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  1. Called it. Said that this would happen. These morons have gone too far. Its no longer a legitimate protest to raise awareness. Its now turned into deliberate public disruption and the public are fighting back. You can only push people too far before they snap. XR credibility is shot. Even their publicity whore celebrity followers have been forced to eat humble pie.
  2. What trauma?? Anyone with a brain will have the common sense to know the likely locations of public toilets in the middle of a city. Round and round this thread goes with people desperately trying to demonstrate a problem that simply doesn't exist.
  3. What a load of rubbish. Don't old people visit shops or pubs or cafes or libraries or the town hall or the galleries or the market hall or the theatres or the cinemas or the bus stations or the train station. They must obviously walk by all those ample toilets available to them and just aimlessly wander around the streets all day.
  4. Lots of people have IBS, bladder and bowel functions and cope. It just takes a little planning, a little common sense, a little observation. If you're in town for for work, shopping, dining, drinking, travelling, studying or leisure activities one will pass through multiple facilities available to them. You're not going to tell me that all these unfortunate sufferers of these medical conditions are aimlessly wandering around the streets all day. Yes the council could do it but they should not have to. It is not a necessary thing in 2019 as there is multiple other provision available. Our public finances are far better spent on other things rather than finding a solution to a problem that does not exist.
  5. I would agree that maybe there should be an increase in signage to the nearest L.A.V.S .facility but the primary point is about provision which is amply met. People keep bringing up visitors to the city but I dont understand why there is such concern. A visitor has ample opportunities available. Why the constant focus and seeming demand on council provision? Its not necessary. Through my work, for example, I visit lots of different cities each month. I often have never been there before and dont know my way around. However, during the course of my visit, I go thorugh a train station which has toilets, visit a business office which has toilets, visit a courthouse which has toilets, stop for lunch at a cafe or restaurant which has toilets, get on the train home which nearly always has a toilet. Most people's own common sense will make them aware that any major department store or shopping mall will have public toilets inside. If people are visiting an art gallery, cinema, theatre or other leisure attraction they will have toilets. All hotels and bars have toilets. All sports centres, arenas and stadia has toilets. I am not seeing the problem here. If, as I have said before, you are in the very unfortunate position of having some medical condition that leaves you caught short then they should have no reason for feel uncomfortable about using a pub or bar facility. I doubt they would be many staff who would take issue over a genuine medical need. Nobody is going to tell me that an average visitor will not have amble opportunities to go to a toliet during their visit. Why should the council use their resources for building, cleaning and maintaining large numbers of on street facilities. The need is not there any more. They are already spending monies on ensuring that a number of private facilities are freely open and accessible to all public without any reason to feel uncomfortable about not purchasing anything.
  6. I never said it had the same number of toliets. I was responding to the specific examples provided in some pathetic attempt of one upmanship. Read the key point in my post again. Legitimate visitors to the city have ample opportunity to go to the toilet multiple times whether they are working here, studying here, staying here, travelling through here, visting a leisure facility here, dining out here or shopping here. If none of that applies, what the hell are they doing?? . This hysterical nonsense about the lack of public funded public maintained provision needs to stop. Dwindling public resources can be spent on much better and more necessary things.
  7. Jesus Christ that sentence explains so much. Get thee back to 1950. Those delicate pretty little women things must be protected at all times dare they see the flash of a man's belly or hairy legs. Men should be allowed to be men in a man's only environment free to have with their tackle hanging out whenever they feel like it. God forbid they have to share a space together - what has the world come to. Just out of curiosity oh prudish one, explain what on earth would you do with a transgender or non-binary person in your world. Where exactly are they supposed to go to get changed or use the toilet.
  8. It's not. It's a bog in a room. You know just like you have in a house. Just like you have in smaller cafes or libraries or trains or airplanes or small offices or any disabled toilet up and down this land. The same applies for changing rooms. Lots of small fashion shops have changing cubicles for universal use. Lots of sports centres have universal changing areas with private cubicles. There isn't a problem to understand.
