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  1. Still banging that media bias drum I see. He was a failure and the media reflected that. You are probably right the election was decided years ago. It was decided the moment the momentum morons put up a completely unelectable, toxic, weak and incompetent leader into intense world of the the top job with the inevitable heavy-handed public scrutiny. I would like to say that they will learn from their mistakes but I am not so sure.
  2. Can you please set out your maths on that one. The combined vote share of all the other 'remain' leaning parties (which obviously doesn't include the Brexit party or UKIP) parties amounted to 32.1% which is less than what labour got. And 11% less than the entire conservative party share. You are certainly not going to try and mangle labour figures as being deemed 'remain' as nobody knew what the hell they stood for. Their promise of a second referendum was a meaningless last minute desperate attempt to sway voters - as was most of their policies. In any event, vote share is not how are elections work as you well know. The system which applies (and was happily upheld by Labour without complaint when they won) is number of seats. Conservatives won the most seats by a clear majority well over the threshold set. The message is clear.
  3. You haven't given any details of specifically what the issue is but you could try some local solicitors to see if they will offer an initial appointment or some preliminary telephone advice. At the very least they might be able to tell you straight whether or not you have any grounds for a case in the first place. The days of an initial free half hour don't seem to be prominent these days but some of the the larger firms do have enquiry lines which you might be able to get some initial guidance from. I don't want to go into default lawyer mode but I'm very sceptical of any of these free online services and even more wary of obtaining generic advice from anonymous people over internet forums. It's an unfortunate fact but proper legal advice does cost money. It is a skill and you need a suitable professional with training and qualifications to give it to you. In terms of help lines Irwin Mitchell, Thompsons Solicitors and maybe Unionline are ones that spring to mind. As I say, they can at least give you some guidance on whether you have any sufficient case before you start spending money.
  4. What on earth are you talking about. We the public won't vote on the deal - that is for our elected representatives to decide. We the public have voted on the elected representatives we choose to represent us as best we see fit. We the public voted on whether or not we wished to leave the EU. We the public have now verified that decision further with a clear rejection of any party who sought to overturn the referendum result. The technical specifications and exact narrative of the terms on exactly how we leave the EU was never going to be up for public consultation. It is down to our elected representatives to decide. Good god to have a system involving the former - things would never ever get done You really do need to wise up about the basics of how parliament works you make yourself look so silly. As for your other point, if anyone wants to read the exact wording of any of the agreed bills going through the house all they have to do is get off their backsides and do so. It's all available online on the parliamentary website as are all the recordings and transcripts of every single committee and debate. People can go knock themselves out but I bet they won't because it's boring and dull. That comes back to the problem we always have in this sort of debate. Nobody cares enough. Nobody actually wants to put the effort in and become informed.
  5. To me the answer is stop. The road markings are there before the lights so I can't think of any reason why you would continue around. Surprised is not been an accident if people have been ploughing through.
  6. Can someone point me to why cash free in London is illegal?
  7. This election was only ever going to be about one thing. Everyone could see it. You could see it from space. The only person who didn't seem to see it was a dithery weak old man leading the opposition party and his deluded obsessive disciples. Face facts. He failed in his campaigning. He failed to set out what he actually stood for. He failed to reach out and engage with the actual people in their parties heartlands. Chucking out endless sweeties and wedging yourself firmly on the fence to try and please everybody doesn't work. It makes you look desperate to the electorate and that's exactly how he came across. Now rather than accepting their defeat and facing the consequences they are throwing out the excuses and banging on about media bias, an ill-informed electorate - blaming everyone and their mother for voting the "wrong" way. Even the old man himself has not done the decent thing and stood down. He is still there desperately clinging on until such time as the momentum morons find another useless leader who suits their agenda - rather than one that the electorate actually want to vote for. Within this thread you have had plenty of judgmental little barbs about the Tory voters and them seemingly being totally oblivious to what they were voting for. Well about time you deal with the fact they knew exactly what they were voting for. YOU just don't like it.
