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  1. An interesting point is how are we measuring fame and notoriety. Simply comparing Sheffield with other large European cities is the completely wrong approach. Its obvious that we are not a capital city nor are we even the second city of the UK. Trying to compare with those is completly incorrect. Nor do I agree that fame is determined by simply what makes the newspapers and television. 99% of the time it will be bad news as that's what gets ratings and attracts a story. I am more interested in the fame and awareness of Sheffield through arts, trade organisations and comparison in the commercial world. Sheffield universities are certainly attractive and there must be some fame as they are widely populated by international students. Sheffield has had significant amounts of foreign investment linked to such students as can be seen in the new developments. The investment from McLaren and Boeing in the AMR parks has been widely publicised certainly in the trade press as has the recent redevelopment of kelham Island and the digital quarter. The Guardian has undertaken features on Sheffield and there is significant amounts of film and television production still done here with several filmmakers and producers based in the cultural industries area. The Arctic monkeys put Sheffield on the map recently and our legacy music scene is still brought up several times over in features and articles. Our theatre complex is still the largest outside London and makes many productions in house which is a rarity in the regions. We may not have the yuppie "prestige" of Leeds and Manchester but we are still matching them for investment from big companies and central government who have large offices based here. Going back to what I said earlier, whilst we may not hit the headlines as much as other cities that does not mean that we are not known. Certainly from my travelling around to other locations and even abroad people are aware of Sheffield and what it can offer. The recent flypast had not only gave national news coverage reporting and presenting from here but international too. It was quite strange seeing CNN and NBC live from a Sheffield park. Tramlines always attracts some good publicity as does the annual snooker which clearly dominates the BBC schedules each year. Let's be completely honest, with the exception of London, does any major city get a disproportionate amount of positive reporting on the news or is it always just when somebody is killed or there is a disaster?
  2. Good. Taking freebies (brought is as an voter bribe by a former government) away from people who clearly dont have any need for it is a perfectly sensible business decision. As for the rest of your waffle.... blah blah I hate the BBC blah blah. PS: Have you sorted out your TV licence enforcer harrassment case yet? Hows progress?
  3. Yes it is. But that is not the debate here. The debate is Choogling's ludicrous suggestion that the piddly bit of redevelopment in Barnsley centre somehow puts "Sheffield to shame" despite the fact that Sheffield has undergone massive redevelopments which are significantly larger and more superior to what Barnsley offers. A fact that Choogling seems to repeatedly ignore.
  4. Puts Sheffield to Shame? Seriously. You must be deluded. Have you failed to noice the multi-million pound leisure development which opened several years ahead of Barnsley's. Have you not seen the complete redevelopment of the Moor with new shops and further lesiure attactions opening in a couple of months time. Have you totally ignored the multi-million pound commercial buildings which are about to open. The refresh of Castle House and its new hipster central purpose. YES - Barnsley has a new market hall (....as did sheffield several years ago). Yes, Barnsley is getting a new shiny multiplex cinema (Sheffield already has 4 in the centre alone). Yes, Barnsley has a handful of new shop units but lets just wait and see what fills them before you get carried away. I'm not expecting John Lewis or Debenhams to be moving in soon. Face facts. For all you may prefer it, its still a smalll town with small town mentality. Pound shop central and seemingly proud of it.
  5. If they are so brassic that they can't afford a 50p concession bus fare I doubt they are "stimulating the economy" with their spending sprees very much. There are plenty of pensioners these days who are still driving and wouldn't be seen dead on a bus. There are even more pensioners who can easily afford bus fares. Taxpayers funding lifestyle choices again. I have very grave doubts about this article and the so-called independent study. Just like free TV licences, free bus travel for all over a certain age is a very recent development. It was something that these alleged brassic pensioners were quite happily able to pay before. What has changed so dramatically?
  6. I dont think anyone is denying that. I am sorry you are in such position at the moment. However, trying to play the victim and launch some rediculous social justice blabber over what are simple facts of life are not beyond critique either. People with money (or those who choose to pay for it) get better privileges than those who dont. A company offering incentives and benefits to frequent patrons over those occasional and ad hoc ones is simple good business practice. Why try and turn it into something it isnt.
  7. Companies that like to reward loyalty to frequent visitors presumably. As others have said you are completely overreacting. There are loads of organisations that have membership schemes and give priority to those members. you're desperately trying to make it sound like some form of social injustice against the world.
  8. It was made law that anyone receiving broadcast television from any source pays a licence to receive it. What the government chooses to do with the revenue is their decision. They choose to fund the BBC with it as they are a state broadcaster. I say again, if the BBC was closed down tomorrow do you think the government would suddenly scrap the licence fee or would they just divert the money somewhere else?
  9. That's the solicitor firm service you are paying for and that's why they charge. Lots of things may seem stright forward on the face of it - but its only when you look deeper you realise only a suitable professional can do it.
  10. If you look at most big national civil service organisations of a similar size I would suspect quite a lot quite frankly. How many layers and layers of NHS or local authority administration and management are on 30, 40, 50, 60k salaries a year. How many heads of departments, specialist quangos, chief executives are on 100k plus salaries a year. How many external consultants paid on a self-employed basis are earning £100s per day to provide their services. I don't know why you are trying to single out the BBC here. Let's also not forget there are hundreds and hundreds of lower-level employees earning nothing like that. Sounds just like any other big organisation doesn't it. Nice try.
  11. It doesn't work like that and you know it. The situation would be if the law stated that everyone must pay £150 before they are allowed to have a internet connection irrelevant of what supplier they choose. The law and the licence is for ANY broadcast television. What the government chooses to do with the money is their business. On this occasion it forms the state broadcaster i.e. the BBC and also pays few other parts of broadcasting including establishment of several local TV and radio services, disability Access services and went towards part of the UK broadband rollout. All this talk about putting the BBC commercial only and thus a licence disappears is nonsense. What makes people think that if the BBC disappeared the government will suddenly scrap the licence? What makes people think that if the BBC was funded by advertising only the licence will disappear? There are plenty of other countries out there whose state broadcaster is filled with adverts but they still pay a licence fee. there are plenty of other countries out there whose licence fee is a hell of a lot higher than what we pay each year. There are countries out there who have increased taxes to fund their broadcaster instead of a licence fee. Perhaps the critics might want some of those options instead. I certainly wouldn't.
  12. You are not answering WHY they should get this perk over millions of other people who are receiving just as little income and dont have the cop out excuse of "being old" A genuinely poor pensioner getting pension credit gets the free licence. However, the others could be earning a state pension of anywhere between £129 - £160 + a week even more income on top if they have a private pension too. That equates to between at least an annual income of £6700 - £8700 a year with the annual TV licence cost being merely 2-2.5% of that. Pensioners seem to afford it during the first 10-15 years of their retirement. What is so different at 75+
  13. Hows the harrassment case going? Spoken to the police yet?
  14. From what I have read it seems to be nothing more than a false fire alarm evacuation at the primark end of the building. I have not seen any real follow up of relevance from our esteemed local publications. It really does all appear a bit - nothing to see here move along.
  15. Challenge the government then. Its their law that mandates that everyone must have one if they choose receive any broadcast signal from any platform. Say the BBC was closed tomorrow. Do you think the government would cease tv licences or do you think they would just find an alternative receipient of the monies? I personally dont understand why its seemingly fair for the majoiry of pensioners (except deemed pension credit level) to be suddenly exempt from paying something they were happily paying at 74 years old. What is this dramatic change over 12 month which suddenly stops their ability to pay? Their money certainly doesn't go down. The cost of living doesn't suddenly shoot up over and over what anyone else has to deal with. Why are they so special?
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