  9. So you can't justify it then. Clearly, as you have resorted to childish comments. I think my point has been made. Since you no longer have any substantive response I won't waste any more time with you.
  10. We have the European environmental groups figures haven't we. I thought climate change protesters liked evidence. Protests are supposed to have a point and are supposed to be targeted - not just scatterguned in a desperate hope of hitting the target. Is that sort of lazy behaviour that makes the public feel as if it's all a load of hot air and not credible. Even more so when the actual message is being drowned out silly stunts and irresponsible behaviour.
  11. I'm more trying to make the point why there is so much public disorder being acted out by ER in our capital and other major UK cities when most of the biggest problems don't appear to be connected with this country. In this entire thread I have not seen one justified reason why members of the British public should be disrupted in this way. Their disgusting behaviour has gone well beyond getting the message out and certainly will beyond legitimate and targeted protest
  12. Why do you object? I don't understand what the problem is? There are universal changing cubicles for all. Nobody is seeing anything. You do it behind a closed door and come back out into the main communal area. It's exactly the same with gender neutral toilets. I have been in a few of them as they are starting to be installed in several office buildings particularly in London. Generally they are a room filled with lots of individual cubicles (often now floor to ceiling height with a sealed door) and then have a communal area for handwashing or sometimes even individual hand washing stations in the cubicles. You go in, you do your thing and you leave. Nobody any the wiser whether your next door neighbour is a man woman or beast. We are all human beings sharing a space. Why do people find it so difficult to adjust. I thought really we've moved on and evolved from all this. Is fascinating how people heavily criticise the middle East countries for their ruthless segregation and degrading treatment particularly of women and homosexuals. The terrible segregation cafes and restaurants. The segregation and a off in public baths. Their Draconian dress codes when out in public and then you end up reading a thread like this!!
  13. It's a bed in a room while someone receives medical care. One may argue very little dignity nor comfort for anyone in the middle of a hospital but unfortunately that's the nature of having treatment in a public place at public expense. This is supposed to be a universal free at source healthcare system for everyone. Yes there are certain areas where privacy should be maintained but we are talking about hospital wards here. It is not expected that people are generally walking around nude or doing intimate things in the middle of hospital ward for all to see. With the exception of those privileged people who have private health care and private rooms there is unfortunately very little that can be done. It's more than obvious that the NHS has a funding crisis and has extremely limited resources. To start incurring the the time and expense of segregating out groups of patients just because some people feel a little bit it degraded will cripple the system even more.
  14. Go protest there then what you bothering us for. I never said it did excuse us. We are still working to reduce them. It's an ongoing process that takes some time. I have said before that there is no magic wand to be waved here. However I was certainly not going to skip responding to the statement like you said before which is completely incorrect. I take it you concede now that there are plenty of developing nations which emit much more CO2 than the UK does?
  15. What are you talking about dawdle and drag. You have absolutely no idea of the preparation and the work that is required to implement these things. There are companies ( including mine) which have been making environmental adaptations for years. We already have significant laws in place regarding environmental waste and emission levels. We already have direct action and fines brought against companies which failed to comply with a law. For citizens we already have incentives for recycling including changes being made to the way we package, distribute and dispose of goods. We've been discouraging car use for years and changing road layouts to make improvements for public transport services. We have been trying for a decade now to build high speed train lines in line with those in Europe but the NIMBYs won't have that in case a bush has to be chopped down somewhere are in Lincolnshire. We have taken major steps to change our own habits in terms of recycling, reducing disposable waste and brought massive increases in the numbers of vegetarian and vegan diets. Public attitude is already adapting. The message has been received. That will explain why we are so far down the rankings of CO2. The top 15 worst contributors according to the global carbon statistics make up 72% of the entire global emissions. The UK is not part of that. Do you know who is.... countries like the US, Russia, Japan Germany, Canada, South Africa and of course China who alone produces the same percentage of the all global emissions than the non top 15 countries all put together. Don't preach to me that our politicians inactivity. How about you protesters wasting your time causing disruption over here when you should be getting off your backsides and go and protest where the real problems are. We're doing our share already.
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