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  1. https://www.thestar.co.uk/business/almost-7000-fined-as-sheffields-clean-air-zone-rakes-in-more-than-ps200000-in-first-month-4135553 and so the revenue collection begins……would love to see some form of demographic to show how this revenue is broken down by class of vehicle etc and whether this “stick” is hitting lower end businesses most ie self employed trying to earn a living if it’s as I guess then once more the so called Labour Party and their mates in the green ..sorry Marxist party are once again bullying the people just as they did with the tree saga.
  2. Indeed can only think there’s no owls fan on this forum who actually go to their games apparently their south stand cost £535 last year against £720 on the latest offer but that’s just a 35% ish increase to maybe watch the pub league again disgusting imho and a slap in the face for them armchair fans who will fill the ground on Sunday as part of their annual visit
  3. To a degree but where is terry fox’s resignation? Another with no backbone nor understand of responsibility
  4. The sad reality about this is that many local Sheffield folk “about town”knew Omara ‘ s reputation around the so called pub/club scene and his arrogance etc towards women in particular well before his selection it beggars belief that the Labour Party NEC selected him in the first place as with the izzard situation surely there was a better local candidate? Do they not know how to surf the net vis a proper background check? seeing a re run of his interview by look north at forge dam cafe made me wonder what the bunch of banner waving Labour members backing him up think about it now?
  5. And if everyone were able to ride a bike to work what about volume? Presume there would be tandem only lanes? What would be the speed limits in this eutopia? Where would everyone park their machines? What about the sweaty ones who invade your space at work? for the umpteenth time sheffields topography is the opposite to the levels of Copenhagen etc and never in a thousand years are the majority going to cycle improving public transport is key but due to the inadequacies of our planners etal over the years the infrastructure needed to mirror the mass transit schemes of Hong Kong/ Singapore are just a pipe dream
  6. It matters not two jots how anyone tries to defend scc and in particular the inadequacies of their officers. Their errors and omissions in loosing £600k and the rest of taxpayers money should have resulted in resignations at least rather than the half hearted “apologies” now being made. Were these same errors by central government the same players would quite rightly be calling for blood instead further excuses upon excuses. This is not acceptable but hey ho nothing will change and further waste will follow thats what you get with second rate politicians overseeing incompetence amongst officers
  7. According to those in the know prince has accepted a bid from someone other than the American who was unable to satisfy efl Details said to be with efl and assuming they ratify deal will be done quickly anyone like to hazard a guess who it is? Or is it true?
  8. hours ago, Fredderick said: “People need to ask linked questions about (I) the relationship between the developer of the containers - Mr McGrail -and cabinet member for business (and responsible for the deal that started all this) Mazar Iqbal. And ii) the process by which the developer was appointed. Any normal process where there could be a number of possible operators (like those doing it successfully in other cities for example) is advertised and run as a competitive process? Can anyone tell me if there was a competitive process for this? And if not, why ‘“ this would be Martin McGrail then? Martin McGrail is a director of steel yard and also introduced a container based cafe to stannington park? stand to be corrected but a sheffield councillor was a director of one of his dissolved companies- not the one previously mentioned on here though there’s some interesting articles about t him and his steel containers on line
  9. Mr planner don’t drink…. Not got time keeping up with mr risen
  10. Needs a tv licence etc to show live tv? maybe make do with black and white newsreel of last time Wednesday were in premier league?
  11. Watch out mister risens best mate will be along shortly to back him up wonder if they live on the same street?
  12. You re not by any chance a pal of his in some way shape or form-asking for a friend? Yes but if he left years ago as seems to be the case how is he upto date with the inner workings such he can lecture the common man?
  13. Just out of pure interest does anyone know how many years this planner 1 person has been retired?
  14. City of sanctuary says welcome to all . Let’s have another page hall/ firvale….. why not put them next door to councillors who support the idea? we already take our fair share and given the vast majority of current migrants are Albanian they have no rights to be here and should be sent straight back . This city has more than its fair share of organised crime and the rate will sky rocket if they arrive en mass
  15. This councillor really needs to sort out castle gate etc first. Seem to recall he didn’t cover himself with glory on that one and that he was suspended for a long time whilst his pals carried out some form of an investigation coupled with the fact that so far this year scc have an overspend of some £21m and are facing the real threat of govt appointed commissioners being brought then how does he think this further white elephant is going to be funded? Oh yes by private investment and govt loans ….. the same folk who have chucked taxpayers dosh into the hands of this useless council and it’s equally useless officers the man needs a dose of reality instead of living in a fantasy world
  16. Not a cat in hells chance! Where’s the heart of the city as first envisaged where’s castle gate etc etc masterplan my arse!
  17. Fargate is on its knees? The entire city centre is on its knees so far as the majority of residents are concerned cause? Mainly due to the inadequacy of council and their officers being totally unable to run a proverbial booze up in a brewery the fact that a vocal minority shout out about what they see as great and good should matter not one jot too late was the cry …. Oh one minute some bloke in lippy will arrive shortly he says and save the world ….. fat chance I despair
  18. So after month 4 of the financial year scc have overspent by £21m against an overspend of £19m in month 1 they have robbed capital reserves which are now essentially empty and all they do is blame the govt fact remains that there is a budget so keep within it ?
  19. Good win if not lucky at times. Individually no one stood out but the team ethic was key. Thought RND was excellent and is the most improved player. as for mcburnie then jury’s still out for me . His technique and positional sense is still lacking and he needs to sit in a darkened room and watch how young billy scores. I feel slightly sorry for Brewster having just a few minutes and had he not been on the pitch this was a draw. Give him 90 minutes asap no matter onwards we go!
  20. You’ll be lucky! doubt now any sport will be taking place for at least 10 days or so
  21. Could have? Surely should have? That’s the point he needs to be consistent up his fitness and improve technique on Sunday the likes of one William sharp would have been in the 6 yard box clipping a couple in at least. Where was oli ? Ambling along …. Too late was the cry! We
  22. Anyone know how many Wednesday players are in div one team of the week? Is Barry pastit still playing?
  23. I’m a bit of a realist and whilst wanting mcburnie to do well he still has much work to do imo against dull he was slightly lucky to score and their keeper didn’t cover himself in glory so apart from that his contribution was not earth shattering and other than knocking a couple of players over for no good reason and ambling around up front it was no wonder he was subbed his energy levels are too low and his ball control is sloppy at times that said if he makes 4/4!on Saturday the usual suspects will still be singing oh oli mcburnie let’s see and judgement can be made in due course
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