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  1. Yeah . Funny how it isn't a "world problem" when people are looking for a bit of government bashing and start comparing statistics between countries and blaming Boris accusing him of performing the worst. Now the UK has something which they are performing well at and far better than many countries in the rest of Europe and they still get slagged off.....
  2. Horses have already been done several years back if I recall. There was some celebrity challenge show about dressage so you missed the boat with that one. Yeah I know what you mean about those warnings. This is commonplace now on all the television. They've done it with what I would deem, in my old man status, relatively recent sitcoms too. Comedies as recent as Father Ted, Benidorm, League of Gentleman, the royale family, The Inbetweeners and even teenage kids shows all have to now have what they call 'trigger warnings' of potential modern day offence, homophobic language, inappropriate behaviour, sexism or racial slurs. If you really want to get fascinated by the extent of it you should have a look up at some of the BBFC and and Ofcom reports that have to be applied to every show and film broadcast. You should see the amount of intimate detail they have to go into to as to the nature of various references, frequency and quotations of what is said and how it may be interpreted. To think it's some poor soul's job to sit there for hours on end and each day day watching these things and going into forensic detail as to what could be deemed a trigger What is it is tempting to go into the default position of ".....it's all such woke nonsense....", the fact is we are living in the litigious, polarised and volitile world and I'm well aware of the consequences of how things change, what is deemed acceptable and the repercussions at stake.
  3. The government has rejected the alleged claims. Nothing to see here. Just a load more stirring from the papers filled with "what if..." and "may be"and "possibly". It's all the same debate it was being bandied about back when brexit first got voted upon.
  4. When was that?? The obsession over the world of the rich and famous goes back decades. So does the gossip and scandal and paid interviews and staged promo photos and dirty tricks and paparazzi snaps. The internet may be to blame for escalating the process but don't think that newspapers of yesteryear were immune from filling their rags with slow news day 'lifestyle'waffle, celeb gossip and the odd dolly bird to look pretty. For example the first Page 3 models started to be published over fifty years ago. Earlier than that The Mirror was subject to a libel lawsuit way back in 1959 where one of their "journalists" was gossiping in their column about Liberace's alleged sexuality. This is not a new phenomenon. Ultimately if you want to sell papers you have to to publish what the public want to read.
  5. An alternative thought is that they are overburdened with the extra work and the time it's taking has increased. I can appreciate your frustration but i suspect GPs are working through a backlog right now
  6. "From" coronavirus is a strong choice of words by The Guardian there. I'd like to see their detailed figures on that statement and find out exactly how those deaths are recorded. Even the daily briefings and the most anti-government television news sources are very careful with their wording of exactly how deaths have arisen and the range of nuiances of what exactly gets recorded. There has already been plenty of criticism on the statistics bandied about and how easy it could be for someone to be knocked down by a bus who just coincidentally happens to have coronavirus to be included in the big scary death numbers. Of course irrelevant to all that - to some people nothing will get to over the fact that "...everything's is all Boris' fault..." right?
  7. I don't know. But whoever it was, they certainly know what they're doing as they've already managed to sell it to the BBC here and to the Disney owned ABC network in America and to Australia's channel 7 network all the space of a single year. Anyway, people have been yearning for original ideas and original content. You got it. ......nobody promised it would be good 😁
  8. Problem is, this goes well beyond just the tabloid newspapers. This is a culture thing. They are all at it. Even the so-called highbrow intelligent publications and even the business and trade press are not above a bit of celeb gawping and some of juicy tittle-tattle. The subject of such interest may well be a more high-profile person but the principle still remains. Take a Break magazine may publish pictures of some daft bimbo from a reality show stumbling out of a nightclub into a taxi. Horse and County may bring you delightful pictures from Lord Hetherington Smyths charity soiree..... when it comes down to it is there really any difference? It's become a deep rooted "Cult of Personality" which started decades ago. Anyone with fame no matter how insignificant or no matter through what subject, opens people up to public scrutiny, ownership, interest, criticism. For those who get financial reward for their "personality" it becomes even worse where public interest nee obsession just escalates. I think we are too far down the rabbit hole to make it stop now.
  9. Channel 5 are the worse for that. They will blatantly re-title and re-voice entire shows to try to fob them off as new content. I seen it a few times now where a programme shown a few years ago such as the Paul O'Grady Story is suddenly repurposed as "Comedy Legends: Paul O'Grady" with exactly the same Talking Heads, running order and clip contents but with a different voice over blatantly reading the identical script to the previous voice over. If they are going to run repeats they need to at least be honest about it. People should have the courtesy of knowing what they are getting. Its exactly the same scam that all of the streaming services pull when they are bragging about their "range of content" and the amount of "hours" worth of viewing they have at the click of a button, conveniently omitting to say that most of it is already been on TV for years.
