour, and feel fine. (unless I've become allergic to work!) It's in the OP when I originally correlated being calm and not coughing. But I have no reason to feel anxious in the taxi. If I plotted a graph of the number of hours I've worked over the last couple of weeks, then it's basically a downward spiral (though a couple of nice days meant no use of the vent/heat system).
  21. bold: I think this last couple of weeks seems to have enough correlations to suspect this, and last couple of days has convinced me 99%, hence booked in for change of filters tomorrow. I've been taxi driving for nearly 20 years at approx 100 jobs per week, so I'm used to unpleasant perfumes/people/ etc. Eugh, some people get in, especially females, and they must have bathed in perfume! And they smell horrible (though probably hoping their choice was to make them smell nice!) I've ruled out dust. In fact I never considered it, as my taxi is always clean. You feeling better now by the way? Must have been a good night.
  22. I'll have to quote all individually. Thanks for post. - update This morning, I've cleaned all the windows. Cleaned all the dash area etc. as it's like dust in my throat, to make sure it's not dusty. (it wasn't, I clean the car twice a week minimum. I've felt fine all day, no coughing. Got in the car, at 2pm, drove about half an hour (NO heating / No A/c with windows slightly open. Picked up a group and had to heat the screen as car steamed up in seconds when they got in. Dropped them off, got another one, from Ecclesfield to town, and by Pitsmoor, I'm coughing unstoppable. 1 hours and 20 mins total in the car, and started again. Almost burning my throat today like inhaling pepper or dust. It's got to be this. I've rang up the guy who I rent the taxi off, and he said, ''if there's no smell. It's not the car. You'd smell it if fumes getting in'' This is no good, I can't survive working 1 hour a day! I've had this 2 years, and only last couple of weeks this happened to me. I need to be in this an hour or so before, I feel like inhaling pepper or dust. I only use the heater. As above, I've had this 2 years and no issues until recent weeks
  23. Yes they can. Hackneys and PHV https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/travel-transport/bus-lanes-gates
  24. Hi Dardan. I knew only an old timer would respond! Thanks 1. Yes, I've tried trying to sneak the window open a bit when driving as I prefer outside air, but I've tried both outside and recirculating today, and didn't notice any difference I'm not using the actual a/c though, I'm using the heaters - I get tickly cough well in full health with A/C on in summer - it's a similar feeling though, but amplified 100x 2. The pollen filter was done about 6 months ago, so should be ok 3. No, I'd smell it. Can runs fine too.
  25. I couldn't find anything on google - which isn't surprising - as this is so unusual. (edit - and this thread is also much longer than I originally intended to write - so I've bolded some keys things so you can choose whether worth reading) In short - the thread is this question: Is it possible that I'm coughing due to the car heaters. (this thread only may interest people interested or experienced in Medical/Mechanic/Car experts/Scientists) I'm hoping some of the forum brains might help. - Back story Weeks ago, I had a bit of a cold/flu type symptoms (nothing bad though) just what every seems to have, but pretty mild. But ended up a week or so ago, as the driest tickliest cough in the world. (no other illness though, other headaches from coughing!) - so I originally linked this cough with the slight illness. It's so bad that when I start coughing, I just cannot stop. It feels like I've inhaled a duster I can sit for hours in the house and not cough though. My first hypothesis was on Saturday, was I noticed I only started coughing when I got up after sitting watching tv for 2 hours cough free. I thought perhaps, I don't cough when relaxed. This fitted in with sleep, as I'm sleeping ok. This does still seem to match, now, but probably coincidence, or just simply heart rate increase from getting up after a while, triggers the cough. I've now moved on, with 5 days worth of new thoughts, as this has meant I'm unable to work in my taxi, as customers don't want a driver coughing, no more than I want to cough in it - New hypothesis and info for discussion here: On Sat: No coughing at home then after 2 hours in taxi (using screen heater with customers in to demist) - coughing like anything - went home On Sun: Managed 2 hours without coughing, then the last job which was 20 minutes long, I had to put the heaters on, as the car was cold and was started raining, I started again and I couldn't stop, and customers were even concerned! (in mandarin) Monday: Fine at home, then drove for an hour until got a job, no coughing, but into the journey I had to put the heaters on, as the car was steaming up. Started again. The customer was saying, oh bless you. (I'm using excuse sweet went down the wrong way!) Tues - off work - to see if I can recover. Fine all day. (few coughs but stop easily enough) Today (Christmas day) and when this new hypothesis occurred to me: - No coughing, feel fine, had Christmas dinner, drove home with a view to relax at home, but since no traffic and felt fine, I decided to work for a bit. So at 5pm I started work. First 3 jobs, fine, then picked a group up and had to demist the windscreen. Started coughing again. to the point I had to stop the car (after dropping off customers, but same again, said sorry, chocking on a sweet and made joke of me being greedy at xmas). Had a 10 min break, (had a cig which actually stops it, ironically) - then next job was 4 people, and this time I turned if off the windscreen heater and moved it to the footwell heater, to see if there perhaps is a problem with the screen one. But was so hard to drive as screen instantly steamed up, so moved it to the windscreen. Started again. Had to come home again. - There seems to me to be enough here in correlations to mean I would type this all out. Anyone any ideas what this could be? I've never heard of car heaters causing coughs and can't find anything on google. Sorry a bit longer than meant, but it's also for recording purposes. Not coughed much at all since home. It's also important, because I pay £110 for it, so if it's stopping me working, then I need to work on this correlation!! Hope all nice Christmas - Things I've already eliminated by other suggestions or my thoughts: Have I changed the cleaning materials used in taxi, as I always keep it clean? No. Is the car dusty? No, never.
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