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  1. I’m a bit of a realist and whilst wanting mcburnie to do well he still has much work to do imo against dull he was slightly lucky to score and their keeper didn’t cover himself in glory so apart from that his contribution was not earth shattering and other than knocking a couple of players over for no good reason and ambling around up front it was no wonder he was subbed his energy levels are too low and his ball control is sloppy at times that said if he makes 4/4!on Saturday the usual suspects will still be singing oh oli mcburnie let’s see and judgement can be made in due course
  2. This some form for other stuff to which you refer is both inadmissible and of no relevance ie a drink driving offence cos nothing else is proven i would hope that a good brief raises considerable doubt in any event given the alleged harmed party has had no prosecution inflicted and neither have hundreds more I seem to recall one Brian clough knocking 6 bells out of a pitch intruder at forest don’t think he got prosecuted and good on him these so called supporters should all get the same treatment stuff the snowflakes kick some ass!
  3. Correct! Be careful who you vote for a couple of years at sheff uni and a fleeting appearance to save our leadmill is hardly a reason to sayI know Sheffield the Labour Party need a candidate who will be much more proactive than Bloomfield and who can fight our corner i for one do not want some egotistical nightmare to be elected we have had that with the ex member for Hallam now what did he ever do for this city? Nowt!!
  4. So Sheffield arena then city hall London riverside etc now! All good things come to an end someday and now he she wants a proper job as the op suggests in place of hard working labour activists one or two who are miffed already who cares if izzard studied here who cares if his pr team had him doing the save the lead mill what Sheffield central needs is a potential candidate to help bring this city upwards by the scruff of the neck if needs be imho izzard will not be that candidate and that majority will diminish if he is selected and forced onto the local party
  5. A marginal seat with a 27000 majority two elections running don’t think so! neither the greens nor Lib Dems have a chance of overturning that unless the Labour Party screw up and put forwards a candidate the masses don’t go for……. Oh wait a minute how’s this failed comedian going to fair? Will them what vote for the proverbial red thing pinned to a donkey embrace this person from the London centric? Might have to import more students as part the deal?
  6. https://sheffield.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/693908 if anyone is interested in how the council will be dealing with the gd 2!listing suggest you tune in to the webcast of the relevant committee emergency meeting tomorrow at 200 pm hope the link works but you can find it on the council web cast listing
  7. Is it not the case that a local authorities planning dept are the ones who give consent? goodness where’s one of those know it all planners to educate when you need them? Ok one should along in 5 4 3 2 1…..
  8. Alex i do think that there is some sort of problem. However whilst some might be distant banter it is not as I know it on too many occasions the thought has crossed my mind that wum do sometimes post click bait and the more responses the greater the advertising revenue generated for site owners….. not for one minute am I suggesting that is the case here! the old adage of not feeding the troll usually works one way or another given time and perhaps that’s what is needed
  9. The fact is this season ticket holder like many more at swfc and elsewhere was perfectly entitled under consumer law to have a full cash reimbursement where that contract was not fulfilled given he(they cos there are many I know who issued proceedings) received no acceptable response and presumably turned down alternative proposals such as credit notes then he had the legal right to issue Proceedings . swfc have not defended any of such cases and have basically by default agreed to pay the claim in full plus costs and hopefully interest etc that payment was made and there the matter should rest but no mr chancer and his bunch decide to refuse this man and presumably others a season ticket that is their right but…… it sums up how divorced from reality chancer is . Did he know the financial position of his “customer” at the time? Of course not sadly there is little to be done above board but the stigma will stick yes Wednesday lead alright and so far as PR goes have learnt nowt since sacking derek Dooley on Xmas eve
  10. Need some photos to prove mr phart has been!
  11. Nope he hasn’t time. Will be searching t’internet for more interesting facts to astound folk with
  12. Are they doing hot pork sarnies? weather forecast says 70% chance of rain at 200pm will they give out umbrellas?
  13. My god ! This is like a trailer for a monty python sketch are you all real people? Clearly a mix of village idiots and professional bus spotters you all maybe need to calm down and some grow up………. No I tell a lie keep on with your meaningless dribble. Worth its weight in bus passes
  14. This man(???) is becoming …No no has become the greatest clown this forum has seen for many a year and it’s getting better by the hour sits up until the early hours searching for any old nonsense to post can’t hold a sensible conversation, gets tripped up by a twitter hoaxer, and really needs to go lay down for a year or two will he do it ?
  15. What is exactly you have been smoking to come up with such absolute nonsense? How many bicycles per family would your eutopia allow? Would we all have wear the same uniform? Would we be allowed out at a time of our own choosing? Where would I park my horse and cart? ha ha cycling rules ok!
  16. Good luck with that ! The operator of the cafe In Norfolk park retired in early June and since then the council can’t find the money to open the centre in the park toilets at weekends. Apparently it’s now nearly 2 months since the closure and the council are just about ready to issue tenders to interested operators…. 2 months after knowing about the retirement much longer summer will be over before the cafe and toilets reopen so meanwhile having spent £250k on the playgrounds to attract children if they or their parents want a poo / change nappies etc there’s nowhere to go other than use a bush. my overall point being don’t expect financial help from this council cos they say they have no cash for anything sensible!
  17. Indeed we’ll said! Let’s hope that the positive elements are taken on board by all, the clubs, fans ,police and the councils safety advisory group treat folk like sh## and that’s what comes back. Let’s get rid of the coke heads, dipsticks etal Ban the lot of em! sadly can’t see it happening but hope I’m wrong
  18. Simple really. Because some rows at the front were blocked off for security and others were designated for the worlds media the actual capacity for the game was 28900 max hence the actual attendance was a couple of hundred less therefore a full house
  19. Anyone know the capacity of these “ buses”? Are they electric cos green eco Marxists will be cross! If not will they have to pay for caz when that comes in?
  20. When’s the mods do then? What about a Vera lynn or George formby weekend? skegness home to the shufflers of the world. “roll up roll up free spam for first folk to book t’ van at jinglebells” nostalgia you can’t beat it !
  21. Ok so economics play apart same as they do with public transport…..and yet some of those who argue for the closure of their so called white elephant are missing a huge point manchester airport has a max number of flights in/ out of 61/ hour. There is no chance of adding a third runway or giving way to night flights hence with the propensity of people wishing to fly increasing despite the eco Marxists saying we should cycle everywhere, Manchester is almost at over capacity . regardless current staffing problems it was already a s*** hole in my view . Customers are treat like cattle proverbially speaking and unless you have the joy of using Emirates first class etc I doubt any discerning passenger will say “wow that was good” I seem to think TPE have withdrawn direct rail services and you now have to drag cases and kids across Piccadilly that’s if the trains are running. Hs2 also won’t help the majority of current flyers in the north Soooo in my ideal futuristic world DSA would be better marketed ,would speculate to accumulate, would rid itself of Peel Holdings and become more competitive on landing fees etc and if the flights were there then yes the people will come in numbers in excess of the 1.5m already using.
  22. What a sad boring obsessed individual you are .
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