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  1. The Sheffield to Rotherham via Attercliffe route has already secured funding. It's tied in with the 2 new tram stops at Parkgate Park & Ride (not the shopping centre) and Magna/Templeborough which will also have a Park & Ride. Info: http://www.rothbiz.co.uk/2020/06/news-7385-millions-for-rotherham.html
  2. Another Costa Coffee drive-thru will be built beside Catcliffe Shopping Centre (Morrison's/Boundary Mill). Reported on RothBiz - http://www.rothbiz.co.uk/2020/07/news-7405-costa-confirmed-for-new.html
  3. Cars will be flowing freely now through Shalesmoor, as most will have made new rat-runs elsewhere, namely Netherthorpe and Neepsend. Just moved the traffic problem from the main inner ring road, to side roads...
  4. Surprised the local businesses and residents opposed to this just haven’t simply moved the cones out the way. This recently happened on Broad Street/Rawmarsh Hill in Rotherham when RMBC blocked off parking bays outside the local shops in Parkgate. Within less than 3hrs local people (business owners/customers and residents) had moved all the temporary cones/barriers out the way onto the pavement, less than a week later RMBC turned up and took all the barriers away, due to the backlash. The only remaining thing is a red sign attached to the lamppost warning of a new road layout.
  5. Personally speaking, the most dangerous ones I’ve seen are those on Abbey Lane at Beauchief and Mansfield Road at Frecheville where traffic islands are. Fair enough they’ve painted them to mark the lanes for cyclists just through these obstructions - but they’ve made the lane more narrower than a car - so no one takes any blind bit of notice. One of the most decent schemes I’ve seen locally is on the A618 Moorgate Road between Rotherham and Rotherham Hospital. Compulsory cycle lane (solid white line) and wide enough it actually gets used. Very rare you see any cars parked up within it either.
  6. Makes for interesting reading... https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/local-news/temporary-cycle-lane-slammed-causing-18565319?fbclid=IwAR1rn8nLCbi2W_r3kyJtjAaaEzKf39i-wkCQge6osT4GvyyZUengJlrSyDM
  7. Total joke. On Arundel Gate they've also dangerously placed a bus stop right at the side of a pedestrian crossing, and if more than 1 bus is waiting to serve that stop, they then block the crossing and other vehicles have to overtake on a pedestrian crossing which is illegal. The stops at the bottom of Arundel Gate are also a joke. Around 95% of people I've observed over the last few days have all been waiting under the canopy on the pavement. Can't really fault them for doing so!
  8. Bus companies will be rubbing their hands together. Getting paid to run the service (as in London) rather than taking financial risk themselves. They will make even more money from it being run/governed by the local authorities. Yet we will have folk out even more as there will need to be increased taxes to cover the costs of the operation!
  9. Bus companies will be rubbing their hands together. Getting paid to run the service (as in London) rather than taking financial risk themselves. They will make even more money from it being run/governed by the local authorities. Yet we will have folk out even more as there will need to be increased taxes to cover the costs of the operation!
  10. Indeed, but there needs to be alternative suitable access nearby for public transport users. Not everyone can walk/cycle and if we are trying to reduce congestion, surely public transport needs to be a viable alternative, once we've got back to normal after the pandemic.
  11. You'd be better off using Yorkshire Live, which has a dedicated South Yorkshire section and is free to read... https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/all-about/south-yorkshire
  12. Pinstone Street will be closed permanently. They're shortly removing the pedestrian island at the junction of Pinstone Street and Furnival Gate so buses can continue straight across. They were supposed to be sorting out works to allow left turning facility from West Street onto Carver Street, but looks as though this has also been pushed back a few weeks, like the Furnival Gate works. Once again, very joined up planning! 😄😄😄
  13. More shockingly, has anyone seen the state of Arundel Gate that the council has done? Looks a complete mess. Wheelchairs have got no chance!
  14. Come off it, can't pull wool over my eyes. The evidence is all there in black and white, along with the state of finances for all to see. Just go onto Companies House and have a look yourself.
  15. Honest answer is I don't know about Townhead Street, although you can turn right at present onto Pinfold Street and then turn left onto Holly Street and then right onto West Street just before City Hall tram stop. So may not need changing? It would be an added benefit if they could allow right turning vehicles onto Townhead Street from Church Street and left turning vehicles from West Street onto Townhead Street. But I doubt we will see that happen personally.
  16. Supposed to be taking place a week on Sunday. The changes are apparently the ones I actually suggested above and seem the easiest to make. Carver Street/West Street will have a left turn ability added to the junction, and the pedestrian island at the top of The Moor will finally be removed, allowing traffic direct access to Arundel Gate, therefore no longer been forced to turn into Pinstone Street. Now these changes will be added, hopefully new stops will be put in place on Carver Street/Wellington Street - the changes on the whole now don't seem as bad, and actually will provide a benefit. Becoming a little like Birmingham city centre, in the sense that all bus routes stop around the edge of the city centre, where as the middle is fully pedestrianised.