  8. Who said anything about part-time jobs? The article just uses the word earnings which could mean anything. It could be in the form of property or investments or other sources of income. The article doesn't specify any of that. In fact it has very little substance at all. There is barely a mention of boris beyond the initial line with the rest just talking about the cumulative totals for the entire party. As per usual you have jumped all over the headline without actually reading into the detail (or lack of it in this case).
  9. Labour for a start. They jumped all over it no sooner had happened and started the finger pointing at the Tories for their cuts to services.
  10. The Joseph Rountree Foundation did this in 2002. Its not hard to find if you were that interested. https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/calculating-operating-costs-care-homes They concluded back then that:- On the basis of UK average wages and land prices in 2001, and a 16% return on capital, the study estimates the full cost of operating an efficient, good quality care home meeting all national minimum standards at £459 per week for nursing care of older people and £353 per week for residential care. So, 17 years later what do you think it should be. The National Minimum Wage alone has increased by nearly 95% since back then. How much do you think supplies, equipment, premises, utilities etc have gone up by since that date. Average life expectancy has also gone up by another 2 years since that date too.
  11. So you think our tax monies should be spent sending nurses and carers all over the country and world to visit patients living in exotic hotels or on board cruise ships rather than dealing with several patients in a single, purpose built, sufficiently equiped facility.
  12. Of course it costs less. Care Homes have to provide so much more. Anna lets just stop and think for a moment shall we. Firstly you are completely ignoring my first and most important point. Cruise Passengers have to have a certain level of mobility and cognative function to get on board. They have to be insured through travel insurance and if they dont get it, they would be suicidal to go without. You talk about 'passenger assistance' as if its some perfectly equiped mobile retirement home. It isnt. Cruise Ships dont have facilities for poor dementure patients who could just wander off out of their rooms and go overboard. They dont have teams of medically trained staff on hand to look after one passenger who needs daily medication dispensing or minor treatments. The infirmary on board ships and the staff within them are for the entire passengers and crew. They are not designed nor stocked for continual use by special needs patients. Ships dont have employ 24/7 carers on board to cater for passengers who need to be constantly supported to go to the toilet or be fed or put in and out of bed. Their staff arn't paid - let alone trained to spend their days escorting passengers around the entire ship all day in case they fall over. Those excursions you talk about with its special facilities and escorts cost money. Quite a lot dependant on the location and type. Add that onto the bill shall we. Yes I have seen the inside of a care home thank you. My brother is in one. It is a sad sight to see people sat around not talking. Its the same with mental health homes not just elderly care homes FYI. However, that can be part of the condition they are suffering and not anything to do with "not being encouraged" I think that is complete nonsense. Its not perfect. Not at all. But to try and compare a cruise ship with the sorts of responsibilities, costs, regulation and facilities that a care home is required to provide is ludicrous. Look beyond the numbers.
  13. Very nice I'm sure but bear in mind that is probably over a quarter of someone's weekly shopping bill. I don't see it being very feasible. I've seen people in my local supermarket buying food for a family of at least three or four for less than £30. This is always the problem with ethical organic, free-range and/or hipster style food. It always comes with a ridiculous and out of reach price tag. If these trendy startups want to really break the mould they need to stop going after the niche and high-end markets and put their efforts into finding and developing an ethical and well sourced product which can have an accessible price tag. I suspect if you actually went and asked people they are not eating battery hens because they hate wildlife they are simply doing it because it's all they can afford. To be fair if you worked in any kind of professional food preparation environment (even high-end ones) most people will be appalled and disgusted by the processes. You cannot make 50-100 thousand batches of a product without the process being artificial, pre-made and sometimes even pre-cooked. Even posh hotel kitchens where there are catering for 200 to 300 people paying £70-100 a head still get mass-produced, machine processed, pre-prepared and often microwave food during service.
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