  10. Netflix is filled with repeats too so you may be disappointed. It's one of the biggest scams about these glossy sold shiny streaming services. People forget that beneath the handful of big-budget original content used in their promotions, a big majority of their archive is rerun versions of programmes already shown on terrestrial television here and in the States.
  11. But the context in this case is that her fans and deluded followers will all be desperately panicking and wondering what has happened to her because of the simple fact that she won't have posted one of her regular videos. Never underestimate how obsessive people get particularly with vloggers and youtubers. They get into a routine and a schedule of watching and suddenly if they don't post at the specified time they instantly react expecting the worst to have happened to their favourite "personality". It's the Cult of celebrity that compels protagonists to do things like this. They feel it their moral duty to be continually justifying to their fan base where they are at all times. They must be seen and when they are not seen as expected by the fans they feel even more compelled to then start providing explanations afterwards - despite the fact that in reality its none of our business. It goes back to what I said earlier about this modern day disease that somehow we own our famous personalities and have absolute permission to unashamedly intrude into every single aspect of their personal lives. When we don't get that privilege and access we somehow then feel we have absolute right to complain about it. I appreciate that to many not in this sort of Culture it is almost impossible to explain. But that is how things are now. By example, I know of a small scale older YouTuber stopped his hobby of making videos on computer games when some obsessive follower felt it perfectly acceptable to turned up on their doorstep to get an autograph just because they managed to work out their address from the background in the videos. You find exactly the same when some face of a TV show doesn't present an episode one day...... within hours all the Press are gossiping and reporting and speculating about why they were not on there - even if it turns out to be something completely trivial like a scheduled day off or a childcare issue or a bit of sickness. I can't explain why this cult sells but if you are one of the ones caught up in it, I don't blame anyone for making the most out of it and taking the cheques.
  12. Them getting money through the door keeps you employed and puts money in your bank account. Just how exactly do you think it works. Have you not seen what's happening to the wider retail industry? I'm sure they are doing all they can to try and make the workplace safe including investing lots of time and money adapting new procedures. They are also facing a difficult balance between safety and the practicalities of keeping the business open and running. If you don't like it - leave and be unemployed instead.
  13. It won't be. To do so defeats the entire purpose of the levy. Ultimately manufacturers and retailers have a choice, they either leave the size of the product alone and increase the prices or, as some have chosen to do, they leave the price alone and reduce the size of their product. Whilst i'm sure there are a handful out there who will be greedy and try and get away with both - that is a choice for us consumers to decide whether to buy it or not.
  14. Yes they should but that won't generate sales. The whole point of such offers is to entice people who would normally buy one item at £5 into spending that extra £3. Chances are, particularly if it's something like confectionery or snack food- the fact they have it in their cupboard so readily in bulk will mean they will consume it more quickly than usual and then the customer builds up a habit of buying 4 each time they shop going forward. It's just one of the many simple tricks that shops have been doing for years. There's an old phrase that one of the best marketing ploys ever invented was "99p". To the eyes of a casual consumer glancing at the shelves X.00 is expensive X.99 is a bargain. Back on topic, Healthy initiatives like this to reduce consumption of "bad" foods is not a bad thing on paper but believe me if retailers feel there's dropping sales they will find any way they can the skirt around it. They've already been doing it with with Coca-Cola and other such beverages where the bog standard price of a pack of cans is ludicrously expensive but buying so called "share size" bottles are on offer. It doesn't take much maths to work out how many bottles you need to make up the same amount you will get in the cans and what sort of discount you get comparing one to another.
  15. It allegedly came from Macron himself. Its a quotation of him raising concerns regarding the amount that France would have to contribute to the EU, risk of it dramatically increasing by several billions and comparisons with France taking control of their own position if they leave. He was reported to be responding to a campaign group's polling results which showed an alleged shift in public opinion as to retaining membership. I concede that the article was a random post on my Google news feed so may not be the most reliable. However my principal point remains. There will be lots of member countries watching the UK very carefully to see how things develop and will no doubt be considering their own position on whether long-term membership continues to be of benefit to them . The EU may be a very different beast in a few years time if others follow what we have started and attraction of jumping in to rejoin it may not be as prevalent.
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