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  1. MBB is broadcasting once a week and its a new series never before shown. Miranda, whilst it is a repeat, is broadcast once a week on a Friday evening. Hardly "endless" is it. If you dont like it, change the channel.
  2. If you have no noticeable fever or no dry non producing continuous cough then none of your symptoms appear to be anything related to the outbreak. Just take the usual precautions you would do if you had any other type of cold or flu symptom. I see no need for additional worries.
  3. I thought they "did it" as part of their job and salary they received. I'm sorry Anna but whilst I fully respect the hardship and limited resources the NHS staff are suffering at the moment can we please stop with a dramatic emotive language. Just look back at any newspaper headline for the past 40-50 years. It's the same trot every single time there is some major incident. The NHS has always seemingly been in crisis.... it's always seemingly been overburdened.... it's always seemingly been under resourced....it's always seemingly been underfunded.... We hear it all the time. Yes they are brave, yes they are very dedicated, yes they are very skilled and necessary parts of the workforce.... But they are also doing a bloody job like everybody else. There are lots of other essential services that don't get the bright lights and headlines of the NHS. people are just quietly getting on with their mundane jobs to keep the world moving. The NHS is important but so is retailing and transportation and distribution and finance and communications and broadcast and law enforcement and judiciary and administration. Let's keep some perspective here.
  4. The news?? I don't understand what you getting at. If people want official information than there is an official government website which has it. If people without the internet want controlled and direct news sources then the public service broadcasters have it every single hour on the radio and several times a day on national television. Of course internet by it's very nature will have 1001 alternative versions but that's people's free choice to read or dismiss. What more do you expect to happen.
  5. You could say the same about every single supermarket which are still open. They could have stormed in an immediately demanded every pub shut immediately and kicked out all the drinkers halfway through their pints. How do you think that would go down? Nobody has forced McD to shut down. They are choosing to do VOLUNTARILLY as a calculated risk assessment to protect their staff. They are therefore closing at what they deem to be the most feesable timeframe. Jeez, even the much heavier handed Spain and Italy gave a cut off period before the enforcement happened. Be realistic.
  6. Well given it has a newsfeed at the top of the page and a link for subscription to rolling email updates I don't really know how much more up to date you want and need. The advice is pretty consistant.
  7. Well given McDonald's have made an official announcement on their website and it is reaching the newspapers I would say it's pretty true.
  8. ^^^^^ what they said. Yes it is possible to do it yourself but only if you know exactly what you want and what it will be used for. Getting it wrong can be messy to deal with. If you really are not sure leaving it to a professional is money well spent.
  9. Well this seems like an obvious starting point: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus There is even a link to sign up to updates by email.
  10. That seems very strange considering nearly all hospital referrals, treatment updates and certainly discharge notices are corresponded through the GP surgery. That's normally how people get hospital referrals in the first place. Hospitals will then usually correspond with GPs to advise of the outcome and next steps after treatment with the GP. I find it hard to believe there is not something in your records. I would have a discussion with either the treating physicians office or the surgery if its something you need to request.
  11. That's absolutely disgusting. People are supposed to sneeze into a tissue or at worst into their elbow. Jesus no wonder this is speading so fast. I agree in other parts of the world trolleys are being cleaned before and after every use but I am also well aware from relatives out there of the huge queues of people waiting to get in and out of supermarkets. Given that our moronic heards can't even get the message not to panic buy or stop going out to pubs do you really think they will stand there in a civilised orderly queue for hours and waiting for trolleys and baskets to be disinfected every time they want to go and buy some bread. In any event, as I have said before on this forum, why is the such interest now? People have been going to supermarkets for decades and happily walk around with their filthy hands touching trolleys, baskets, shelving, products check outs and doors. They happily carry their newly purchased produce in filthy canvas bags and sacks which the rest of the time are thrown in boot of the car or the floor or on some back seat where someone's sweaty butt has been placed or chucked around the house in some cupboard near the front door. I never hear stories of people regularly wiping or washing these down before and after use. Is nobody actually washing their hands when they get home before they touch the actual food products and their kitchen?
  12. I am not winding anyone up. I'm just trying to get some perspective on the whole sorry madness. Some sort of food, some sort of drink, some sort of hygiene. That's it. That is all that we NEED to be buying. Yes it's a great inconvenience for shops to be rationing or running out in this way. Yes it's shocking for us modernised westerners used to having everything on tap available just as we like whenever we so choose. Now we are suddenly getting a reality check. I don't care if the shop your daughter went to only had soap powder left. Firstly that's down to the moronic panic buyers in the first place and secondly do what everyone else does - go find somewhere else, try the corner shops, try garages, try other supermarkets if you need that desperately. In the alternative one just has to wait and then try again the next time. There are generations before us who have survived through wars, rationing, mass strikes, power cuts and rocketing cost of living without creating the fuss and drama that we have - all just because our choice of supermarket and choice of products isnt instantly available on tap like we expect any more. Good god there are countries around the world who live like that everyday. I've said multiple times on this thread and will say again we need to get a grip.
  13. Well since you really want to know over the past two weeks I have done a combination of Morrisons, ASDA and the Co-op. One shop was done at the weekend and the other two midweek. Yes I wasn't able to get every single product and every one of my preferred brands but I still walked out with a basket full of things to eat, things to drink and basic hygiene supplies. In the wake of this obvious crisis and disruption the purpose of what I went for and got was exactly what I needed. Some food, some drink and some toiletries. When supplies start to run low next week I will do the same again and if unfortunately I cannot get the exact brand that I like I will find something else. Can we stop these stupid dramatics. We are not in Soviet Russia in the middle of the cold war. I really don't care whether you could get the beer that YOU wanted or that they had run out of powdered milk or sliced bread. Find something else. What's the problem?
  14. I'm sure you will be missed. The hole in the road was never an amazing centerpiece and was removed for the far better introduction of a brand new tram system. This very thread sums up the problem with lots of people in the city. The second any idea of major improvements to infrastructure like the Sheaf Square development is suggested everybody starts with their nostalgia nonsense, don't like change, all better back in the old days moronic mentality. Half the time they our morning about stuff that didn't even exist in the way their exaggerated and rose tinted vision describes. How on earth is a city ever supposed to evolve and develop to suit the needs and tastes of the new generation if it's constantly shouted down by dinosaurs of the past.
  15. No it wasn't. Bread yes. Toilet rolls most. Pasta yes. But.....I was still able to buy ready meals, I was still able to buy cereals, I was still able to buy bottled drinks, I was still able to buy biscuits, I was still able to buy bsome toiletries (albeit not quite the brand I would normally go for) and yes I did have to buy some frozen version of something I would normally buy canned. That's it. A little hardship a little inconvenience but I'm not going to starve and die. Calm down to a panic.
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