  17. They want out as quickly as possible, especially when they are the only tram operation to take all financial risk (that's why they're still running hourly services, as opposed to Manchester 12 mins, or Nottingham 10 mins etc.) and were already losing over £2million per year, pre Covid-19. Doesn't help matters when they have more managers than trams...
  18. Worth noting, it looks as though Stagecoach have completely withdrawn the X6 Sheffield to Doncaster Airport service. X6 Stagecoach Yorks Sheffield - Bramley - Doncaster Sheffield Airport This service has been suspended and will not be reintroduced
  19. Can't help but feel there's more behind the story with the SL1/SL1A being withdrawn on a permanent basis. Got to love the PR spin from Stagecoach Bus/Supertram that there are more journeys - when infact there are actually less than current! Also with the through ticketing been disbanded, it makes you wonder if Stagecoach are imminently about the hand the keys back to SYPTE for operating the tram system...
  20. Either private land or was not needed? Could always ask Rotherham Council since its falls in their boundary and they run and operate RVCP?
  21. Information on service changes from Monday 1 June 2020 are now available online. First South Yorkshire - https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information Stagecoach Yorkshire - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186 The Stagecoach bus service changes are a bit of a kick in the teeth for those living in Stocksbridge, Deepcar and Oughtibridge - who now lose their last direct service into Sheffield. The SL1/SL1A are being withdrawn and replaced with a revised 57/57A which will run between Stocksbridge and Hillsborough only.
  22. 51s don't usually start picking up until Gleadless Common / Arbourthorne so you should be fine. However, there will be a 'near normal' service announced shortly. All bus operators who are currently eligible for BSOG payments will be ramping services up to around 70% pre Covid-19 levels from 1 June 2020, following government funding. This is a stipulation on the funding so many operators are currently working on these plans now. Services can currently be registered with just 24hrs notice - so keep an eye out on bus operators websites. You can see more info on this funding package here: https://www.route-one.net/news/early-details-of-254m-package-for-buses-in-england-revealed/
  23. As a side thought, going on for a permanent change - would any of the following be achievable: 1) Pinstone Street / Furnival Gate junction - allow through traffic to carry straight across at this junction, rather than having to turn into Pinstone Street from Charter Row 2) West Street / Carver Street junction - allow left turns from Church Street direction, allowing buses that currently use Leopold Street/Pinstone Street to turn into Carver Street, following this round onto Wellington Street and then onto Rockingham Street to meet up at Charter Row. By allowing these 2 changes, then all buses could be re-routed effectively away from Pinstone Street with limited impact on walking diatances, with potential to open up further redevelopment around the Carver Street/Rockingham Street areas? This would then follow a similar approach to city centres like Birmingham, where bus stops are located on the outskirts of the city centre at multiple interchange points - and most of the city centre is then pedestrianised as a result. Perhaps another idea for buses - could be to allow buses to turn right from Church Street directly only Townhead Street down to Tenter Street. This could then allow services to run up to either Western Bank or down towards West Bar and on to Penistone Road/Shalesmoor?
  24. I wouldn't really mind Pinstone Street been pedestrianised, if there were close viable alternatives for bus routes to take. What I don't agree with is why the road is to be closed in the direction of buses/taxis only, where as general traffic can continue to use it, travelling towards John Lewis. Just doesn't make sense and seems very anti public transport. Perhaps a better idea, would be to open up more direct walking options from Pond Street bus station into the city centre, and stop the city centre expanding out in mass - so it doesn't take over 15 minutes to walk from say Haymarket to the bottom of The Moor. If things were more compact like for instance, Birmingham, then the situation with pedestrianisation wouldn't generally be a bad thing!
  25. That's because the access from both car and buses to The Moor and Fargate is quite easy, relatively flat and even those with mobility issues don't tend to find it much of a struggle. Are you really suggesting that closing Pinstone Street off to buses, is relatively the same thing. The walk would be twice as long, including a long sloping gradient down to Arundel Gate, not something I'd particularly want to do myself. What I find more baffling from this is the scheme to close Pinstone Street off affects the buses/taxis only element of the southbound carriageway, yet the northbound carriageway, which all traffic from Charter Row has to make use of, since the junction change around 10 years ago - is to remain OPEN TO ALL TRAFFIC!? Surely, something could be done through re-designing the T-junction at The Moor/Charter Road/Furnival Gate, by allowing traffic from Charter Row to continue straight across down Furnival Gate to the roundabout on Arundel Gate? That way you avoid the u-turns on Pinstone Street and all traffic been directed up to Cross Burgess Street and round by City Hall. Pinstone Street I've never found a personal problem with, it's not like its majorly busy even with pre Covid-19 traffic. Surrey Street/Norfolk Street are pretty much the same. I've always been surprised they've never closed off parts of Arundel Gate to general traffic, to stop traffic avoiding the IRR and cutting through the middle of the city centre, especially when Sheffield United are at home.
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